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Linda sweet redhead daped amp dped huge cocks double anal sz
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In the year 2023, draconian new laws had been passed against foreigners. The strangest, but also the most exciting, was that for a family to have a resident card, all girls over the age of 18 had to prove that they had been penetrated. The government supposed that, since the French girls were little sluts, foreign girls, to prove their integration to the society, had to do like the French. Before their family could obtain a resident card, girls had to be examined by a doctor of the governement, who verified that they were not virgins.

Sometimes, to help the family, and in exchange for a few banknotes, the doctors took care of deflowering the young postulants themselves. Mohamed was worried. Several months before, he had explained to his daughter Fatima, who had just reached the fateful age, what were the conditions for the family to stay in France. He had explained to her the mechanism of the physical relations between a man and a woman, and told her to be deflowered by a classmate, unless she preferred to tease one of her teachers to take her virginity.


. The girl had replied, blushing: - But Dad, I'll be dishonored, and all our family with! - No Fatima, what would be a disgrace, would be to have to come back to Algeria ! And they did not talk about it again. But Mohamed was not calm, he did not know if Fatima had obeyed him or not. The day before the rendezvous in the prefecture, he could not stand it anymore. He entered the Fatima's room, lighting the room.


She was in her pajamas, under her blankets, she was already sleeping. - Fatima, Fatima, wake up . She had a heavy sleep. As he spoke louder, he began to shake her gently. - Fatima . My darling .

- Mmmm . Dad, what's going on . I slept, what do you want . - That's . You remember, what I told you about . The new laws .

The resident card . I just want to check . That tomorrow everything will be fine. Well, I have to see. To check .

Mohamed grabbed the elastic of his daughter's pajama. A nice pajamas, with cubs on it.

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He began to pull on Fatima's pajama, revealing little by little her white panties. - But daddy! What are you doing ?! Stop it Please. - Shh my baby, be quiet, it's just to check .

After that you can go back to sleep, it's nothing . Fatima's pants ended up on her ankles. Soon her panties followed. Mohamed completely removed the clothes that covered the bottom of her young body. Fatima remained silent. She was very surprised and quite disgusted.

- Spread your legs, I have to see . It's medical, darling, purely medical . Fatima did not move, so without saying a word Mohamed grabbed her ankles and spread her legs.

Mohamed had the best view we could have on her teenage pussy. A few hairs, rare, but thick, as black and frizzy as her hair, were on her hair. Her vaginal lips protruded slightly from her small slit.

Mohamed could assure that all this was medical, he could not help but contemplate the beauty of his offspring, he even had a hard-on. Fatima was extremely embarrassed.

She covered her intimacy with her hands. Mohamed told her: - Fatima, I have to check that you're not a virgin, it's important! He took away his daughter's hands She was just crying softly.

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Her father approached his face with his daughter's vulva. He scrutinized her for a long time. He even put his fingers on it, to check. Fatima gave a little whine, it was a very strange sensation, no one had ever touched her there, not even herself. She did not masturbate. Mohamed exclaimed: - Fuck it ! Little slut!

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She is virgin ! But that's not true ! What are we going to do ?! Mohamed straightened up, and noisyly slapped his daughter. Fatima took her face in her hands, as to protect herself. She had tightened her legs, and she was crying more and more. - But what do you want, damn ?! That we go back to the Algeria to die of hunger?

Damn, your uncle offered me to let your cousin Mouloud deflower you, but no, I had to play the liberal, the western guy, I let you choose!

Fatima shuddered when she heard about cousin Mouloud. She had been afraid of him since, that, by chance, she had heard her father and uncle, totally annoyed, talk about his drug traffic.

But his father kept shouting: - Damn, I really have to do everything myself in this house! Fatima did not understand what her father meant by that. She was soon going to understand.

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Indeed, his father took his cock from his bathrobe. Fatima, still half-naked, did not believe it. She sat up on her bed, frightened. - Dad, no, what are you doing? . - Please, Fatima, do not make things more difficult than they are. In that case, things were not difficult for him.

He had a hard-on, maybe not the strongest erection of his life, but he was had one, and he knew he would have no trouble making love to his daughter. With a virile gesture, he put Fatima back in a supine position, and spread her legs.

He positioned his cock on her virgin pussy's entrance. - I'm sorry, Fatima, it'll hurt you a bit . And he penetrated her, piercing his hymen.

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Of course, Fatima felt no pleasure, no desire, she was absolutely not lubricated. She suffered a lot. She cried louder and louder, but her father began to go back and forth, quite gently at first, in the small inviolated vagina.

Fatima turned her head, she was in pain, because of the lack of lubrication, she was very tense, she did not dare to meet of her father's eyes widened by desire, until he told her: - Take off your shirt, darling . - But, whyyyyyy, Daddyyyyyy, sob, whyyyyy ?

. - Do not ask any questions honey, just do what I tell you, it will be better for everyone . Fatima obeyed, sad a s a stone. She put her shirt over her head.

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As she was not wearing a bra, her father saw immediately her two cute little breasts, which had the same amber color as the skin of her legs. They were surmounted by nipples of a dark color, which Mohamed began to roll between the fingers of his right hand.

They had a conical shape, which pleased Mohamed. He began to stroke them with both hands. Meanwhile, Fatima noticed that her dad's cock had grown in her, that he went back and forth inside her faster, stronger.

The rhythm of his breathing quickened too. Fatima thought, while crying, that her father would soon be ejaculating in her (yes, that was the word he used, ejaculate .). But Mohamed wanted to make the pleasure last. He had not tasted the charms of a virgin since he had deflowered his wife on the night of their wedding, there, in Algeria.

But his wife was sixteen at the time, almost seventeen, her deliciously developed body was very different from that of her daughter, almost immature but already budding. He came in and out of her dry and narrow vagina, while caressing her breasts and belly. He would have kissed her, but after all, it was all medical.

He finally felt his sperm through his prostate and then back up the shaft, and finally came into his daughter, in a loud cry of enjoyment.

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Fatima also felt the hot and viscous jets crashing against her pussy walls. She found the feeling disgusting, even more disgusting than anything else. When her father finally pulled out of her, she got up. Mohamed asked her: - What are you doing ? - I am going to wash myself. - No way ! You must not wash, officials must see the traces of your deflowering.

He forced her back to bed. He put her panties back on her vulva stained with sperm and virginal blood. The sensation of his slimy fluids sticking her panties to her intimacy made Fatima feel like throwing up.

Then he gave her back her pajama pants. Mohamed left his girl topless before leaving the room. She cried, uttering long strident cries. Mohamed was sad, he knew it was not good, he felt guilty and came back down to earth after enjoying, but he thought all of this was the fault of these unfair laws.

Leaving Fatima's room, he saw his wife staring intently at him. He lowered his eyes: - It's good, we will have the resident card, go back to sleep . * Fatima thought she had reached the end of humiliation.

But it was not over. The next day, the two prefecture officials who were in charge of the non-virginity tests forced her to undress in front of her family. If his father acted like he did not care, her two big brothers were speechless in front of their little sister's juvenile body.

Her mother remained imperturbable, even if she had an idea of ​​what had happened the night before, and soon would not be able to pretend she doesn't know. The administrative official checked the identities of the whole family before typing them on his computer. The doctor who started to speak: - Preliminary observations: the subject shows traces of dried seminal fluid and blood on her underwear.

The administrative official was silently typing on his keyboard, but they both wore a big ironic smile. The doctor lowered Fatima's panties, then put on a glove and smeared some lubricant on his fingers.

When he touched her vulva, the girl contracted, it was cold. The doctor kept on : - Recent, but unmistakable tearing of the hymen. Traces of blood on the vulva. He pushed his lubricated finger into the teenager's pussy. It was icy. He started stirring inside, it was very uncomfortable, almost painful.


Fatima did not know where to go when the sperm her father had spilled into her the day before came out thanks to the manipulations of the doctor. - Seminal fluid inside the vaginal cavity.

Successful non-virginity test! When he had finished typing, the administrative official went out of his reserve: - Eh bien Momo! You raped your daughter last night, all this tou a resident card! You should not have given yourself this trouble, we would have done it for you! Fatima's heart was on the edge of the eyes, Mohamed lowered his eyes to the ground while his wife and two sons stared at him with a reproachful look.

The doctor laughed, and said to his colleague . - Come on, it's okay . We need to be fit, just now we have another family . A naturalization file . And to get naturalized, they need a dick in the ass!

They burst out laughing as Fatima got dressed, as her family was about to leave this place. * From that moment, when they understood how the family had been able to obtain their residence card, Nordine and Idriss no longer left their little sister alone.

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They used her young body used to unload their boiling hormones, she had to satisfy at least one of them almost every night, sometimes even both, one after another. Her father came to see her more rarely, when he could no longer be satisfied with his wife or neighborhood whores. Her mother let them do, for her Fatima was no longer a virgin and so she was no more than a slut, so why should she had kept than from giving a slut what she deserves?