Hot blonde pleasures a big black dong cumshot facial

Hot blonde pleasures a big black dong cumshot facial
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Daddy's Little Secretary I recently was asked to become a partner at my law firm. Now, it's not a very large firm maybe fifty or so attorney's each of us have assistants and there's about fifteen or so paralegals. We're a pretty well knit family the majority of us have been working together for about a decade. As a matter fact my career started here before passing the bar.

Before starting law school I was working as a paralegal for the firm. So, to go from a paralegal to a partner in just a decade is pretty good or so I thought. Over the last decade my work has netted me many late nights, many weekends lost and the occasional holiday had to be delayed or even canceled all together.

My wife Mandy was my college sweetheart and together we had two beautiful kids. All parents say that their kids are the cutest and the brightest. My son who is now fifteen is the backup quarterback for the high school football team and keeps fair grades.

My daughter on the other hand just turned thirteen and has just discovered womanhood. Unfortunately as most lawyers we end up divorced at least once in our lives as we strive to bill as many hours per week as we can. Mandy my wife left me a little over two years ago. Neither of us was cheating on each other we just fell apart because of my work ethic. My daughter Britney as I just mentioned entered into womanhood just a few short months ago.

It was a late Saturday afternoon and I had both kids for the weekend when Britney was in her room and I was in my home office looking thru several depositions when I heard her cry out from her bedroom. Not knowing what happened my feet began to sprint up the stairs for her bedroom. The door was closed the screaming stopped and I burst into her bedroom and noticed she wasn't there but her bathroom door was closed.

Tapping softly on the door I said, "Britney honey are you alright?" Putting my ear to the door there was some light sobbing when she answered, "I don't know daddy there is blood on my comforter and there is blood all over my undies. Daddy, please can you come in here with me? I don't know what is going on." Opening the door my daughter was sitting on the toilet with her dress pulled up to her waist and her soiled underwear were in the corner covered in blood.

Her eyes where bloodshot red, her hands were covered with blood. "Sweetie did you cut yourself on something?" Britney hadn't covered her nakedness as she spread her legs open, "See it's just dripping from my vagina. Daddy, look at all the blood. I must be having my first period. Daddy please this is so embarrassing can you help me?

Please help me stop the bleeding!!" Just then Bobby her brother was running up the stairs "Is everything okay? I was playing basketball on the driveway. Britney are you okay?" Britney closed her legs as tears were streaming down her face, "Please shut the door daddy Bobby shouldn't see me like this." Closing the door quickly behind me Bobby had just made it into her bedroom and he began looking for his sister and noticed a small pool of blood on her comforter.

"Dad, what the hell is going on?" Slowly making my way out of the bathroom and over to my son I reached my arm around his shoulders and said, "Your sister is just fine Britney how can I say this delicately? Your sister just entered into the wonderful world of womanhood. Now, she needs a little privacy and you need to be nice to her for a while.

No teasing her for a little while because she's going to be kind of sensitive. Okay?" Bobby just smiled at me, "No problem dad. So if you have everything under control its back to playing some basketball outside." It was an interesting afternoon to say the least.

With a big case needing my attention I finally realized after all the many years my daughter has been alive I was never really there for her. So, what to do? Call her mother and let her take care of the problem or step up and be the father that she really needs right now. This was my first chance at really doing something important for her other than giving her money or buying her love like I had been doing for the past 13 years. After running to the pharmacy to pick up some feminine hygiene products for my daughter the next few hours was spent showing her the magical mysteries of womanhood and what was awaiting her every month until she finished menopause.

Her mother Mandy explained the birds and the bees to our daughter but showing her how to clean her private parts was something she probably felt she had a little more time before she had her first period. Now, it was up to me to show her what to do. While Britney was taking a shower and cleaning herself I sat myself on the toilet reading her the instructions on how to douche. Now, the last time my daughter was naked in front of me was when she was about six years old when she changed out of her bathing suit when she came into the house.

Here she was seven years later with the shower curtain pulled back and Britney facing me asking, "Dad is douching my vagina the best thing to do? I mean this is a long thing to put inside of me and I'm going to have to break my hymen to do it." I looked at her and said, "Your mother has been douching for as long as I've known her and she's never had any medical problems with her vagina honey.

So I guess you are going to have to break your hymen to clean yourself. Sorry honey but this is what it's like to be a woman." She looked at me with a lot of apprehension as she grabbed the douche from me and said, "This is so unfair!! All boys have to do is use soap to clean themselves. Will you help me and push it inside of me. Will you please help me? If you've seen mommy do it before then you know how." Now, this was a crazy request but I couldn't help to see how her nervous her face was.

I put my hands on the bottle thingy and she put her hands over mine. She smiled at me, "Okay honey you ready?" The applicator began to bend a little and then with a little more force her hymen broke and all the blood that was stored behind it flowed out over our hands.

I wanted to comfort her, "its okay, honey, this is perfectly normal." We both squeezed the warm solution inside of her.

"Oh daddy that feels so good. The warm water feels so good." She then began to work the applicator inside of her. Britney's eyes were closed and she open her legs to allow the applicator to penetrate her deeper. I knew that this was wrong but it began to turn me on as I felt my cock grow as I wished that the applicator was me fucking her.

"Daddy don't stop keep putting it inside of me it feeeeeeels ssssooooooo gooooooooooood." It wasn't long afterwards that she shivered in front of me and she wrapped her arms around me and her perky A cup breasts were being crushed on my face. She pulled back and kissed me on the cheek and said, "Thank you daddy!!! What do we do next?" I sat there on the toilet with a blushed face and tried to say something, "I I think you should stop and put your fingers inside to make sure there's no more blood." Once we composed ourselves once again the next problem was applicators or tampons.

Britney trusting me did not hesitate as she spread her vagina open revealing her sweet little pink insides to me and asked, "Dad, if I use the applicator will I have orgasms all the time." Then she smiled at me.

Closing her vagina I said, "Honey this box has several sizes of tampons. Since you just started your period you should probably use the bigger ones at first to catch as much blood as possible." With that I took her comforter downstairs and hand washed her blood out then put it in the washing machine. I wasn't sure what the hell just happened up in my daughters bathroom and why the hell did I get excited as I helped her masturbate right in front of me.

***************** Like I said Britney entered into womanhood several months ago and since then she asked her mother if she could stay with me since for the first time in my life I was totally there for her.

The good news is that when Mandy split with me she got the house. For me it was buying a foreclosed house and having it fixed up so that the distance between me and my children was minimal. Staying in the same town meant Britney did not have to go to a different middle school and as far as high school she would go to the same one as Bobby.

Mandy agreed to the move and actually congratulated me on taking more interest in my children. Now, that I was made a partner of course the bigger cases where going to start to come to me. Sure enough when you have large cases there are times when you think you have certain things taken care of then they being to unravel. Late Friday afternoon the case we were working on took a sudden left turn which meant working all day Saturday.

Bobby and Britney were supposed to go to six flags for the day giving me enough time at the office to put the case back together. Unfortunately for Britney she twisted her ankle sliding into home while playing softball during gym class at school.

Now she was going to my charge and would have to spend her Saturday afternoon in my boring office. Walking to Britney's bedroom was like 'dead man walking.' Opening her door she was dressed and messing around on my laptop basically fooling around on the internet. "Hey, honey, I have some good news and bad news, which do you want first?" Looking up from my laptop she smiled and said, "Okay, daddy hit me with the bad news first." Taking a deep breath in and moving over to the side of her bed Britney closed the lid of the laptop rather quickly and I said, "Some minor defects have popped up in my first case as a partner.

I really want to hit a homerun honey and the only way for me to do that is to spend a few hours at the office. So, the bad news is because Bobby has gone to Six Flags with mommy you are stuck with me at the office." Britney took the news in stride and said, "So what is the good news?" Smiling at my thirteen-year-old daughter I said, "When I am finished we will do whatever you want." "Okay, you to take me to Pablo's for dinner tonight.

We get dressed up just like it's a date and I get a glass of wine or Champaign deal?" I began to laugh, "Who says you are not going to follow in your father's footsteps as a lawyer you're a pretty good negotiator." My daughter gave me a big smile and started waving her hand at me and said, "Now get out of here I want to change.


Then I need you to carry me down the stairs because my ankle still hurts." Once again my daughter summoned me to her bedroom. She looked so cute with her hair pulled back in a single ponytail. She had on a very skimpy dress that stopped just at the top of her thighs. The top of her dress just wrapped around her budding breasts.

Speaking of her breasts that just moved from an A cup to a B cup. She was wearing gold sandals and the straps wrapped around her ankles. Britney wanted to disguise her bruised ankle.

I picked her up and drove to the office. Now, that I was made a partner I had a private spot it was under the building that was gated. When we arrived at the office Britney was very light in my arms when she looked at me. "Daddy do you still have internet service here at the office?" I said, "Yea, why?" "Well, it won't be a total loss. There were some things that I need to research and I can get a jumpstart on one of my projects for school." Looking down at Britney as we entered the office I decided to make sure that she doesn't go to any websites that the IT guys would find.

"Okay, you can go on the internet but no crazy stuff, okay?" She looked up at me with her pussy cat eyes and said, "Of course, daddy, I'm always a good girl for you. Can I use somebody else's office?" I realized that over the past couple of months that Britney has matured since her first period incident.

Boys have been calling her on her cell phone with greater frequency and her girlfriends seem to be wearing smaller and tighter clothes to show off their prepubescent bodies. I wanted to make sure she didn't go into other people's offices so I said, "Britney I want you to stay on Sally's computer, my secretary, while I'm in my office okay?" When we got to my office I gently placed Britney in my secretary Sally's chair.

Britney looked up at me, "So, this is where you are sticking me, where are you going to be?" I turned on Sally's computer and put in my password, "Now, you use Sally's computer and like I said stay off of the crazy stuff." Then I made my way into my office.

Several minutes later I heard her fingers typing away very quickly then she stuck her head around the door and said, "This is cool daddy, I can see you, it's like I'm your secretary for the day." Now, of course being a teenage girl there was no way she was going to actually listen to me.

Britney remembered some of the websites she was looking at back at the house that were on my computer. Things got quite for a while and the typing slowed down and I could hear her whisper, "I wonder if they all look like that? That's amazing what she is doing with her mouth. I wonder if all the boys like that." I started thinking to myself, 'what in the world is she looking at out there?' I moved my chair and it just happened to creak just a little bit as I made my way to my office door and just as I got there she quickly turned off the monitor.

I pushed her hand away from the monitor on/off button and turned the monitor back on. To my shock and surprise my thirteen-year-old was looking at porn.

There was a young girl on her knees with a massive cock shoved deep in her mouth. I actually became enraged after I specifically told her not to go to a website like this. I wanted to bend her over my knee like she was a little girl and spank her tiny little ass. "What the hell are you looking at young lady?" Raising her hand in fear that I was about to strike her she began to defend herself.

"No, daddy, wait I can explain." My shock and anger overwhelmed me however Britney looked so innocent and pure. I wasn't sure if I could actually be mad at her just because she's curious about boys and sex. So, I said, "I thought I told you not to look at this crazy stuff?" Britney closed her eyes and her head fell down like she was looking at the floor and said, "I know daddy but when I was on your computer at home this was the last website you were looking at and I just became really curious about it, that's all daddy I swear." Britney pointed at the monitor and asked, "Daddy do all boys look like that?

I mean are they all so big like that guy there? Do all the girls swallow the whole thing like that young girl there? I mean she looks like some of the girls that are in high school. Are the boys in high school going to expect me to be able to kiss their penis like that and swallow them? And daddy all the sperm that comes out are they expecting me to let them squirt it into my mouth?" All I could think of was that I was in a bad position here.

Once again her mother really dropped the ball. I am sure that she told her about the birds and the bees but never really got into what it means to have sex with a boy. Once again I was being thrown right into the fire with my daughter just like I was a couple of months ago when she had her period. I was actually a little panicked. I could give a twenty minute summation to a jury and not be nervous but talking to my thirteen-year-old daughter about sucking cock made my tongue swell in my mouth and I said, "Uhm all men have a penis honey you already know that don't you well, you see honey in this picture this girl really loves her boyfriend or her husband and she is just you know just look at the picture honey." Britney looked at her father, "Daddy can I see yours?

I wanna see one in real life." I couldn't believe how inquisitive Britney was becoming. I can't believe this is actually coming out of my sweet innocent daughter's mouth. I knew I needed to put a stop to this immediately, "No, you are my daughter there is no way that I am going to do this for you." Britney was not going to let this go she lifted her dress revealing her small white thong that was barely covering her vagina.

Her facial expression was one that she couldn't believe that I wouldn't show her my penis. "Daddy you've seen me. I mean it was just a couple of weeks ago that you helped me masturbate my pussy when I had my period.

It's just not fair daddy." Then without warning she moved her small triangle patch covering her pussy to the side and once again gave me another peek at her tiny vagina and said, "Okay I'll go first." She was definitely going to be a good lawyer she argues really well, "That situation was totally different and you know it.

Besides you're still my daughter honey its wrong. Now cover yourself up what you're talking about is completely taboo and incest is just wrong honey." Britney looked down at my pants as my eyes never left her crotch. All of a sudden blood began to rush toward the head of my cock. The one thing that is consistent with all teenagers is that they never listen to their parents and she began to rub her pussy with her finger and then rubbed her tiny little clit.

I couldn't help it my little head still has a mind of his own even looking at my daughter. My cock began to grow under my jeans. Britney watched my bulge grow under my jeans and instinctively reached out her hand and stroked my cock with her palm.

"Daddy you feel like that picture over there. C'mon daddy I know you really want to show me." It had been almost six months since I had a woman touch my penis and that night I had to pay for it. Now I have my daughter caressing my cock like a pro. "What wait honey, don't touch me there it is so sensitive. You shouldn't be doing this to me." She has no idea what affect she was having on me.

Britney was definitely biting off more that she could chew. "Okay, I'll show you if you promise to show me how much you love me and do the same thing that girl are doing in the picture." As we made our way into my office I stood before my couch and Britney was right behind me with her hands together like she was praying and said, "Oh Daddy!!

Thank you so much! I will show you how much I love you." My daughter was not very shy she very quickly undid my pants and pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles. At that point I was hard as a rock and my daughter finally got to see what she was in for. Her eyes became really wide and as her tiny hand was shaking as she wrapped it around my shaft. "Wow daddy your cock looks a whole lot bigger than the one on the internet." She began to stroke me with her tiny hand.

As I looked at my daughter on her knees is when I realized just how young she really was. I could see she really wanted to try sucking my cock but was still a little apprehensive.

You could see that she didn't want to disappoint her father as she smiled at me as she stroked me. "I know it looks big to you honey, but be a good girl for daddy and give it a try." Britney's fingers were caressing my head as more and more blood was rushing into my shaft. I was so excited at the mere fact that it was my beautiful daughter stroking me and she said, "It's so long daddy. I don't know if I can do it." She released my cock as if she wanted to change her mind after all of her teasing me.

She was the one who wanted to do this. There is no way I am going to let her back out now. I wanted her mouth on my cock now. "Don't make me mad young lady!!!

If you don't suck my cock now I will spank your tiny little ass beat red!!!! You begged me for this, now get to work!!!! Never, go back on your word honey, it's the worst thing you can do.

No one will ever trust you. Now suck your father's cock like you promised." There were little tears streaming from her eyes and she sobbed just a little and said, "I know daddy!!! I know I'm just a little nervous is all." Britney closed her eyes and began to mumble some words to herself, trying to gain enough confidence to continue then my cock slipped into her virgin mouth. The head of my cock went right to the back of her tiny mouth causing her to gag a little but she never let my cock escape from her mouth.

After several minutes of nervous sucking Britney finally allowed me out of her mouth and said, "Yummy daddy your cock tastes so damn good. Now I know why that girl in the picture loves her boyfriend so much." I couldn't really tell if she really was a virgin when it came to sucking cock but just the thought kept me stiff as a board.

"Honey you seem very inexperienced but at least you had your first taste of cock." Britney smiled at me holding my cock in her right hand and said, "I've practiced on a banana before at Meg's house but banana's are so soft and you're so hard just like a steel pole daddy!!!" I moved her hand from my shaft and I took control of the situation and said, "Open wide honey. I'll teach you how to do it the right way." Britney smiled at me and said, "Thank you so much daddy.

I knew I could count on you." Several minutes of me pumping my cock into her mouth, I made sure that she didn't gag on me. I then lied down on the couch. Britney began to suck me once again as she relaxed her throat a little as I felt my head enter her throat for the first time.

"Yes, baby you're doing it just right! Take it all the way down your throat." Britney still on her knees and her hands on my thighs smiled as my cock slipped out of her mouth and a nice long string of drool went from her tongue right down on the head of my cock and she said, "I'm trying daddy. I want to show what a good girl I am." I couldn't believe how fast she picked up on relaxing her throat and sucking my cock.

Now, she needed to learn more on how to pleasure a man. I know her dumb ass mother wasn't going to instruct her so I might as well do it.

"That was awesome baby girl but you need other lessons too." I got up from the couch and picked my teen daughter up but the waist and she said, "I have more to learn daddy!! Please teach it all to me." I sat her down on the edge of my desk with her legs spread open.

I could feel the soft skin of her thighs on the palms of my hands. Now I wanted to feel how wet she was between her legs. Looking down between her legs her thong was pushed through her outer lips creating a tiny camel toe and I said, "Now I want you to relax. I am going to show you how much your daddy loves his princess." Looking down at my cock with some apprehension she said, "Yes daddy!!! Please show me. I love you so much daddy." I spun her over so that she was now lying on her stomach.

I grabbed her white thong and pulled it half way down her thighs. The fluorescent lights picked up on her wet pussy juice between her tiny little slit. "I am going to move your panties down and have some fun." She looked back at me as I had a handful of her thong, "Daddy I can feel how wet my pussy is. Is that good daddy? I hope so because I can't take a shower and clean my pussy for you.

You are just going to have to do what you want to me with my dirty pussy." Taking my hands I spread her ass cheeks apart and lowered my head down and began to lap her virgin vagina, "Honey you were right you are so wet. You taste so good honey, it's like peaches and don't worry daddy will clean your virgin pussy with his tongue. How does that sound sweetie?" As my tongue was working its magic Britney could hardly talk.

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"Tha that feeeeels soooooo gooooood daddy!!!!! Don't stop your tongue in my cunt was a great idea. Clean me daddy, clean my pussy. " After spending some time eating my baby girls' pussy I realized that I will probably not have a better chance at getting some pussy than right now. I just knew that her pussy was going to be so tight just like her mother's when I first met her in college.

"You are nice and clean now, honey, daddy is going to show you something else now. I know its taboo and incest is wrong honey but I just haven't been with a woman in such a long time. Would it be okay if daddy puts his cock inside of your pussy honey? I promise you that you're going to love it trust me!! " Britney turned her head back to me as she felt the head of my cock beginning to crown between her legs and she had some serious concern on her face, "Wait daddy!!!

What are you doing daddy!!!! I don't know if I am really ready for you to fuck me daddy. I know it's been a long time for you but I've never done this. I've never had a cock inside of me!!!" I could feel how wet she was. It was like I was unconscious I didn't hear anything she said as I was fixated on her tiny little slit. I just had to fuck it. I needed to feel her sweet hole wrap around the shaft of my cock.


I was crazed I no longer cared that she was my daughter. As the head of my cock broke through her tiny pink lips I felt her squeeze her tiny cavity around my fat daddy cock. With her dress up around her stomach and her legs spread open wide for me I said, "Just relax now baby. It is going to slide in nice and smoothly. You are soaking wet." Britney still had her objections as she was still reeling from the pain of losing her virginity twenty seconds ago.

"No, daddy you are way too big for me please, please daddy you are way too big for me." I couldn't believe that I was forcing her to have sex with me but it had been so damn long since I had the taste of a woman in my mouth and on my cock I just couldn't stop myself as I fucked her right there on my desk. Once I could see the tears in her eyes my trance was broken and then I stopped. I just realized that she was my princess and that what we were doing was so wrong.

I pulled out of her and there was so much pussy juice covering my cock. My bottom lip began to quiver and went over and sat on the couch realizing that I just violated my baby girl. How would she ever love me or trust me ever again? Britney lay there by herself wiping the tears from her eyes. Then she regained her strength and moved over to the couch with me. Without saying a word to me she turned around facing away from me. Then she grabbed the shaft of my cock. She pierced her cunt with my hard rock cock again then wiggled her tiny ass the whole way down my shaft.

I was riddled with guilt but she was the one who wanted to continue and I asked her, "So, so, do you like this position better? Do you like being on top of daddy's cock. I don't want you to do something you don't want to do honey.

I love you so much!!

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Please honey don't do this if you don't want to. I promise I won't be angry with you." Turning her head to look at me she said, "I don't know what I did wrong for you to stop daddy.

I want to be a good girl for you. I do want this there is no one that could be better for me to lose my virginity to. By the way Oh yea daddy this position is much better for me.

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I like being in control I like the way your cock fills me up!!" Britney bent forward and put her hands on the floor and fucked me from the base of my shaft all the way up 'til the head of my cock was about to slip out.

Her legs began to cramp and she let me slip out of her. I then moved down to the end of the couch. It was apparent that she didn't want this to stop as once again followed me to the end of the couch and she straddled me. My hands moved down to her ass.

Her ass cheeks were still so tiny that they fit inside the palm of my hands. Her pussy was the tightest thing that my cock had ever felt. It was like I was in heaven and my daughter is the one that led me there. "Honey, you are so much better than your mother ever was." Britney turned and looked down at me and said, "That's because I love you more than mommy ever did. Daddy you were right it's taken a few minutes but you feel incredible inside of me.

I am so glad that we're doing this. I'm moving into your bedroom when we get home daddy." I was holding onto my daughter for dear life as she rode me like a bucking bronco I just blurted out, "I love the way your pussy feels baby.

If you're going to fuck me like this then you can move into daddy's bedroom when we get home. I love you so much sweetie." Britney looked down at me, "If I would have known how wonderful this could be daddy, I'd have asked for you to do this to me a long time ago." "I wish I knew you wanted to do this too. I would have been happy for you to become my secret lover. Honey, let's try another position." Wrapping my arms around her waist I carried her over to the coffee table in the room.

I lay her down on the coffee table and spread her legs open. Britney was so wet that as her legs opened a small pool of her vaginal juices covered the coffee table.

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"Lay back honey and relax and enjoy the new position honey." "Yes daddy, whatever you say." I pushed my cock into her once again. It was amazing how her small pink slit consumed all seven inches of my cock.

Britney smiled at me as she watched me work my magic wand then she said, "Look daddy my stomach comes up every time you push your cock deep inside of me." After several minutes of my cock pounding her young pussy Britney said, "Daddy, when I was looking at the porn pictures I saw the boy standing behind the girl can we try that position now?" I was just about to unload in her and then I pulled out prolonging my prowess. We then went out to Sally's desk and Britney went through several pictures to show me what she wanted to do.

Then I bent her over the desk and pushed myself back inside my sweet princess' pussy. I grabbed her perky B cup breasts and began to once again try to bring myself to orgasm. "Come on honey take daddy's fat cock in your tight pussy." Britney turned to watch me as I was dripping with sweat as my cock was penetrating her.

"Yes daddy, come on fuck me harder daddy. You feel absolutely wonderful daddy, don't stop. You are going to make me explode on your cock again!!!" Britney's orgasm was so intense that she fell to her knees as my cock slipped out and she went directly to the floor as she had her very first orgasm.

I was surprised that she actually had one at her age but there she was on the floor as her whole body began to spasm. I helped her back to her feet and back into the office.


"Honey it's time to use your pussy to get daddy to orgasm." Britney climbed on top of me once again and began to ride me long and hard, "Ride me nice and hard, my sweet daughter." Britney had her hands on my chest and her feet on my thighs as she rode me reverse cowboy, "Oh yes daddy you feel so damn good inside of me.

Please don't let me stop you feel so good. My pussy is so wet your cock is so slick inside of me. My god daddy this is fucking insane, I can't tell you how much I love you right now. I don't want to ever stop fucking your cock daddy!!!" I could feel my orgasm begin to bubble inside my balls and I slapped my little girl on the ass, "Come on honey I want you to taste daddy's cum." Britney fell off of my cock and down on her knees like she saw on the website and opened her mouth as I jerked off in front of my daughter.

I then unleashed huge white globs of my orgasm on her face, mouth and chest. "Daddy, you're cum tastes salty but if I am supposed to eat it I will because I love you." I looked at my daughter who's face that I had just painted and I helped her scoop up all of my cum and deposited it into her mouth.

"Well, honey its customary for your lover to eat your cum. Let me help you clean up a little." Britney smiled, "Whatever you say daddy feed it all to me." As I began to recover I began to get dressed and watched my daughter using her fingers to eat every last drop of my juice, "Well I think that is enough lessons for today." Britney sat on the couch with cum dripping from her fingers, "Wow, Daddy!!!!

Your cum is becoming very tasty to me, can I have more?" After I got dressed I looked at my daughter and said, "Honey you have some research to do. You should start while I finish up in here okay? By the way what we just did today must remain our little secret nobody can know especially you're fucking mother." "Okay daddy." After several hours of hard work and research it was time to go home.

I picked my daughter up and carried her out to the car. I lay her on the hood of the car and then went to unlock the door. To my surprise Britney lifted her dress to reveal that she wasn't wearing her panties and her beautiful young pussy was once again on display for me. "Hey, how about a little more cock daddy?

Right here on the hood of your car. It will be exciting to do it where we actually might get caught." Looking at the pussy I just finished pounding, it was red and raw and I said, "Honey we need to get home now, okay.

If you want to have sex with me again, let's do it at home, okay?" "Daddy I'll take my dress off again. I want to feel you deep inside of me again. Right fucking now daddy!!! I can't help it daddy you feel so good inside of me, PLEASE!!!!!" Seeing that we were concealed in a parking garage on a Saturday and it was a private lot the chances of someone walking in and finding us was going to be slim.

Besides her pussy is so beautiful, it was really hard for me to say no. I pulled my cock out of my jeans as my darling little slut was taking her dress off for me. "You're fucking insatiable you know that lover!! Lie back and let me slide it in nice and deep." My daughter was acting like a grown woman now. It was as if fucking me for an hour has turned her into a full grown woman ready for anything.

"Oh yea daddy, I'm ready come on and fill up my tiny little fuck slit daddy." I watched as my daughter was fingering her clit for me, "Do you have your pussy nice and wet for me honey?" She smiled at me and spread her legs open as she came to the edge of the hood of the car and said, "I need some of your special lube daddy.

Eat me, taste my nasty cunt daddy." My pants were now down around my ankles as I stroked my cock. I fell down to one knee and she grabbed my head and began to grind her thirteen-year-old pussy on my tongue. "Hmmm you taste so good honey. The taste of your pussy juice is so sweet. If I known you wanted to do this we would have started a long time ago princess." As my tongue worked on her vagina I then began to give her a good rim job. Her asshole was nice and clean and then I began to tongue fuck her tiny little asshole.

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