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The Ten of Them: Chapter 20 During our last chapter, we hired two men to repair Sam's grandmother's home, on a trip to retrieve Sam's personal items. We then dropped off Ron and Reese in Texas on our way home. The two will rejoin us as quickly as possible. Kathryn, Marshall and Misty will continue their class and assist them in achieving a retirement income.

It's the least we can do for Sam's godparents. Steve and his nephew had attempted to repair the roof, after finding several bad places. Steve described the roof saying, "Patched beyond what any roof should be patched." Steve requests that I buy a complete new roof.

Due the poor condition of the shingles much of the plywood would require replacing. I had him get me estimates from a couple local roofing companies, but Steve insisted he could do it cheaper. So I have him give me an estimate.

He was correct he could, so I sent him a check for the materials and for two extra people for two weeks. When they had a completed in five days, I told him to give the extra to the individuals as a bonus. Once the roof was completed Steve informed me, he wasn't going to stay there with the roof like that, because one good snow and it would have caved in.

He also informed me that they re-insulated the attic, since already paid for their labor the two men help them finish the installation. Since I was paying the electric bill I notice the difference immediately, it wasn't a tremendous change like fifty percent drop or something but I did notice a decrease. For the first time in my life, I was paying the electric bill on a home. Mom had taken the electric bill for the house in California and wouldn't allow me to pay it.

All I can say it makes me very happy I decided to go to solar power for my home here. Is eighth of October and everything seems to be going well, I did take the half of the day off to meet Reese at the airport, she flew in today at two in the afternoon.

Kathryn Sam and I were there to meet her, she hugs Kathryn and Sam. Before give me a quick hug she says, "No freshmen around to start a stupid rumor are they?" With a chuckle I hug her.

"I'm given up on trying to stop freshmen talking about me." I take her luggage and Kathryn takes her arm after Reese picks Sam up. The four of us head back to my SUV, on the way back Kathryn giggles and says, "JJ is the best looking teacher at the high school. It doesn't matter some girl is going to say something, and another girl is going to miss part of it, and another rumor will start.

Just like the last four years." Reese giggles once were inside the SUV. "High school hasn't changed much since I went there." Now I chuckle as I say, "The only change for me, Kathryn is not there to kick their ass when they start saying something stupid. Although I have had a couple students come to my defense, asking when something happened and pointing out I was with a bunch of students at the time so it could not happen like they said." Kathryn giggles, "Are you doing your free period in study hall again?" I point out, "It helps keep my mind off not being near you.

The days you come occasionally a student will ask why I wasn't in the study hall, I tell him I was in the library with my wife and my daughter. I think that started a rumor at one point." Giggling Kathryn says, "It did, but I set them straight fast enough that it didn't spread very far." Reese and Sam giggle as I pull into the mall parking lot. Sam's eyes lit up, she knows she's going to get some cookies. Reese says, "You know since I made all that money I haven't really spent much more than normal.

Especially once I was back on duty." I asked Reese a question, "Are you separated now from the military?" Reese answers thoughtfully, "I'm on what is called terminal leave. Most soldiers save up leave to use just before they separate.

You remember leave is paid vacation time. You can actually have three months if you plan right, that gives you three months to find a job still being paid." I ask, "How much terminal leave do you have? I know you took a month to come and visit Sam." Reese explains, "I was planning to reenlist and stay another twelve years so I can retire with a pretty sizable 401(k). I only have five weeks of terminal leave.

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Ron will be back in a month, and I already miss him. A week after he's back my contract ends, and I separate from the service. The day after my contract ends were getting a marriage license.

They won't call me back in to active duty ever, but there's always a chance they may call Ron. As long as I'm not under contract, it won't negatively affect his rank if they do." Kathryn asks, "You need any help moving your 401(k), I know a few good stocks that pay very well." Reese giggles, "Yeah, I know you do you only shown me about fifty. I was doing it at the office, on my personal laptop, my top sergeant he's like my boss.

A really grumpy mean boss, but I know he means well he'll be on your ass in a heartbeat, then again he would throw himself on a grenade in less than a heartbeat. He nearly fell over when I showed him what I was doing. He retires at the first of the year, you think we can bring him out and show him how to make some real money so he can enjoy that retirement." Kathryn giggles, "Long as he doesn't make me drop and give him twenty. My belly will be larger at the first of the year." We're in front of the mother daughter shop.

I let my hands pulled the fabric of Kathryn's blouse tight to show off that beautiful belly. Kathryn elbows me gently to make me stop, but Reese notices how much after just two weeks Kathryn's belly has begun to expand.

Giggling Reese asks, "Is the baby big enough yet to determine the sex?" Kathryn giggles, "The ultrasound was yesterday, and it's going to be a girl." Reese not even shocked by the confirmation asks, "JJ would you happen to know what my baby is going to be." I shake my head no, "I'm sorry Reese I don't know. I'm hoping for a very healthy baby boy.

He could marry one of my daughters." Reese giggles, "He would be a lucky young man if he did. I really like his in-laws." One good thing about the mother daughter shop is a carry a line of maternity clothing, and like the other mother-daughter outfits they have many that match.

The two women and Sam look through many outfits, selecting a few they try them on. It's funny when they pick an outfit and all three match. Chuckling I say, "I'm buying that one for you three." Reese surprise me, she pulls the price tags off all three hands them to me as the clerk watches. Chuckling I walk to the register and pay for them. The three wear those out, once out of the store I say, "It looks like I have another adopted sister." Reese adopt something that Ron does she says, "No, this is the godmother, mother, daughter outfit." Kathryn giggles and Sam hugs her new godmother.

Chuckling I ask, "As long as you're part of the family, what type of cookie do you like?" Giggling Reese replies, "Normally chocolate chip, but I've been dying for some oatmeal raisin walnut." Kathryn giggles, "Cravings." It takes another two hours to get out of the mall, and we go to a good restaurant for stakes, but Kathryn and Reese take well-done hamburgers and french-fries over stakes.

Sam surprises me and orders a ribeye cooked well-done, and I order one but medium well. When the food comes Kathryn moves to the other side of the table.

She says, "I just can't stand to see the juices right now." I cut Sam's stake for her in small enough pieces so would be easy for her to chew. We both have loaded mashed potatoes, and sweet snow peas as our sides, Sam has me cut up the snow peas in bite size portions for her. The two eat their burgers trying not to look at our stakes.

We managed to make it out of the state else without either of them becoming ill. Pregnant women can have very sensitive stomachs, as I'm learning two pregnant women doubles the effect.

Once were back home, I carry Reese's luggage into one of the large suites that is now open. We hold grandma's for her, she is been known to drop in almost unannounced, but is always a welcome visit when she comes. I think it's a little like Sam if she's lonely she will drop in, sometimes for a day or a week at a time. She stayed for only a day after the wedding reception, but she's promised to come back for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Alyssa says she wants to try out her new kitchen for Thanksgiving. She has let us make breakfast there a few times. She insisted on making dinner that Saturday that we gave her cottage to them. Alyssa claims the cottage because George says his house is comfortable the way it is, and she can make any changes to the cottage she wishes.

Joan says, "Mom moved stuff around, and Dad broke a toe because he didn't turn on the light. Mom realized everything was setting in the same spot so long Dad had memorized where everything was and didn't need a light to walk around the house. She felt so bad about him breaking is toe, she promised not to rearrange anything." We giving them the cottage allows Alyssa to use it as her outlet on her creativity or nest building or whatever you call it.

She can rearrange, and arrange and rearrange it to her heart's desire. That will save George for many more broken toes, he'll probably learn to leave or turn the light on quickly enough.

The days go by quickly, and before long there talking about this huge hurricane moving up the Atlantic seaboard. Is still far out to sea and causing rain across Florida, what it's doing here is pulling air from the north as it moves north itself, the temperature drops drastically some of the tree still have green leaves as snow begins to fall. Sam is wide-eyed looking at it and I ask have you seen snow before Sam. Sam shakes her head no, "Grandma talked about it but we never had any more than just a few flakes not like this." It's a good thing the pool roof is fairly steep snow sliding off of it and I have to shovel it away.

Kathryn laughs at me as snow falls upon me sliding off the roof of the pool. It slides down my shirt and I'm very cold. I decide to take a break and come inside and warm-up. When I take my shirt off Kathryn sees my skin forms goose pimples and I shake almost uncontrollably.

Kathryn takes pity on me and gives me a hug that seems to warm me up faster than anything. Sam giggles and says, "Daddy, Grandma's got some hot chocolate for you." Kathryn jumps into my arms and wraps her legs around me holding me like that is really warming me and I quickly ignore the hot chocolate with Kathryn on my mind.

Looking into Kathryn's eyes I could see her desire building, but a shiver runs through her not from the desire. Kathryn says, "I think I need that hot chocolate you're making me cold." I carry Kathryn downstairs as Sam giggles beside us.

I let Kathryn down reluctantly to take the hot chocolate. She and Sam take one as well. Mom has some fresh baked cookies to go with the hot chocolate. The warmth of the hot chocolate and kitchen slowly seep back into me. I still have a desire for Kathryn and hope that soon will find private time to share. We get quite a bit of snow, and from what Grandma says she has the potential to get quite a bit more.

She loses power and before the highways become impassable she comes and stays with us. It looks like she packed her entire refrigerator in the coolers she brought.

Most of the family is with us, the Edwards' house lost power too. George and Alyssa are at their cottage it has power and George has to clean off the solar cells a couple times.

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I had to clean our solar cells too, or we would've run out of power. Marshall's, Misty's, MC's and Joan's new homes were nearly complete once the cottage was, after a day off they move the entire crew down to the three houses to rapidly complete them. Now Marshall and Misty's house only have a couple of the rooms with finishing touches still lacking. Joan's house is not very far behind now, and both will be fully complete in a few days.

The crew also is working on MC's home, and shortly after they should be finished there is well. I realized this was Daniels idea, once has Kara's answer the crew will still be together to work on their home. George and Alyssa are alone enjoying their honeymoon. Johnny and Joan are with us moving back into their old rooms. Although everybody comes over to my house for most of the day, everyone is watching the satellite weather and getting updates on Sandy.

Sam and Kathryn play in the snow, they make a dozen snowmen and it looks like a frame from Calvin and Hobbes, they even have the one snowman with the blow dryer. I take a bunch of pictures of the two of them hard at work making snowmen. We come in mostly frozen, and get a hot lunch of grilled cheese and hot soup. Reese actually falls down into the snow laughing so hard at the snowmen.

It made a great picture, especially when Kara and Karen join her. The Coach remarked, "I'm really going to have to talk to that girl." We actually get snow over two days. On the third day we get a backup generator from the National Guard. The engineers and an electrician wire it to the kitchen of the high school.

A few people started sheltering there. The cafeteria makes hot food and is the first a few people have had since when the snow started and their power went out.

Later on I am discussing with a few of the teachers how they managing to survive this far through the storm, more than a few burnt trash in their fireplaces, what firewood they could find and even a few old chairs. I sang the praises of solar power, and informed them that I didn't actually lose my power because I wasn't on the grid.

We realized that if the school was on solar power, or even solar backup using the grid and some solar we could at least powered the cafeteria and lighting maybe even a little heat. It would help a lot of people stay warmer.

I call the solar contractor I used for George and Alyssa's cottage and asked if they could make a proposal for powering the school, at least for the cafeteria and some heat and light. The solar contractor loves the idea. He was like most people out of power, his house only uses solar backup so he is now having a lot of cold nights. Fortunately the school was warm enough that none of the pipes frozen bust, but more than a few homes and businesses had major plumbing problems. People around here aren't accustomed to losing power and such cold weather.

I silent partnered with the plumber, and he told me a lot of people are having problems paying. I told him, "The ones who can pay get them to, the ones you know will have trouble asked them to pay what they can now, and we'll make a payment arrangement where they can pay what they can.

Don't worry about the ones who can't, just go ahead and fix their pipes I'll cover them." I can almost hear him shake his head not believing what I told him. He asks, "What if no one says they can pay any?" I say, "Shake their hands and say Merry Christmas from JJ." There is a very hearty laugh that comes through the phone it's one reason why like the man. When he recovers he says, "I'll tell you what, I will tell them Merry Christmas from JJ and me." And that's the other reason.

We're still having power outages, and we have about three chords of firewood, we don't really needed to keep warm so I begin to load the truck once it is full I take it down to the school and put a sign saying free firewood take only what you need. Only a few people take a little more than what they can burn in a night or two, but the truck emptied pretty quickly.

Reverend Akins comes by as the truck is all but empty seeing me help an older lady load two arms full of firewood into her car. He smiles and asks "How much are you charging?" As the old lady giggles and gives me a hug. With a chuckle I say, "Paid in full now go stay warm." The Reverend asks, "How much did you come with?" I answered matter-of-factly, "A truck full." He shakes his head and says, "No wonder that jerk downtown was so mad when he heard about you.

He was charging ten dollars for half of what you gave that lady for a hug." We both smile as the power come on lighting up the streetlights, hopefully for a long time. Even a couple hours would allow people to warm their houses up.

Hopefully warm enough to keep them from freezing tonight. I let the Reverend take the rest of the wood, the church has an old-fashioned furnace that can burn coal or wood. It's only about five or six armloads anyway just enough to really warm up the church if the power goes back off. As I am driving through town I notice the young man my age bundled up against the cold he stands by a nearly full pickup truck of wood. I stop in front of him. I look and he happens to be one of my former teammates who graduated a year before me.

I ask him, "Jamie, what are you trying to do overcharging for the wood like that." He takes a deep breath before he says, "I wasn't charging that much, about the same as the gas station only mines not in a plastic wrapper." I shake my head and tell him, "It's all perception Jamie, if people think you're charging too much you are.

So what are you trying to do, what do you need the money for?" He looks at me and says, "Remember my girlfriend, Anna?" I shake my head yes and he continues, "Well she's really wanting to get married and I'm trying to make enough money for a ring." His intentions were pretty good, but his method wasn't. I take pity on Jamie anyway and say, "I'll purchase all of the wood if you deliver to Reverend Akins at his church.

How much do you need for the ring?" He takes a deep breath and says, "Its twelve hundred bucks." I shake my head looking at the load of wood. I decided torture Jamie just a little. I start by saying, "Jamie I don't know that price doesn't sound right for that much would you got there." Jamie takes a deep breath and hangs his head. I can't keep it up. I reach into my wallet open I pull out the hundred dollar bills I normally carry twenty of them.

I tell him, "Jamie all I got is two thousand will that be enough." Jamie's eyes go large and his hand shakes nervously as he gingerly reaches for the money he stutters, "That. That. That's great JJ." He takes the money and counts it looking at me he says, "JJ are you sure?" I smile and say, "Jamie remember what I told you, it's perception. What I am willing to pay, is different than what others can. In the old days shopkeepers bartered for everything, if they perceived someone could really afford to pay more prices on that item increased.

If they thought the person could not pay very much but needed the item sometimes the price would go down, but both knew that the merchant somehow or another would regain part or the entire discount later. Now the prices being the same everywhere if the customer thinks it's too high they walk away.

They may even pay more for it at a different store when they decide they needed even if it's too high." Jamie asks, "You think that's what happened to me, I charged just a little too much and I didn't sell much." I shake my head yes, "If you're trying to sell like this watch your customer's face, give them enough to make them smile. You'll empty that truck pretty fast, and still make a lot of money and not get this cold." Jamie has a confused look and then he gets it.

He says, "If I gave a few more pieces to each customer, a little better deal than the gas stations I still would've been able to sell the entire truck." And I tell him, "Customers tell their neighbors and friends. Happy ones spread the good news. Mad ones love to complain about it." Jamie chuckles, "I heard you're a teacher now, and apparently a very good one.

I've just been schooled. Thanks JJ. I'll drive over and give the wood to Reverend Akins." Chuckling I tell him, "Get yourself warm, I hope you haven't been out here long enough to get frostbite." Jamie chuckles almost nervously, "I don't think I have, but I've been out here for about four hours straight now." I tell him, "Go warm up the wood can wait a few minutes.

I got to get home myself." Jamie did drop that load of wood off to the Reverend like promised. Thankfully he wasn't freezing long enough to get a serious case of frostbite. But the Reverend being from up north notice the signs and had Jamie take his shoes and socks off and then the Reverend took warm water and warm Jamie's feet slowly.

The Reverend told Jamie another half an hour and he would've lost a toe or more. Jamie looks at the Reverend and says, "JJ come by and purchased my entire load of wood for you. If I had been dishonest and not came here…" Reverend Akins chuckles and says, "It's good that you're an honest man then. If you would've stayed out longer you would a lost a toe, or more.

Some people have been known to die from the infections that frostbite can produce. It's good that you came here I may be one of the only people in town that know the symptoms." Jamie says, "Thank you Reverend and remind me to thank JJ." The Reverend chuckles again and says, "I can get away with saying this, I swear the man must have an Angel on his shoulder.

He seems to help with just what and when it's needed. He's a real godsend some days." Jamie just shakes his head yes as he warns his feet. I arrived home to warm kiss from Kathryn and Sam. There's nothing like the feeling of warmth when you're cold.

Maybe that's why I decided to share the firewood. The coach chuckles before he says, "There's a rumor going around town that you were giving out wood for a hug." Chuckling I say, "I was giving out the wood, but I didn't charge a hug for it.

I didn't refuse the few I got. Mostly the grandmother types, if they were younger than that I told them my wife wouldn't understand." The Coach chuckles, Reverend Akins just called Jamie dropped the wood off.

He has a very mild case of frostbite. Jamie will lose some of the skin on his toes and probably the toe nails but he'll keep his toes. It's a good thing you sent him there." I chuckle and say, "It's a good thing Jamie is honest, I left him as he was getting in his truck to drive off.

He could just drove around the corner or out to the mall and try to still sale the wood on the back of his truck." The coach jokes, "If he had his karma would've frostbit him." The whole family groans, Kathryn rubbing her Dad's shoulder says, "It's a good thing you're a good coach, because if you try comedy you'll lose that billion you have." Dad hugs Kathryn warmly and says, "Okay, I'll give up on comedy." The Red Cross needs plenty of donations, and the family helps quite a bit seeing all the damage done by super storm Sandy.

Our hearts go out to the families whose homes are lost, to those who lost loved ones our deepest respects. We hope for the rapid recovery of the region. It takes a few weeks later everything returns to normal around here, although people seem to be a little better prepared now, many have gotten firewood and other heat sources ready for the next power outage.

Solar power contractor finished his proposal, when the school board says; they didn't have the funds for such an expensive project. I ask, "If money wasn't an issue would the school board authorize the addition of the solar cells." The president of the school board says, "Of course we would but money is an issue." As I write out the check I say, "Not today, with your approval I'll donate the solar project to the school district." The seven member board nearly turns down the free solar project with a 4 to 3 vote just passing.

It's no wonder people do not trust politicians, when they even want to turn down a free project that will reduce the power cost of running the school, and provide emergency power in case of another prolonged blackout. Fortunately the weather turned better, the solar contractor began his installation and would need very little time. Only as small storage room converted for battery storage. A week after he began the project was completed.

There weren't enough storage batteries to run the school all night, so he had engineered a hybrid system.


The system would provide most of the power needed for lighting all night from the batteries, recharge the batteries plus run the excess back to the grid. Power from the grid would make up any shortcomings the solar system could not provide. The contractor grinned at me he said, "During the fall winter and spring this system should actually provide more energy than the school needs ninety percent of the time. They will actually get a return from this system." We stood by the power meters and he showed me the input and the output meters.

The input meter completely stop, and the output meter turn steadily and already reads several kilowatts only after half a day operating. That Friday, I ran into the school board members at the game the four members who voted yes asked me how the power system was working.

Smiling I told them, "Since it was turned on the school hasn't used any power from the grid, matter-of-fact we've sold over nine hundred and thirty kilowatts back to the grid. These lights draw a lot of power the batteries may be just big enough to last throughout the game." The board members ask me, "What do you think that will mean in the long run?" With a grin I tell him, "No more power bills for the high school for the duration of the school year.

If you run summer school the air-conditioning systems use more power than solar cells we installed can provide, and those months you may break even or have to pay a small power bill." The chairman of the board who voted yes looks at one of the other board members who voted no and says, "I'll take that resignation on my desk Monday.

Remember you're the one who bet your job that he would cost the school more than save it." The board member says, "We haven't even got our first month's power bill after the installation of the solar cells. How do we know for sure that this teacher isn't lying to us?" The chairman of the school board says, "Because Mister Meyer has never lied to me, or anyone that I know of." The school board member stomps off, chairman of the school board chuckles and says, "The idiot has so much power stock that he should have accused himself and not voted due to conflict of interest.

When I asked him about it he lied of course." The game has gone well for us, and we will win 17 to 7 as the final seconds clicking by. Even with this win the couple losses we had beginning of the season will knock us out of going to state this year. This is the final game of the year for the team.

The night is cool not so cold that it's terribly uncomfortable but Kathryn hold Sam close to keep each other warm. There in a blanket and the site of them warms me as I watch them enjoy the game.

A lot of the family is setting close together, Kara cuddles with Daniel under a blanket.

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Karen sits with her Mom and Michelle. Maria, Mark, and Eddie are still off at college and won't be coming home until Thanksgiving. Michael Junior is taking some post grad school and will be home for Thanksgiving with his new wife. They ran off and eloped it was a big surprise because he had a wedding planned out for June of next year.

Last seconds click off in the game is over, coach Edwards and I walk out to the center of the field and shake the hands of the visiting coaches and their team.

I congratulate a few of them on their great moves and wish them luck on their next game. Takes another twenty-five or thirty minutes before I can leave and I find Kathryn and Sam waiting for me.

We go off and have hot chocolate at our favorite coffee shop. Cookies are not quite as good but Sam still enjoys one with her hot chocolate. Ron will be here tomorrow, he decided to drive, and he's moving his own personal items instead of having the government do it.

With the amount of trouble Reese had getting her stuff delivered I don't blame him. Reese must've vacuumed her bedroom a dozen times this week that I know of. I guess some habits die hard and she will have the room in inspection order when the captain arrives.

I bet he'll not even notice anything but Reese. The only thing Ron wants to inspect is her body. With him deciding to drive they only have to wait till Monday for the marriage license.

We arranged a church for the following Friday, it will be another simple wedding, like Marshall's and Misty's. Reese already gotten a wedding dress, and everything seems to be going well. But I swear Reese would go in three different directions at one time if she could.

Arriving home we find a moving truck with a car on a trailer parked on the side of our driveway. The car has Texas tags and I can guess who's here. It's a long drive from Texas, and he had to make really good time considering he didn't get to leave until yesterday. We know Reese would be very excited to see Ron, Kathryn and I both doubted we would see the two of them for the rest of the weekend.

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Maybe just to come out, grab something to eat and drink and then back into the bedroom. As the car comes to a complete stop Sam is the first to get out open door I can hear her call to Ron. Kathryn and I are surprised when Ron met Sam at the door, Reese a half step back. Kathryn and I go and join Sam to welcome Ron back. Ron holds Sam with one arm as he shakes my hand. Kathryn gives him a hug, but step back quickly and puts her hand over her mouth as she heads towards the nearest bathroom.

I follow Kathryn and do what I can for her, but Ron does have a strong body odor that's upset Kathryn stomach. When Kathryn gets herself under control again we come back into the hall, but Kathryn doesn't get too close to Ron.

Ron gets a puzzled look and he asks, "Did I do something wrong?" Reese says, "My love you stink, and a month or two if you stink that bad I'll be in the bathroom just like Kathryn was. I think I'm going to have to run you into the shower and scrub you clean." Sam begins to squirm in Ron's embrace, with a giggle she says, "You do smell kind of bad Ron." Ron chuckles and says, "If you drive a big old truck all the way from Texas and you didn't stink it would be a miracle." I chuckle, "Reese, go wash him.

Don't forget we have breakfast tomorrow at Alyssa's cottage." Sam reaches for me and Ron passes Sam back to me. Reese begins the pull Ron back to the suite she is staying in. Ron chuckles, "That's what I get for driving without even taking time for a shower just to get next to you." Reese giggles and says with a sexy grin, "My love you're not even touching the soap, but you'll get clean." Ron's eyes show his happiness as he realizes Reese will be washing him.

The door closes behind them. Sam giggles, "I hope she really gets him smelling better by breakfast." It's still fairly early in the evening, and Mom is setting down to watch a movie. Sam after returning with a teddy bear instead of coming to my lap climbs into Mom's. Mom was little confused before Sam says, "I think Mommy and Daddy are going to try to sneak off during the movie." Like I said Sam is a little more intuitive than most four-year-olds.

It must not take too long for Reese to wash Ron, even from this far away we can hear them moan. Kathryn says, "Sam we'll be back after the movie. Will that be okay Mom?" Mom giggles at us and waves us on. "Sam I hope you like this movie, they have started showing Christmas stories." Kathryn just pulls us out. We practically run to the elevator and take it up to our room.

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After pulling my shirt off Kathryn says, "You smell like you can use a shower too." Kathryn pulls me into the bathroom, and throws my dirty clothes into the hamper. I catch her and start removing her clothes as I pulled down her panties I kiss her belly, I tell her "I hope I don't wake the baby up." Giggling Kathryn says, "If you do you just have to rocker back to sleep.

We got two hours. Let's make the most of it." In the warm water Kathryn and I caress and kiss each other. We're not in a hurry knowing no interruption will come.

Sam is in loving hands, that she understands that we need time together as husband and wife is a little remarkable for a four-year-old. I know little girls go through stages in their life, when Sam is little older a hope she doesn't become jealous.

Sam already understands about making funny noises as she puts it. I hope when she goes to the in love with Daddy stage, she still realizes I'm very much in love with Kathryn. Kathryn slightly surprises me she asks, "Why are you thinking of Sam?" With a chuckle I say, "I just hope Sam doesn't get jealous of you when she goes through the I'm in love with Daddy stage. She seems to know more than a four-year-old should." Kathryn says, "Sam does know more, Lester and Nicole exposed her to it.

Remember she's even seen us once or twice. It's not something that we can change, but it's also something that shouldn't be too devastating for her development.

I read a couple of books on childhood psychology. So far Sam is doing a lot better considering everything she's gone through than the experts would believe.

We will have to deal with Sam differently than what you would with a normal child, because she's had so many different experiences that aren't normal for a child." Her concerns build new questions I can't contain. I ask, "Because of Sam's edict memory she will be unable to forget those events. How will that change Sam's development?" Kathryn says, "I'm not sure, Sam's case isn't something they covered in any of the books I've read.

I'm sure one thing will do our best to love her no matter what happens as she gets older." I say to Kathryn, "That's one thing I'm sure of too, I'll love her until I die and then on. You I'm absolutely sure I'll carry my love for you into the next life." Kathryn giggles, "That's something I'm absolutely sure of too." Looking into Kathryn's eyes is like looking into her eyes for the first time again. Her hazel eyes seemed to shift color becoming greener each moment. I realize our conversation has affected Kathryn's mood saddening her enough to change her eye color.

Kissing Kathryn with all the love I feel seems to bring more in return. When I break I look again into those beautiful green eyes that tell me my wife is very happy. We wash each other, caressing more than washing.

When we dry each other it's the same we caress and tease each other, we're building our desire for each other. Kathryn wraps herself around me as I carried her back to our bed. When I placed Kathryn on the edge of the bed and kneel before her she knows exactly what I have in mind. Kathryn spreads her legs widely giving me access to her and her outer lips part she is already excited and the smell of arousal drives my passion to new heights.

Kathryn moans as I begin to lick through her pussy teasing her lips with mine. My tongue spreading her juices as it tastes Kathryn's labia. I can sense Kathryn's growing impatience and tease up to her clit, our bond may have some drawbacks but the ability to sense what my lover wants far outweighs them.

It doesn't take long before Kathryn shakes and pushes my face away. Kissing up her body I say, "That's one." Kathryn giggles, "My love you always give me three to your one. You don't need to keep track of them." Chuckling I tell her, "My love now you know why I always give you three." One of Kathryn's hands guides me into her.

Once I'm in position she throws her legs around me and we pushed together slowly allowing my entire length to stretch her. Kathryn quivers and shakes as I move passing her G spot she howls as I touch her cervix. We hold each other and Kathryn looks at my face and says, "That's two by the way. I really needed that." Kathryn saying that I realize I was pushing my energy into her as well as my cock. Like I said our bond allows us some very good benefits. Kathryn's need spur me into movement, I pull all but out and slowly push back in again give her my energy peaking it at her G spot and cervix it doesn't take long for Kathryn is a continuous orgasms giving her body as much is it can take.

Kathryn's howling as I feel my balls tighten than my need to come is overpowering, I thrust into Kathryn and hold her hips making sure I don't go too deeply as my body releases a torrent of my hot cum just at her cervix.

Kathryn's spasming pussy milks cum out of me, by the third or fourth shot her pussy still leaking and yet more pushes into her. When my orgasm subsides Kathryn relaxes and her legs fall to the bed, I roll myself off of her and lay caressing her catching my breath.

Kathryn smiles even as she struggles to catch her breath. When our breathing is not the loudest sound in the room we hear the movie and giggled to ourselves. Obviously Mom has to turn the TV up to drown us out. I carry Kathryn back to the bathroom and we shower and clean ourselves.

We strip and remake our bed after dressing in our pajamas. I know in only a few months, after Kathryn gives birth that we won't be able to share our bodies like this, it's something I'm willing to give up for our children.

Having Sam has taught me a lot of the joys of being a parent, and as well a few of the worries and fears. It's strange finding one of Sam's teddy bear in our bed makes me realize Sam left her bear to lie down on my chest. How I am grateful to mean more to her than her teddy bear.


Kathryn giggles at seeing me hold Sam's teddy bear. She says, "Are you a little afraid you're going to be replaced?" I smile and say, "I'm happy I haven't been so far, I'm just going to hate it when she does finally find someone to replace me. I don't think I'll be able to take it as well as your Dad." Kathryn giggles, "He had a little practice before you, remember I have four older sisters.

Michelle and Maria had plenty of boyfriends. Daniel was Kara's crush for a long time. By the time you started dating me he already had learned to not fight it that only makes it worse. Michelle and Maria showed him that." Not waiting for any other question Kathryn pulls me downstairs so we can catch the end of the movie with Sam.

Sam seeing as enter, comments to her grandma. Sam says, "See grandma they look really happy." I hold my arms out and Sam runs and jumps into my arms. Smiling at her I say, "I am Sam. I got your Mommy and you and all the family. That's a lot of people to love and to be loved by. If that isn't enough to make a man happy, I don't know what would be." Kathryn leans in and gives Sam a kiss on her cheek before she turns and gives me a kiss.

Giggling Sam says, "I know Daddy you and Mommy loving me, and the family loving me makes me happy. I love them too. I love you and Mommy and grandma a lot." Mom hearing this hugs the three of us.

Mom says, "When I moved here I didn't realize how good of an idea it was. Look what I've gotten out of it. I have a very happy son, a daughter I love, a very special granddaughter and a big happy family and some of the best friends in the world." We hug Mom and give her a kiss.

Kathryn I both say, "I love you Mom." Sam wiggles and squirms squeeze between the three of us, we back off and Sam takes a deep breath. Sam grumbles, "I love you too, but a girls got to breathe." We give Sam a shorter hug that only makes her giggle. Mom was using the DVR and we restart the movie to watch the rest. After the movie we take a sleepy Sam the bed with us. Sam slides up gives me a kiss, and then slides back into place, gives her mother a kiss and tells us good night.

Sam lays her head down and quickly falls asleep listening to my heart. Kathryn whispers to me, "I love you my husband and father of my children." I whisper back, "I love you my wife and mother of my children."