Milf joslyn james bathroom cumshots big tits

Milf joslyn james bathroom cumshots big tits
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We have been friends since the beginning of Freshman year of High School, when Alanna and I met each other. We have never hung out before, but talked to each other often, and the conversations frequently were about sex, mainly because I was a teenage guy. We've discussed everything from what we've done to what we would like to do If we had the chance. Both of us were above average in looks but neither of us were in the "popular" group.

She was a tall, toned, brunette with 34 b tits that, while small, looked good on her slender frame. I on the other hand, was built like a linebacker weighing in at 240 lbs and towering at 6' 3" tall with a 8" cock to match.

As much as I had fantasized about this girl, I knew that they were just that; fantasies. A few second after knocking on her door, her mom answered and directed me towards their basement. Although I had no desire to see "Chicago", what she wanted to watch, I was desperate to hang out with my sexy friend. As I walked down the stairs leading to her basement I saw she was wearing tight jeans that made her ass look even better then even I had imagined possible.

This was accompanied by a tight top that left nothing to the imagination. When she heard me coming down the stairs she immediatly jumped up and ran to hug me, a common practice between us. We flirted no matter what, regardless of our relationship status.

As soon as I sat down Alanna laid down on top of me, her head resting right on my washboard stomach. Both of us being the flirtatious type, we had played game like "Would You Rather?" and "The Nervous Game" together before, but always in a place like our school or over the phone which limited what could happen. Fifteen minutes into the movie, I realized this would be the perfect time to start joking around and flirting with her.

Placing my hand a little bit above her knee, I asked "Are your nervous?". After a giggle followed by a "No", I pressed on, continuing until my hand was still on her jeans, but was right on her pussy. Assuming that she was going to end the game soon, I asked the same question again and was surprised by her response of "No".

Pressing on I first unbuttoned her jeans, and then unzipped them, but still she kept answering "No". It was then that I realized that from now on, were were going to be more then friends. After unzipping her pants, I slid them down her legs and started moving my hand slowly up her long tan legs, asking "Are you nervous?" each time and soon reaching her black lace thong.

Putting my hand just above where her vagina would be, I asked again and got a confident response of "No". Moving my and right on her pussy I asked "Are you sure your not nervous?". Up to this point, it had just been a game, but if we continued past here there would be no going back. Her confident response of "Yes", that she wasn't nervous, told me all I needed to know. I moved my hand just inside Alanna's thong with my middle finger resting just above her slit and felt just how smooth her shaved mound was.

We had talked multiple times about the fact that she had a shaved pussy, which she knew was a major turn on for me. No description could due justice to what I was feeling however.


Asking again and getting the usual response, I moved my middle finger just above her dripping wet hole. And asking once and for all, moved my finger into her pussy. This was now much more then just a game. As I started fingering her pussy, her moans combined with the feeling of her pussy on my finger cause a circius tent to form in my shorts.

As the beautiful brunette next to me started moaning more and more, we heard footsteps as her mother walked down the stairs. Fearing we would be discovered. Alanna threw a blanket over herself and I forced my raging hard on into the wasteband of my shorts.

"Alanna I need to leave to pick up your sister. I'll be back in about an hour. Call my cell if you need me." said her mom.

A coy smile crossed Alanna's lips as she realized what that meant for the two of us. As soon as we saw her mom's car leave the driveway Alanna took the blanket off and began furiously kissing me. After Alanna moved on top of me, I started moving from her lips to her neck, which resulted in a soft moan from her.

Taking that as a cue to continue, I moved my hands from her hips to the bottom of her shirt I started taking off her shirt to reveal a black bra that matched her dripping wet thong. As I started reaching around her for the clasp she got up and started stripping for me.

Even though she only had two extremly small items of clothing left, she took 5 tortuously slow minutes to strip and finally reveal her bare tits and pussy. Seeing the boner I had and that it was still covered, Alanna moved right in front of me and kneeled, pausing only to get my shirt off and my cock out faster then I had imagined possible.

She began rubbing her hand up and down my already hard 8 inch cock and a minute or so after closing my eyes to enjoy the feeling of her hand I felt her warm mouth start to envelope my cock.

Although Alanna had sucked dick before, she had never sucked on as large as the one in her mouth right now. At first only able to get a few inches into her mouth, she slowly was able to adjust to such a large object in her mouth, and her experience began to take over.

As she became more and more comfortable with the cock in her mouth, her hands started moving from my legs to my balls, fondling them adding to the amazing blowjob she was giving me.

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Once she started that, I could feel my cock growing in her mouth and soon, I could feel the cum rising from my balls. Sensing this too, she stopped, and laughed saying, "Not until I cum first.".

As much as I tried to convince her to finish, I knew there was no other way.

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Finally realizing I had accepted her terms, she sat on top of me, my cock poking her stomach, and started kissing me. As nice as kissing Alanna was, her blowjobs far surpassed it, and I wanted her to make me come as soon as possible. Moving my way from her lips, to her neck, she started moaning, signaling for me to continue. Continuing downwards, I took her small nipple into my tet which caused a loud moan from her, one that I'm sure would have been heard by anyone in her house. As her nipples grew harder, I began lightly biting and twisting them, which caused even more juices to escape her pussy.

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As her moaning grew loader, I knew she was close to cuming and, feeling it was only fair, stopped. As Alanna's begging and moaning continued, I kissed my way down her flat stomach and nearing her shaved pussy. Moving tortuously slow, I kissed up and down her toned legs, around her pussy, and just above it, all the while being careful to not let my lips or tongue touch her pussy or clit.

As she tried to squirm all over the couch, I held her in place by holding her hips and firm ass. She had a beautiful ass, not too big, but not non-existent either.

Finally squirming off the couch, she asked me to trust her and to lie on my back.

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Interested in what she was planning, I did as she asked, and before I knew it, Her pussy and ass was hovering over my face and her hand was grasped around my cock.

Taking the hint, I moved my lips too her pussy, first licking just the outer lips.

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As soon as my tongue touched her, her mouth replaced her hand around my cock, and she started moving vigorously up and down.

Licking up her slit from her hole to just below her clit, she moaned into my cock, nearly sending me over the edge. Wanting to make her cum as soon as possible, I sucked her clit between my lips and started lightly bitting it, eliciting more moans from Alanna.

Moving from her clit back down to her hole, I started sliding my tongue into her already soaking wet hole. As I did this, her pussy juices soaked my face, and caused a mix of a scream and a moan from her, right into my cock.

Feeling her screams on my cock sent me over the edge, my cum filling her mouth and soon dripping out of her mouth.


Even though I had cum she still stayed where she was, with her pussy still dripping onto my face. Flipping her onto her back and getting on my knees with my face between her legs, I started eating out he perfect pussy, savoring her juices as I kept licking and sucking her, it took a few minutes until I was rock hard again.

Standing up I moved to slide my cock into her dripping wet hole. She started moaning as I slowly started to slide my 8" member into her pussy. Never having been that filled before she was moaning so loudly that I was sure the neighbors must have heard something. After only a few minutes of sliding quickly in and out of Alanna's wet snatch I felt her pussy clench my dick as an orgasm ripped through her, causing even more Juices to escape from her pussy.

Even though she was nearly screaming now, I kept going, getting closer and closer to cumming until I could feel my cock start to grow inside her pussy. I pulled out of her pussy and immediately emptied my balls onto her face and tits, loving the sight of my cum all over her. Pulling her on top of me, we sat there, holding each other and relaxing, thinking about what had just happened. Continue? This was based on a true story, but I can make up some stuff that accompanied it. If you have any suggestions for a continuation or what I could do to improve future story, let me know.

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