Teilt seine heiße Frau 1

Teilt seine heiße Frau 1
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He didn't try to date anyone else after Egypt. He kept to himself and lived as if he didn't care about them. He and Ken remained friends. We all knew he was hurt, but no one was as hurt as Jean, who always took Egypt back.


Jean was always the nice one, a smart beautiful blonde who had been faithful to Egypt through it all. I can't remember how it happened, but I do remember the conversation. Collin and I had the same hobby of working at the wood shop in the center. He wasn't as advanced as me in his skills, mainly because he only used the space to try and charm the girls who worked up here.

We were good friends. We talked often and hung out sometimes. I hadn't seen him around as much, so it was a nice surprise when he started showing up again. One night we both were working pretty late and he was in a bad mood. He hadn't said anything to me when he came in. I decided to leave him alone and tried to finish the train I was working on.

It was toy for Ben's future baby since Anari was pregnant.

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I now working on the small details. Out of nowhere, I felt something poking my backside. It was large and hard, which causes me to panic. Two hands pressed my onto the table, making the tools roll to the floor. My stomach pressed against the train. "I've been watching you, Mark." Collin bit my ear, pressing his pelvis further.


I didn't know what to do. How could I respond to a man like this.

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He was pretty strong so it wasn't like I was going to fight him. I'd only been with a man once before, for only a week when I went through an alcoholic phase.

" I think that you're not really into women.

You don't play the field like the rest of us. Why is that?" " I-I just keep to myself." He laughed, pressing himself further onto me. " Tell you what Mark, I'm going to go ahead and give you something to think about. You just relax." He pulled my pants down, sliding them to my knees. He cupped my balls, running his thumbs into them over and over again.

I couldn't really believe this was happening. For a few years I've watched him run around with all of these women and now here he was having his way with me. This sculpted ladies' man was coming to fuck me. " Tell me how many times you've been with a woman, Mark." He bent me over, using he other hand to push the train out of the way.

He spread my cheeks, slipping his finger into my ass hole. I cringed.

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Collin laughed, pushing the finger further. He pressed my back down. " I've had sex plenty of times. I've been with about six women in my life." " How about men?" " Just one." " How'd you like that?" " Well, I was the one pointing something in him." He slipped his finger in and out, adding another.

" How'd you like fucking a man, Mark?" " I'm not really sure. I was drunk most of the time." He took his fingers out. " Tell me how it feels." I felt his pants slide down. He pushed my legs apart and proceeded in pushing his manhood into my small hole. I screamed, trying move away from it.

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" Hush Mark, I think it's some people downstairs in the ballet room." He was huge, probably ten good inches before you add how thick he was. My hole was being torn apart. He was slow at first, pumping himself in and out. He hooked himself onto my hips. " Mark, I'm not stopping until you're full of my cum." He slammed into me, quickening the pace.

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I was in so much pain. I could feel his manhood going too far into me. His breathing was as rough as mine, moaning louder. I loved it. I began to meet his quick thrusts, slapping my ass against his lower abs. He pulled the hand off my back, lifting me from the table. I was standing up, his manhood pushed up further into me. He locked his arms around mine and lifted me up, then back down. He couldn't this motion.

" Mark baby," His voice was rich and husky. I'd never felt so connected to someone. He fucked me like this into a felt the full release shoot into me.

He unhooked his arms and bent me back over the table while he pumped another load into me. He moaned my named as I thrusted myself backwards to feel it all. After a few minutes, he pulled out.

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I turned around and kissed him. His plump lips attacked mine, picking me up and placing me on the table. I ran my hands along his chest, running them through the lines between his abs. Our manhoods rested on each other, his still throbbing. He kissed down my neck, taking one of my nipples between his teeth. He cupped my balls, pushing his manhood up and down my stomach.

I grabbed it, squeezing it while jacking him off. He looked at me, fire spewing from his brown eyes. He moved my hand, smiling. " I'm glad to see you're so excited, Mark, but I think this isn't the place. I can get very wild and I'm sure you want to walk out of here." He kissed me quickly before pulling up his pants and leaving. I sat there, trying to catch my breath.

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I had just been fucked my one of the sexiest people in the neighborhood, and no, it wasn't a woman. I didn't know how to process it. I jumped off the table and put my pants back on, feeling the cum stick to my pants. I flew down the stairs, only to bump into him talking to some woman. She asked if I was alright and I immediately apologized to them both. She nodded and nudged Collin with a wink before going back into the ballet room.

He turned to me, winking at me as he slipped out of the exit.