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Pute arabe maroc
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Chapter 35 TRAINING PART 2 As the training went on, the girls learned the body language of submission. Twatsucker taught the girls the animal, instinctual signs of the submission of women - baring and offering the wrists, baring and offering the neck. The slut were taught how to take up less space with their body, and how to keep their eyes wide open for a "doe-eyed" look. They were shown how important it was to keep their body at a lower level than males in the room - if a male was standing, a good slut was naturally shorter.

If a male was sitting on a chair, a slut should kneel on the floor. If a male was sitting on the floor, the slut should be lying prostrate. They learned a good slut remains still unless told to move. A good slut lowers her eyes unless a male is present, at which time she should look him the eyes to signal her dependence on his favour. They learned that a slut should smile even if she is embarassed or in pain.

The sluts learned to draw attention to their necks, their wrists and their tits with hand gestures. And finally they learned that the greatest sign of submission is sexual arousal. In less indoctrinated women, they learned, it was common to suggest sexual arousal through rouge, blush, lipstick and other makeup, simulating the flow of blood to the face.

But for Titcage sluts they could just use the real thing. A good slut was always aroused in the presence of men. Claire knew this to be true, because between the sensitivity in her tits, her aphrodisiac implant, the work cordial, and the constant sexual activities she was engaged in, she was almost always wet now even when men weren't around.

One day in the second week, after work, Steph and Claire went by a petshop to buy themselves leashes. Kitten drove them there, but when it came time to get out of the car, Steph didn't want to do the Fucktoy walk in public, in front of people they'd never met, so Claire and Kitten had to slap Steph a few times and pinch her clit before she would agree to do it.

Afterwards, Steph and Claire went into the shop, squeezing their tits and with their fingers in their cunts, and asked the surprised salesman to help them pick out leashes. At home, their father was gratified to see his daughters leashed, and he told them they looked pretty on a leash like a dog while he was beating their breasts and then cumming on them. Claire ate her dinner again from a dog bowl, but this time she pissed on it first.

She found that adding piss to the dog food made it taste better to her - more like her work cordial - and she ate it eagerly while masturbating. Remembering she was supposed to hurt herself during her masturbations, when she felt herself nearing orgasm she started pinching her own clitoris viciously, and finally felt herself cumming on a wave of pain and degradation.


On the third day of training the girls were taught how to exercise in the mornings so as to stay fit and attractive. An extra trainer was brought in - a brunette named Sexpet - to help them set up a week-long workout routine. A good workout routine starts with stretches, and the girls were shown how to safely stretch all their muscles. They were also taught to stretch their tits by pulling their nipples out until it hurt, and to stretch their pussy and anus muscles with large dildos before excersising.

The girls were encouraged to do their stretches nude, either in their front garden or in front of an open window or balcony facing the street.

The girls were then shown two ways of jogging around their block for exercise: * The Nude Jog - For the nude jog, the slut strips completely naked, and then attaches small weights via clips to her nipples, clitoris and labia. The motion of the jogging will bounce the weights up and down, pulling painfully on the slut's sensitive ares. For big titted sluts, this will add to the natural agony of their melons bouncing around as they move.

Sluts are encouraged to do one lap of their jogging course in The Slave posture, with their hands behind their back, and a second lap in the Fucktoy, squeezing their tits and masturbating as they jog.

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* The Clothed Jog - For sluts who have a reasonable fear that jogging nude may get them arrested, or for variety, a clothed jog is also taught. In the clothed jog, alternative degradations are found to make up for the humiliation lost due to not being nude.

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In a clothed jog, the slut wears minimal clothing - either a bra and panties, a bikini swimsuit, or too-tight lycra. The material is soaked in liquid - possibly piss - before the run, to make it hug the slut's curves better.

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The slut fills her cunt and butt-crack with food for her next meal (usually breakfast) until her groin is stuffed full, and uses her panties or bikini bottom to hold it in place. She fills her bra with small thumbtacks. She then does two laps of her course in The Slave posture, pissing at some point during the run, and finishes the course in her front garden, where she extracts all the food (now soaked with sweat and piss) from her pussy and ass and eats it before going inside.

Jogging was complemented by a range of other degrading methods of exercise: * Push ups - which were generally done with a dildo fixed to the floor, pushing into the girl's twat. The push ups raised and lowered the girl on the dildo, fucking it into her pussy.

Variants involved connecting the girl's nipple and clit to the floor by elastic to increase the pain involved in lifting up, and placing a strip of short sharp spikes on the floor under the girl's tits to increase the pain of lowering herself. * Weight lifting - the girls were shown to to set up a simple pulley system from the ceiling with ropes, so that lifting a relatively light barbell would pull on ropes attached to their tits, but lowering it would pull on ropes attached to their clitoris or labia.

* Star jumps - these used, again, weights on the girl's tits and cunt so that each jump sent a jolt of agonising pain through the bitch's genitals and boobs.


The morning after they learned the jogging routines, Kitten came around to join Claire and Steph for their first morning jog. The three girls started out clothed, filling their cunts and ass-crack with dog food (the girls now ate basically nothing except dog food at home), and began their jog around the block, but after one lap the pain of the thumbtacks bouncing and poking against their super-sensitive boobs had left them in tears, but at the same time with their cunts sopping wet.


They stopped in the shadowy corner of a park, undressed, and licked each other's cunts and asses clean. Afterwards they completed the run nude, in the Fucktoy position, squeezing their tits and fingering their pussies as they jogged. People looked at them disapprovingly, mumbling "slut" and "whore" but the girls were horny and in pain and not thinking clearly so they barely noticed.

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It was during the last week of training that Claire was first raped by a stranger. She was walking home from work, lost in a fog of horniness and conditioning, when she was grabbed from behind and dragged into a nearby park. It was the same park Claire had stopped to urinate and masturbate in so many times in recent weeks, and her assailant took her to the same sheltered corner Claire had used for her slutty activities.

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Claire never even saw her attacker's face. She was pushed face down into the dirt - the same dirt she had pissed in so often - and her skirt and panties were ripped off. She felt her attacker's hard cock pushing into her pussy, and heard his soft grunt of delight as he discovered her soaking wet. She lay there as her attacker held her by the hips and pumped hard, in and out of her twat, for long minutes before finally ejaculating inside her.


He wiped his dick clean on the back of Claire's shirt, and then stumbled away from her, leaving her on all fours with semen dripping from her cunt. Claire couldn't quite process what had happened.

She had been raped, violently, in a public place. She had been wet, though, so by law it wasn't rape.

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She had just been used, that was all. She should be traumatised. She should be outraged. But it had felt good. Worse, it had felt normal. And she couldn't deny that the worst part of all was that she hadn't cum. Shuddering, feeling simultaneously like she might cry and that she might moan with pleasure, she reached down to her cunt.

Her fingers probed into her pussy, getting wet with her assailan't sperm. And, slowly, she began to masturbate. After all, she needed to cum.

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Otherwise the whole experience had been a waste. (To be continued.)