Busty MILF Leeanna fucking her twat with a toy

Busty MILF Leeanna fucking her twat with a toy
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Eleven-year-old Cindy opened her eyes and blinked; where was she? This wasn't her room.


Oh, yes. She smiled as it came back to her. Texas. The lovely little blonde girl sat up in her strange American bed and stretched, looking at the harsh sunlight glaring around the edges of the window shades. July; the dead of winter in her native Australia, but high summer here. And so hot! She smiled again.

So much the better. She would be sweaty, and sweaty means shiny, and shiny is sexy. She giggled and got out of bed. Today would be special. Her parents were in America on a sort of mini-vacation; her father was considering a new job with a firm in Dallas, and she and her mother had come along for a holiday in this strange place.

Their plan had been to search for a house, and perhaps for her dad to stay and start the new job while Cindy and her mom returned to Sydney to begin the move; but it appeared that the job was a nonstarter, so they would all be going home at the end of the week.

They had been staying in the home of an American family who was taking a holiday in Australia and staying in theirs; "House-swapping" was becoming more and more popular for vacationers from all over the English-speaking world, since it saved a huge amount of money in hotel fees.

The house was in a neighborhood filled with children - all boys, as it happened, and most of them a bit older than Cindy. The pretty little Australian girl was a hit with them all; they found her high, sweet voice and her Aussie accent as charming as her lovely face, and she was spending most of her time playing with them outdoors in an enormous undeveloped area at the end of the street.

Her parents were too busy seeking out job leads and such to supervise much, and Cindy seemed happy enough; so most afternoons they just left the children to their own devices. They were playing outside, or in the boys' homes; what could happen? Cindy was bouncing around her borrowed bedroom happily, wearing nothing but the XXL T-shirt that she used as a nightie.

Her parents didn't know that she wore no panties under it. That day, her parents would be gone all day to a neighboring town with the funny name of Irving, and Cindy was on her own. She was looking forward to it. She was finally going to get a chance to tease these boys as they deserved. After checking downstairs - indeed, her parents were already gone, and had left her a note on the kitchen table - Cindy hurried back to her room to put on her naughty, teasy outfit for the day.

The pretty child pulled off the T-shirt and posed in front of the mirror for a moment, sweetly nude; she stroked her smooth young body sensuously and giggled. She was going to make these Yank boys suffer. She giggled again. They'll be Yank boys, all right, she thought.

They'll be yanking their dicks all night after watching me today. She chose her special cockteasing shorts, that she never wore in front of her parents; at once too small, top to bottom, and too loose, side to side.

They rode low at their highest, they barely stayed up, and were always slipping sideways and twisting to show glimpses of her little panties. Only today she wasn't going to wear any panties. Cindy pulled on the dangerously loose little shorts and shivered. Ooo, yes, she thought. Those American boys were going to get LOTS of peeks at her chubby little bare bottom and her downy-smooth pussy today. She walked around the room and turned and bent experimentally, and without panties the shorts were slipping and sagging even worse than usual.

What can I wear on top that's just as bad? she wondered. Ooo, I know! She dug down to the bottom of her suitcase, where she had hidden her naughtiest clothes, and came up with a loose, low-cut, sleeveless white tank top, like an oversized man's undershirt.

She usually wore it as a coverup over her swimsuit, but today she was going to wear it over nothing. She pulled it on, then looked in the mirror and frowned. No good; it covered her belly, which she wanted to show off. Then she smirked. There's a cure for that, she thought. She pulled the top off and ran to the study, which she had seen doubled as a sewing room for the woman who lived here. She had to pull her shorts back up twice on the way.

She found a pair of sewing scissors, and unceremoniously snipped about five inches off the lower hem of the shirt, then put it on again. Still too long. She pulled it off and started to take another five inches off - then shrugged and clipped off seven inches. This time, when she put it on, Cindy gasped - and then smiled wickedly.

The cropped top actually left the bottoms of her flat little titties peeking out from underneath it. Cindy posed in front of the mirror. The neckline and armholes of the top were so low, and the garment so loose, that any time she leaned forward at all - or did anything other than stand straight and still with her shoulders back - her pretty pink nipples could be seen from the front and both sides.

She may as well have been topless. Cindy walked back to her room, and there was a sensuous little wiggle and strut to her walk now. She felt shockingly bare and naughty, and her shorts and top felt deliciously insecure and precariously loose. She stood in front of the mirror again, and the top slipped from her shoulder, baring one almost-flat little breast completely. "Ooo!" she squeaked, and pulled it back up. She had forgotten how often it did that.

She turned and posed before the mirror, and she shivered and pressed her little thighs together in excitement. She was practically naked! She looked down at her pretty bare feet. Shoes? Sandals? No. The less she wore, the better. She smiled at the mirror smugly. I'll go barefoot for these randy American boys, she thought. I want to make them all get so hard their dicks ache. The cute little blonde giggled and headed for the door.

The boys would be waiting for her at Charles's house, down at the end of the block across from the open fields and woods. Cindy closed the door and stepped out onto the hot sidewalk. Her pretty little bare feet were stinging a bit after walking only a short distance, so she began walking in the cooler grass. She was hitching her shorts up every three or four steps, and she had to pull the shoulders of her top back up five times before she got to Charles's.

She felt the moisture between her legs - and she smirked even as she shivered in anticipation and a little fear. Not only were they going to get to see her pussy; they were going to get to see it wet and juicy. There they were, standing around the driveway and watching her. Even at this distance, she could see their eyes widen as she approached, holding her shorts up and walking barefoot in the grass. --- The boys had been standing around in Charles's driveway, killing time till the cute little Aussie girl showed up.

There were eight of them, ranging in age from thirteen upwards. At sixteen, Charles was the oldest; short and muscular, he had the look of a bully about him, though he wasn't. "I think she's doing it on purpose," he said. "I think she's just a kid and doesn't know any better," said another boy. This was Jimmy, a slender fifteen-year old who wore glasses and had an uncertain air. "Oh, yeah?" asked Lee, another boy with glasses; he was dark-haired, also fifteen, and had freckles.

"What about that time when she bent way over in front of all of us and let us look at her panties for about an hour and a half?" They all laughed. Another boy said, "Yeah, and she lets her skirt slide way up and acts like she doesn't care, too." "I saw her tits the other day," piped up still another. "Shit, we all have," said Charles. "Yeah," said David, Charles's cousin. "She's flat, but she has real pretty knobs anyway." He was fourteen and blond, with prominent teeth.

There was a moment's silence. "Whatever," said Ricky, dark and small, and the youngest at thirteen. "I think she's fuckin' beautiful." "Me too." "Yup." "She's gorgeous." "Prettiest girl I ever saw." Lee snorted. "Shit, she's only eleven." "So what?" said David.

"Yeah, so what? She's still way prettier than any girl in our class." this was Billy, redheaded and with more freckles than Lee. "And the way she TALKS," said Charles, shaking his head and smiling. "Yeah! I love her accent. Gives me a hard-on," said Jimmy. There was much laughter. "Me, too." "No shit." "So sexy." Another silence.

"Okay," said Charles. "Everybody 'fess up. How many of you have thought about Cindy while you're jackin' off?" He looked around, and then raised his own hand. He was the oldest, and the leader. Within seconds, all eight of their hands were up. "I like to think about her tits," said Ricky. "She doesn't have any tits." "Her chest then. She's still pretty and sexy." "I like her legs. Especially when she goes barefooted," said Lee. "What are you, a foot freak?" laughed David.

"She does have real pretty feet," said Charles. "Me, I think about what she must look like naked. Or wearing something really crazy sexy." "Damn," said Billy. "You mean like that?" Billy was staring down the street, his eyes popping out of his head. They all turned to look. "Holy Jesus." "Oh, fuck." "Oh, my God. I'm gonna shoot, right here." "She can't keep her shorts up.

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Look at that!" "She's barefooted." "Oh, shit," said five of them all at once. Cindy's top had slipped off her shoulder, and they all saw a hard pink nipple.

They just stared as she came closer. Cindy walked up to the boys with a wide, amused smile. "G'day, boys," she simpered. "Hot today, isn't it?" The pretty little blonde was already gleaming with sweat. Every single boy there was staring at her shorts with the same two words flashing like fire alarms in his brain: "NO PANTIES." Cindy giggled. "Don't you like my shorts?" she asked, as she hitched them up again.

Her top slipped from her shoulder again, and she pretended not to notice as they all stared at her pale, exposed breast. "Ooo!" she finally squeaked, and pulled it back into place.

Little Cindy was surrounded by eight erect young penises, and she was loving it. She frankly posed, bending one pretty bare knee in front of the other, lifting her arms and putting her hands behind her head, causing her top to lift high enough to show the lower swellings of her almost- flat little titties, coming close to revealing her tight young nipples. Eight mouths dropped open as one, and Cindy giggled. I'm the smallest and the youngest, and I'm the one in control, she thought.

She pulled up her sagging shorts again and smiled at the staring boys. "What shall we do today, fellows?" she asked. The boys looked at each other. "I think we should show her the clubhouse," said Jimmy. "Clubhouse? What's that?" asked little Cindy. "Let's go," said Charles. He grinned, and the whole group moved toward the street, across which was the open field.

"You go first," he said to Cindy, who smirked and walked in front. She knew they all wanted to stare at her from behind. "Ooo! Ouch! Ouch, ouch!" Cindy squealed. She was hopping and dancing; the black asphalt pavement was burning her bare little feet - and she wasn't paying attention to her dangerously loose little shorts. And suddenly they fell down, almost to her knees. Cindy pulled them back up quickly and looked back at the boys with a smirk.

They had all gotten a good look at her cute little bare bottom. Cindy quickly skipped the rest of the way across the hot street, then stood there smiling at them with one flat little breast exposed.

She looked down at it - and left it bare. "Well, that was bloody embarrassing," she said. "I guess you boys all got a good look at my bum!" "Your what?" asked Lee. "You mean your butt?" She finally adjusted her top. "Yes," she said, pouting a bit - and secretly thrilled. The shorts were working out nicely.

--- Cindy and the boys walked through the tall grass; she was touched that two of the boys walked ahead of her, warning her of patches of prickly grassburrs. The others surrounded her with an oddly protective air; she could feel their eyes on her small body, though. She might have let her troublesome shorts sag a bit lower than she should have, and perhaps not been as careful to keep her top in place as she ought. Cindy was enjoying herself hugely.

So were the boys, she knew. She smirked. This day had only just started. They topped a low hill, and she saw it. "A cubby! We made those in Oz!" The boys looked at each other and shrugged. "What's a cubby?" asked one. She blinked and pointed at the rough little shack that stood in a small hollow at the foot of the hill. "That," she said.

"Oh." "Where's Oz?" asked another. "Oz-tralia, stupid," said Charles. "Oh. Duh." As they approached the little house, Lee said, "We built it ourselves." Cindy looked at it admiringly.

"Fair dinkum?" she said. They blinked at her. "That means, 'Is that the truth?'" she said. "Oh. Yeah, we really did," said Lee. "How do you say that in Texas?" James grinned. "'No shit?'" he said, and they all laughed. As they passed the entrance - not a door, just a gap in the boards - Cindy gasped to see a framework of round bars standing on the other side of the cubby. "What do you call that?" she asked. "Monkeybars. A jungle gym. It's to play on." "I know what it's for," said Cindy, and she quickly scrambled up to the top.

Perfect, she thought. She straddled two of the bars, facing the boys, and their mouths dropped open in unison. Cindy giggled. Her loose shorts were skewed far to the side, and she knew that her bare, bald little pussy was almost completely exposed. "Want to see the mappa Tazzie?" she asked impishly. "What's that?" asked Charles. His eyes, like all their eyes, were glued to her bare young crotch. "Never mind. Did you blokes build this, too?" "Uh.

Uh, yeah. Somebody dumped it out here, and we fixed it up and put it together." 'It's bonzer," she said, kicking her bare little feet in excitement. She was having fun throwing Aussie slang at them and watching their confusion. They boys began to sit down on the ground in front of her. They were all below her, staring up at her pussy and trying to hide their erections.

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"What's the matter, boys?" she asked in pretended confusion. "You all look like you're crackin' a fat in your daks." "What?" said three or four of them at once. "Nothing," she said, and giggled wickedly. She swung one bare leg upward - splitting her bare crotch open outrageously - and began to climb around on the bars to give them a show.

They goggled at her openly. Cindy faced away from them and swung from an overhead bar, her bare feet on a lower one, and stuck out her cute little butt at them with her shorts halfway down.

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Her top was pulled up so high her flat little chest was bared to well above her pink nipples, and the boys leaned sideways to see.

She swung around to face them, arching her back, her hands gripping the bar above her head and her feet wide apart on the lower one, her belly thrust outward boldly, her too hiked up high, her chest bare - And her shorts fell down to her knees.

"Oh, shit," said two of the boys. "Damn," said another. Cindy squeaked in dismay and pretended to struggle for a moment; for a full three or four seconds she hung there, bare from her neck to her knees, sticking her bare pussy out with her thighs spread and her knees bent, in a shockingly lewd display.

The boys' eyes were wide, their mouths open, and they devoured the sight of her small, bare body with astonished smiles and small cries of appreciation. "Woo!" 'Look at that!" "Wow!" She finally managed to crouch on the bars and pull her shorts up.

"Sorry, boys," she simpered. "Didn't mean to do that." "Do you see us complaining?" grinned Charles, and the other boys laughed. Cindy smiled.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked. "Yeah!" "You're beautiful!" "You're way hot!" She climbed down from the bars, ignoring the fact that her top had fallen from her shoulder again. She stood in front of the eight grinning boys, posing prettily with one flat little breast bare to her hard nipple. "What do you want to do now?" The boys looked at each other. "Let's go in the clubhouse," said Charles. The boys all got up. Charles gestured invitingly at the gap in the boards of the cubby, and Cindy went in.

The boys followed. It was just a rough shelter, but there was a later of old linoleum flooring covering the bare ground. It was a little dusty, but mostly clean. The boys began to sit down, crosslegged, and Cindy followed suit. This time, she made sure her pussy stayed covered. She sensed that something interesting was about to happen. Charles opened a metal box in a corner, removed something, then sat down opposite the little girl and showed her a deck of cards.

"Do you know how to play poker?" he asked. The boys grinned. "Sure," said Cindy. "Everybody knows that." "Do you know how to play STRIP poker?" he persisted. She looked at him doubtfully. "I only have two things on," she said.

He smiled. "We know," he said. Cindy smirked again. "You all just want to see me in the nuddy," she said. "Without any clothes on." The boys just grinned at her. She shrugged. "All right," she said, with a hint of a blush. "Let's 'ave a go." Charles began to deal the cards. "Now the way we play," he said, "is when you lose everything, you keep making bets to try and get your clothes back. You take dares and stuff. Okay?" Cindy nodded. This was going to be fun. The boys scooted closer, looking at her bare legs and chest eagerly.

Her breast was still bare. The first hand ended with Ricky losing. He pulled off a sneaker and grinned. Cindy giggled and pointed. He had a hole in his sock, and his big toe was sticking out bare.

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He laughed and wiggled it at her. Charles got up and put the sneaker in the metal box. From the raised eyebrows and open mouths, Cindy knew that this was something new; but she said nothing.

Her pussy was dripping-wet. The second hand had another boy losing a shoe, and then another; then Ricky lost his other sneaker. The boys were all staring at her, no matter who lost. They all knew what was coming, and so did Cindy. Finally, on the fifth hand, Cindy lost. She was growing impatient, and had thrown away two aces on the draw. She looked around at the boys, pretending shyness - and pulled off her top.

No one spoke, but the tension in the little shack was palpable. Cindy handed her top to Charles, who put it in the box. She sat there topless in front of them all - and defiantly stuck out her bare little chest as they stared. "It's nothing," she said. "I don't have any tits yet anyway." "You still look really pretty," said James quietly.

Cindy actually blushed. "Thank you," she whispered. Three hands later, it happened. The boys were all still fully dressed; several of them had lost one or both shoes, and Ricky had lost one sock.

That was all. Charles had lost nothing. Cindy threw away three queens, and lost with jack-high nothing. She stood up in front of all the boys, trembling a bit.

She hooked her thumbs in the loose waistband of her shorts, her only garment - they watched her avidly, staring with wide, excited eyes - Eleven-year-old Cindy stood in front of eight boys she hardly knew, all of them older than she, on the point of pulling down her shorts and going naked. She looked around at them with wide eyes, biting her lip in apprehension. She looked scared. She wasn't. She was thrilled. This was her dream, to show off bare-pussy in front of a group of strange boys and give them aching hard-ons.

She was eager to exhibit herself for their excitement. "Well?" said one of the boys. Cindy took a breath and yanked her shorts all the way down, stepped out of them, and threw them to Charles. She stood there holding her little hands over her hairless pussy as he put the last of her clothes in the metal box. The pretty little Aussie girl was stark naked in front of them all, and she loved it.

"What happens now?" she asked in a quivery little-girl voice. "We play some more," said Charles. "We dare you to do stuff. If you win, you get some of your clothes back. If you lose, you have to do it." "Okay." Cindy sat down in the circle again, naked, one small hand over her pussy.

The boys were all staring - and sweating. So was Cindy. It was a hot day, and she was gleaming as if oiled. Charles began dealing. "If you lose, you have to go outside and climb all over the monkeybars just like you are." "Okay." Cindy threw away two Jacks, and lost.

She started to get up. "Wait. Let's play a few more," said Charles. She sat down again. She noticed that her pussy was leaving a wet spot on the floor. James said, "You have to pee off the top of the bars all the way to the ground, facing us with your legs wide apart and your pussy sticking out." "Okay." She lost again, and Charles, curious, turned over the three cards she had thrown away.


They were all Aces. Cindy blushed and giggled as the boys looked at each other, smiling. "How about we forget the game and you just do what we say?" asked Charles, grinning. "If you don't, you don't get your clothes back." "Good onya!" she chirped, and stood up.

"What do you want me to do?" Ricky, the youngest of the boys but still older than Cindy, spoke up. "Show off your pussy," he said. "Let us all get a real good look at it for a real long time." "Okay!" she said again, and began to lean back and open her bare legs. "Outside," said James. Cindy shivered - and nodded. The boys went out the door, and Cindy came last, looking around cautiously. Barefoot and bare naked, she finally crept out of the cubby, thrilled at the thought that she was leaving all her covering in a box inside.

She had never felt so exposed and bare. She climbed up on the monkeybars again, and turned around to face the goggling boys - and gripped a bar above her head, spread her bare little feet wide, then slowly dropped into a deep squat and opened her bare thighs as wide as she could, swinging forward to expose her hairless little crotch as openly as possible. There was an intake of breath among the boys, and as one, they stared at Cindy's chubby, bald little pubic mound and her pink, flaring pussy lips.

She thrust her baby cunt forward as blatantly as she could manage; she wanted them all to see everything she had, and they did. "Look - you can even see her asshole," whispered Ricky. Cindy giggled and tried to show it off even more, waving her bare little ass and pussy in their faces.

"I'll stay like this as long as you want me to," she said with a naughty smile. "What do you have on, Cindy?" asked Lee, rubbing his fly and grinning. She giggled. "Nothing!" she squealed. "I'm naked in front of you all - and I have to do whatever you say! I'm your naked toy!" "Hold it open!" barked James. His face was red and he looked a little wild-eyed. Cindy balanced on the bar, hooked an arm around an upright one, then reached down and peeled her gleaming pussy lips back with both little hands.

She closed her eyes and turned her head shyly and said, "Look at my bare little cunny, boys - it's all wet and sloppy - " And, as they all stared directly into her open hole and at her exposed inner pussy walls, she began to squeeze and squelch her pussy muscles in front of them. "Oh, Jesus," said Billy. "Look at that." "She's fuckin' squeezin' it," said Lee.

His voice sounded strained. Cindy giggled and winked at them. "Like it?" "Turn around and stick out your ass," said Charles. She did, holding her fat little asscheeks apart obscenely and looking back at them over her shoulder with a smug smirk. Then she whirled and climbed to the top, bare as a baby, and did the Chinese splits on top of the bars. Her pretty bare legs were horizontal, splitting her naked young crotch wide open. Her pink pussy gaped at them, hanging open before all their eyes.

Cindy tugged at her pink nipples and squealed, "Ooo, I'm so BARE! Look at me, boys!" They were staring so hard their eyes were bugging out. Cindy was having the time of her life. "Watch this," she simpered, and slipped a pretty middle finger up her pussy and began to slide it in and out. "Ooo, that feels so good." Her pretty toes curled up and clenched tight as she slid her finger over her bare, swollen little clit. "Shit, she's fingerfuckin' herself right in front of us," grunted Lee.

He wiped his glasses and squeezed his crotch. Cindy giggled as she masturbated in front of them. "I know a secret," she trilled. "What?" said two or three of them together. "I know what you're all going to do when you get home today," she sang, working her little finger in her wet little hole as they stared. "What?" they asked again, suspiciously.

Cindy giggled again. "You're all going to get out your dongers and pull on them and try to remember what I looked like doing THIS without any clothes on," she squealed - and she leaned back and stretched her pink little hole wide, licking her lips and smiling lewdly. The boys stared and licked their own lips. A few of them nodded. "Why don't you do it now?" Cindy asked sweetly. "You don't have to wait. Wank to me now! I'll do anything you want me to." The boys looked at each other, grinned, and began to unbuckle and unzip their pants.

And naked little Cindy fingered her pussy excitedly. This was turning out to be even more fun than she'd hoped. "Why don't you come up one at a time and get a really close look?" asked Cindy in an excited tone. "Look, I'll get down here." The naked little girl climbed lower on the monkeybars, then hooked her bare legs around the bars so her pretty thighs were spread wide at eye level for her audience. Charles went first. He stood between Cindy's bare little feet and examined her bare, wet little pussy from a foot away - pulling at his bare cock the whole time.

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She looked up at him shyly and turned and twisted and lifted her ass toward him to show herself off. Charles finally moved out of the way, and his friend James took his place, staring at Cindy's bare pink cunt through his thick glasses and breathing hard as he jacked off to the naked cutie's innocently lewd display. After James came Lee, then David, then Billy and the others, till little Ricky went last. Cindy felt like a bare-pussy princess as the boys took their turns worshiping her cute bare vagina and stroking their stiff dicks.

She felt naughty and naked and beautiful. Charles stepped in to take another turn, and to her surprise, he took her bare little ass in both his hands and lifted her crotch to his face. This was the first time any of them had touched her. He looked at her pussy from inches away - and took a deep sniff. "Your pussy smells good, Cindy," he said, looking in her eyes.

"You smell hot and wet." "I am hot and wet," she said with a twinkle. She pulled her thighs up and farther apart, offering her pussy to him as he lifted her higher. Charles reached up and stroked her flat little chest, playing with her hard little nipples for a moment.

Cindy shivered and giggled.

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"I like that," she whispered. He smiled and caressed her chubby little bare ass - and then stroked her bare little pussy-mound. He ran a finger down her sweet wet pussy lips, and she gave a little shudder and squeaked, "Ooo!" He bent down and took another deep sniff, then made room for Jimmy again.

James pawed uncertainly at her bare chest, then stroked the insides of her bare thighs - which made her twist and coo with pleasure. He sniffed her wet pussy, too, over and over, and she lifted it to his face, too, as he jacked off and smelled her warm, wet little hole. All the others took their turns.

Cindy hung there on the monkeybars, bare naked and wide open, as the boys felt her bare skin and jacked off to her and smelled her juicy young cunt. She was in Heaven, stripped to her asshole without a hope of any clothes and showing off up close to boys she hardly knew. She posed and twisted and humped her bare pelvis sensuously, enjoying every hot second of their attention, watching the other boys watching her and jacking off as she gave herself to the one closest.

She was dripping-wet, and all the boys could see it and knew exactly what it meant. She had heard Charles whisper to James that on his next turn, he was going to taste her pussy; and she was impatient as Ricky stared at and smelled her bald baby crotch and pulled at his hard young dick. Finally, it was time for Charles's turn again. It made Cindy hot to know they were taking turns with her. She opened her little legs more widely yet, closing her eyes and offering her bare, wet pussy to Charles - in fact, her whole eleven-year-old body, naked and vulnerable and wide open.

She whispered, "Do anything you want with me. I'm just a cock-toy. I want to make you shoot, any way you want to. I'm naked so you can wank and shoot to me and make your donger feel good.

I'll do anything." Charles began to lick her pussy, and she forgot about the watching boys.

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She held her pussy open and whimpered as he ate her, lapping at her swollen little clit and sucking at her fat little lips. He dug his insistent tongue into her quivering hole and made her cry out and cry at the intensity of her orgasms. Then Jimmy took over. Where Charles liked to lick out Cindy's tender opening, Jimmy had a thing for sucking her bare, unprotected clit. Cindy was crying and creaming all over his mouth in front of them all, the whole time he had her.

They took turns licking out her bare, pink little hole and sucking her cum-button and slurping up her juices for more than two hours, changing places as their mouths got tired so she always had a fresh, eager, and busy young tongue on her bare baby clit. Cindy orgasmed in front of them, over and over, and they enjoyed watching the cute eleven-year-old nudie get her naked little rocks off in front of them, outdoors and in public without a stitch of clothes on. They enjoyed masturbating to her squeals and whimpers as she shivered and jerked naked in front of them all, holding her hairless, swollen little pussy open and begging for more.

--- They finally had Cindy climb down from the monkeybars. The naked little girl stood there shakily, looking at them bleary-eyed. "Wh-what do you want me to do now?" she quavered. "We tasted you. Why don't you taste us?" asked Charles with a grin.

He held out his stiff, dripping dick. Cindy looked down at it, smiled, and knelt at his feet. As the other boys watched in delighted astonishment, Cindy licked the foam and pre-cum from Charles's bare dickhead - and she looked at them watching, and smiled and winked as she did it. The pretty child made a nasty show of it - kissing and licking up and down Charles's shaft, slurping on it, licking his balls and dragging her tongue up the length of it underneath, smiling and blowing kisses at the other boys the whole time.

She finally took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it - and rolled her big eyes in ecstasy at the other boys and winked again as Charles groaned. Cindy sucked Charles's dick with relish, enjoying the intimate feel of his dickhead on her tongue and the taste of his salty pre-cum in her mouth.

She knew how it made him feel when she worked her little mouth on the flaring red rim of his head, and she slurped and slid her wet mouth on it sensuously.

Spit and cock-fluid drooled from her mouth - and she let it hang, knowing how nasty and obscene it looked. She looked at the other boys and posed with Charles's sloppy dick on her tongue, and smiled. They were jacking off to her again. The pretty, nude preteen continued to suck and lick at Charles's bare cock and smile at the boys. - till David said, "Hey! When is it MY turn?" Cindy giggled and kept her place as Charles moved back, and David came up and stuck out his hard cock, right in her face.

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She looked up at him and smiled lewdly - and put it in her mouth and sucked. Then she stopped for a second and looked at the staring boys. "I'll suck ALL of your doodles, boys," she said with a wet, dripping grin. "I want to make them feel GOOD!" Then she licked her own drool from David's quivering bone and went back to work on it.

Naked little Cindy sucked and licked and slurped on their bare cocks for more than two hours. When one of them spurted - James was the first - she giggled and made a show of catching his squirting, dribbling wad in her mouth, on her lips, on her cheeks and chin and face, of pumping his cock with her pretty little hand and letting the stringy cum drip and swing to her flat, bare chest, and of slurping up his cum from his still-dripping dick, as the other boys watched and wanked.

She looked at them and smiled and giggled and flirted as the sperm spurted on her tongue and into her open mouth, licking it up and wearing it on her cute face. The boys were moaning and jacking, and for almost twenty minutes, one after another shot in her face and in her mouth as Cindy showed off.

When one finished, another came up with his face pinched and red from holding it back, and stuck out his cock and began to spurt as Cindy took it in her soft, sperm-sticky hand and pumped his load into her sucking, slurping, smiling young mouth. When they paused, Cindy posed obscenely, licking her cummy lips and fingering her bare, bald pussy, egging them on in her sweet little-girl voice: "Keep wanking to me, boys!

I want more cum! I'm a naked little cock-toy and I want to make you shoot all day long! I'll do anything!" and before long they would be coming in for another round. Cindy came herself in front of them, over and over; sometimes looking up at them desperately as two or three boys shot in her face at once, sometimes when she was posing and masturbating for them between rounds.

She squealed and shivered and stuck out her pussy and made as big a show of cumming as she did of catching their wads. Cindy's pretty face was dripping with their thick blobs and strings, their cum coating it from her eyes downward and dangling from her chin and cheeks, dripping and running down her naked young body to her bare, red little pussy.

And still she fingered herself and licked her lips and opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue for more. They gave it to her. Eight young boys can produce a lot of sperm, and Cindy was wearing about a liter of it by the time they began to slow down.

She had been masturbating and posing naked and eating cum for hours. She climbed up on the monkeybars again and stuck out her swollen young pussy, squatting with her bare legs hooked around the bars and her arms above her head.

"Come rub your slimy dicks against my cunny, boys," she squealed, smiling happily. "Make me cum some more with your bare hard-ons!" They lined up and did it, sticking their bare cocks out and stroking her wet pink lips with their dickheads, and Cindy shivered and jerked and came for them, one after another.

She swung her spermy face back and forth and jittered on their dicks, smearing her sweet pussy-juice on their bare dickheads as they rubbed them on the teeny stiff nubbin of her baby clit. It had to happen. Charles whispered to his cousin David, "Watch this." Cindy was still covered with cum from her face downward. When his turn came again, Charles scooped up a dollop of it from her cheek, smeared it on her open pussy lips, and began to stroke his dickhead up and down on them - and then he yelled, "Everybody, LOOK!" And he thrust his bare dick inside the naked little girl's hairless, open pussy.

Cindy squealed and whimpered, twisting her pelvis as if she were trying to get away - but she held onto the bar above her head and kept her bare feet braced on the bar below her - and she kept her legs wide open and her pussy cocked upward as he began to slide his sperm-slick penis in and out.

"You're FUCKING me!" she cried. "You're FUCKING me NAKED in front of EVERYBODY!" He laughed and nodded, and Cindy closed her eyes and hunched back at him hungrily. "And I'm gonna CUM," she whimpered. "Fuck me. Oh, fuck me good." Charles pumped his sixteen-year-old hard-on in and out of her eleven-year-old cunt for a shockingly long time - after spurting three loads in her face, it took him a long time to cum again, and he savored every second of it.

Her tiny pussy was as tight and slick as a too-small condom and twitched and squeezed on his sensitive cock as he fucked her, in and out, in and out.

Cindy twisted and shook and savored it, too. Charles's dick was her first, and it thrilled her to take it naked and dripping with cum in front of her wide-eyed audience; and she loved the way it filled up her baby hole and seemed almost to drag her insides in and out with it as it plunged and pumped in her slippery, rubber-tight, virgin hole.

She came on it within a minute, them came again - and again, and again, working her bare little belly and jacking her chubby hips on his hard young cock. The other boys were jacking off again, of course, thrilled and enthralled at the spectacle of the beautiful, stark naked, cum-splattered child getting her preteen pussy deeply fucked by the older boy's stiff organ. She shimmied and shook and came on his dick, looking at the boys helplessly, her cute face decorated with their sperm.

She grimaced in her orgasm and made sure her legs were spread wide so everyone could see her little pussy being reamed out by Charles's wet, sliding dick.

Finally, Charles rammed in deep and shot in her pussy. He grunted, and she came all over it to the slick, wet feel of his sperm as he spurted deep inside her - and the boys gasped and wanked faster at the sight of his cum dripping from her pussy with his dick still buried in it.

Cindy cried, "You're SHOOTING in my PUSSY!" for the boys' benefit as she stared at them slit-eyed and shuddered in her own orgasm - And when Charles pulled out and left her hanging there, her little hole flaring open and red and dripping with his sperm, she looked at the boys, licked her sloppy lips, wiggled her bare little toes, and simpered, "Well?

Who's next?" They took turns fucking the naked little Aussie for another hour, till sperm-strings hung from her swollen pussy to the ground. She came more than a hundred times.

She remembered moments as long as she lived, keyed to the things she said: "Told you I'd do anything." "Am I the first girl you ever fucked?" "You're FUCKING me and I can't remember your NAME!" "Can you feel that?

Does it feel good?" "Ooo, your dick is squirting in my little cunthole - and I don't even know you!" "FUCK me! Harder! HARDER!" "Ooo, shoot in my pussy while I squeeze it." "Let me lick all your dicks clean." Little Cindy knelt naked and slurped up her own juices with their cum as she cleaned their cocks with her sweet mouth, and she reveled in it as they stared.

"I'm just a little fucky girl, boys," she cooed as they watched her lick.

"I'm your cock-toy. I'll do anything." "Anything?" said David. "Absolutely anything?" said Charles. She sat back on her heels and looked up at them, then scooped up a blob of cum from her oozing pussy and licked it from her fingers. "Anything," she said. The boys looked at each other and grinned - and naked little Cindy shivered.

What was she setting herself up for? --- Next day, Cindy's parents were gone to Irving again, and she was once more on her own. She wore a more ordinary pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and this time she wore a pair of almost-barefoot string sandals. She skipped happily down the sidewalk toward the vacant acreage, wondering what would happen today. Before the older boys gave her back her clothes, they made her swear to come back to the cubby the next day and do anything they told her - no matter what it was.

And she had agreed. The pretty eleven-year-old walked across the open field alone, glad she had worn sandals. The day was warm again, and she felt the sheen on sweat on her face and body. She had sweated hard yesterday, she thought, sucking and fucking naked for all those nasty boys. And today they had had a whole day to plan something else for her.

I'll bet I sweat even harder today, she thought with a thrill of fear and anticipation. She saw the boys gathered around the cubby as she approached, and they were all staring at her and grinning. When she was nearing the group, she said, "G'day, cobbers! My oldies are gone again today, so I'm your wanking toy for the whole afternoon!" Then she looked at the group and noticed something. "Where's Charles?" she asked. His cousin David grinned. "He'll be here," he said. "He's bringing a friend." "Ooo, bonzer!" squealed Cindy.

She was delighted. Another strange boy to exhibit her pussy to! "What do you want me to do today?" Lee pointed, grinning.

"Climb up there first," he said. Cindy looked at the monkeybars. She saw that a couple of planks had been wired to the very top, making a sort of rude stage, nine feet in the air. She kicked off her sandals and scrambled to the top, where she stood trembling. The cute preteen could see for hundreds of yards around; she was very high up, and felt very vulnerable and visible, very much on public display.

She knew what was coming next. "Now take off all your clothes," said Ricky. "Throw them down here." Cindy hesitated for only a second, but she looked around fearfully as she pulled off her T-shirt and threw it down to the waiting boys.

She shivered, then yanked her shorts down and off and kicked them away, too. The child was naked. Ricky picked up her shorts, and carried them, her T-shirt, and her sandals into the cubby. She heard the metal box open and close, and she knew all of her clothes were now locked away. Little Cindy was stark naked and at these nasty, horny older boys' mercy.

She stood on the high platform and covered her pussy modestly with her hands, thrillingly conscious of having nothing on at all. The seven boys were staring at her avidly, grinning and rubbing their hard-ons through their pants. "Dance naked!" said Lee. "Real dirty! Show off your pussy and wiggle for us real nasty and sexy!" Cindy looked down at the boys and shivered again. They were all staring at her and unzipping their pants, getting their bare dicks out and starting to stroke them.

She was sweating copiously, her bare skin baking in the hot Texas sun. Cindy was only eleven years old, but she knew what to do. She crouched with her bare little feet wide apart on the plank, put her hands behind her head, and began to snap her bare, glistening little crotch up and forward rhythmically.

"Ooo, boys, look at me!" she squealed childishly. "I don't have any CLOTHES on!" The boys pumped their bare gleaming dicks with their eager fists, staring at the pretty, naked, sweat-shiny little girl and enjoying her shameless pussy-pumping wank-it-to-me dance. She bounced on her heels, making the plank bounce and every square inch of her chubby, shiny young body quiver and jiggle.

She moved one bare little foot to the other plank and squatted, exposing her naked pussy even more blatantly and sticking it out. Squatting even lower, she peeled her hairless baby cunt wide open and hunched at them obscenely, mimicking the motions of fucking as she smiled and simpered, "You can take turns FUCKING me again today, boys!

I'm just a naked little FUCKY girl! Ooo, why don't you all slide your bare dicks in and out of my little pussy hole and shoot your sperm-wads inside my bare baby cunny again?" Cindy slid one pretty middle finger up her bald young pussy and began to fingerfuck herself in front of them all, stark naked and nine feet in the air.

She looked around at the acres of open fields around her, sweating and shivering in fear and excitement. She had never felt so naked and exposed. The cute eleven-year-old nudie fingered herself excitedly, enjoying the feel of her little finger scrubbing her bare baby clit and wriggling in her tiny pink hole.

She was running with sweat, gleaming all over as if she were oiled. The boys watched her and jacked off, grinning and laughing at her - and she didn't understand why. The boys wanked and stared - but Cindy was obscurely aware that they were holding back somehow. No matter how she stretched and felt up her baby hole and squealed about being fucked, they seemed to be cruelly amused. It was as if they knew something she didn't.

And then, as she stuck out her bare little clit and showed off the inside of her wet preteen cunthole on the edge of cumming, she saw Charles coming toward her over the hilll - and she understood. The naked little girl moaned, "Oh, no." and she began to cry, shuddering in shock and humiliation.

Now she knew why the boys were grinning at her so wickedly. Charles was leading the biggest German Shepherd she had ever seen. Even at this distance, she could see the dog's big furry balls dangling and the long sheath of his big doggy dick. Cindy rubbed her clit and stretched her hole and sobbed, knowing what was coming.

The naked child realized she was going to be violated by an animal in front of all these laughing boys before she could get her clothes back.

To her embarrassment and horror, she came in front of them all, jerking and shaking at the thought of being fucked by a beast for these wanking boys' entertainment. She was horrified and thrilled and terrified and orgasming all at once.

The boys saw her shuddering shock and naked climax, saw where she was looking, and laughed and high-fived each other in delight. "We're gonna make you fuck a dog, Cindy!" David laughed. "You're gonna be a naked fucking whore for a DOG!" "We're gonna watch you cum naked on that dog's penis while we watch and take pictures!" shouted Lee, grinning.

Cindy could only squint at them from her high perch and cum, her face distorted in fear and eagerness. The dog was so enormous, and she was so small and bare and helpless. Naked little Cindy climbed down from the monkeybars and stood there trembling as Charles approached with the huge German Shepherd. He was smiling, but not grinning cruelly as the other boys were.

"Hi, Cindy," he said. "This is my dog Bozo." The dog was looking at the naked little girl, and he was panting with the heat. His enormous tongue was lolling out and dripping with dog-spit. Cindy was staring at that long, dripping tongue. Her hairless young pussy was dripping, too. The boys watched her, grinning with anticipation. Suddenly Bozo's mouth snapped shut. His wet, gleaming black nose began to twitch.

He was sniffing, his eyes suddenly bright and focused. The dog began to strain against the leash. Charles held him back as the naked little girl shivered and tried to cover her hairless pussy with her hands.

"No, Cindy," said Charles. "Come closer. Crouch down and stick it out. Let him smell it." Cindy did as she was ordered. She hooked one small finger in her mouth and shivered as she bent her knees and thrust her pelvis forward, and Charles slowly allowed the eager dog to come closer.

His nose was quivering as he sniffed at the naked child's pink and glistening little slit. Clear saliva drooled from his black lips, and he licked his chops eagerly. "Hold it open," said Charles.

Cindy looked at him pleadingly, knowing exactly what was about to happen, but Charles only nodded at her and said, "Do it." Her bare little hands moved to either side of her hairless baby mound, and as the boys sniggered and rubbed their dicks through their pants, she reluctantly pulled her pink lips apart and stuck her pussy out even farther. The enormous beast was fighting the leash, straining to get at the little girl's bare, exposed vagina, and Charles was working hard to hold him back.

He slowly let the huge dog move forward, till his wet black nose - almost as big as the child's fist - was a quarter-inch from her quivering open pussy.

Bozo was snuffling and sniffing loudly, his sensitive nose filled with the smell of Cindy's wet young cunt, salivating at her delicate scent. The dog began to growl, deep in his furry throat. Suddenly, Bozo's foot-long tongue whipped out and slapped the cute eleven-year-old nudie's bare pussy, sliding up the length of her little slit, dripping wetly. The child squealed and jumped - but she kept holding herself open. Bozo began to lap at Cindy's pussy eagerly.

She bit her lip and whimpered, and the boys laughed and taunted her. "What's the matter, Cindy? That doesn't feel GOOD, does it?" There was a large rock, maybe two feet high, that thrust out of the ground a short distance from the cubby. The boys had Cindy sit on it and lean back, and they held up her back and held her legs apart as Charles brought the excited, shivering dog over to her. Cindy was being held by four or five boys, who were not shy about feeling her bare little chest and ass and thighs, as Charles allowed the drooling German Shepherd to slurp and snuffle in her tender, exposed young crotch.

She struggled and shuddered as the enormous dog rooted in her pussy, his huge tongue slurping and dragging and whipping against her tender wet lips and swollen little clit. "Oh, no." she whimpered, as Lee and David held her little pussy open for Bozo's busy tongue, all four of their grimy hands stretching her tender vagina wide.

The dog licked her hungrily, lapping and flapping his huge tongue in her trembling vagina. She was squealing and shivering as Bozo ate her enthusiastically. The boys held the naked young girl so she was hunched over, able to watch as the enormous dog worked on her open cunt.

And she shuddered as she noticed something. Bozo's bare pink penis had slid out of its furry sheath and was slapping against his belly, stiff and swollen.

The knot at its base was as big as a baseball, and the six or seven inches of its length in front of the knot tapered to a walnut-sized head that was leaking clear fluid. Bozo began to crouch and hump, thrusting his huge bare cock at the naked little girl as he licked and rooted in her swollen young pussy.

The boys held her open and grinned at her grimaces as she felt the dog's rough tongue sliding and slapping and slurping against her sensitive pussy lips and bare, raw clit. Cindy was about to cum, and they all knew it. Charles carefully let the dog inch forward, till he was slurping and licking at the little girl's face and his stiff, pink, alien cock was a inch from her wet little pussy.

Cindy's eyes were closed and her mouth open, and as Bozo licked her face, she licked back. She nuzzled his furry face with her cheek and sucked on his long, flat tongue, and Lee and David held her pussy open wider as he strained against his leash to get at it. The frantic dog was hunching desperately, and the boys crowded around to watch as the tip of his vibrating penis touched the child's pink, wet pussy lips. She was hunching too, pumping her pale little hips upward, rubbing her bald baby cunt against the dog's swollen, angular dickhead.

Charles held the animal back, but Bozo fought frantically, humping hard as the tip of his misshapen cock danced and quivered between the naked little girl's tender pink labia - and she opened her bare young legs wider and rolled her pussy upward for it.

She whimpered and squealed and finally whispered, "Let him do it." The boys crowded closer and watched as the pretty, sweat-shiny, naked little girl embraced the huge canine with her pale young arms and gave him her tiny pussy. Charles eased Bozo forward till three inches of his stiff animal penis was stabbing rapidly into the child's glistening baby cunt. Cindy gasped and looked up at the gaping boys in humiliation and embarrassment and shivering excitement.

She was naked and fucking a dog in front of them all - and she loved it. Bozo had four inches of his tapering pink dick in her, then five. Her naked pussy was opening wider as the thicker part of his excited doggy dick stabbed into her hairless little hole, and she humped back at him eagerly. "So nasty," she gasped. "I'm so nasty." The dog began to growl and grunt, humping hard at the naked little girl's wide-open crotch.

Cindy whimpered and clung to him, her bare little toes and big eyes both clenched hard in sexual excitement. The dog growled louder, with a note that made the hair on their necks stand up. Bozo was desperate and growing frustrated. "What's going on?" whispered Ricky.

"What's wrong with him?" "He's trying to get his knot in her pussy," said Charles. "He'll keep on fucking her till he can. He can't cum till she's squeezing that knot in her cunt." "Shit, it's too big for her!" said James. "He's gonna hurt her! Rip her open or somethin"!" Cindy, hearing, looked up at them fearfully, then bit her lip and gave it up.

"I'm c-cumming - " Just as the eleven-year-old baby slut slid over the edge, Charles released the animal entirely. The huge dog imstantly began trying to jam his huge pink knot all the way into her tiny opening as the naked little girl opened it up to him, shuddering in hot climax as her lips and clit were battered by the bare alien organ.

The dog slammed into her hard and blindingly fast, five times a second, licking her distorted face as she kept on cumming. His knot was hammering at her tiny hole, but it wouldn't go in. Suddenly the naked child grabbed the dog's big knot with both her little hands and began to squeeze - and the boys realized that Cindy was actually working to make the big dog cum in her pussy. She hunched against him hungrily and massaged his huge knot with her small fingers as Bozo shuddered and fucked like the frantic animal he was.

The dog's furry back arched as he thrust his cock as far forward as he could, and little Cindy wrapped her bare young legs around the huge dog and jerked in orgasm, crying out, "Shoot in me, boy! Shoot in me!" A flood of white-streaked clear fluid suddenly erupted from the girl's hairless, violated hole, spilling around the dog's big knot as she squeezed and pulled at it desperately. Bozo shook all over and thrust hard as he unloaded what looked to be a pint of canine semen in the naked child's tender, battered vagina.

Cindy, still jerking in orgasm as her pussy gushed animal sperm, gasped, "Good dog, boy.NNGH. Good doggy, Bozo." The boys looked on in astonishment as Cindy, shivering, suddenly slid off the rock and squatted under the big dog - and began to lick and slurp on his swollen penis, still holding his knot in her little hands, slobbering on the animal's cum-sloppy, misshapen dick like it was a giant lollipop as it was still spurting.

Her pussy was red and swollen and drooling doggy cum, hanging open with strings and blobs hanging to the ground between her small bare feet. Long squirts of clear cum shot into her open mouth and on her face as she slurped on the dog's still-ejaculating penis. Her little hands were kneading the animal's knot as she milked out the last of his cum. Finally, the dog stopped shooting, and he comically flopped on his side, panting. His cock began to shrink visibly, and with surprising speed.

The naked, trembling little girl kissed the dog's shrinking dick affectionately, then looked up at the boys with a tired, but shyly wicked, smile. She was splattered with slimy dog-cum from her eyes to her bare toes, her bald pussy gaping and trailing ropes of it to the ground. "Am I nasty enough for you, boys?" she asked sweetly. "I told you I'd do anything." She squatted in front of the exhausted dog's nose and held her swollen, inflamed pussy open - and Bozo sniffed it, his big nose working.

Then, without lifting his head, he began to lick it. As the boys stared and finally began to unbuckle their pants, Cindy looked up at them and stuck her pussy out for the dog to lick. She was already shivering with the strain again as the dog's huge tongue slapped and lapped at her bare, raw little hole and swollen clit. "Sorry I'm so MODEST, boys," she simpered as they jacked off to her and offered their dicks to be sucked.

The naked, cum-dripping little girl shivered at the dog's insistent licking as the boys took turns shooting in her pretty face and she came, hunching naked for them, again and again. Cindy never quite remembered how she got home that day. She vaguely remembered being carried naked by many hands, bathed in warm water, and then gently dressed.

At the front door of the house where she and her parents were staying, Cindy kissed many young boys' mouths, giving them all her tongue, and then stumbled to her room where her parents found her sleeping late that afternoon.

The next day, they flew back to Sydney. She never saw Charles or Lee or David or any of the boys again. But even many years later, hearing the name "Texas" would make Cindy smile - and though she never owned one, she accumulated a number of books featuring photographs of German Shepherd dogs.

She wondered if those horny Texas boys remembered all the things she had done, and if they ever masturbated to the memory of them as she did. And then she'd smile. She knew.