Hot girl oral and creampie swallow

Hot girl oral and creampie swallow
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Babysitting the For the Kim's My name is Jason, normal high school guy of age 19. I am very attractive, (so says the girls) and have a good structure, blonde hair and deep voice.

I am quite shy especially when around girls. My father is in the army and I've seen him just once in my life, that's at the age of 5. We're quite rich because of my father's position in the army making my mother a housewife.

I am still a virgin and feel bad about it because the boys I'm in the basketball team with talks about sex a lot. One day I was playing Play Station in my room when I heard the door bell ring.

My mother shouted she would get it so I continued with my game. I heard this sweet voice greet my mom and I knew it was the neighbor next door. Mom: Hi Mrs. Kim Mrs. Kim: Sorry to bother you this noon but I want to ask for a favor. Mom: Ok, if I can help, of course I would love to. Mrs. Kim: Can you let Jason babysit Angela for me please?

Tonight I have to attend my new Boss' party and I don't want her in the house all alone. Mom: Of course I will ask him if he can help. Jason! Jason! Me: Mom? Mom: Can you babysit for Mrs. Kim tonight. Me: Uhmm sure, of course.

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Mrs. Kim: Thanks, Be at my house by 8 okay? Me: Okay. I started thinking of their family. Her husband died about three years ago and it has really being hard for her keeping the home in good shape all by herself.

I thought of how attractive she looks her beautiful Asian face with smooth chin, her nice lips, long legs, cute butts and moderate round boobs.

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Her daughter was the younger version of her except for quite huge boobs. She was 16 years and just hot like HOT. I realized I had a hard on and quickly went to the bathroom to jerk off. At 8:00 I was at their doorstep and Mrs. Kim came to answer the door and told me to come in. She looked stunning in her beautiful dress.

She surely looked like a queen in it. I managed to keep my jaws from dropping. She told me to sit on the couch and sat next to me. 'Jason, I want you to understand that I really appreciate what you're doing for me. It's not that she can't take care of herself but anytime I leave her home alone, she run away to parties I come back home to see her drunk that it takes hours for her to come back to her senses.

She is the only family I've got now and don't want to lose her too. Hope you understand.' ' Me: Yeah, Mrs. Kim. Mrs. Kim: Call me Kim, please. 'There's food in the refrigerator in case you need any. Bye, see you' I watched her drive off and went back inside. Angela came from her bedroom and sat opposite to me as we watched the TV together.

She passed me popcorn and I took it. I looked over to her and she looked at me smiling. Me: What? Angela: My mom told you to 'baby'sit me right? Me: Yeah, not that you can't take care of yourself but so you won't leave for parties, okay? Angela: Yeah, right. Me: How come you never…, you know, come out of the house so I could say hi sometimes? Angela: Nah, outside the house is bored so I just swim in our pool backyard.

We continued chatting for the next 45 minutes while watching some R&B videos. The chatting was really getting interested. Angela: So do you have girlfriend? Me: No, you? Angela: I dumped him when I found out he deals drugs. But there's no way you don't have a girlfriend. You're very attractive. Me: You think so? Angela: I see so.

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As we were chatting, I was thinking of her little mouth sucking my cock, I felt my cock getting harder and thicker. I was feeling embarrassed and tried to hide it but my 8 inches couldn't hide. I raised my eyes to look at Angela and saw her staring at me with a shock on her face. Me: Angela, I'm so embarrassed right now and I'm sorry. But you look good I couldn't stop thinking about you.

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She said nothing, just staring at the bulge in my pants. Angela: Is that because of me? Me: I'm sorry. Angela: Shut the fuck up and answer the damn question!

Me: (I was shocked at her reaction and looked scared and thinking what would happen if she told her mom.) Yes, it was because of you.

But I will do anything, just don't tell Mrs. Kim. Angela: Anything? Me: Yes anything. She raised her legs to the arm of the chair and flipped her skirt up before I realized she weren't wearing any panties.

Angela: Will you stop staring right now and eat my pussy; I'm kindda horny right now. Without a second thought I reached on my knees and started licking her pussy and tongue fucking her. She was moaning like hell and I like that.

From porn experience, I started licking her and playing with her clit. She tasted so good and her pussy juice was just yummy. I ate her for 10 minutes before I felt her shaking as she had an orgasm. She let me stood, knelt before me and unzipped my pants and started sucking my 8 inches stick. That was my first blowjob ever and it was the best. She could suck me so hard that I felt like jumping. I was feeling good. I was about to cum when she stopped, laid her back on the couch and told me to fuck her.

I was so happy to oblige. I guided my cock in to her tight wet pussy. It was so fucking hot. I started pumping In and out of her and she was mourning, 'aah fuck me harder. I'm your slut now fuck me. Ahahhaa mmhmhh, I am your slut now. Fuck me good. Rip me into two with that cock aaaah fuck me aah, I'm yours now'.

I fucked her harder with every thrust hitting the back of her pussy. She turned me unto the floor with her now on top as she rode me faster and faster. 'Aahh fuck ahh.' I raised my head to her boobs and started licking like there was ice cream on it. As she rode me even faster, I said, Me: Angie… aaah, I'm cumming. Angela: Me too, cum in me now, let me feel your hot cum in me. Me: I don't want you preg. Angela: I'm on birth control, cum in me now. With the last thrust shot loads of cum into her hole and she fell off.

I looked at her pussy with my cum dripping off. What a perfect view. We took a shower together and got dressed later around 11:30 her mom came home and decided I should sleep and go home in the morning. She told me I could sleep on the couch. She brought me pillow and blanket and did a surprising move; kissing my forehead. In the night around 2, I felt a hand on my crouch. I opened my eyes to see Angela in bra and pants.

I didn't wait to be told what to do; I started from her forehead, kissing her body all the way to her navel. She gave out soft moans and I inserted my thumb into her mouth so we wouldn't get caught. Hurriedly, I removed her pants and panties and started eating her pussy like lunch.

I finger fucked her while my tongue played with her clit. Not long before I felt her shivering and I knew I had her orgasm. She told me it was my turn and she got me on my foot, removed pants and started sucking my cock like candy. She sucked my balls and it felt so good.

She was blowing me so good that I felt like cumming that second. I tried to stop moaning so we won't wake her mom. I told her I was cumming and she told me to cum in her mouth.

I released strokes of cum in her mouth and she swallowed everything in her mouth. As I felt my cock softening, we both fell on the floor with her head on my chest. Angela: Jason, I'm so happy with you and the way you fuck is so special.

You let me feel good, you know. Me: Angie, will you be my girlfriend?


Angela: You really want me to be your girl? Me: Yes, I really want you to. Angela: I never thought you would ask.

Of course I want to. As we looked at each other smiling, our lips met and the next second, our tongues were roaming in each other's mouth. We jumped up as we someone has switched on the lights, it was her mom. I bowed my head in shame as I started to think of what would happen to me. One thing came into my mind, "JAIL".

Mrs. Kim: What the hell are you two doing? Me: Mrs. Kim, I'm so sorry. Mrs. Kim: You fucked my daughter? You pervert! You fucked my daughter? Angela: Mom, it's me who seduced him, he wasn't…&hellip. Mrs. Kim: Shut up. Now you, Jason, can you fuck her while I watch?


I was very confused when she said it. I looked up at her and saw her unzipping her PJs. I looked at Angie and saw her confused face. Mrs. Kim: The party was crushed so I made it home early and watching you two from the window fuck was making so horning so I had to masturbate in the car thinking about you two. Jason, fucking my daughter is alright with me, you know, you're good looking and besides I don't want her to go around fucking any guy. You two make a good match and I'm proud of that.

Now will you fuck her right now while I watch masturbate?

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Me: Yes Ma'am, I mean Kim. Quickly, I got Angela on the couch and I started licking her fuckhole so eagerly while the back of my eye watched Mrs. Kim masturbate. I got her on her hands and knees and started fucking her like there's no tomorrow. She got me on my back and started ridding me like she's cowgirl. I loved it because she was ridding fast. I heard Mrs. Kim moaning even harder and turning to look at her, I saw a very huge dildo buried in her pussy so I positioned my view well so I could see her clearly.

Angela told me she was cumming and I told her I was too. We came together. After we both fell to the floor, we began a passionate kiss. The next thing stunned me as I watched Mrs. Kim coming closer and burry the mouth in her daughter's pussy. She was licking my cum out of her daughter and Angie was moaning so loud. She started eating her daughter's pussy so eagerly as if she was really hungry. Angela then whispered something in my ear that really surprised me.

I gave her an 'are you kidding?' look then she gave a 'go ahead' signal. I got at Mrs.

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Kim's back who was on her hands and knees eating her daughter's pussy. I shove my hard 8 inches cock in her pussy as she gave a loud moan. Mrs. Kim: I told you to fuck my daughter not me, pervert. Angela: Mom I told him to fuck you. I know you have not had sex for a long time. Enjoy it, I don't mind sharing. Mrs. Kim: Thanks, you both, I really needed this.

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I was over the hedge now, fucking her real hard and fast. She was just tight like daughter and it felt so great fucking her while she ate her daughter. Mrs. Kim: Mmh, aaah, Jason, you know, aah, I'm not on pills and aah, you can't cum in me mmh, so shove that things in my asshole. Wow, I couldn't believe it, anal? Without being told twice, I shoved my cock in her ass and started fucking her anal like there's no tomorrow.

After couple of thrusts, I released loads of cum up in her asshole and watched it drip. What a night! After breakfast, I kissed them bye and told them I would be around and we would fuck together when we like.

As I made it to the door I turned to see Angela, kneeling before her mom and raising her skirt up.WOW. Angela: And Jason, will you take me to the movies tonight? Me: Yeah sure and we can fuck afterward in the night, right? Angela: Yeah, I will invite my friend, Amy.

Me: WOW, that's my girl. Guys, this is my first time to write on stories.xnxx so be honest so I will correct my mistakes next time.

Thanks for reading.