Goluptious teenager enjoys casting session with a ripped man

Goluptious teenager enjoys casting session with a ripped man
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This is a story written by my friend and me, this is our first story so please give constructive feedback. Discovering the hidden world This au timeline is as follows: Book 1- as is Book 2 as is Book 3 as is Book 4 dark lord did not come back Books 5-7 did not happen Hermione walked down to the perfect bathroom, unknow to her someone else had the same idea at 11 o'clock at night. Draco was behind her, when he saw her go in he made up his mind. He was going to do what he had wanted for so long now.

He was going to make her his sub. He slipped in and hind in one of the stalls as she stared the water laying her wand on the snik. Her rodes fell off of her body, and he could take his eyes off of her. She got in the water just before she felt something wrap around her neck, her hands came up to feel it just before they were cuffed behind her back. As she saw the chain mounted to the wall, she felt violated and aroused all at the same time.

Who was doing this to her? She soon out her answer as a blond headed boy walked out of the stall and began to srtip off his green, silver, and black rodes. "Well, well well," draco said with a smug look on his face. "Looks like i finally have the pet i've always wanted." She marveled at his nude body and his rather large cock, as he got into the water to sit beside her on the bench just below the water. "Now this is a spell to bind two people together in a kinky sexy bond, it is called the collaring spell, and since it's working i know on some level you want this just as much as i do, if not more" he hand moved to her leg.

Her face turned red looking at the boy in front of her. "I don't want you." she lied more to herself than to him. She had alwayed tried to puss off her crush on him, which turned to lustful thoughts.

She closed her eyes as she looked away, but she couldn't lie to him anymore he would always know. He looked at her grading her chin.

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"I'm going to make you admit your true feelings. You are mine now." he pulled her in for a kiss. He could feel her body shaking as if the tube was full of ice. He bite his lip as he pulled away. She wanted him even if she lied to herself, she wasn't lying to him. She couldn't believe her eyes she had always wanted this, but now that he had his hands on her she wasn't sure. "Dracco stop, i'm not into you i'm just into what you're doing to my body."she says as she pulls away trying to lie to him and herself.

He didn't buy it as he holds onto her collar keeping her in place. He laughs at her little lies. "So scared to say you like me? That you want me?" he looked at her kissing her. "Pet i am not letting you go i have been waiting to get you alone." his hand moved over her body as one pulls her nipple gently and one slowly rubs her clit. His lips on her neck biting and kissing, being moans for her lips. "You want more?" She couldn't believed what she had found herself doing.

She nodded and two word come from her soft lips. "Fuck me." she could understand what she was doing but she wanted more, no that wasn't right she needed more.

"That's it. You are mine to fuck now." he said thinking about all the times he had seen her this year with cum on her face." he sat on the edge of the bath his hard cock bobbing up and down as he pulled her onto her knees in front of him, get knees on the bench. "Lean over here and suck my cock." he pulled her by her chin so she could suck his cock.

Her eyes looked him. "You want me to give you a blow job?" she said shocked, but did as he asked. She sucked on his cock, her tongue paying attention to his head.


She hands were moved as she was now cuffed from behind. She moaned with his cock in her mouth.

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He simled down at her. She looked so sexy. Ather a minute he pulled her up bending her over the edge. "Ready to take my cock pet?" he pushes the tip to her sweet opening. Her wet pussy looked so good and was ready to take him, begging to be fucked.

He slowly pushed his cock into her. She moaned out as his large cock was inside her. It had been a day or two since she had any cock and he could feel it. His cock stretched out her tight young wet pussy, making her want more and more.

"Fuck me draco." she said. He grinned knowing that he finally had what he wanted and was never letting go.


He keep pushing deeper into her. He bent down kissing her neck sending shivers down her stine. "Your mind now and i'm not letting you go," he whispered to her making her worried and horny at the same time.

He keeping fucking her to an orgam before cuming inside of her, his cum spilling out around his cock. The cuffs and chain disappear leaving only the collar. She sat on the edge of the bath "whoa that was. intense." she said looking to him almost glowing "I can't wait to do it again," he said sitting beside. "No fucking way, this is fun but your a dick i could never do this really." she said he looked at her saying "I said i am not letting you go granger.

You are mine your place is at my side, in my lap, on my cock. The point is your mind" he told her pulling her closer by her collar he could see in her eyes she wanted this she was only worried about her friends finding out.

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She looked down. "Your such a dick, get this thing off of me so i can go to bed." she ran her hand through her hair, combing it with her fingers. "It doesn't come off, but don't worry most people can't see it if i don't want them to.

This collar is a physical representation of our relationship." "We do not have a relationship. " she snapped at him. The collar tightening around her neck.

"Take that back right now!

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We do not lie to each other. You want this or that collar would not be on your neck." he said getting upset with her the collar so slightly choking her. "Ok maybe alittle but its a bad idea." she said right before the collar loosened. She walked into her dorm the girls already asleep as she quietly picked up a pair of scissors to try and cut off her collar, the scissors broke and his voice spoke in I'll her head. "Nice try my pet but now i'm going to have to punish you. Take off your clothes your sleeping naked." she didn't want to do it but she need the collar could choke her and maybe worse.

She spent her night naked with a soaked pussy.


Hermione sat early before any other girls were awake. She got dressed going read in the library.

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she was reading her favorite werewolf romance novel. "Someone likes to read smut." she heard the voice in her head. She was mad. She did not want to be fucked with here. This was her safe space. "Not here draco." "Why not?" "This is my space this is where nothing bad can happen." "Go back to your book my pet, i'll see you at breakfast, you be sure to be a good girl and leave your panties in the library." She walked into the great hall her panties behind the werewolf book in the library.

She looked down as she saw a chain growing from her collar turning into a vibrator as it slipped into her robes making its way to her sweet pussy. "You can think any comets to me, no need to say anything out loud." "Your an asshole make it stop." "Not until you stop lying to yourself." "Ok yes i want to be your sub but i'm worried you are my best friends worst enemy." she sat beside harry who was already eating as the vibrator came to a stop inside of her tight little pussy.