Big boob blonde BBW Taylor Tender sucking a big cock in POV

Big boob blonde BBW Taylor Tender sucking a big cock in POV
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Rachael had beautiful brown hair down to the center of her back.

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Her beautiful green eyes shinned against the stripped green shirt she was wearing. I could see the curves of her thong as she pushed the cart down the isle in front of me. I have always wondered what my best friend tasted like. Being bi my whole life I never have experienced a girl quite like Rachael. She is everything a girl could ask for in someone. Sexy, sweet, kind and fun.

She shares the details of her sex life with me and I can feel my panties get all wet. I have never pushed the subject with her. She knows I love women as well as my husband.

She has heard my sex stories that go along with my swinging lifestyle but she never asked too many questions about it. Tonight was girls night out we were headed for snacks then off to a strip club. Or so I thought. The night started out as any other Thursday night.

First a stop at the local Mexican place. Then we would go out. Not this Thursday night.

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Rachael made a detour claiming she needed to change because she didn't feel right in her cloths. We walked into the front door of her two story condo and she ran upstairs as I waited on the couch. Well let me tell you she had changed alright. Into a sexy little number that made my mouth drop open. Now I have seen this woman naked quite a few times but her curves were snug tight into fish net teddy. Rachael gave me a sly smile and asked me if I liked what I saw. I didn't have time to respond my arms pulled her into a embrace and I was kissing her faster than I could think.

Cupping her perfectly beautiful C breasts I teased them with my tongue.

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While sliding my finger into her beautiful wet slit. She let out the sexiest moan as soon as I touched her I became instantly wet. She smelled so good, all the hotness I just wanted to taste her. Letting the passion take over I pushed her onto the couch after stealing a couple more of her sexy kisses. I slid my fingers in and out of her hot hole and started licking up and down that tight slit of hers.

Her moaning started to become faster and faster. Her hips were locked around my head and she was rocking herself in motion. Ohhhh yeah. OOhhhhh yeah. Don't stop. Ohhhhh. The taste of her was everything to me at that point. I licked her faster and faster as I felt her clinch and then I got shot with the sweetest juice I have EVER tasted.

Shocked at that point she started apologizing to me saying she didn't know what she did it hadn't ever happened to her before. After explaining to her what happened and that I was happy for the experience we cuddled as she cooled down embracing each others kisses so soft and sweet.

I was happy to go there time and again with her. That is when we heard the door opener go up and Stans car pull in the garage. Now Stan he Rachael's long time boyfriend.

I jumped up and started to give Rachael a blanket when she told me to come back and settle down. Rachael started to kiss me again. I was nervous knowing that Stan with my husband Joey at the time. Wondering if he was still there or if he had went home. Relaxing a little and getting horny and into Rachael again Stan walked in followed by Joey. Joey was all for this adventure we had discussed it over a hundred times in the bedroom.

Rachael broke loose and gave Stan the sexiest smile. Inviting and warm instantly I seen Joey get hard. He has always wanted to fuck Rachael. Sliding out from her grasps I headed over to kiss Joey. He lapped up Rachel's sweet taste in my mouth while I rubbed the head of his cock through his pants. At the point I didn't figure things would go as crazy as they did. Rachael was on her knees in front of Stan and began to bow to her master as her slobber went everywhere if you know what I mean.

Never in the ten years I had been friends with her did I see her be that outgoing in front of me.

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Watching her sexy lips go up and down the length of Stan. I was instantly hot again. I undid Joey shorts and began to bow to my master as well. Making the sexiest little moans as I did it. I knew how he loved to hear me gag and moan on his cock. Looking over at Rachael I began to get a little jealous of what she had in her mouth. Now Joey wasn't as big as Stan.


I would love to taste that I thought. Crawling across the floor I began to suck on Stan's balls and join in on licking and spitting with Rachael. Joey spread Rachael wide and worked on her wet lips with his huge hands.


Hearing her moan made Stan go over edge and began to give her some dessert. After she was done taking all of his juices she began to kiss and caress me as my husband started plowing her pussy. Her moans during my kisses didn't keep Stan down long.

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I slid under Rachael in the 69 position so I could taste her and Joeys juices together. Licking her hotness as he plowed her and we moaned together as she licked my wet tight hole. Stan was at full length again and started to plow my hole tearing it open so wide. I screamed into Rachael's pussy. Oh the pleasure.

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Her licking combined with his cock going into my deep dark hole. I was nearing my explosion when Rachael started screaming. DP DP DP me PLEASE. Getting off of me and sliding Joey out of her. She pushed him into the couch began to spit on her hand and work her tight little back door with moans leaking every time her finger went in.

Loving anal myself and knowing Joey doesn't care either way I slid Stan's hard cock out of me giving it one last taste before crawling across the carpet to his amazingly beautiful wife. I pushed her hand aside and worked her tight back door with my tongue as she hovered above of Joey. Slowly I worked her backdoor wider and wider. Her moans filled the room and He slid into her with ease.


I sat there and licked Joeys balls. He loves to be licked and sucked while he is getting the pleasure of another woman. I slowly slid my tongue up into her dark hole and to her slit over and over again.

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Stan walked over and started to caress me again as he slid into his wives hole and she let out the loudest moan. Hearing her scream Fill me ohhhhhhh my god fill me full. Fill my holes.

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Dp me Watching her rock back and forth on them two cocks I began to rub my tight hole and moaned while I watch the most amazing woman get filled to the brim. I started to moan louder and louder and let out the best spasm ever. Joey came into Rachaels tight back door. As Stan pulled out and gave her a shower with his cum. It was the best girls night out yet.