Amazing twinks I checked his heart hammer once more and then started

Amazing twinks I checked his heart hammer once more and then started
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A couple days after the second night with the group, I was puttering around when I got a phone call from my lawer. "Pete, it's Ed." "What's up?" I wasn't expecting to hear from him, he said it would be a while before any developments.


"Well, something that's unusual but not unheard of. We got a request to amend our quit claim on McMaster's account. They also want us to decline claims to posthumous income. Sometimes that's written into the original agreement; this time not." I'd decided not to pursue civil actions against my wife's lover, since he didn't have a lot of money, his family could use it, and I had an adequate nest egg without.

Especially for one person instead of two. "Sounds like they may think there's more money coming in." "Or the family fears more claims and wants to guard against any risks.

Well, I've got my para searching the legal notices and other spots to see if there's any pending income or debt claims, so I recommend holding off on signing for now." "Sure, if you think so," I replied.

"Oh, regarding that card you forwarded from his sister, she was lurking outside your office last week when I stopped by. I bought us some coffee, and she admitted hanging around to meet me. Said that she wanted to express her condolences I person.

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I'm still not sure what she had in mind. Acted real friendly, though." Ed paused, then said, "Could just be a coincidence, but let's be careful.

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Keep a low profile and don't open up to any strangers. And by the way, is there anything in your life that could be potentially embarrassing, to the public or a jury?" I thought for a second, but I knew he had to know.

"Well, I've made some new friends here, and the relationship isn't platonic." "A group sex thing?" "Yes." "Genders?" "Men." "Hmmm. That could be a potential problem." "And one other thing," I added, "One of the guys was found out by his wife and they're in process of dealing with it.

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They said there was some circumstantial evidence and she pressed him until he admitted what was going on." "She might have more on him, maybe she hired a detective. Or maybe the McMasters did, and saw an opportunity to embarrass you. Almost sounds like a soap opera, but these things happen." Now what? "What should I do, Ed?" "Well, keep your normal routines.

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I'd avoid contact with Cindy and like I said, keep quiet. And if you see anybody poking around, sitting in cars, anything like that, let me know." "Should I stay away from the guys?" "Actually that probably falls into keeping up your routine. Have fun. But be careful and note anything funny." "Will do." We hung up. I thought about this and came up with some possible scenarios, but nothing jumped out at me.

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If they tried blackmail, that would go nowhere I didn't give a shit if anyone knew I was sucking cock. And it did seem fishy that Molly twisted Bill's arm to fess up about the group. Maybe a little birdie told her.

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Well, not much I could do, just keep cool. I went to the gym later today, ended in time to grab lunch at the snack bar instead of just coffee. The server, Andie, was starting to pack up after she served me. We chatted a bit, and I got to enjoy her cleavage again. She was a bit stocky but not fat, about 50, kinda tall.

One of these days I might just ask her out.


I was thinking of her tits when I got home, and decided to spend some quality time with my best friend, you know, the one in my pants. I checked the picture sharing site and checked out the new photos. I also jumped over to their sister site and looked at the new pussy pictures there. There was a nice 60-ish with salt and pepper pubic hair, nicely trimmed, that was nice.

It had been a while since I'd had my cock in a pussy, and the thought was making me very stiff. I took out my cock and slowly scanned all of the lady's pictures. Nice butt too. Breasts were a little dippy but still looked firm and round.

Stroking harder now, I moved through her pictures until I found one of her playing with her clit, and her juice running out. That did it, I gave myself a couple of hard strokes then tensed up as I started to throb and pump my cum out into my hand.

That looked hot, I grabbed my camera and took a picture. After I cleaned up, I posted the picture. Only three days until "cards" night. I think I want somebody to cum on my cock.

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Ed called back the next morning. "Well, I think we've got something. McMaster had bought a lottery ticket, and they checked it when going through his things.

He was the only winner and the pot was 900 thousand.


So that would explain the request for a change to the claim. I know that you thought his money should go to his family, but now that there's more money, do you want to reconsider?" "Still only a moderate chance of winning?" "I'd say so." "How long can we delay signing? I wouldn't mind having a wrongful death suit in my arsenal if things get ugly." Ed said that wasn't a bad idea.

I asked him to do any prep but not file anything yet.

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Well, well, well. This was getting interesting. But what I really wanted was to have a hard cock in my mouth. Two days.