Misty Stone really wants that dick

Misty Stone really wants that dick
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To start things off this is just a short story about a fantasy I have involving me being gang banged by a group of men. Its a normal Saturday morning, I wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs being cooked.

I crawl out of bed and look for my boxers to slide on. I look around but cant seem to find them anywhere, fearing that my mom has picked them up and took them to the wash. I begin to panic as I don't have anything else to put on.

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My answer for this situation is to lock the door and just chill in my room until the house is empty. I walk over to my computer and turn it on and decide to check my emails. I log on and the first email I see is one from a craigslist add that I posted about a week ago.

I open the email and read a reply from a guy about a gang bang starting up soon. I quickly reply back asking the time and place and a couple other little details involving the participants and such. After about 30 minutes of email back and forth he gives me an address and tell me to make my way to his house, with me still being naked I open my bedroom door and lean out and see if anyone is still at home. I wait and listen for any sign of them and when I am satisfied that i'm alone I grab a pair of basketball shorts and a white t shirt.

I put them on and grab my keys and head for the house. I arrive to find at least 6 cars at the house. I walk up to the door and I am greeted by a naked man in his late 40's, he opens the door and welcomes me in.

He takes me to a sun room and give me the lowdown on what's going on and what to expect. I tell him I am down for what ever, so he take me to a bed room and tells me to take off my clothes and leave them in here with my keys.

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I undress and follow him into a room full of guys sucking each other off or just jacking off watching. I walk in slowly and stand by a guy and start playing with my dick. A couple seconds later a guy comes over and gets down on his knees and takes my whole dick in his mouth and starts blowing me.

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He continues this for a couple minutes then takes my dick out of his mouth and leads me to the bed and tells me to get on all fours. I climb up and get into position and i'm instantly the center of attention being the youngest there at 23. I have one guy laying under me sucking my dick, while another guy pushes his dick in my mouth and I start sucking him. The guy who met me at the door gets behind me and asks me if I want to get fucked.

I take the dick out of my mouth and look back at him and nod my head yes. I go straight back to sucking the dick in front of me while I feel a cool sensation on my asshole.


I then feel a finger slide in me shortly followed by a second. My asshole is getting loose with every thrust of his fingers. He takes his fingers out and quickly replaces them with his cock. It had been a while sense I had been fucked, and I have never had that big of a cock.

He starts fucking me slow at first and picks up the pace as he goes. I stop sucking the guys cock that was in front of me and look around to see every guy there stroking there hard dicks to the guy fucking me.

I hear one guy say "Oh yeah fuck that young boy pussy real good". I am lost in pleasure at this point and just lay me head down and take pounding that i'm getting. I feel the guys cock in me tense up and then he shoves into me hard and grunts and then I feel him unload deep in my ass, as he is cumming i moan that i'm cumming and as soon as I start cumming my dick is swallowed and I unload down some guys throat.

The guy that just came in me pulls out and no time is wasted, as there is another cock shoved in me.


He isn't as big as the first guy but he has speed. He is slamming me so fast I couldn't see straight. He didn't last long and pulled out and shot cum all on my ass and back. I reach back and stick a couple fingers in my hole and i'm surprised at how loose my hole is. The next guy realizes this and asks if I have ever been dp'd before. I tell him no and then he says that today is the day, so him and the other guy get in position and one cock goes in with ease and then I feel the head of the second cock trying to make its way in.

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He grabs some of the cum from the second guy and puts it on his cock. He try's again and with a little effort he finally pops in.

I let out a loud moan as he enters and they quickly find a rhythm and both of the start fucking me. I am so horny at this point that I yell at them to fuck my boy pussy hard, cum all in my pussy and breed me like the little slut I am. With me talking dirty to them and the tightness surrounding there cocks they fill my hole in no time. After they cum and pull out a flood of cum pours out of my ass and runs down my legs and dick.

The last two guys that haven't fucked me decide its there turn to cum. The biggest dick there belongs to the last guy, he gets behind me and doesn't waist time and shoves his huge dick in me hard. The other guy comes in front of me and sticks his dick in my mouth and face fucks me.

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I am on cloud 9 at this point. The dick in my ass has me filled so full, and the dick in my mouth is just the perfect size. As if they are the same person, they both moan at the same time and start cumming. The guy in my mouth pulls out and covers my face in cum, the guy fucking me pulls almost all the way out until just the head of his dick in in me and his first 2 shots of cum go in my ass, and his final shots go on my back and hole.

They finish cumming and go clean up, just as I am about to get up and take a shower the guy who invited me here comes in the room and tells me they have a special prize for me in the bathroom. I follow them in the bathroom and they tell me to get in the tub and to bend over at the waist.

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I bend over and someone takes there dick and runs it along my ass and collects cum on his dick and sticks in me. He then asks if i'm ready for my present, I shake my head yes, and the guy starts pissing in me and then pulls out and pissed all over my ass and back and I turn around surprised and see them all lined up and holding there dicks toward me.

One after the other they start pissing all over me, from my chest and belly and all over my dick.


I just stand there until they finish, and after they are done they tell me that I was the best fuck they have ever had. I felt like a real slut and loved every second of it. One hops in the shower with me and helps me get clean and sucks me off one more time. After I get out of the shower there is only a couple left and they are in the process of leaving. I go and put my clothes back on and thank the host for a great time.

I get in my car and head home wondering what else the day has in store for me. Thanks for reading, this is my first time writing for xnxx and if you would like more stories like this please feel free to comment and tell me what you thought of this one. Thanks again!