Kinky asian lesbians having fun

Kinky asian lesbians having fun
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I own a company,mostly online that deals with peoples fantasies,most of my clients are older rich women,women that have deep dark,depraved,sick fantasies . They pay me well for fulfilling there dreams,so well in fact that i have an agency of people who help me fulfill there needs, a lot of my clients are fairly regular users of my company as i am the only company in Ireland who supplies to this kind of demand for the rich folk.

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I walk into the office,take off my coat and hang it on the rack,drop my briefcase on the floor and slouch onto the big plush sofa. "you okay" Louise asks.


"yeah im fine babe,just tired that's all" i reply "anything new in today" i ask. "yeah Mrs McGirk again,she has a new one for you" Louise says as she works her fingers on the keyboard.

I reach for my bag and pull out a bundle of money "that's for yesterday" i say as i toss the bundle onto the desk. "how much did you charge her" Louise asks. "1200 euro" i said as she started to count the 50 euro notes out "and how much do we owe Tomas for his day" "350,i gave him a little bonus this time as he did a great job on Mrs Walsh and she paid us a little extra and said she would email us for her next appointment and cant wait to use our services again,you would think the old bit h was new to this wouldn't you but she has been using us for nearly 4 fucking years now,the dirty old cunt" i replied.

"well looking at what is left you both must have given her a good seeing to this time because even with Tomas wage took out there is still 250 extra there" Louise said as she looked at me. "well lets just say the dirty old bitch really enjoyed herself this time,that's why im so fucking tired,Mrs Walsh had a hell of a lot of energy yesterday and we just kept at her the her hole day and night,she is a randy old cunt as you well know babe" i said relaxing more into the sofa.

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Louise smiled over at me and said she would make coffee,getting up she walked around her desk and to the coffee machine,i watched her as she went,her small tits pushing out through her tight white blouse,her plump arse wiggling as she walked making the black ruffled sticky out skirt dance as she walked,she caught my eye when she turned around and asked did i want a fuck this morning.

"no not yet babe" i replied to my stepdaughter. "you sure" she asked. "later Sweetheart" i said as i pushed my head back onto the sofa. coffee came and i sat up to take and drink it,Louise was now back behind her desk before she spoke again,"back to business" she says. "There is nothing booked for the next two days Pops so you can have a rest, then on Friday there is Mr and Mrs green in Navan,they want the same as last time with you and black Bob only this time they want Mr green tied up on a chair in there sitting room, here is the best part,they want you and Bob to force Mr green to wear his wifes pink lace bra and panties as soon as you get there,they say in there email that you's can beat him a little harder if you's wish but only beat Mrs green the same as last time when you and bob are raping her,then of coarse the same ending with Mr green being forced to eat your cream pies from his wifes pussy and ass hole,they have already paid up front and deposited and an extra 150 for changing there story to include the new panty fetish for the old fella as stipulated in the agreements",Louise said as she gasped a breath before starting again, "its only half day for you and Bob on Friday so it shouldn't be to tiring and i know you don't like doing it at front of spouses but they are good customers and have been with us for years,they alway's pay what we want and are always on our website saying how good we are and how professional we are and have got us a lot of work from newbies too,and every time they get a visit from us they write there story of what happened on that said day in our story blog and they get quite a lot of good comments from other user's on the site,so you see they are good for us".


"I know that princess but i just think its kind of odd that a 70 year old man enjoy's being tied up and now dressed in his wifes underwear while myself and black Bob break into there house,beat them both and fuck every hole his 65 year old wife has then force the old fella to his knees to clean up our cum from the woman he loves after we are done raping her,i just find it strange that at there age they get enjoyment from this that's all,i know they are paying for our services and that they are just living out a fantasy but, fuck me at there age you would think they are past all that especially him,you wold think he would want to protect her and mind her not to have two guys come to there home,slap them around and rape her as he watches,i don't know babe as i said i just think its strange they live in that fantasy world at that age that's all,its fucking odd".

was my reply. "look at it this way pops,i hope when you get to that age you are still able to proform,still able to fuck me,still able to make love to me,still able to live out your fantasies with me and besides that as old as they are they have and still are spending a fortune with us every month and have gotten us loads of new custom over the years,and just remember i once offered them a free-bee for there loyalty and help in building our business to what it is today and they kindly refused saying it would not feel the same if they didn't pay,that paying for our people to use and abuse and rape was all part of there humiliation which they thrive on,so let them at it, and enjoy the life style that you earn from the Greens".Louise said looking for my reaction.

I nod a knowing nod and drink more from my coffee cup,Louise got up and filled my cup again with more hot black coffee,returning the pot after she topped her cup up she walks past me and asks "are you sure pops" grinning as she sways her nice full round arse past my eyes,i knew what she ment,she wanted me to fuck her in the office,but tiredness was taking over my body, "we can fuck later louise" I tell her.

She looks at me with pity in her beautiful blue eyes,not pity for herself but pity for me, "Okay" she starts, "Saturday there are 3 booking but none for you,2 are regulars in Dublin and one in Cork, the Cork one is only a second visit so not really a regular and Samantha was requested to do it, as she was before,its a guy who apparently like to worship pussy and ass and then get strap on fucked as she drags her nails down his back ripping the skin off him,first time he contacted us he was charged 1000 euro but when he contacted us this time i asked Samantha about him and she rang him,she told him on the phone that if he wanted her again then he was going to pay more,the cheeky bitch charged him an extra 300 which he gladly paid and readjusted his payment online,i told her she shouldn't be doing that and she said he was minted and could well afford it and she said anyway she worked him hard and she knew he would come back to us again so she upped the price,so i will split the extra 300 with sam fifty fifty and pay her her usual 350 so she has a good payday from that dude and we make a little extra from him too",Louise took a breath again and then carried on, "the two in Dublin are the usual old pair of dolls,they have booked Michael and John again,same as always,dinner date,dance and fuck,two and a half grand between them,same every week,pay the boys 700 between them plus there own personal expenses,petrol,clothes and such and we make about one and a half grand,on Sunday i have one myself,its Mrs caffery,but only for a few hours as her husband is playing golf locally,she still being charged the same as usual, just treat her like a dog,walk her on a leash,make her eat from a bowl,have her lick my pussy and rim my hole then finish with the usual, make her drink my piss from my pussy and lick my arse clean when i shit on her saggy old tits,so its going to be a quick session for her and she doesn't mind not being fucked by me or getting her usual spanking as she is afraid her husband will return early", Louise said.

I then remembered what Louise had said to me when i walked into the office about Mrs McGirk and asked her what it was that she wanted different than the last time. "well pops,you know she likes to change things around now and again,like the last few times you and black Bob have been with her and doing to her whatever it was,well she wants a change again and asked for you both again but wants things to be different,she still wants to be raped by you both,she wants you both to use a little more violence but not to mark her face,she basically wants to be kidnapped,gagged,hooded,roughly treated and abused by you both,only this time she wants it like she has seen in some of those humiliation pornos,she has sent a few clips in her email of what she would like to happen and has asked us to email her a bill for it for the extra services,you can look at the clips later if you want too, but its mainly ass to mouth,gagging and puking on cocks facial spitting,pussy stretching,tit torture and bondage,that kind of stuff" Louise said.

"fuck me she is really getting into the rough side of things isn't she,i remember the first time she booked me,she was so embarrassment when she first sucked my cock,and now look at the dirty old cunt,she cant get enough of it since she first started,she is a dirty old fucker,remember last bank holiday she booked me and Bob,well we took it in turns with her after both using her on Friday evening and night,we kept her at it all weekend,all over the bank holiday she must of only slept about five hours total because we would take it in turns to rest and sleep so that here was always one of us with her at any given moment,we wouldn't even let her go to the bathroom,we made her piss and shit in a bucket in the corner of the room,then made her go outside naked at night and empty out her mess and clean the bucket out,ha ha ha that was funny because she didn't want her friends seeing her out there like that,i thought she was going to piss herself when i shoved her out the door into her garden with the bucket and wouldn't let her back into her house for ten minutes until she had the bucket cleaned properly and now she wants aa bit more humiliation,degradation,suffering and pain,well as long as she is paying the old whore can have what she wants,when has she booked for" i asked.

"she hasn't booked a date yet she says in her email to run it by you and if its OK with you then to book her either Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday,she said you should pick the day and surprise her at home,she will be home alone for those three days and doesn't want to know when you plan to visit her, she wants to have the surprise when it happens,but she only wants to hire you and Bob for twenty four hours not the whole three days,so what do you want to do pops ?do you want to do her on Monday as your not booked for then anyway and i can move Bobs other appointment around so it suits you,or do her on Tuesdays when your both vacant".Louise said looking at me as i settle myself down on the sofa,laying on my back ready to have a snooze.

"yea Tuesday is fine,we can do her on Tuesday,we get an early start on Mrs McGirk because she really is a goer,she can go for three days so we will have our work cut out on her,so may as well make it an early morning visit i think,if you not to busy Louise you can come and watch if you like,it will add to her humiliation even more if your there laughing,watching and advising us on what to do to her while she is bound up being used,i know she has spoken to you many times on the phone but she has never met you and i think it would be a real nasty treat for her if you where there and humiliated her with us,what do you think about that".i asked "well im busy in the morning Pops,but i could make it for the evening time when i close the office if that's not too late", Louise said smiling at the thought of getting off at someone else's expense.

"that's that sorted then,so it looks like Mrs McGirk is going to get a good seeing too this time,first by me and black Bob and then by all three of us,fuck me she is going to panic when she realizes that not only is there another woman in the room watching her flabby old body being used but she is going to be very embarrassed when she find out it is you,the dear sweet girl on the other end of the phone that she has spoken to so many times" I laugh.

"what will we charge her this time",Louise asks half laughing at the thought of it all. "just the usual 1000 for Mrs McGirk and 200 extra for the extras that she wants,and the surprise of you being there we wont charge the old fucker for,she can have that extra free of charge because she is a weekly booker and always gives us a little bonus every week and the fact is she isn't to bad a fuck for an old bitch,she can take my full 71/2 inches and Bobs 9 1/2 inches and she always has dinner in the oven left for us and a few beers in the fridge,so she aint so bad after all,but anything over and above her time and she has to pay premium rates for" i replied.

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"She never goes over her time and most of the time yous are finished with her early anyway and she always pays up front and gives you and bob a good tip,so i think your right to give her a nasty surprise free of charge now and then".was the reply i got as i pulled more pillows under my head.

I could hear the buttons click on the keyboard as Louise sent my reply to ms McGirk,I was just nodding off when Louise said "fucking hell she is eager,she has replied and confirmed the booking and is delighted at the price,payment is already in the account and she looks forward to being used by you both again,oh the poor old dear really does love the attention you give her,little does she know what she is in for this time, hey pops" I smiled as i turned my head to look at my beautiful stepdaughter, "what is it with women wanting to be raped and abused Louise" I ask her.

"Its just a female fantasy pops,all women want to know what it feels like to be used that way,they want to feel the humiliation,disgust,pain,abuse they want to feel helpless and feel dirty,its just a fantasy that every woman ive ever know would have at least once in there life time,most women would never dare ask there partner to rape them in roleplay,they would be too embarrassed to ask,that is why they find us and use our services,to fulfill there desires and dreams,but some get addicted to it,to the feeling of helplessness and to the humiliation they feel during and after the act,and if they can afford it then they become our regulars,most of our clients,the regular ones stem from the first time they used us,they are the ones that keep our books full all the time,they are addicted to us and the service we provide,women are lucky that we are here,we give them what they want,there fantasy,there dirty little secrete there life's dream,its just a woman's thing pops that's all".

Her voice drifted off ,as i did. I woke to the sound of Louise moaning and groaning,as i opened my eyes i could see that she had moved her chair around to where i was sleeping on the sofa, she had her legs spread wide and her feet lifted up and opened out on the sofa,her short skirt was pulled up around her waist and she had her plump arse perched on the edge of her seat,she was leaning back on the backrest and looking at me as she was fingering her lovely pussy.

I watched as my head was clearing and looked between her chunky thighs as her fingers rubbed her clit faster as her other hand forced a big flesh Coloured dildo into her waxed cunt,my attention was taken from her delightful pussy as she shouted out "oh pops im cumming". I looked at her face and she was flushed red as her orgasm reached it hight, "fuck" she screamed as her legs shook and made the sofa tremble,still fucking herself with the dildo she didn't slow down until her orgasm had passed,she remove the big rubber cock from her cunt and lifted her legs down to the floor,she put her fingers up to my nose and I sniffed them before opening my mouth and licking all Louie's pussy cream from them.

she pulled her fingers from my mouth and lifted her arse from the chair to fix her skirt and then resat,using her legs she slid herself and the chair back around her desk and shot a wicked look at me. "your a dirty nasty cunt" I said to her as she smiled that dirty kinky smile she always has when she does something out of the Ordinary like this.

"its your fault pops,you didn't want to fuck me when you came in here earlier on and then you fell a sleep,what am i supposed to do,you know i am always wet and horny and that my pussy is always soaked and you didn't do anything about it,even if you had licked my slit when i asked to be fuck then that would of been enough for me,it would of released my orgasm and i wouldn't of been so fucking horny looking at you over there laying on that sofa,so its your fault and i just had to share a little bit of my jilling of with you,not my fault you woke up to the sound of me cumming either", she said with a dirty laugh.

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"you always have you fingers stuck up your twat,you cant leave your pussy alone for more than five minutes,every time i look at you your fingering yourself,your a fucking nympho Louise,if its not your fingers on your pussy then its something stuck up your fuck hole,thank god you don't have a cock or you would have it well and truly puled off yourself". I replied getting up and looking at my watch to check the time.

"look pops you know i always get horny when im near you,im horny at the best of times but when your around my pussy just gets so fucking wet and hungry for cock that i have to jill one off if you don't take care of me like you usually do".she replied. I got of the sofa and went to the bathroom door in the office,i opened the door,walked in past the shower and wash hand basin lifted the toilet seat,took out my cock and started to pee,Louise was talking to me but i couldn't hear her,she moved into the bathroom as i was mid stream and said that there was two more enquirers today,when i was asleep,she had emailed both of them back and had set them up with an account on our website,she had used the chat room to discuss there needs and wishes,both applicants where happy with what they had learned,both had joined the website,filled out our disclaimer and paid there deposits of fifteen grand each,Louise had set up meeting with them for tomorrow at two different locations and both herself and i where to attend the meeting as usual to discuss there requirements further.

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So it looks like ill have something to do tomorrow after all,i thought to myself as i stripped and climbed into the shower,Louise said it was knocking off time and she was going to tidy up a few loose ends while i was in the shower and shut the office down. Shaved,showered and out the door we went,heading for the car i asked Louise if she was cooking tonight, "am i fuck cooking,we have made a killing over the last week so your bringing me out for dinner,Italian i think,that nice cosey place in Navan town will do nicely", she said as we got to my car.

Sitting eating dinner with my sexy stepdaughter Louise was a nice treat,the waiter always thought we where a couple because of the way we acted together. "Whats with these two newbies tomorrow" I asked Louise as i held her hand while waiting on the starters to come. "well", she started "i got there email while you where having your little nap and replied to them in the normal fashion,they replied back and had filed in the question-air that we always send out to new customers,The first one is a married woman age 40 husband works in Waterford,they live in Dublin,her name is Mrs Rielly,Michelle Rielly her husband is Adam,same age,he wants no part of it only to meet us and make sure his beloved wife is happy with us and he only wants to make his wife happy so what ever she wants she gets,by the sounds of it she is another spoiled snobby housewife, who is looking for some kind of extra kicks,she seems to be in control of there Marriage and says in her email, that husband is a wimp and also a workaholic,she has many desires and wants someone outside her marriage to help her with them and doesn't want her ideas to be part of her marriage with her husband,she wants to use us as an escape from her real life,the husband is fine with it all,I sent her the full package catalogue of our employees and also sent her the videos of what is on offer from us detailing our vast range of people and fantasies, that we provide.both her and her husband have looked it over and have agreed to settle on our company as sole providers to Mrs Rielly's pleasures.

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He doesn't want to know what his wife wants form us,he doesn't want to know what sex acts she gets up to or what her ideas and fantasies are,he wants nothing to do with it at all apart from the meeting tomorrow, She has a huge monthly allowance from her husband and what she does with it is her business as far as he is concerned,but ill tell you this pops,after they signed the contract online and deposited there money into there account she came back on line later and chatted with me in the chat room she has some very kinky and weird ideas she wants to try out and she can be very crude and foul too,she wants to be treated like a piece of shit,and i mean shit.

Her ideas are way out there but her husband must never know what way his wife is being treated,he would go mad if he knew she would lower herself this low,they are meeting us at eleven in Trim for a bite to eat andt hen the husband Adam has a meeting there at twelve so he will be out of the way so we can discuss Mrs Rielly's needs further and she will then let us know who she has picked for her first session and what she would like that session to entail" Starters arrived and we both tucked into our ceaser salad, Louise was fidgeting as she ate and i asked her what was wrong with her,she said she was just enjoying the feeling she was getting from the butt plug she had inserted into her arse hole before leaving the office and cant wait to get back to my house to replace it with my cock,i felt a stirring in my pants as my cock started to waken at the thought of Louise sitting there with the plug inside her lovely bubble butt wriggling around as she ate her meal.trying to get my thoughts back on track i asked her about the other enquirers and she said, "looks like your going to enjoy this one even better pops,and to make it even better she has picked you,she says it has to be an older man,someone she can cal daddy", "now your have my attention Louise,get to it" i said.

"well she is Mary Dolan, she is 29 years old, single, works in the high court, very professional, needs release from her high profile life and wants to become the opposite of her everyday life,she has sent her photo,she is very slender,short brown hair,small boobs,skinny ass and waxed all in the right places.

she doesn't want to use her home and has settled for the dungeon scene,she is very private about her private life as you can imagine she would have to be, she wants to be treated as a very naughty girl,she wants over the knee spanking, canings, whippings all over her body,she wants to be invaded in all three holes,but her biggest thing apart from, that is she doesn't want to call you Sir or master or the usual names a submissive would call there superiors she wants to call you Daddy all the time,she doesn't care what you call her as long as she calls you Daddy, she picked you over all the rest because you look the oldest and as she said you look the most stern and Daddy type,she is not really into black cock,bondage,or any other type of things we supply,she is into humiliation,punishment by Daddy, name calling, degradation and so on, so it looks like you will get a break from al those old biddy's after all pops, its about time you got a piece of younger fresh pussy to play with,daddy!

" she ended with a chuckle. Dinner over and back to my house, Louise decided she was staying the night instead of driving back to her appartement,my house is like her house,its full of her belonging, clothes, shoes, bags, coats, toiletries, you name it and its here.

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She spends at least half the week living with me,she doesn't have her own room,well that a lie she does but she never uses it,she sleeps with me every night she is here, she doesn't like sleeping on her own, at her age 31 and she doesn't like sleeping on her own. "Im going for a shower pops" she said as we both stripped off in my bedroom, i was naked before she was and was lying on the bed when i told her not to shower.

"You know i like the taste of your pussy when its wet and sticky with the days sweat on it" i said, she removed the rest of her clothes and mounted my face calling me a dirty bastard as she lowered her fat arse towards my face, I could smell her arse crack first, it smelt sweaty and with the hint of shite, her butt plug was still in place as i moved my nose further towards that beautiful scent,I sniffed up and down her crack taking in that lovely odor before licking the base of her butt plug, I moved my tongue from that spot and ran it up the middle of her arse, the line where the two cheeks met, top to bottom i guided my tongue taking in all her taste and scent, then moved onto the left side of her big arse crack and done the same, it was pure heaven, the feeling of her pale butt on my togue was like nothing else on this earth, I did the same to the right side before i went to pull out her plug, she stopped me from doing this by lowering her full arse onto my face and I could just about hear her as she said to leave it in there as the fat from her arse folded partly covering my ears.

She lifted up again and shuffled back a tiny bit so her pussy was over my nose and mouth,i took a sniff and it was strong, a strong smell of sweat, piss and pussy juice, it smelt fucking divine, her inner lips protruding past her outer lips and her clit poking out past both sets i couldn't help myself and darted my tongue into those lovely pink puffy folds, she gasped and grabbed my cock before shoving as much of it as she could into her hot wet waiting mouth, i felt her suck down hard on my raging cock as i devoured her smelly cunt, licking, sucking, nibbling on her as i felt her deep throat my meat all the way to my aching balls, we stayed in the sixty nine for quite some time sucking licking and eating each other before Louise pushed her soaking pussy down onto my mouth,i knew she was about to cum and nuzzles my nose into the opening of her open hole before sucking on her now huge clit,sucking and licking her to orgasm as her chunky thighs clenched my head squeezing as hard as she could, her juices running over my nose that was buried as far as it would go in side of her, I wriggled my head a little as the her orgasm subsided and licked her pussy juice from her sopping fuck hole, a few minutes later she stopped sucking my cock and had got up and turned around and was bobbing up and down my shaft, her little tits bouncing up and down as she rode herself to another shuddering orgasm, her mouth dropped to mine and her tongue invaded me, her wet lips sliding over mine as we kissed like new lovers, her pair shaped bubble butt bouncing at a fast rate as she hammered down on my cock, she leaned up and looked at me.

"fuck me pops, fuck my pussy" she said as she placed my hands on her tiny but hard nipples,I knew i was about to explode and gave a grunt, she understood what was going to happen and said, "if you cum you clean".

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With those words coming from her panting lips i let go, i shot my load right into her as she lowered her mouth to mine again, my hand now on her full hips i thrust her body up and down until my balls where empty, she rode me to make sure that she had me well and truly milked then got off me, "your such a heavy cummer pops,now its time to eat your own creampie" she panted as she lowered herself back into the sixty nine, parting her legs further than before to open up her pussy.

I seen the first stringy drops of my cum slowly making its way out of her, my tongue went to meet it as Louise lowered her head onto my cock and started to clean up what had spilled from her as she unmounted my shaft, i enjoy eating my cream pie from Louise and do it every time she lets me cum inside her, she also enjoys it as she insists that i clean her pussy when I've filled her with my man juice, after a while of washing her soft pussy with my eager tongue and her sucking the last few drops of cum that she forces from my limp cock we lay together arm in arm.

we both fell asleep and didn't wake until i heard Louise having a pee in the on suite bathroom,the door wide open as her golden shower thunders into the waiting water in the bottom of the bowl,i ask what time is it and Louise reply's, "its seven in the morning,time to get up you dirty old cunt,we have those meetings today and I've got to go to the office before we meet the newbies,get out of bed you old fart and get that horny cock of yours into the shower with me".

I got up scratched my arse, tasted the taste of Louise and cum in my mouth and hopped into the shower with her. End of Part One.