Amateur brunette ass fucked on homemade video

Amateur brunette ass fucked on homemade video
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As they arrived at Sam's, Chris knew he was in for more than he bargained with. Sam was all over him and he wanted to know what Sam and Talia had been up to. Before he knew it Sam was at the end of the bed crawling up towards him.

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This is the thing that turned him on the most. As her pussy began to get wet Sam began to kiss at her thighs. This was sooo hot and Chris wished this would never end. Just as he thought this Sam ripped off his G-string and ploughed her tongue into her pussy.

The feeling was electrifying as her pussy got assaulted by this hot slut. She began to moan feeling her nipples get hard in her bra.


This was the horniest she had ever been and all of a sudden all she could think about was sucking a nice long hard cock while her pussy was being eaten out.

Wait where did this thought come from? The thought of sucking a dick normally repulsed Chris but she was so horny she didn't even care, all she wanted was some nice cock in her mouth. She could tell this wasn't Sam's first time at eating a girl out, she was hitting all the right spots and making Chris move all about the bed. This little slut definitely knew what she was doing and it wasn't long until Chris underwent an earth shattering orgasm, making her grab onto the sheets as she began shaking almost uncontrollably.

This was a new feeling. Chris had never thought about sucking a dick for pleasure for himself before but now this is all that he could think of. "Sam, I think it's time u put the strap on and fuck me like the little slut I am" Said Chris. Sam didn't hesitate and before he knew it Sam was standing in front of her with the 10 inch dildo protruding from her pelvis.

All Chris could think about was making this glorious cock disappear down his throat. As she got to her knees she secretly began to make changes to Sam. He got rid of the fake cock and instead began to grow out her clit into a real 10" cock.

It was magnificent and if she hadn't been wet already it wouldn't have taken long as this amazing cock dangled at half-mast merely inches from her face. She leant out to kiss the tip. Sam let out a moan of pleasure as Chris began to lick on the tip of her magnificent cock. It began to grow out to its full size as Chris worked it into her mouth.

She suddenly hit her gag reflex, but as before she wished it away and then began to take the whole cock down her throat. The feeling of Sam's pulsating cock in her throat was exhilarating. She literally fucked Sam's cock with her face taking it all down her throat again and again. She wanted to feel Sam's seed shoot down her throat.

After about 10 minutes of constant assault on Sam's cock, Chris was rewarded with the sensation of Sam's hot cum shooting down her throat. The feeling was amazing and something that had Chris addicted to sucking cock. After Sam had come down from her orgasm Chris wished her cock away and replaced it again with her sweet tight, smooth pussy. Chris could still feel a little of Sam's cum in his mouth and began to kiss Sam sensuously, exchanging the cum into Sam's mouth, which she happily accepted.

"Talia you are the best at getting me off "Sam said, letting off a sigh as she laid back down into the pillows on the bed "we need to do this more often" Chris said as she began to change back into the sexy clothes that he had bought that day and headed home. This was definitely one of the best adventures that he had been on since discovering his power. Over the weekend he began to experiment more with his shape shifting ability. This involved more changing into female forms.

He began to make up his own forms from the best features from many different girls whom he knew and also celebrities. He ended up with a hot blonde bombshell who had fantastic tits that were at least a C to a D cup, a nice slim waist with a toned mid riff and an ass that was absolutely to die for.

Tonight wasn't about getting with some hot chick who he knew, this was another assignment on its own. He was out to get the hottest guy he could with the best, biggest cock he could find to take it all down his throat.

For some reason he couldn't get out of his mind the sensation of feeling Sam's cock force its way all the way down her throat. The thought of it made her wet just thinking about it. Chris decided that the best name for his new persona was Lucy. As Lucy headed for town, dressed in a nice short dress that showed off her best assets. This was of course her entire body along with her gorgeous blonde hair and pretty face. This short black dress was accompanied by some amazing black stilettos that just made her ass and legs look out of this world.

She knew she wouldn't need any ID or money due to the fact that she was just that hot.

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It took only a matter of seconds before guys were hitting on her in the first bar she even walked into. She began scouting for some talent turning guys away left right and centre. She noticed a lot of guys ogling her ass and tits and the jealous stares from their girlfriends. She also noticed a lot of girls checking her out as well. It wasn't long until she saw the guy she wanted. He came in off the dance floor and upto the bar.

Chris quickly followed him and "accidently" bumped into him.

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This was it, it was really happening! As he bumped into him he did it in a way to feel what she would be dealing with later on. As he apologised he asked to buy her a drink. Deciding to take the lead and not mess around Chris was straight to the point. "Im Lucy, and you aren't going be buying me a drink, you are going to take me to your place right now and I'm going to blow your mind". She hadn't even gotten his name and before she knew it they were in his car speeding back towards his apartment.

All the time while sitting in his car she began running her hand up and down his thigh and then rested it on his dick. She could tell he was getting hard and a little bit of rubbing confirmed that.

She knew she was dealing with at least 8 inches, and this guy looked like he knew exactly what to do with it. He was tall, muscular and had the hardest abs ever. Chris was just shocked, he looked like he had been photoshopped but in real life.

She took him all in, knowing that his form will be used at later dates for getting some hook-ups with some hot girls.

It wasn't long until they were at his apartment. It was flash and in a very upmarket area. He knew this guy must be loaded. Before she knew it they were in his bedroom.


He had his pants off in a flash and was down to just his underwear. She was getting wet looking at his sculpted body and his underwear showed off and impressive bulge. Before Chris knew what he was doing, she found herself on her knees staring at the bulge in his underwear. She gently grabbed the waistband and removed the last barrier between her and his magnificent cock. As she pulled down his underwear his cock popped up and out of the waistband, sitting at just over half mast, barely inches away from her face.

She licked he lips and placed a little kiss on the head of his penis. It jumped from the sensation and he let out a groan. She quickly engulfed his head and began swirling it around in her mouth and sucking on it like a lollipop.

She thought his knees would buckle as he let out a low deep moan of ecstasy. She then licked up and down the length of his rod getting it nice and slick before attacking it, shoving the whole thing right down her throat, all 9 inches of his manhood disappeared.

She left it there as long as she could before coming back up for air and going back down again. She could tell he was in a world of pleasure, and she was too, feeling this huge cock pulsating down her throat. It gave her a sense of power as she worked up and down his rod. She began with long deep slow strokes working up speed. Then she started fondling his balls and she could tell that he was close. Taking his amazing cock out of her throat she began to run her tongue around his head, playing with it in her mouth.

This was such an amazing feeling and she knew she had to finish him off. She wanted to taste him, so she upped her efforts, taking him into her throat vigorously.

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He let out a moan and she quickly bought his head back into her mouth so she could taste his cum. As his head came back into her mouth he exploded. She felt at least 10 bursts of cum fill her mouth. The taste was slightly salty but amazing at the same time.

Taking his cock out of her mouth she stood up and opened her mouth to show him his cum filling her mouth. Then closing her mouth she swallowed the whole lot before leaning in and giving him a sensuous kiss. She laughed a little on the inside knowing that he could taste his own seed on her tongue.

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His hands then raised to her boobs, fondling them and instantly making her nipples go rock hard. She involuntarily let out a moan as his other hand went straight for her ass and squeezed it. Of course she wasn't wearing any underwear so his hand, when it slipped up and under her short skirt instantly found her dripping cunt.

He rubbed his fingers up and down her dripping pussy as she pushed her hips into his hand, grinding up against his palm and wanting to feel his fingers penetrate her. She then broke the kiss.

Removing the dress and then slowly reaching back she undid her bra, letting her gorgeous tits out… To be continued :)

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