Lad spanking gay Ian Gets Revenge For A Beating

Lad spanking gay Ian Gets Revenge For A Beating
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The Resort Part 2 - Rachel's Odyssey Continues Rachel sat down in Carla's stylist chair still slightly wet from taking a long and soothing shower. She looked at herself in the mirror and stared into her own eyes seemingly lost in deep thought as her hair was cut and teased.

She was feeling a little tired, and her breathing was slow and relaxed. "What length are you more comfortable with; short or long?" Carla asked while running her hands through Rachel's thick brown locks.

"I would like to keep the length long, but I am up for any style you think fits me." "Ok great. I'll come up with something you will love." Rachel sat quietly as she stared intently at herself in the mirror. Her head was still spinning from the day's events which had her seriously questioning her own feelings and values . "How could I have done that to Tim?" She sat pondering her own actions. The question had her feeling mixed emotions. On one hand she couldn't help but grin.

She had never been wild or daring as she was during her massage, and it felt good to finally act a little crazy for once in her life. But on the other hand she was not a dishonest person. She prided herself on being a loyal and faithful wife, and was very worried about what this meant for her marriage. She took in a long and deep breath that was brought on by her feeling a bit frustrated with the situation she had put herself in. "Is everything alright Madam?" Carla questioned her feeling something might be wrong.

"No I'm fine. I'm still tired from the travel." "I get it. By the time your trip is over you will need a vacation from your vacation." The young stylist laughed. Carla cut and shaped Rachel's hair to perfection. She expertly applied some make-up to her smooth pale skin that would be barely noticeable to an untrained eye; and a perfect fit for this tropical island climate.

"Ok it's time to head over to wardrobe." She said as she finished up with the last touches to Rachel's flawless face. They both walked together into the room next door. The sizable space contained wall to wall dresses all wrapped in clear plastic. Rachel thought it resembled a stock room at some high end retail outlet. "Are all these all new?" "That they are." Carla responded with a big smile. "What do you do with the dresses once they are returned?" "Returned?.Whatever you pick is yours to keep.

There is not a dress in here that would sell for less than $1000 in any department store. Come, have a look and pick one out you like." Rachel strolled past the impressive assortment of garments, occasionally pulling one out to get a better look. "I'm thinking for you we might do something simple and form fitting. You have beautiful body, and I want to show it off. What's your feeling on a strapless all white cocktail dress that stops before the knee?" Carla stated while removing a freshly picked garment from a nearby rack and holding it up so Rachel could get a better look.

Rachel was semi-pre occupied in her own thoughts and did not immediately answer. "Are you ok Madam?" "Oh yes, I'm fine." she responded half heartedly. "I will leave it entirely up to you" "Ok great." Carla gleefully responded as she pulled three white cocktail dresses from the rack, removing the clear plastic from each before handing them to her. Rachel took hold of the outfits, along with a new package of underwear, bra, and open toed strapped heels that Carla had previously set aside.

She took hold of everything and went into the changing room to try on. She removed the thick robe she wore during her makeover and stood naked in front of the full size mirror that was in her stall. Looking at her naked body she noticed some red marks on her thighs and neck, and then turned to look at her ass which still was a bright shade of pink from her earlier spanking. "Shit" She whispered out loud after noticing what looked to be small bite marks on her neck, and figured she was going to probably have to explain them to Tim.

"Whatever, I'll make something up." She thought while holding up the first dress against her body and looking at her reflection in the mirror. "This one will do nicely." She slipped the strapless bra over her full breasts and tucked her large mounds into the cups. The bra was a white strapless underwire that propped up her full 36 D breasts nicely.

"Wow, this shows a lot of cleavage." She said quietly as she tugged and adjusted the bra into place. She then reached down and pulled up the matching g-string and slid the lacy material up and over her round hips. She shifted her weight slightly as she glided the string comfortably between her round cheeks. She again took a good look in the mirror and couldn't help but feel sexy.

Her hair and make-up were expertly done, and the sexy lingerie she was wearing made her look amazing. Lastly, she took the dress and held it over her head before sliding it down over her curvy frame. After a few adjustments she put on her shoes and took another look at herself, loving the way she looked.

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Rachel still was fighting her own feelings of guilt, which was putting a damper on her enjoying all this pampering. "Ok, girl, you need to stop this shit now. This is just going to be one of those secrets you are going to have to take to your grave.

Put it aside now and spend the next nine days having fun with Tim." She was desperately trying to reason with herself in an effort to put the whole thing behind her. She made the decision that she was going to write this incident off in her mind as her having one lapse in judgment, or just getting crazy one time in her life. Tim was her husband, and she loved him; but most of all he never needed to find out.

The plan was for her to meet him at the restaurant.

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He was probably already back from his trip, and in all likelihood was getting ready back at their villa. She felt a sense of relief that they would not be entirely alone at first. She really had no idea how she would react once she saw him. She knew that when he asked her about the massage she was going to have to make up a story on the fly, being she hadn't had time to rehearse anything in her mind.

It was 6:00 pm and Rachel arrived at restaurant shortly after Tim as planned. She was greeted at the door by the Manager from the night before who stood warmly smiling.

"Good evening Madam. Your husband is already seated and I will escort you to the table. Personally it's my favorite dining spot in the whole resort being it looks directly out to the ocean. Before we enter may I say you look exquisite" The Manager stated with a big smile as he held the door open for her to enter.

"Thank you so much. That is so nice of you to say." Rachel graciously responded while offering him a big smile back. She was starting to feel a bit more relaxed. She felt so sexy that it was keeping her mind off any awkwardness she thought she was going to feel when she eventually saw Tim, as well as her hoping he might be too distracted by her beauty to really care how her day went.

"Right this way Madam." The Manager said while waving his arm toward the dining area. Rachel stepped into the front door and scanned the tables for Tim but did not immediately see him. Her body swayed perfectly inside the fabric of her skin tight dress as she followed the Manager through the crowded dining area. Her large breasts were peaking out of the top of the garment tastefully exposing her beautiful full cleavage. The hemline of the dress stretched tightly over her beautiful round buttocks stopping at her mid thigh.

The heels she wore rounded out this outfit perfectly and showed off her long toned legs and bubble ass with every sensual step she took. She couldn't help noticing all the admiring glances she was getting from both the male and female patrons.

She even watched as a man's wife give her husband a playful slap on his arm after seeing him stair at her ass as she walked past. Tim stood up as she approached the table and reached for her hand. "You look stunning hon." The words immediately left his mouth as he leaned in to give her a soft kiss on her cheek.

Rachel just smiled as she sat in the chair he had gentlemanly pulled out for her. "So how was it?" Rachel asked, trying to keep the conversation on him. Tim spent the next fifteen minutes or so explaining how exciting his day was. He talked about the Swordfish he helped bring in, and how nice all of the expert equipment he was able to use was. He told her the chef was now preparing the Swordfish he caught for their dinner. She continued to listen as he went on and on about how beautiful the boat was, and how great the lunch was that the onboard chef prepared.

Rachel tried to seem interested but was only half listening. She was looking straight at him while nodding and smiling when she suddenly became distracted by loud laughter coming from a nearby table. "That the owners table." Tim said, noticing her attention was shifted to the sound of the laughter.

"Which person is it?" She asked while scanning the twenty or so people seated just a few feet away. "I don't know but don't stare." "You're the one spinning your head around.

I'm facing them." She said with a smile. She scanned the twenty or so diners and was startled to see her masseuse Rob among the seated guests. He looked over at her and their eyes met.

He then offered her a big smile which caused her to immediately look away. "Oh no." She thought. "What's the matter babe?" Tim said as he looked over his shoulder to the owners table to see what brought on her obvious upset reaction. "What.What do you mean?" She said while stuttering slightly.

"I thought I saw you frown or look surprised" "Surprised about what? I did not make a face." She abruptly replied. "Ok, whatever." He replied, slightly annoyed by her moody reaction while rolling his eyes.

"I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Rachel again looked over at the table trying to do her best not to look in Rob's direction. She scanned the remaining men and surmised the older gentleman that sat at one end of the table must be the owner. He was the best dressed of the bunch and looked like he had money. Plus he seemed to be the center of attention, and the one with the hearty laugh. Rachel couldn't help herself and again looked towards Rob.

He was already staring at her with their eyes meeting each others for a moment. He then slightly motioned his raised glass to her but she did not respond and quickly looked away.

Tim returned as the food arrived and sat down to eat. "So how was your massage?" He asked. "It was ok. It wasn't that long. I just spent most of the day lying on the beach." She said in a dismissive manner. "On the beach? No offence hon, but your still white as a freaking ghost." He said while looking at her with a quizzical look on his face. "What's that on your neck? It looks like a bite mark or something?" He questioned her, but not really believing it was.

"I didn't want to get burned so early in the trip, so I pounded on the lotion and laid down under an umbrella all day." She explained while feeling a jolt of fear rush through her body.

"I think I was allergic to the stuff though." "What do you mean?" "I was scratching myself after a few hours of wearing it." She said while running her hands over her neck as a way to explain it away. "What the hell Rach?" She thought to herself feeling like she almost blew it. They both enjoyed their meals but Tim felt that there was something wrong.

He couldn't put his finger on it but felt a slight coldness to her demeanor. They were getting along just fine; but he was getting the feeling she wasn't all that happy to see him. "Maybe she is just tired." He thought feeling frustrated. "Is everything alright? You have been acting a little strange." He said as he took a swig of the red wine he was holding in his hand.

"I'm just a little tired but nothing is wrong." Just then the waiter appeared holding an envelope. "Sir, I was told to give this to you by our owner Mr. Henry." The waiter said while handing the envelope over to Tim with a smile on his face. Tim opened up the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper.

He was reading it when he looked at Rachel with a "maybe" kind of expression on his face. "What is it?" "It's an invitation to a private house party at his mansion." He stated with one eyebrow slightly raised.

"It says to dress casual, and be ready by 9:30 pm. They will send a car to pick us up and bring us to the party and back home whenever we want." "What do you think, do you want to go?" He asked her with an expression as if he was up for it.

Before Rachel could answer she heard another loud noise coming from the owners table and saw the older gentleman she was sizing up as the possible owner holding up a glass toward them. "We will see you kids' later right? Bring your bathing suits!" He stated as a few of the other table occupants joined in with an enthusiastic "See you there!" Rachel quickly scanned the table looking for Rob but he was no longer there.

She had not seen him get up but was very worried that he might be at the party. She really wanted to put this episode behind her and spend some time with Tim tonight, and was in no mood for any party.

"I don't know Tim; I think I want to take it easy tonight." She stated while reaching her hand forward to touch his arm. "Take it easy? Are you crazy?" He playfully relied. "Did we go on vacation to take it easy? We are only here one day and I can't believe how great this has been." He said as if already having made up his own mind. "I admit I can't wait to get you alone, but we have all night. Come on, this will be a great night for us." He eagerly went on.

"Ok honey, let's go." She responded half heartedly while pulling her hand back from his arm. They both finished their dinner and took the short walk hand in hand back to their villa.

Tim couldn't stop complimenting her while occasionally letting his hands drift over the material covering her round ass as they walked. He now was starting to regret his decision to go to the party. He kept thinking about how beautiful she looked and not wanting to wait to take that dress off her and make passionate love to his stunning wife.

He looked at the time and saw they only had a few minutes to change. They both scurried around the villa removing different clothing items from their respective suitcases trying to decide what to wear. Rachel went for more comfort then style. She picked black bikini bottoms to go along with a form fitting black sarong skirt that went mid thigh. She also wore a matching black bikini top with a white shear button down shirt over it, leaving all the buttons undone with the fabric knotted at the bottom exposing her flat stomach and ample cleavage.

She finished off her outfit with open toed sandals with a medium heel. She left her hair and makeup as is, still looking exquisite from her makeover. "The car is here hon." Tim stated while looking out the front window of the villa. The drive to the mansion was short and took no more than ten minutes. They both engaged in idle chit chat while looking out the window watching the palm trees blow from the strong breeze that was now permeating the island.

"I heard some guys on the boat talking. This place is supposed to be over 15,000 square feet, and have over 20 bedrooms." Tim whispered to Rachel who was looking away from him out the opposite window.

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"Twenty bedrooms? Why would anyone would need that many?" Tim just shrugged his shoulders and grinned. The driver began to slow down and then turned the car onto a non-descript road. He drove up the long and winding unpaved path before pulling up to two iron gates that stood at the front entrance of the property. He reached out of his window and hit a button on the call box identifying himself when the iron gates began to open slowly. The car passed through and proceeded up the long driveway to the main house entrance.

"Wow, would you look at that!" Tim said as the home came into view and the car came to a stop. Rachel looked out the window to take it all in but did not say anything as they exited the vehicle. He reached for her hand and they proceeded up the driveway to the rear of a small line of people waiting to get into the mansion. They could hear loud Reggae music coming from the back of the home, plus what seemed to be a lively crowd both inside and out milling around.

There was a strong odor of marijuana evident which made both of them laugh as they simultaneously realized what it was. "Looks like this place is rocking!" He excitedly exclaimed. "Come on, let go in." He said while pulling her by the hand up the stairs to the front door of the residence.

The couple was greeted at the door by a smiling Miss Leona which made Rachel feel uncomfortable. "Does she know what happened?" She thought in a semi-panic that was disguised by her fake smile. "Hello Lady Rachel. It's so nice to see you again. Did you enjoy your massage today?" Miss Leona asked with no hint either way if the question was genuine or mocking.

"Yes it was good." She sheepishly relied. "Did you bring your invitation?" Just then Tim started fumbling through his pockets, and looked over at Rachel. "Oh man, I think we left it at the room but I can assure you we were invited." "That's not a problem. I'll let Mr. Henry know you are here. Go and make yourself comfortable and have a drink. There is a spread of food in the kitchen, along with multiple bars set up throughout the house.

Mr. Henry has one rule when visiting his mansion." Miss Leona said while smiling.

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"What's that?" Tim spoke up. "Simple, he insists that you leave your worries at the door, and let loose and have fun! After all, you are on vacation!" She said while offering another warm smile. "There is no place in the home that are off limits except parts of the third floor.

That is Mr. Henry's living quarters. Fear not though. There are over 20 bedrooms in the mansion. If you are tired or feel like you might want to stay overnight, go right ahead and make use of them." Miss Leona finished talking as she motioned for them to move forward so she can greet the next person coming in. "How do you know her?" Tim asked. "She was the woman who set me up for my massage." "I still want to hear about your day. You haven't told me much of anything.

You can tell me, or better yet you can show me when we are in bed later just how a professional massage is actually is done." He said to her with a flirty smile. Rachel just squeezed his arm and smiled back. She and Tim did as Miss Leona had said. They ate, danced, drank, and explored the grounds. Rachel did not want to go in the pool because she wanted to hang on to the last few hours of her makeover.

She still was noticing all of the male attention and looks she was getting, and couldn't help feeling very sexy. "Hon.Have you tried this red punch that is coming out of the ice sculpture? It's incredible. They say it's spiked with alcohol, but I don't know what kind. Try some, you can't even taste it." Tim said while handing her a glass. Rachel took a big gulp and immediately spoke up as if confused. "This is the same punch I had during the massage." "Huh?" Tim said with one eyebrow raised.

"Don't you think it is kind of weird that alcoholic drinks were served during a massage?" He asked, but not seeming to be too concerned. She just shrugged her shoulders. "Was alcohol in those drinks?" The thought crossed her mind as her instincts seemingly started to kick in. They walked around the house hand in hand admiring its beauty. The house had similar features as the spa room, with high end statues and tile work in every nook and cranny of the palatial space. They walked up to the second floor and took a peak in some of the bedrooms.

They all looked very beautiful with high end furnishings. "Hon, do you want to make use of one of these later?" "Let's just wait until we get back to our villa." She said while squeezing his hand, but still worried she might somehow spill her secret once they were intimate.

Tim was leading her by the hand when they came to the stairs leading up to the third floor when Rachel stopped him by tugging on his arm. "Miss Leona said we were not supposed to go to the third floor." "No she didn't say that. She said parts of the third floor were off limits. Let's just check it out." He excitedly said while semi-dragging her by the hand up a large winding staircase.

"What's that noise?" He said after hearing a small crowd clapping and cheering behind one of the doors. He took a few steps and approached the door where the sounds were coming from. "Let's go in and see if we can get another drink." He slowly turned the knob and opened the door to have a look inside. "Come on in!" They both heard someone yell but wasn't sure who. They entered the room and found about ten other party goers sitting around in various couches and chairs.

There was a large flat screen TV perched over a fireplace with what appeared to be a porn movie playing. This was apparently the reason the room seemed so rambunctious. The occupants seemed to be looking over to one corner of the room and ribbing one of the men who was sitting on a nearby couch.

"What is that a birth defect?" One of the persons yelled across the room while others laughed out loud. The guy just smiled and half hardily made a motion as if waving the person away. Tim looked at the guy sitting and then back at the screen. "Look honey, I think the guy in the movie is the same person as the guy on the couch." Rachel looked at the video screen and saw what looked to be a beautiful gray haired woman in her late forties or early fifties.

If it wasn't for her gray hair she would have never thought she was that old being she was incredibly fit. There was a muscular man fucking her extremely hard that appeared to be half her age. She stared at the screen for a moment and became transfixed by the man's extremely large cock that was relentlessly punishing this woman's now badly stretched pussy. She then looked over at the couch and confirmed that this was indeed the person in the video.

"What is he some sort of porn star?" She leaned in to whisper the question in Tim's ear. "I have no idea?" He said while shrugging his shoulders. The two of them moved over to a self serve bar. Tim was leading the way while still holding her hand. He pulled two glasses off the shelf and filled both of them with red punch from the pitcher that was sitting on top. They approached a woman who was standing nearby and had been joining in with the cheering crowd.

"What's going on?" Rachel asked the woman. "Do you see that young stud over there that goes by the name of Steve?" She replied using unsteady words due to her obvious buzz. "That boy is living the life my friends. Not only is he the resorts Chief of Security. He is part of the clubs exclusive entertainment so to speak." "What do you mean?" "Stevie boy is paid to make married couples dreams come true my dear." She stated with a slight slur to her speech.

"Look up at the screen. That woman's husbands paid Steve to fuck his own wife. They made the video so the couple could take it home with them as a memory." "Does this woman know he has a copy of it and is playing it for the crowd?" Rachel asked in a mortified tone. "Of course she does. Steve will not fuck anyone for pay without a video. Just in case there is a complaint made later he feels he has proof that it all was all consensual." "Anyway, why would anyone really care?

The chances this woman will have someone actually recognizing her are slim to none. This resort is very exclusive honey. Only the lucky few can afford to come here." The woman continued while stumbling through her own words. "What about you there boy?" She said motioning to Tim.

"Have you ever wanted to see someone fuck your beautiful wife right in front of you?" She asked out loud as if this question to total strangers was perfectly normal, while at the same time motioning towards the screen.

Tim looked up at the screen before replying and saw the woman was still getting ravaged and in the throes of another mind blowing orgasm. "No.not really." He nervously laughed while taking a swig of his drink. "Too bad. I can only imagine what Steve would do to your pretty little wife there. It would be very enjoyable to watch I'll tell you that." She responded while moving her drink to her lips and taking a healthy sip, while at the same time glancing over at Rachel with a smile.

"What do you mean? Rachel asked in a curious tone. "This isn't a onetime thing?" She questioned the woman. "What I mean is that some married couples come here and have a video made of Steve fucking their wives.

This island is all about hedonistic behaviors my dear. I'm sure when she goes back to her everyday life she appears as a mom, a PTA member, or whatever other boring horseshit she lives on a day to day basis. But while she was here her and her husband decided to have fun and let it all hang out so to speak." The woman continued through more slurred speech. "I suggest you try it." She proclaimed as she smiled and walked away.

Rachel looked back up at the screen. She too was in the beginnings of a nice buzz herself. She watched as Steve now had the older woman on her stomach with her legs completely stretched straight out.

She seemed to have a pillow under her mid section which propped her ass up high. He had his hulking body lying on top of her with his hand wrapped around her neck as he glided his powerful cock in and out of her ass.

Rachel couldn't help but feel slightly turned on by the erotic scene. Just then, there was a slight commotion coming from the front area of the room.

She looked toward the door along with everyone else and saw her masseuse come inside. "Rob!" One of the occupants yelled out. Rachel was mortified when she saw him walk in. After a few hellos he causally walked through the crowd and came right up to her and Tim. "Finally." He said while reaching out his hand to Tim. "Tim right?" He continued. "Yes" Tim said while reaching out his hand to shake Rob's in a friendly manner.

"And this must be the lovely Rachel." He stated while reaching out his hand to shake hers. Rachel stood shocked. She hesitated but reached out her hand to shake his in a non enthusiastic manner. "I am sorry it took me so long to introduce myself but I am Rob Henry, the owner of this humble establishment. I hear we had a couple of hiccups with your dinner order last night. I only hope we made it up to you properly." He said with a warm smile.

"It has been great Mr. Henry." Tim said in an appreciative tone. "And you Mrs. Rachel? Was your day of pampering all you expected?" Rob said while looking into Rachel's eyes while smiling. "Um.yes it was fine." She said while trying to figure out what was happening. "Great.come on over and sit with me in the lounge. He said while leading them over to the area where everyone was still watching the video.

Someone had lowered the volume on the set when Rob came in, but the video was still showing the woman taking Steve's large cock directly in her ass. "Don't mind the video. Things tend to get a little wild around here as you can see." Rob said as if slightly embarrassed and sneaking a wink at Rachel who responded with a cold stare.

Tim just laughed, trying more and more to make it seem as if this was all no big deal, and he was cool with it all. "Rob, we are all going down poolside.

Do you want to join us?" One of the patrons said. "No that's alright you guys go on ahead. I'll meet you down there in a little while" He said to the five or so people who left the room. "Ok but just know everyone's been looking for you." "Tell them I am busy making new friends." He smiled looking directly at Tim and Rachel. "Ahhh, much better." He said while slumping into one of the comfortable couches. This place is hoping all the time.

I sometimes love the more interment gatherings such as this. Tim scanned the room. The only remaining people were Rachel, the guy Steve, a woman who was sitting on the couch beside him, and Rob.

"Anything the matter honey?" Tim looked over at Rachel who still appeared stunned by the revelation that the man who had power fucked her this afternoon was the owner Rob Henry. "No.not at all." She quickly replied as she tried to come to terms with her possibility of being lied too. Rob suddenly got up and walked over to a cabinet.

He came back with a dish that had what appeared to be multiple cigars evenly spaced out. There were about 10 on the plate with various color labels wrapped around them.

There were Red labels, Green labels, and Yellow Labels, all etched with a design that had them looking very expensive. Rob leaned in and offered one to Tim. "Sorry Mr. Henry. I don't smoke cigars." He said in a gentle manner as to not insult his host. "Call me Rob" "These are not cigars Tim, its high grade marijuana.

There are three different grades here. The Red is my personal favorite. It has a nice mellow high that won't put you over the edge or make you tired. The Green is more of an aggressive grade. I wouldn't recommend that one unless you want to get completely fucked up.

The yellow is a little less potent. A lot of the ladies pick this one." Tim and Rachel weren't big pot smokers but they occasionally would partake in situations such as this. Rob handed the dish to Tim who took a Red one. He then walked over to Rachel who stated. "No thanks." Rob then looked back at Tim as if to tell him to try and coax his wife.

"Come on hon, don't be like that." He said in a disappointing tone. "Ok whatever." Rachel reached toward the dish and picked a yellow one off the plate. Rob then brought the dish over to Steve and the female he was talking with, and they both also choose a Red one. "Opps did I say the Green was the killer weed. I really meant the Red." Rob laughed to himself at the intentional misstep in his instructions.

Rob also had all three brands laced with his ecstasy concoction to add to their potency. He had seen nearly ever novice pot smoker fall into a heavy sleep within 30 minutes of getting high, and couldn't wait for Tim to fall into his soon to be stupor.

The five of them each casually puffed from their own private large cigar joints. Rob stated that it was meant to last them for the evening, and it was totally cool to carry it around with them after they were finished here. Tim had remembered seeing people holding them when he came in. He at first thought it strange that so many women would be smoking cigars, but now it all made sense. "I have to go to the bathroom." The female who was sitting next to Steve said.

"I'll go with you." Rachel chimed in. "It's down that long hallway to your right." Rob said while pointing his finger; as all three men watched the two beautiful ladies disappear down the long hallway. Rob then got off his couch and purposely sat in Rachel's place next to Tim. This left only the other three cushioned sofa where Steve and the woman were sitting. "So Tim, are you enjoying my resort so far?" Rob asked with a smile.

"Definitely, Mr. Henry. You're a lucky man to have all this." he replied. "Tim again, please call me Rob." He stated in an inviting manner. "Yes I am lucky.


This island is a regular fantasy playground isn't it? Making people happy is truly a job I love." He said while leaning back in his chair basking in his creation.

"I hope Steve's little video did not put you two off. It wasn't him who put it on. Once the ladies heard he had one, they practically caused uproar when he first declined to watch it." Rob stated while all three men took a long draw out of their respective cigar size joints. "No, I wasn't put off. Hey I'm just trying to relax and have fun. Who am I to judge what anyone does?" Tim responded is if it was all par for the course.

"What's your thought on that kind of thing?" Rob asked as they both took another long draw. "Well first off, just out of curiosity how does one approach Steve about it?" Tim asked while trying not to cough after taking another strong inhale. Rob reached for the nearby pitcher containing his mixture of Ecstasy and poured it into a glass before passing it to Tim, who was still moderately coughing. "Here, have some of this." He said as he handed him the glass. Tim took a swig and thanked Rob for the assistance.

"As to your question about how the subject is broached.well that's a complicated question." Rob replied while slightly laughing and looking at Steve who was also laughing.

We have returning guests who have met with him before and set up a pre arranged meeting. Or it could be something like this kind of a setting. The interesting thing is not all men want to see their wives get fucked." Rob continued.

"Well let me rephrase that. All real men who are not pussies fantasize about it. I mean who wouldn't be curious to see their wife with another man? Especially one where he could be sure that the two of them would never be able to meet up again like with Steve here.

But some men just want to see something as simple as watching their wife kiss a strange man." "In fact, he tells me that this is a common request. Isn't it Steve?" Rob said as he gestured over to Steve who was sitting quietly on the next sofa. "Yeah it's very common. I kind of like that also. I get the chance to really spice up couples lives without complicating it too much for them if you know what I mean." He grinned slightly.

"I don't know about you, but I personally would love to watch my girlfriend make out with another man, and then for us to later go home horny to fuck the shit out of each other." "I mean it's just a freakin kiss right?

What man can't take that?" Steve said directly to Tim while reaching his hand up in a high five motion towards him who responded with a mutual hand slap as if in agreement.

Tim was now really starting to feel the effects of the pot and drink concoction. He watched as Rachel came back from the bathroom alone, and stood confused for a moment as to the different seating arrangements.

After scanning the room for where to sit, she sat down next to Steve due to it being the only nearby seat that was available. "Ummm.Helen.I think that was her name said she would be back in a few minutes and that she just had to make a phone call." Steve just shrugged his shoulders as if he did not care. Rob then lifted himself off the couch and walked over to Rachel with a lighter. "Let me assist you in re-lighting your Cigar Joint," after noticing it no longer seemed to be lit.

Rachel put it to her lips and puffed as it once again was lit. "I'm surprised it went out. These things usually stay lit and slow burn beautifully." Rob stated, as was evidenced by the huge cloud of smoke in the room. "Huh, this is really smooth." Rachel said while taking a healthy puff and then admiring the high quality wrap. This brought a small grin to Rob's lips being that she was taking his bait and putting his plan well into motion. "What were you guys laughing and talking about while we were gone?

I could hear you from down the hall." Rachel asked after taking another long drag followed by a healthy sip of her fruit punch. "Tim was asking Steve some questions about the video, and how these kinds of things come together." Rob stated while slapping Tim on his knee as if they were old friends.

"Oh yeah.well how do they come about?" Rachel asked as she exhaled smoke from another hit while shooting Rob a slightly dirty look that Tim did not see. Rob was less worried about Rachel falling asleep. Her Yellow banded Cigar Joint was an entirely different grade of marijuana.


It was still potent, but of a much lesser degree. Also, the amount of Ecstasy that was laced in those joints was less than half that of the Red Grade. "We were explaining that some couples have previously met with Steve, and come back on a yearly basis. It's all good fun and fantasy." Rob said while taking another drag of his joint which caused everyone else to follow suit.

"We were telling your Tim that it can be something as simple as a make out session that people request, with maybe some over the clothes touching. It's really harmless fun when you think about it. In fact you probably are not aware but most men fantasize about their wife being with another man." Rob flatly stated while smiling in Rachel's direction.

Rachel just rolled her eyes at the statement. She was feeling very relaxed with the drugs and alcohol starting to have the same effect on her now as they were on Tim.

Without even realizing it Rachel started caressing her own leg just above the knee causing her the slit on her skirt to fall open slightly. This provided a nice view of her inner thigh to Steve who was still sitting next to her and starting to eye the voluptuous brunette up and down.

Steve then reached for the pitcher on the table and poured some more of the red liquid into Rachel's glass which was just about empty. She thanked him and took a sip. "What about either of you? Have you ever gone outside your marriage?" Rob simply stated. "Nooo." Rachel quickly responded, while shooting another angry glare at Rob, again without Tim seeing.

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"No Mr. Henry, I mean Rob, we haven't." Tim said with a now very obvious slur to his voice. Rob then leaned over to him and whispered something in his ear. Tim seemed to be listening intently while nervously smiling.

"I guess it might be cool." He said trying to still sound like he belonged. "Well ask her." Rob said out loud. "Ask me what?" Rachel flatly asked. "Nothing hon, it's all good." Tim said with a fake smile while hoping to get out of the conversation. "I want to know what you were going to ask me." Rachel said with a slightly demanding tone to her voice.

"Ok.ok.Hon." "Rob asked me if I want to see you kiss Steve." Tim said, while barely being able to keep his eyes open. "Oh yeah?" "Well do you?" Rachel said through her own slowed speech.

"I heard you answer with.It might be cool?" She said while raising one eyebrow as if she was slightly annoyed. Rob playfully gave Tim a nudge and again whispered in his ear. "Here is your chance." "She will never do it. Let's just forget it" Tim whispered back acting like he wanted it to happen when he really did not. "Why are you too whispering again?" Rachel said seemingly getting more annoyed. "Tim told me he wouldn't mind seeing you kiss Steve, but he said you would never do it." Rob said while smiling at Rachel.

"Is that what you said?" Rachel questioned Tim with a hint of surprise in her voice. Tim was feeling awkward now. He did not want to seem like a buzz kill; still wanting badly to fit in. But on the other hand he did not want to see anyone go near his wife. "I don't know honey. It's just a kiss. Just forget it." Tim did not like the way this was all going, and wanted to defuse the situation as fast as he could.

He was having problems gathering his thought, and his eyes were growing heavier. Just then Steve turned to face Rachel who was sitting with her legs crossed next to him. "How about it Rachel, do you want to give hubby a small show?" He said as he put his powerful arm around the back of her neck, while at the same time letting his hand fall over her shoulder laying just over the top part of her breast touching its gentle curve.

"I don't think that would." was all Rachel could get out of her mouth when Steve moved toward her and placed a light but sensuous kiss on her lips. He held it in place for a second before pulling back while looking directly into her eyes. Rachel's body responded as she felt her pussy begin to dampen. She slightly shifted her weight and closed her legs as a way to counteract this unwanted reaction.

Steve's face was still very close to hers, and he again put a kiss directly onto her full red lips; only this time he let his tongue slightly touch hers.

Rachel seemed hesitant at first to return the kiss, but instinctively did so by bringing her head towards his to return the favor. Steve started to see she was coming around and used his strong arms to pull her in tight, mashing her soft round tits into his own chest. He began to guide his other hand down her side, lightly brushing the side of her breast with his fingers.

Rachel put her hand up to his chest as if she was going to push him away, but then reluctantly let him kiss her again.

She opened her mouth a little wider this time as her resistance was starting to weaken. "What the hell? He is the one who wanted to see this!

I'll give him a little show." Tim sat watching from the couch as the large man was now fully embracing his wife. Their kisses seemed to also intensify with her now lustfully returning his advances.

Tim's thoughts were very cloudy and his mind seemed to be slipping in and out of consciousness. He couldn't seem to put together the proper words to protest what he was seeing. He blankly stared as Steve slowly guided his hands up and down Rachel's sides, making more direct contact with her soft breasts as his strong hands began to touch and squeeze her soft mounds.

She seemed to be really enjoying his touch which was evidenced by the sultry moans leaving her lips. Steve let one hand drift further down over the gentle curve or her hips before settling between her milky thighs as he caressed her smooth skin. Tim started to become more agitated as her watched Steve push the slit of her skirt open wider, with her offering no protest or resistance. The room was now silent except for the wet sounds of Steve and Rachel's kisses along with their mutual heavy breathing.

They both feverishly explored each other's mouth and necks, with their movements and sounds becoming more intensified by the minute. Steve was now openly feeling Rachel up. He roughly grabbed at her big tits and pinched her nipples through the fabric of her bikini top causing them to both to harden and stand at attention. Tim sat watching in a daze. He struggled to keep his two eyes open as he fought the urge to sleep.

He was still feeling very jealous but couldn't find the words he wanted to say to put a stop to all of this. He watched as Steve's hand smoothly stroked his wife's inner thigh with her responding to his him by slightly parting her legs wider inviting more of his expert touch. Steve then slowly guided his hand up her milky white skin until he let his fingers touch the material covering her now very wet pussy.

Once there he started to gently stroke her slit over the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms using only light pressure. He used a gentle scratching motion with his middle finger turned upward, while his hand cupped the rest of her juicy mound. He then put added pressure on the material covering her wet slit, and began pushing the fabric directly into her snatch while continuing his scratching motion using slightly more pressure.

"Oooohhhh" She moaned as her womanly juices began to soak the cloth that strained around his thick finger as he sensually pushed it further inside her. "Yesssss," she softly whispered into his ear while spreading her legs wider. "Do you like me touching you there Rachel?" Steve said, saying her name out loud for the first time as he whispered back into her ear.

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"Yes," she sheepishly replied while burying her head into his firm chest as if afraid to admit it in front of Tim. Tim heard her clearly but said nothing.

He just sat watching in semi-disbelief, unsure of how to stop all of this. He felt he had finally had seen enough and opened his mouth to protest but his words came out like incoherent mumbling. Both Rachel and Steve heard him trying to say something but simply ignored him, or were too pre-occupied with each other for it to matter.

The last thing Tim remembered before completely falling asleep was Steve's hand starting to push aside the fabric on his wife's bikini bottoms in search of her pink pussy; and then watching his thick finger slide slowly inside her wet slit as he heard her gently cry out with a sensuous moan.

Then suddenly. All went black. Tim's eyes cracked open as he tried to make out his surroundings. He felt extremely thirsty and his mouth was very dry.

He slowly rose up from the lying on his side position he had been sleeping, and sat still for a moment with a blank look on his face trying to clear his foggy head. Surveying the room he realized he was alone, and still felt very buzzed.

He did not remember falling asleep or how long he was out and rubbed hard at his eyes while continuing to scan his surroundings. His head felt very heavy and he had difficulty concentrating or just keeping his eyes open. The urge to go back to sleep came over him, and he had a strong desire to put his head back down on the couch. Suddenly the thought came to him. "Where was Rachel?" He had forgotten for the moment that the last thing he saw was his beautiful wife getting fingered right before his eyes, or anything else that had happened.

He got up from the couch and slowly walked toward the hall where the bathroom was while trying to retrace his steps in his mind. As he got closer to the bathroom he thought he heard what sounded like a female moaning behind one of the doors just to the right. He took a few more steps in his semi-lucid state until he was just outside the door where the sounds were coming from. He inched closer to it and pressed his ear to the wood.

It was hard to make out the female anymore but there was loud grunting coming from a man who was also inside. He thought to himself that whoever this was, it sure sounded as if he was really giving it hard to the woman.

Tim's curiosity got the best of him and he slowly opened the door to peak his head in. He tried to adjust his still tired eyes as the room came more into focus. The large room was dark, but spot lights from the outside yard flooded streaks of light into the space. This made it fairly easy to make out three silhouettes involved in what looked to be a threesome.

He leaned his head in further and saw an image of a man lying on the bed on his back with his legs positioned straight out. There was a woman who was also lying completely on her back directly on top of the man with her legs spread wide. The man was holding her in a controlling manner by her waist, and jamming a large cock in and out of her pussy with powerful strokes as he heavily grunted. Tim was positioned about twenty feet away facing the bottom of the bed. He was looking toward both of their feet but still could not see who they were.

He could also make out a second male, but could not clearly identify him either being it was too dark. The guy was standing along the side of the bed by the woman's head. He seemed to be feeding his cock into her mouth from his stand up position, while roughly fondling her large breasts with his hands. The woman seemed to really be enjoying herself by the obvious sounds of slurping that were filling the room as she eagerly sucked his hard meat.

The guy lying on his back released his strong grip on the woman's hips and then spoke. "Turn over on your back baby. I want you to spread those long legs for me." Tim was straining his eyes trying to see who the woman might be when he heard her speak. "Ok, but please be a little gentler." She whispered in a pleading tone after releasing the cock from her mouth she was hungrily devouring.

Tim's eyes and ears could not believe what he was seeing or hearing. "Is that Rachel?" He snuck himself further into the large room and made his way towards a dark closet that had an opened door.

He very quietly tucked himself inside giving him a clear view from only a few feet away of what was happening. "Owwwwww, you're too big. I can't take all that again" Her sultry voice said as the large man started to push his thick cock back into her beautiful pussy. Tim felt a rush of jealousy flood his thoughts.

He wanted to rush out and stop this, but he knew he was no match for either Steve or Rob who he now realized were the men having their way with Rachel. Plus he was barely able to stand, never mind fight with the heavy buzz he still had going.

He decided to stay quiet for the moment; forced to sit there in the shadows while watching the heartbreaking scene unfold before his eyes. "Ohhhhhh.ok that feels good. But please be careful." Tim heard his wife plead through slightly slurred speech. Rachel opened her legs very wide with her hips slightly raising off the mattress to help him gain entrance. Her flowering pussy lips were clearly visible and seeming to be swallowing his cock head. She then turned her head back to the side again and took Rob's massive cock into her hungry mouth as she sensually sucked on the head of his stiff meat.

"Mmmmm.I feel your wet pussy coating the head of my cock Rachel. You're so fuckin wet baby." Steve said to her as he began to steadily push his thick meat into her. Tim listened as his wife let out soft but muffled squealing sounds as both Rob and Steve had their stiff rods working her at both ends. Steve slid more of his hard dick into sweet Rachel; feeling her vaginal walls stretching to their limits.

She began to gently shift her curvy frame back and forth while trying to take him, as he slowly drove his cock deeper inside her.

He pushed his cock forward until he reached the back wall of her vagina at the entrance of her womb, meeting strong resistance when he pressed it up against the opening of her cervix.

Rachel braced herself knowing what would come next. She had already had felt Rob's cock enter her womb during her massage, and knew it would initially hurt. "Please go slow." She gently pleaded after releasing Rob's cock from her mouth to look up at Steve, and then quickly turning her head back to lick his Rob's large shaft as he guided her head back to by grabbing a handful of her hair. Steve clenched his ass and began to push past the tight entrance.

He felt the opening began to give way and start to expand around the head of his cock as it began breaking into the forbidden space. "Owwwwww." The sound left her mouth as she flinched, feeling his hardness entered her deepest recesses.

Tim watched as Rachel spread her legs as wide as she could, and then as she pulled her own knees back to grant him deeper access. Steve did not push his hard dick all the way in at first, but instead began working his pelvis in a circular motion as he felt her cervix wrap around his bulbous cock head.

He held himself up in a push-up position while having both of her legs pinned back with his arms. Rachel released the cock from her plump red lips and looked down at Steve's dick which was not yet completely bottomed out inside of her. She gently looked into his eyes and nodded "yes," indicating she was ready to take the rest. Just then Steve gave one last push forward breaking completely through to the entrance to her sweet womb.

"Owwwwwww!" Rachel screamed as he held his large organ in place giving her a chance to get used to his extremely deep penetration. Tim watched in horror as Steve started to rhythmically fuck his wife, pulling his huge cock in and out of her using slow and steady force.

"Huuuuuuuh.Huuuuuuuh.Huuuuuuuh." He grunted in a deep guttural cadence as her pussy grabbed and pulsated around his thick meat. Tim continued to watch in shock from his hidden position.

He saw Steve's cock pull all the way out of Rachel's pussy, and then immediately force its way back down into his wife balls deep. He could clearly hear Rachel's pussy sloshing her wetness all over his rigid cock as she moaned and screamed loudly beneath him in response to each stroke.

It was a sound he never heard her make while they were making love, and this upset him. He watched as her fully spread legs were flailing about as she squirmed under his muscular frame.

It seemed as if she was desperately trying accommodating the thick monster in her soaking wet pussy, but having difficulty doing so. This did not deter Steve one bit as he continued to crash his body down hard, injecting her with his hardness over and over again. She gasped, moaned and screamed with each and every thrust while digging her nails in to Steve's wide back. She then put both of her hands on his ass and grabbed it tight in an attempt to pull him deeper inside her, as they both grunted heavily with each long and powerful stroke.

Tim was amazed at the strength and stamina this man exhibited; knowing he would have cum already from such intense action. He couldn't help from being torn with jealously, but at the same time being turned on by the hot spectacle taking place right in front of him. He reached down and adjusted his shorts to comfortably shift his now swelling dick. This aggravated him as he was not condoning any of this, and was extremely upset about his body reacting to it in such a way.

"Ohhhh my godddd.Ohhhh my godddd. I'm cumingggg. Ohhhh please don't stop! Please, don't stop! Please don't stop! Ahhhhh, Ugghhhhh, Ugghhhhh, Ugghhhhh." Tim watched as Rachel screamed and gasped as her body writhed and squirmed beneath Steve.

She was experiencing the most intense orgasm he ever witnessed her having. He had never seen her legs shake violently as they were now, while alternating from locking them around Steve's back to flailing completely open wide and kicking at the knees.

"She has never cum that way with me." He thought to himself while feeling very dejected. He then watched Rob pull his cock from his exhausted wife's mouth and start to walk around the bed surveying the situation.

He lifted a drink to his mouth and took a big gulp while watching Steve power fuck the voluptuous brunette trapped beneath his hulking frame. Steve's thrusts slowed with as his body glistened with sweat.

Rachel was starting to come down from her fantastic orgasm when Rob spoke up. "Let me have a turn buddy." He said to Steve while tapping him on the shoulder.

Steve started to pull his hard cock from Rachel's dripping wet box. The sound of it leaving her tender muff could clearly be heard as the last splash of her womanly juices came spilling out onto the sheets, along with her sudden gasp at the feel of it leaving the firm grasp of her tight pussy.

For the first time Tim got a clear look at the man who had been expertly fucking his sweet wife. Steve was a bit shorter then Rob's 6'3 frame by a couple of inches, but the guy was built like an NFL Linebacker, weighing well over 200 pounds. His upper body was ripped with large shoulders and biceps to go along with clearly defined six pack abs.

He stood on two very large muscular legs that seemed to give him a low center of gravity. Like Rob, he also was covered in tattoos which added to his intimidating look. Tim's eyes literally popped out of his head when he saw both men's cocks now dangling only a few feet before him as they circled the bed in different directions intently eyeing his curvaceous wife.

Both of their dicks were very large and thick. Rob maybe had an inch or two in length on Steve, but his girth was incredible. It looked to be almost the size of a can of Coke.

He could not believe he just saw his wife accommodate such a large monster. "Come here baby, I want to spank that ass again." Rob said to Rachel. "Again?" Tim questioned in his own head.

"I must have missed the beginning?" He curiously pondered. Rachel pulled herself off the bed and walked on shaky legs over to Rob who was now sitting at the end of it with his legs on the floor.

Tim looked at his beautiful wife and couldn't help but admiring her gorgeous figure as she walked over to Rob. He always loved her big tits and round ass; even though he blamed both for always making him cum faster then he would have liked when they were having sex.

He was astonished at how obedient she seemed to behave. He felt angry and hurt as he watched her willingly lean her buxom body forward over the lap of the man who was about to spank her gorgeous bubble ass. "What is she doing? She would never let me do that to her! What the fuck is going on?" He said to himself as questions started to run through his mind.

"Steve, come over here and look at the ass on this one. I'm telling you this girl is a real find." Rob stated as he motioned for his friend to come over and have a better look. Steve did as he was asked and looked admirably at Rachel's beautiful ass perched up high on his boss' lap. He then reached his hand out and grabbed roughly at her cheeks, letting his hand finish with a light slap. "Your right buddy. This girl is hot as hell" He said while sliding his thick finger deep inside her wet pussy before withdrawing.

She flinched at the surprise insertion and let out a sensual gasp as if she enjoyed the quick penetration. Steve then took a step back to give Rob the space he needed to administer his sick discipline. Rachel seemed to be patiently waiting with her gorgeous body draped over Rob's knees while saying nothing. Her beautiful round tits pressed into his legs as she kept her back arched to raise her bum up higher.

Rob then let his hand slide over her round ass as if sizing up his target. Smack.he delivered a soft strike directly in the middle, hitting both checks squarely as he watched her flesh slightly jiggle. Rachel let out a soft whimper in reaction to the slap.

"That's a beautiful ass baby." Rob said in a hushed tone. Smack.Smack.He delivered two more light blows. "Look at the way your ass giggles. I fuckin love it." He then quickly leaned forward and took a healthy bite of the soft flesh on one of her round cheeks. This startled Rachel for a moment but she offered no obvious protest or resistance; just a short squeal. Steve stood off to the side as a spectator and watched intently. He looked on approvingly as his boss did as he wanted with the luscious brunette lying helplessly across his lap; her ass totally exposed to both of them.

Smack.Smack.Smack.Rob landed three sharper blows. "Please, not too hard. It hurts." Rachel whimpered. "It's supposed to hurt baby. You know that." "What's the matter? You still feeling the sting from before?" He said while smiling and looking up at Steve who just laughed. "Before? What does he mean before?" Tim asked himself. Rob continued his spanking of Rachel's beautiful bubble ass. Every smack brought a light squeal from her which seemed to excite him more and more.

He alternated from a smack to caressing both cheeks, giving her some relief from the sting she was surely feeling. "I like when you do that." Rachel said submissively; but unknowingly loud enough for Tim to hear. "You like when I do what baby?" "I like when you lightly rub my ass after you spank me. It feels good." She sexily replied.

Smack.Smack.Smack.Rob brought his hand down on her bum with slightly more force. "Like this?" He questioned while again lightly gliding his hand down over her reddening cheeks before inserting his two fingers slowly into her dripping wet slit. "Ooooooh.Yes like that." The reply came spilling out of her mouth from the unexpected insertion. "Tell me you like getting spanked hard baby." "I want you to call me Master." Rob confidently ordered. She did not immediately reply causing him to come down harder with his next two blows.

Smack.Smack."Tell me you like me spanking you hard I said!" "Ok, ok, I like it hard." She quietly whimpered. Smack.Smack.Smack."You're a bad girl aren't you?" He said as he again let his hands glide over the red surface of her checks, followed by him sliding his two thick fingers deep inside her wet pussy once again.

"Ooooooooooh." You're going to make me cum again if you don't stop." She sexily said as he worked his fingers inside her pussy more aggressively. "Tell me again baby. Tell your Master to spank your beautiful ass." Rob came down a lot harder than before; losing his patience at not getting the answer the way he wanted.

"Ok, please spank me Master." Rob looked up at Steve and smiled broadly. Smack.Smack.Smack.Smack. "Please rub me Master, it hurts" She said softly through watery eyes. "Ok baby. That's no problem. I love my hands all over your beautiful round ass." "I like it too Master." Tim sat speechless. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. He had so many thoughts running through his mind.

"Please make this stop." He said to himself as tears welled up in his eyes, not really knowing what to do. He was very confused by the entire situation. He couldn't understand how Rachel could do this to him, or let these men do as they wanted with her. He also questioned himself. "Did I push her into this?" He asked as he was starting to remember the "kiss" conversation on the couch earlier.

He was feeling consumed with jealousy. He knew he could never do to her what these two were doing. There was also another emotion he was experiencing and trying hard to understand and repress. "Do I like watching this?" The nagging question gnawed at him as he desperately tried to repress any feelings of being turned on with the whole situation. "Stand up now baby." Tim then heard Rob say to her as a man completely in control of the situation.

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Rachel slowly lifted herself off his lap until she was standing straight up. Tim could see her red ass cheeks bounce slightly up and down as she began to walk while circling the bed.

"You're built for sex baby." Rob said as he reached for her hand to pull her down on top of him. "Thanks" Is all she said in a grateful tone which surprised Tim. Rob was now lying back on the bed and motioned for her to get on top of him. His cock stood fully erect and looked to Tim to be almost ten inches long. He watched as his newly submissive wife lifted herself onto the bed as she was told, and then positioned her hips directly over his hard cock.

She took one hand and steadied it at the entrance of her dripping wet slit, while using her other to balance herself on his broad chest. She then gently guided the large organ between her pussy lips, and slid her body slowly down fully onto his huge weapon. "Ooooooooooh" You're so big! Tim sat motionless as he watched the largest cock he had ever seen begin to disappear into his wife's beautiful body. All of his thoughts again began to race as he unconsciously rubbed his hard dick beneath his shorts.

"What the fuck am I doing?" He thought to himself as he pulled his hand away.

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"Ahhhhhhhhh." Rachel moaned in a long hushed tone as her tight pussy greedily wrapped itself around Rob's horse cock before he bottomed out deep inside of her. He held her hips firmly in place giving her a chance to get used to his size. She seemed to be ready to cum without him even moving as she was letting out quick gasps and sensuous moans while her head tilted all the way back. "Ahhhhhhhh, its so huuuuuge." She said while looking down into his eyes and then leaning in for a kiss.

She then started to rock her hips slowly back and forth while letting out sensuous whimpers. "That's it baby. Grab onto my cock with your sweet pussy." She immediately did as she was told and squeezed her vagina tightly as he pushed her down firmly onto his cock while holding her curvy hips.

This sent chills up her spine as her body uncontrollably grabbed at his stiff and veiny dick. She again threw her head back slightly as she pushed her big tits forward as if offering them to him. She began to steadily moan while sensually moving her hips back and forth trying to comfortably accommodate the monster filling her so deeply. Within no time she was already on the verge of another powerful orgasm. Rob pulled her into him more and started to feverishly suck at her rock hard nipples.

He nibbled firmly on both of her engorged nubs as if he was feeding from them. He rolled her areolas with his tongue pressing them to the roof of his mouth, causing them to complexly swell and protrude to more than double their original size. This immediately started sending ripples of pleasure up and down Rachel's entire body. The sound of him licking and sucking her supple breasts had an animalistic tone to it which was pushing her over the edge. Tim could see his wife was getting off as her breath seemed to get shorter.

He listened intently as she offered feminine squeals and moans while steadily riding her hulking paramour. Rob released his mouth from her breasts and lifted his hands from her hips, bringing one up to squeeze her soft mounds. He took his other hand and grabbed the back of her head by the hair, pulling her into him for a kiss while sliding his tongue deep inside her mouth.

Rachel's body then started to buck wildly. She pulled away from his kiss and sat more upright arching her back. She squeezed both of her tits hard as she thrust her chest forward. "I'm going to cum!" She gasped while still forcefully grinding her hips back and forth with increased speed. She looked down at Rob as if begging for more as her pussy started to coat his big cock with her sweet wetness.

Her creamy feminine juices were now flowing down his cock and over his heavy ball sacks onto the sheet below. "Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Oh my goddddddd!" Rachel screamed as her pelvis pressed down hard onto him. "Ughhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhh, she yelled as her tight pussy pulsated and squeezed at his enormous hard dick as she rocked back and forth as fast as she could.

"This is.I can't believe.Oh my goddddddd.Please.Please!" Rachel gasped through fragmented sentences and words. She leaned forward onto Rob's chest as she continued to squeeze her pussy around his hard cock in an attempt to get every last drop of satisfaction out of her own orgasm. Wave after exquisite wave of pleasure seemed to run through every part of her body until she completely slumped over onto his chest as her orgasm gently winded down.

She then made a feeble attempt to lift herself off of him but he firmly wrapped his arms around her preventing his giant dick from leaving her sopping wet vagina. Rachel felt movement on the bed and quickly realized Steve had climbed up behind her. She attempted to get up but Rob's arms were still wrapped around her back holding her down with vice like strength, while his hands simultaneously spread her ass cheeks wide.

She felt an oily substance being rubbed directly onto the tight entrance to her asshole in a circular motion by Steve and tried to speak. "Wait.Wait.No.I can't.I can't" Rachel stammered, but was stopped by Rob who started to kiss her deeply again while slightly readjusting his cock just enough to distract her.

Rachel was lost in the moment and fully retuned his kiss as she again began to lightly squeal. Steve took hold of his thick cock and brought it to the entrance of her tight sphincter. He rubbed it around in a circular motion to spread the tainted lubricant all over his bulbous head and onto her tight entrance.

He then very slowly pushed forward breaking her tight seal. "Waaaaiiiiittttt!!!" Rachel tried to yell as she frantically reached behind her toward Steve to push him away with one arm. Her voice was again being muffled by Rob's slippery tongue which was expertly exploring her wet mouth preventing her from offering a complete verbal protest. Tim rose to his feet, feeling like he had seen enough.

He was sure that this was turning ugly now, and felt Rachel was now in trouble and might need his help. He tried to steady himself but instead lost his balance and just about fell over due to him still being completely intoxicated. He decided there was nothing he could do and crouched back down and watched helplessly as Steve slowly pushed more of his thick meat deeper into his wife's beautiful ass.

"You're going to love her tight ass. It feels incredible." Tim heard Rob say as if he had previously fucked her there. "What the Fuck????" Tim questioned himself again. "How the fuck does he know what her fucking her ass feels like?" He thought as his anger started to once again boil over. He looked up and saw Steve holding Rachel's hips in place using a tight grip.

His arms looked very powerful and his biceps strained as he held her. He pushed his cock in a little further savoring the unbelievably tight feel her ass provided. He then gave one last slow push forward sliding his thick meat inside her balls deep. Both Rob and Steve were now both completely impaling his beautiful wife with their large cocks at the same time. All three of them stayed motionless for a few seconds to allow her to get used to having both of them buried deep inside her body.

"You ok baby?" Rob whispered in her ear. "Yes it feels good, but please go slow." She whimpered back to both of them. Tim couldn't believe his ears. He had expected her to scream at them to get off; or maybe even yell rape. But instead she seemed to like what was happening to her. He watched in amazement as both Steve and Rob began to rhythmically move both of their pelvises back and forth in a synchronized rhythm. It seemed like they were no stranger to this and most likely had done it before.

He could hear Rachel sniffling a bit as if she might be tearing up, and figured she might be having second thoughts or that it was too much for her. "Do you want us to stop baby?" Rob asked while at the same time grinding his cock in deeper into her and giving her neck a slight nibble. "Noooo" She softly whimpered while nuzzling her nose into his neck.

She was now rocking her own hips back and forth trying to take as much of these men inside her as she possible could. "Oh my god bro, this ass is so fuckin tight." Steve said to Rob as he slightly picked up the pace of his still slow in and out thrusting. "I know. Do you believe she told me her husband never fucked her beautiful ass?" Rob stated as he rolled his cock around her tender space; still buried deep in her womb.

"She told him that?" Tim mumbled in disbelief. "Oh God.Oh God.Oh God " Was all you heard leaving Rachel's mouth. Her moans seemed to be a mixture of both pain and pleasure. She had a crazed look on her face with her eyes rolling up inside the back of her head.

She looked down at Rob as if she was virtually stunned with what she was experiencing as they both took her. The sounds of her wetness again echoed throughout the room.

Both men seemed on the verge of cumming as their movements increased in strength and speed. "I'm going to cum boss. She is squeezing me so tight I can't hold it anymore." "Go ahead buddy, fill her beautiful ass up." Rob stopped his movements but left his cock firmly implanted. Both he and Tim watched as Steve drove his cock in and out of her ass with rapid strokes. "Fuck yeahhhh.Fuck yeahhhh.Uughhhh, Ughhhhh, Ughhhh." Steve grunted as he spurted thick gobs of seaman deep inside her sweet ass.

He felt her clench him tighter as she unconsciously pushed back on his cock trying to milk out every last drop. "Oh shit, I'm cuming againnnnnnn!" She screamed as if an orgasm hit her unexpectedly. "Oh my godddddd.

I can't believe I am taking both of youuuu!!!" "Me too baby. You're going to make me cum inside you again. Give me that sweet pussy of yours." "I own you baby! You're mine!" "Oh Fuck, hear it comes baby.Hear it comes.Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Ughhhhhhhhhhh.Ughhhhhhhh" Rob exploded inside her with long continuous spurts of sticky seaman.

He flooded her unprotected womb, completely emptying the entire contents of his balls deep into her sopping wet pussy. "Oh my God I feel it! I feel you cuming deep inside me Master! Oh my God that's incredible!" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" She cried out as her body seemed to uncontrollably spasm with both cocks still firmly planted inside her.

"Oh my god, that was." Her voice trailing off. "I can't believe what just happened" She said as her orgasm winded down. Both Steve and Rob finished emptying their loads deep inside the beautiful Rachel. She laid there looking completely exhausted. Steve spoke up first and said. "Tell your husband thanks for letting me kiss you." He laughed as he gave her a sly grin. "Oh my god.Tim!" "What am I going to tell him?" Tim just sat slumped over in the closet.

"What did he mean when he said cum inside her again?"