Broke teen gives ass for cash

Broke teen gives ass for cash
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Hope you enjoy this story and if I get good feedback I will go on and tell you the rest of the story this is a real event in my life and it has been going on for about a year now so let me know what you think and I'll continue Caught in the Act Introduction: I am a chef at a fine dining restaurant so I work a lot of nights and long hours. I am married and have been for the past 5 yrs. My wife is older than me by 7 yrs.

And she is 5'9" 150 with 38 c tits. Chapter one: The offense So I was at work and we were slow so I got off around midnight instead of 3 or 4 like normal figured I would come home and surprise my wife. Well that is where I was wrong she had a surprise for me and not a good one. As I walk in I put my keys on the table and head for the bedroom I hear music playing so I figured she was in the shower.

As I walked in the room I see her bent over the bed and another man fucking her from behind.

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They didn't hear me as the radio was loud so I walk over to the radio and turn it off and the look on their faces said it all. She immediately dropped down and covered herself and he stepped back and went for his clothes. She asked what I was doing home and I told her that I got off early because we were slow. He was getting dressed and said that she did not tell her she was married and kept apologizing to me.

I told him to get the fuck out before I stopped his ass into the ground. Turning to my wife on the floor she was crying begging me to forgive her I walked out the room and then the house got in my car and went to the bar. Chapter Two: The Plot of Revenge As I was sitting at the bar drinking I was in complete shock that this was even happening to me but I couldn't get it out of my head.

Then it hit me I was going to get my revenge one way or another. But I couldn't figure out how I was going to do it. So I sat there shooting tequila and downing beers when it hit me. I remember seeing this on a web site one day when I was bored surfing porn sites. It was a reverse cuckolding site where the women were being cucked not the men and thought that was the best way to get her back. About the time this all came racing to my mind my phone went off it was a text from her saying she was sorry and would do whatever she could to make it up to me.

I ignored it and left the bar got a room for the night and tried to figure out how to put this brilliant plan into action. Chapter Three: The Plan goes into action The next afternoon I went into work as usual and started prepping for the night it was Friday one of the busiest nights of the week and thought about how I could get this plan into action.

Well as the night winded down I cleaned the kitchen with the rest of the guys and went home to find her on the bed in some sexy lingerie candles lit.

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I went took a shower grabbed a pillow and blanket and lay on the couch without saying a word. She came in the living room trying to talk but I cut her off and told her to leave me alone I was not ready to talk to her.

This went on for about a week before I said a word to her and I could see it was working as she would walk around in her panties and small t shirt all the time trying to catch my eye. I believe it was a Sunday night I came home and she was on the couch waiting for me to get home. I walked in and she stood up walked over to me and tried to hug me.

I pushed her away and she asked if I would ever forgive her. I looked into her eyes and said to her that I would only when she understood what I went through seeing that and how it feels. Then it hit me I can take this to more than a onetime thing and use it to control her every move from this point on. I walked over to her and told her that if she wanted to make this right she would do what I want her to do when I want her to do it no hesitation no questions asked.

She looked in my eyes and smiled a little then a look of worry rushed over her face. We had played rough in the bedroom before but nothing like what I had planned for the cheating little cunt this time. Chapter Four: The Beginning The next week I went to my boss and told him I needed a week off to take care of some things and he told me that it was fine and he would see me when I got back.

I went home and told my wife to get in the car we had somewhere to be.

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As we left the house she asked where we were going and I reached over and slapped her face. She looked shocked and asked why I did that.

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As soon as she finished the sentence another slap followed I looked at her and told her to speak only when spoken too no exceptions. I don't care if someone we know asks you a question you don't answer without my permission I told her. She looked at me and shook her head yes and turned back to face forward.


We pulled up at the lingerie shop and I got out told her to stay put I would be back. I was gone for about 45 minutes. As I came out the store I stopped right outside the door of the store and called her to get the bags and take them to the car. She got out picked up the bags that were stuffed with lingerie for her and some other devices for her that she did not see. We got back in the car and went to a couple more stores with the same result I went in she carried the bags to the car.

The last stop was to the pet shop around the corner from the house where I bought a chain link leash and a diamond studded collar. As we arrived home I told her to grab the bags and bring them inside and not to look in any of them. She did as she was told and I went to the room and grabbed all her clothes in the house and walked them to the back yard. After I got all the clothes in the yard I grabbed the lighter fluid and set them ablaze. I saw her looking out the window almost in tears as she watched her clothes go up in flames.

I walked back in the house and started empting the bags on the bed she stood there a watched me as I noticed I told her to make dinner and to do it naked.


Also take those clothes and throw them on the fire as well. She did as I ordered and began to cook as I put away everything I had bought.

Which was a bunch of g strings teddies and short skirts that would barely cover her pussy and show most of her ass and tight tank tops. Also I got a few styles of gags whips shackles and other bondage gear. After I got it all sorted I went to the dinner table and sat down as she brought me my plate and went to get hers I told her to get the pet store bag and bring it to me.

She got to the table with the bag and set it beside me I pulled out the leash and collar and told her to get on her knees so I could put it on her. After I put the collar on her I told her to eat on the floor from now on.


We ate dinner and I was loving this control I had on her so I took it a little bit further and told her that her name was now Whore. I walked to the shower got in and told her to get dressed I laid out some clothes for you on the bed and to be dressed and ready to walk out the door when I got dressed.

When I got out the shower she had on the bright purple g string a short black mini skirt that hugged her curves and a white tank that you could see her nipples through.

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I got dressed and told her to wait in the car I would be right out as she walked out I thought to have a little fun and told her to crawl to the car and wait on her knees outside of it till I opened the door for her to get in. She did as she was told and I made her wait for about ten minutes before walking out and getting in the car. We arrived at the bar downtown that I used to hang out at before I met her and we walked inside all eyes were on her and she was so embarrassed but knew she had no choice.

We walked to the bar I got a drink and told her to go put some money on the pool table so I could get in the next game. As I walked over to the juke box and played some good songs and walked over to the table to play my game.

I won a few games as she stood in the corner watching me and looking around at all the guys and girls staring at her. Then I noticed a chick across the bar looking at me smiling and winking at me to come talk with her. I looked at my wife and told her to stay here and not do anything if she was good she would be rewarded.

She nodded and I walked over to the bar and started to talk to the other woman. I got lost in conversation and lost track of time I looked up and she was still there in the corner waiting for me to come back I smiled at her and turned back and talked Sammy she was amazing blonde hair blue eyes and a body like a goddess.

I told her that I liked her and wanted to take her home with me and she agreed but asked about the woman I came in with I told her that was my wife but she would understand and it would be a night she would not forget if she accepted my offer. I told her let me get her and we would be on our way. I motioned her to come on and she walked through the bar crowd and I seen a guy grab her ass but she acted like it did not happen.

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As she made it close to the door she noticed the guy she cheated with he tried to talk to her but she acted like she did not know him and then he caught a glimpse of me and stopped dead in his tracks. Once out the bar we walked to the car and I let Sammy in the front seat and told whore to get in back and to look at the floorboard.

She got in and followed my instructions as I drove away I looked at Sammy and grabbed her leg and ran my hand up and down it then to her pussy it was dripping wet already and her panties felt like they were soaking in water. We stopped at a red light I leaned over and whispered in her ear to take off her panties and hand them to me she giggled a bit then did so. I took her panties in my hand and yelled whore open your mouth and look at me.

She looked up terrified but opened her mouth I stuck the panties in her mouth then told her to look back at the floorboard. Even Sammy was a little shocked at what just happened.

She asked if she was ok with this and I told her the whole story and she smiled at me and said I guess I'm a lucky girl. Chapter Six: Arriving home Once home I got out the car opened Sammy's door let her out told her to go wait inside I would be in shortly.

I looked in the back seat she was there mouth full looking down I told her to get out crawl in the house and fix us some drinks and hers was to be water in a bowl and to be quick about it. I walked in and went to Sammy and started to make out with her kissing her neck and then massaging her breasts and pussy.

I started to take off her dress and she did not fight at all as I licked her breasts and moved down Whore came in the room with our drinks and sat on the couch I looked at her and she knew she did something wrong. I told her that whores don't sit on the couch they sit on the floor. Also they don't wear clothes in the house I got up stripped her shirt and skirt off and told her to sit and watch a real woman make love to me.

She started to tear up but I just continued to seduce Sammy and lick her all over her body. She started unbuttoning my shirt and my jeans. Then pulled my cock out and went down on her knees as she took my cock in her mouth she rolled her tongue over the tip and then dropped her head as it went all the way down her throat I looked up and told Whore to come get a closer look at how to suck a cock.

She was amazing up and down swirling her tongue and it was sloppy wet. We moved to the bed room and she followed crawling right behind us as I got comfortable on the bed I told my wife to lick her pussy while she sucked my cock.

She started to lick her pussy and the blowjob got better and better after a while I laid Sammy on the bed and positioned my wife on her knees behind me to give her a good look at my cock fucking her pussy. I did notice she was not crying and she was a little wet herself she was enjoying this a little herself. As I pounded Sammy for an hour or so I was about to bust when I thought about a great idea and pulled out and came all over the floor.

I looked at my wife and she knew what I was going to say and started to lick it up once she finished she cleaned Sammy's pussy and my cock. Once we were all done I climbed in the bed with Sammy and cuddled up to her and told my wife to sleep on the floor by the bed. To be continued