Hot asian babe gets fucked on bed then takes a load on her knees

Hot asian babe gets fucked on bed then takes a load on her knees
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This is the third and final chapter of my first writing experiment. Hope you enjoy. Ryan had never been so confused in his young life. Three days ago he was finally in charge for the first time in the officer program.

He had walked up to the cadet line that day as confident and dominant as he had ever been. For the last three years he had always been the smartest cadet, and he had been getting stronger and faster every day.

He thought it was finally his time to be on the top of the pile, to be in charge, to give the orders instead of submitting. He was still nominally in charge of the first years. And all of them would still obey his orders. All except Alex, the boy that had taken him as his own in three short days. Ryan hadn't seen that boy since that day at the pool, and though that was only a week ago, it seemed like such a distant memory that he wasn't even sure it had happened.

And so, here he was, laying on his bed in the late afternoon, trying to convince himself to go start his homework, and trying to convince himself to think about anything else besides the eighteen year old boy with his giant cock and perfect smile. Groaning, he made himself get up, and grabbed his books. The best place to study at this campus wasn't the library, too many kids. The officers program kept the basement unlocked for the cadets at all times, and it was there that Ryan always went to study.

He walked pensively across the quad, watching students hurry in groups of threes and fours; some to dinner, some to study, some to drink. The campus was quiet once he got to the other side of the dining hall however, and he had a little bit of time to think. He wouldn't be able to avoid Alex forever, they would spend the next two years seeing each other every morning at physical training, and several times a month for labs and classes.

Not that Ryan wanted to avoid him. It was just that he wasn't sure how to proceed from here. He guessed Alex knew. He knew everything else that would happen from this point.

Ryan resolved to trust the boy's judgment, another sign of how infatuated he was becoming. It didn't take long to reach the basement/ military science department.

There was probably nobody there, even though the cadets were allowed 24 hours. It was after all the first week of school, and nobody else would be working that hard. Pushing open the door, he was surprised to see a light on at the bottom of the stairs. He climbed down and pushed open the door to the study hall to see Joel and Adam. Each held a beer can and each was laughing periodically at something the other was saying.

Upon seeing Ryan with his book bag they both laughed at him and accused him of being "the only fucker at this school that was enough of a jackass to do homework on the first week." Ryan laughed the joke off, threw his books to the side and grabbed a beer from Adams bag. Getting work done could wait. There was no training the next morning, and only afternoon classes. He could stay up late and get his work done after Joel and Adam left.

The evening degenerated quickly into a full on bullshit session. The topics likewise got less and less proper, and they didn't start off particularly high brow in the first place. As the subject turned from which professor was the biggest ass hole to which one of the freshman cadets was the hottest, Joel and Adam never missed a beat. " So which would you rather have Ryan, redhead or the blonde girl?" Joel asked.

"Personally I'd take the redhead. I'm not a big tit guy and those doe eyes drive me crazy. Plus I swear ginger pussy tastes better." Ryan made his case for Kat, the blonde girl. She was a lesbian, but that didn't matter at all in the hypothetical world they were arguing in. Plus, her tits were gorgeous, she was sweet, and her bob cut hair gave her a mischievous look that Ryan loved. Besides, pussy all tasted the same in Ryan's experience.

Going down a girl was one of Ryan's favorite things to do. He loved the smell and the warmth and the way they always pushed your head in deeper. Normally thinking about it got him hard, but he couldn't even think about it.

Not with Kat, and not with the redhead. He found himself wondering what Alex tasted like down there. He wondered if Alex would push his head down like the girls always did. It wasn't long after that conversation that Joel and Adam left, gathering what was left of their beer and going elsewhere to do whatever it was they did during the weekdays.

Ryan was finally alone, and could finally begin the work he should have been doing for the last two hours. He had just gotten his book open when his phone went off. He opened the message, and his stomach knotted back up when he saw who it was from.

So much for getting any work done. "Hey cadet Ryan, it's cadet Alex.

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I was wondering if you could meet me in the basement. I have an assignment I was hoping you could help me with." Ryan found himself as giddy and nervous as he was when Alex first touched him in the pool.

He responded "Sure, I'm already at the department.

See you when you get here." It wasn't long before Alex came walking into the study room door and shut it behind him. He looked like he was dressed for bed, in grey cotton running shorts and a T shirt that was a couple sizes too big.

Ryan could make out the outline of his cock in the light shorts, but managed to keep himself from getting too worked up. For now. "We need to talk." Alex said. Ryan pointed to a chair and asked him if he wanted to sit down, trying desperately to sound nonchalant. Alex shook his head and fixed Ryan with his cutest smile.

Ryan's business like attitude melted under that smile. Alex must have enjoyed seeing him like that, because he waited a long moment before speaking. "You still owe me from last week. We can talk when we are even." With that, Alex walked boldly over to Ryan like the masculine character from a romance movie, not as a freshman cadet to a senior.

Ryan didn't object. The boy had broken down the last of his pride in the pool a week ago. No matter what he asked, Ryan wouldn't deny him now. He would do anything just to touch his smooth skin again, to just be acknowledged by him again. And so, when Alex stopped on front of Ryan and pulled down the grey running shorts, Ryan did not hesitate. The boy wore tight blue briefs that outline his dick perfectly, the tip sticking out just above the top as it was tucked up, already hard for what reason Ryan did not know.

Theoretically Ryan would have to get out of his chair and kneel to get his face close to the boy's dick, but when he pulled the briefs down, he realized that wasn't going to be necessary. Alex was huge, well over ten inches, and with his beautiful cock angled up at him, Ryan could sit and suck as long as he liked.

He waited for a couple seconds, just admiring Alex.


His perfectly straight huge dick was just the beginning. Standing there naked, the boy looked almost inhumanly beautiful, like a Greek statue, not a man. All of the muscle was there, but not prominent, and he was just a little soft around the hips, suggesting that his tight ass was still supple enough to grab ahold of.

There was hardly a hair visible on him, and only when the light caught him just right were his fine blond pubic hairs seen. And on top of all of that his cocky smile just made him that much hotter. He knew what he was, and he was going to use to get whatever he wanted from Ryan. His words broke Ryan out of his trance.

"If you don't want to you, you don't have to. I guess I didn't really give you a choice in the hot tub. I'm sorry if I got the wrong idea. " Ryan looked up and was shocked by what he saw.

Alex looked disappointed, ashamed. He bent down to pull his pants up and apologized repeatedly to Ryan. Ryan wasn't sure if this was another game, but it looked genuine. Alex really seemed to think that he wasn't interested, and had jumped to that conclusion in the couple of seconds Ryan had hesitated just to admire his body.

The realization hit him that Alex, for all of his confidence and brazenness, was just as nervous and uncertain as he was. He was just a human too. Ryan smiled. Now they were equals. As Alex was pulling up his briefs Ryan, still sitting in front of him leaned in and caught the edge of his underwear in his teeth. Still holding Alex's boxers in his mouth he looked up at the boy and shook his head. He pulled the boxers back down and kissed Alex gently on the thigh.

The boy shivered and his huge cock twitched, brushing the top or Ryan's head as he kissed a little higher. He worked his way up Alex's leg, one inch, one kiss at a time.

When he reached the tight balls between his legs, he leaned back and suddenly took all of the giant cock into his mouth, grabbed Alex's ass, and pushed him into the back of his throat.

Alex gasped in surprise and let out a loud moan, tensing up as his cock suddenly slid down Ryan's throat. Ryan had never heard a sound so sweet, but didn't have time to savor it. As soon as slid his lips up the long shaft to the head, Alex grabbed his head and pushed him back down.

Before Ryan could even take a breath he tasted the hot salty cum as it filled his mouth. He was surprised to taste cum after only putting the boy in his mouth for a few seconds, but, he still swallowed all of it. After all, it came from Alex. When he finished swallowing he licked Alex clean.

It didn't seem right to leave such a work of art sticky. When he was finally done, he looked up. "You said you wanted to talk." Ryan said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and pulling up Alex's shorts for him. Alex nodded and took the seat Ryan offered him in the first place. The boy was trembling but smiling. Ryan decided a couple of things in the second between Alex sitting down and the conversation beginning.

He knew that things were different now. They were on the level after Alex revealed that he too was hesitant and nervous. But he also knew that he still belonged to Alex. He knew it just by looking at the smile. The seductive, confident smile had signaled that Alex was going to get what he want, but this smile, so content and peaceful was just as effective.

Ryan would give the boy anything to see him smile like that. "So, what did you want to tell me Alex?" The name tasted so sweet on his lips.

Alex started "Well, I kind of figured what I did last week might be a bit confusing, and I wanted to explain. In high school I knew I liked boys as well as girls, and I knew I was hot, but I was always shy.

I only went out with one girl and that only lasted a few weeks. So I decided that the first thing I would do when I got college was pick someone and have them. Nobody here knew me so I could be who I wanted to be. I could be the confident prick, and I could get what I wanted before anyone even realized I was shy. I chose you." Ryan hesitated for a second, then "Well if you don't mind me saying, the confident prick fits well on you and I believed every second of it.

I just assumed you had always gotten what you wanted, up until you freaked out when I hesitated a second before… well you know." It was hard to be vulgar in front of Alex. Even though he could still taste his cum on his lips he couldn't get past how innocent the boy looked.

"Anyway, I don't know what to say. Where do we go from here?' Alex looked nervous again. Ryan wanted nothing more than to hug him and tell him it would be alright, but he resisted.

"Well, if it's alright with you I… well, you know we can't be together. Not in the military, not in the South. And if we both like girls it would be easier to find one of them to be with and just be friends." Ryan nodded his acceptance, and Alex continued. "Still, you're a great guy and really cute, and friendly, and I want us to be close. And I want you to be the one…" Alex stopped mid sentence.

It was like he couldn't bring himself to finish the thought. Ryan stepped in and helped him. "Where did your plan go from here? If I'm still the one you want to go after, what do you plan to do now that you have me? And by the way, even though I know you already know, you have me Alex. I will do anything you ask." Alex looked up at that, some of his confidence back, though his smug smile was replaced by an affectionate one.

He took a deep breath, and told Ryan everything. "I want one night. Just one, and just the two of us. And I want to try everything. I want to feel everything that people talk about when they talk about love, sex, and desire.

For exactly twelve hours I want you to be mine, and I will be yours. Then we can go on being friends." Ryan nodded. Then said "Okay. We will do it. For one night we will do whatever we want to do and be whatever we want to be, and in the morning we I'll have great memories, and a new friend." At that, Alex stood up and Ryan with him.

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The boy looked uncertain for a second, then leaned in and hugged Ryan. The feeling sent warmth through him like he had never experienced.

He closed his eyes and drank in the moment before Alex released him and said "By Saturday my roommate will be gone. Meet me at my dorm at 7, and leave at 7 the next morning. No matter how much you want to stay, or how much I beg you not to go." Ryan nodded and the two left the basement through separate doors, when Alex called back "oh and Ryan, don't jack off before.

I want all of you on Saturday night." Saturday took a lifetime in coming. It was only two days away, but Ryan was begging every second to pass by quicker.

He was so nervous that he was constantly doing something to pass the time.

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He couldn't eat, and he ran out things to study after only an afternoon. He took to running and working on his push ups all day just to let out the nervous energy.

Finally, it was Saturday afternoon. Ryan took the most thorough shower of his life. He cleaned every nook, every crevice, and scrubbed his skin pink before drying off and putting on his running shorts and t shirt. Somebody might get suspicious to see a student leaving another student's dorm so early, but nobody paid a cadet in workout gear any attention no matter how early it was. He left his dorm at 630, and got to Alex's building ten minutes early. He waited outside of the door until it was exactly seven, then knocked.

Alex answered immediately. He was dressed only in loose grey boxers and a white T shirt. He told Ryan to come in, and as soon as they were both inside, locked the door behind them.

Then, Alex, the most innocent looking boy Ryan had ever seen, and the cutest eighteen year old to ever set foot on campus, walked over, pushed Ryan down on the couch, and straddled him.


Alex asked one more time "are you sure?" When Ryan nodded meekly, Alex leaned in and kissed him. Ryan, despite knowing he was bi, had never really thought much about kissing another boy. This was different though. Alex's lips were smooth and warm, and the little bit of awkwardness with which he angled his mouth showed that he was inexperienced.

Ryan didn't mind, he let the boy take his time, figuring out exactly what fit where, and what felt good.

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When Alex finally settled into a rhythm, Ryan bit his lip gently like the girls always seemed to like. He felt Alex tense up, saw it in his face, and noticed that his ass had clenched slightly, rubbing against Ryan's lap in a way that made him cringe with desire.

Ryan ground himself up against the boy's ass and stuck his tongue through Alex's open mouth, just enough to gently lick the inside of his cheek. Alex tensed again, and clenched harder this time. Ryan savored every second of it. Alex broke off the kiss, leaned into Ryan's ear, and whispered "make me cum again, like last time." Ryan didn't hesitate.

He pushed Alex off of him and slid to the floor. He opened the boy's legs and stuck his head between them, noting that both of them were already hard under their boxers. Ryan grabbed ahold of Alex's cloth covered cock and felt its weight before gently rubbing it through the fabric.

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As if to reward Ryan's obedience, Alex took off his shirt and let him stare at his beautiful body. Ryan never took his eyes off the boy's face and perfect body as he bent his head down and kissed the cock in front of him.

First he kissed over the fabric, then licked the spot near the base where the hole in the front left the bare skin exposed. Alex grabbed Ryan's head with one hand and started rubbing himself with the other. Ryan joined, rubbing the shaft through the boxers as Alex rubbed the tip.

There was plenty of room for both of them. He then slid his tongue into the open hole and licked the tight ball sack he found there. Alex moaned again. Neither of them had touched themselves for almost a week, and it didn't take long of the combined jacking and ball licking before Alex was ready.

As Alex tensed up and started shaking, Ryan moved his mouth from the slit in the boxers to the still covered tip of his penis. When the first stream of cum wet the fabric, Ryan closed his mouth over the tip and sucked hard.

He drew the liquid out through the underwear, sucking and licking as much as he could while Alex pushed his head down harder. Alex didn't even take a second to enjoy his own orgasm. As soon as he stopped shaking, he stood up and motioned for Ryan to sit. Alex then mimicked Ryan's position, but he made sure to strip Ryan naked first. He then took the older boy's seven inch cock and gave it a cautious lick. Ryan shivered. When Alex started sucking him it was obvious he had never done it before.

He didn't mind though. He wanted to enjoy watching the cute innocent boy suck his dick. Alex for his part seemed to be enjoying it. He played with it, tested its weight, licked it in different places to see what made Ryan wince and what made Ryan moan.

After about ten minutes, however, he was obviously getting tired and Ryan still wasn't close to finishing. "It's oaky," he told Alex, "you don't have to make me cum." "I know," Alex replied, "but I want you to. If you do I'll let you shoot on my face." With that, the boy leaned back and started jacking fast. He leaned in and nuzzled Ryan's cock gently as he continued rubbing the length of it with his hands.

Whatever was holding back in Ryan's head let go. He wanted to see what innocent smooth faced Alex looked like dripping in cum. He closed his eyes and ran his hands through Alex's hair as he let go. He moaned and stream after stream of hot cum hit Alex in the face. The boy did not flinch, rather smiled and rubbed his face against the sticky cock to make sure he got all of the warm semen smeared over his beautiful smooth cheeks and face.

Then he looked up at Ryan. His face was all innocence, except for the heavy sticky streams flowing slowly down his cheek to gather at his chin. Ryan picked up his boxers and carefully cleaned the boy, making sure he was gentle while still getting all of it.

When he was finished, they laid down together on the couch and started making out again, this time with Ryan on top of Alex. After a few minutes of tender kissing and caressing, Alex broke off and said "First one hard gets to top first." Even hearing those words come from Alex made Ryan start getting hard.

He kissed Alex again and ground his hips into the boy's feeling the massive cock below him and the warmth of Alex's body. Before long, he was as hard as rock, and Alex was still just starting to perk up. "Guess I'm first" Ryan said, motioning with his head towards his hard cock. Alex only nodded and spread his legs. When Ryan was positioned he pushed his tip against the hairless hole.

His cock was still wet with spit and semen, and when he pushed, the head went in easily. He took a few easy thrusts as Alex moaned underneath him.


"Sorry," Ryan said when he heard the boy gasp in pain, "I'll be gentle." "Don't be," Alex replied. "I won't be." Despite this, Ryan was still gentle. He made long smooth strokes while he watched Alex's face contort, first in pain, then in pleasure.

The massive member lying just below Ryan's midriff started stiffening. Alex reached down carefully to play with himself until he was completely hard. After about ten minutes feeling the boy's tight ass and seeing him play with the massive dick was too much for Ryan. He moaned quietly and picked up the pace just a little as he came inside Alex.

Alex for his part shivered a bit when he felt the warmth suddenly filling his insides, but other than that he just smiled and said "my turn." Ryan glanced dubiously at the ten inch cock that was now hard in the boys hands, but rolled over onto his back and spread his legs anyway.

Alex climbed on top of him and positioned the head of his huge dick at Ryan's virgin hole. Despite how long it was, it wasn't too thick, and Ryan kept telling himself he would be okay. He focused on Alex's face, and how adorable it looked as the boy concentrated on the unfamiliar task of getting it in. Ryan relaxed, and when Alex finally got everything lined up and thrust, he went nine inches deep before stopping himself. Ryan gritted his teeth in pain as the younger boy began pounding.

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Alex was inexperienced and didn't know how to take it slow. Didn't matter though, Ryan would take all of the pain in the world for him. For about a minute Alex thrust irregularly and hard, and Ryan's breath came in ragged hitching gasps as he bit through the pain.

Luckily, Alex didn't know how to pace himself and soon came deep into Ryan's ass. The warmth gave him a funny feeling, and he clenched his hole around Alex's cock, sending another shiver up Alex's already trembling body. Then, the two just collapsed onto one another. Ryan felt the cock plop out of him, and let exhaustion and pleasure take over.

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At some point, Alex rolled off of him and Ryan held him close, pulling a blanket from the floor over both of them as sleep took them. Ryan woke to a pressure on his stomach. When he opened his eyes, Alex was on top of him again, and leaned down gently to kiss him. Ryan returned the kiss, the looked at the clock. It was 645. He felt Alex take both of their cocks in his hand and start rubbing gently.

Ryan grabbed the boy's ass and rubbed it gently while he rocked his hips in rhythm to Alex's jacking. They stared longingly at each other, pleasure mixed with the pain of knowing that in ten more minutes, it would all be over. After a few minutes of Alex jacking them off together they closed their eyes, and at the exact same moment, let their loads shoot out.

As soon as they started cumming, Alex lay down and they ground their hips together, making the feeling last as long as they could as their cum mixed together and their bodies clenched and unclenched against each other. Then, without warning, the alarm went off.

It was 7. Alex rolled off, and Ryan stood up, wiped off his chest and belly, put on his clothes, shot Alex one longing look, and walked out the door.