Free gay sex video clips without registration Kirk Taylor has arrived

Free gay sex video clips without registration Kirk Taylor has arrived
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Part 48: Foreshadowing I awoke, a blanket hastily draped over us, struggling to cover our naked bodies still wet from the night before. "Breakfast," I heard Anne say behind me. I sat up somewhat and looked at the doorway.

Anne was looking right at us, easily seeing our naked bodies. "Fun night?" She asked. "Sure was," Holly said, waking up. "We'll have to shower first," I said. "I'll keep it warm," She said, walking off.

"I'll go first," Holly said, extricating herself from our entangled mess. She quickly went to the door, peeking around the corner before dashing into the bathroom naked. I laid back, waiting for her to finish in the shower. I heard the water start running. A minute or two into Holly's shower, Anne walked in. I held the blanked up, covering myself. "What are you packing under there?" She asked. "Can I at least see it?" "I don't think so," I said. Anne quickly grabbed the blanked at the foot of the bed and yanked, catching me off guard.

The blanket flew off, leaving me completely naked. "Oh that's nothing to be ashamed of John," she said. "That's a good size." "That's not what I'm worried about," I said. "I'm worried about your daughter, or your husband and what they might think," I said.


"Holly wants me to fuck you, she wants me to see if you two are missing out on anything, and James? He's next door with our neighbors having sex," She said, standing over me. "You are swingers?" I asked. "Yes," She said. "We are too," I said smirking. "I know, and I know you two make porn too, and I know when you bust a nut it flows like a river," Anne said. Obviously Holly did tell her about this stuff.

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"Okay, so they are okay with it, so you just want us to have sex, right here?" "Why not?" She asked, opening her bath robe. "It must be in the genes or something," I said. "What?" "You and Holly are just alike, pushy for sex," I clarified. "Yeah, we'll do that," She said, revealing her naked body to me for the first time. She really did look good for her age, her full c cup breasts and soft white skin.

"Stand up, let me look you over," She said. I complied.

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"That looks like a nice strong young dick," She said, staring at me. My cock was coming to life. Anne dropped to her knees, carefully examining my cock, grabbing it and moving it all around. She tongued the head, lightly licking down the shaft and around my balls. She had just started giving me head when Holly walked in, only a towel wrapped around her. "Well hi there guys," She said, sitting on the bed. Anne kept sucking me off. "Who gives better blowjobs?" Holly asked me.

"Well," I started, "I don't know yet…" About that time Anne started to vigorously suck me off, deepthroating and taking in my whole cock, pleasuring me amazingly.

My knees weakened immediately. "Oh, Jesus," I muttered. "Whoah!" Holly said, cheering her on. "I don't think my neck is strong enough for that," She said. Her mother kept sucking me. "Come show me your technique," Anne said to Holly. "Okay," Holly said, dropping the towel and kneeling beside her mother. Holly started to suck me off, deepthroating and working very quickly.

They traded off, my cock switching mouths over and over, as the exchanged tips on cock sucking, critiquing each other. Anne was the lucky winner, my cock squirting semen into her mouth.

"Well that wasn't a river," Anne said. "Well, twice last night is going to put a dent in it," I said. "Yeah, you should have seen it Thursday night, a fucking cumsplosion all over me," Holly said to her mother. I could barely believe the absurdity of the situation. "I need a shower," I said, walking away. That night we had dinner on the back deck with two of their neighbors.


Julie and Andy lived on one side, they had two kids that were ten and twelve, who were at a friends house. Will and Carol live on the other side, they were in their early forties but didn't have any kids. After the introductions we sat down to eat a great meal that Anne made for us. I kept getting inquisitive looks from the four neighbors at the table, looking over the new guy, as if I had to earn all of their approval.

For the most part, I felt like I was trying to fit in, not understanding most of the conversations. "So, John," Will started, "Have you found a job yet?" "No, I just put out my resume, I think it's a little early to start worrying," I said for about the twelfth time in a week. "No use worrying about these things," Andy said.

"Who wants to play a little poker?" James proposed. "I'm game," I said. The men would all play, the women all opted out. "Oh come on, Holly you should play," I tried, she denied. The tale was cleared, the women all went inside, the summer air turning cold. James retrieved the box that contained chips and cards and returned to the table. Anne brought all the guys a round of Beers. "You know how to play Hold em'," James asked, shuffling the deck, Andy divvying out the chips.

"Yeah I used to play with some of my friends," I said.

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"Twenty dollar buy-in," James said. I retrieved a twenty from my wallet, handing it to put in the 'bank.' "Your wife is looking awful nice tonight, James," Andy said. I was kind of surprised by the comment, but the picture was coming into perspective.

"You're just saying that cause I did your wife this morning," James replied. "You know who I am envious of?" Will said. "John, here. He's gets to fuck the product of you and Anne." "I hear that," Andy said. "I bet she is a wildcat, am I right?" He asked me. "umm…" I was slightly uncomfortable, Holly's father sitting across from me.

"It's alright John, you can answer the question," He said. "Yes," I said. "You two fuck other people?" Andy asked. "Yes they do," James started. "In fact, he nearly fucked my wife this morning," James said, dealing the cards. "So…you all have sex with each other's wives?" I asked. "And here, I though you were a quick learner Morrison," James said. "Is this…is this normal?" I asked. "I mean, is this the way it is everywhere?" "No, why do you think divorce rate is 50%, lots of cheating, we're the smart ones don't you think?" Andy said.

"In any case, its hard to argue against the fringe benefits," Will said. "Yeah like your wife's ass," James said. "You going to look at your cards son?" "Oh right," I said, suddenly remembering the game. I pulled up the corner of my hole pair. 7D 10C. I folded pre-flop. The hand played out, Andy pulled it out with two pair.

Now that we had talked about sex right off the bat, I felt a little more comfortable. "So, I guess you guys should have some insight into this.

What can I expect after the wedding?" I asked. "You mean honeymoon, or after, after?" Andy asked. "After after," I said. "You know, I don't think we had less sex, I think we experimented more, such as with other people, but I think it was about the same," Andy said. "Loses some of its mystique, have to do something to keep both of you interested, that's the key," Will said.

"How's this for keeping it interesting. Winner sleeps with the loser's woman," Andy said. "Unless of course that combination happens to be illegal," He said, looking at James. "In the case it doesn't work out right, we'll decide on something fair," He said. "Makes poker a little more entertaining," Will said. "I'm in," James said. "I don't think I can argue with that," I said.

"What about kids?" I asked. "Kids are overrated, keep it about you two," Will said. "From someone who knows a lot about kids," James said sarcastically. "No, you have to have kids, kids are great," Andy said. "What about sex life when you have kids?" I asked. "You know, kids are heavier sleepers than you think," Andy said chuckling. "Besides, they can get horny as hell when they're pregnant." "Even if they are all the time anyway?" "You wouldn't believe." Andy clarified.

"Yup," James said. "Alright you two can have fun with diapers, John and I are going to go fuck our women," Will said. Another round of cards, I had a king and a queen.

I raised pre-flop. "We got a high-roller here," Will said. "Bluff," James said. Everyone called me. Flop: KQ4. I was big blind. "Five dollars," I said, pushing nearly a fourth of my chips forward.

"So you think you can buy the pot you just made?" James asked. "Yeah that's the plan," I said. Andy and Will folded. "Let's see the turn." The turn was a 10. Again, I was first to act. "Check," I said, hitting the edge of my hand on the table. "Alright. Lets make it another five dollars," James said. "Hey John, you should start describing Holly in bed," Will said joking. "Throw him off his game," Andy said. "I'll call that," I said, pushing another five dollars forward.

"Let's see the river," I said excitedly. King. I stared at the board for a moment. "Check," I said, without looking up from the board. "Three dollars," James said, more than half his chips in the middle now. I stared at the bored. "That's what rabbit hunting gets you son," James said.

I knew I had the nuts. On the flop he had represented that he had at least top pair. I put him on a Queen, but he could have a king. The turn made a straight possible, but you don't put in a quarter of your chips on the flop on a draw. The river gave me a full boat, Kings full over Queens. That river also meant that there was only one king left, and most likely he wasn't holding it. Even if he did have it, he would have to have a queen to tie my full house.

The odds of him having the full house too were extremely small. I couldn't lose the hand. I baited him into betting, and his comment about rabbit hunting led me to believe that he thought I was bluffing. "All-in," I said. "He's got nothing to lose, you can't bang his woman," Andy said laughing. I looked straight at James, smiling. "I call you," James said, turning over pocket bullets. "Whoa. Pocket Aces!" Andy said.

I flipped my King Queen. "Oh…I guess Kings over Queens can't take down the bullets," Andy said, forty dollars in chips coming my way. "That didn't take long. I guess Anne is the trophy tonite," Will said. "I guess I'm out," James said. He started to walk inside. "Hey! Where do you think you're going, none of us want sloppy seconds," Will said. "Sit your ass down" "Caught me," James said. "You can deal," Andy said to James. We played a couple of hands that were uneventful.

Then the next hand came out. I was on the button. JD 10D. Open straight draw, and flush draw, plus somewhat high cards.

Decent hand. I called big blind, and we all limped into the flop. James burned a card, and was about to flop us. "Ok. I have a question," I said. "Umm…are they attracted to other women?" I asked. "I think this is all an elaborate plan to out me twenty bucks," Andy said. "Yeah, it's the oldest trick in the book, talk about sex and distract your opponents." Will said. 4H 5D 9D. I was on the button and last to act. "Dollar," Andy said.

Will called. I raised to 2 dollars. "James Bond has raised you," James said after a moment. "Call," Andy said. "Call," Will said. "So…about my question," I said. Turn: 6S "Why is yours?" Andy asked "Yeah," I said. "John, what do you think they are doing inside right now?" Will asked. They checked to me, I checked.

"I figured they were watching tv or something," I said. "If by watching tv you mean licking each other…than yes they're watching tv," Andy said.

River: QD. Andy bet three dollars, Will called. I made a flush on the River. They both had something. The turn made a 9-high straight the nuts. But the river made a flush possible. One of them probably made the straight, or they made three of a kind with a pocket pair.

Either way, they should have forced me out earlier. The only way I could be beaten is if one of them had a king or ace high flush to beat my queen high. "I see your three, and raise you both another three," I said strongly, putting on the serious poker face. I didn't want to go over the top, making the bet low enough to call, but high enough to be worth it. "Fuck, James you should be worried about him, I think he made a pact with Satan," Andy said.

"I fold." "I call your three, and raise you ten," Will said. "Whoah, glad I got out of the way," Andy said. "Another ten? I don't know if I have that much," I said looking over my thirty dollar stack of chips. "How much do you have?" I asked Andy. "That's always a good sign," James said sarcastically to Andy.

"I got about three&hellip.three fifty," He said. "I'm putting you all in," I said. "You used to play with your friends? Did they happen to be professional poker players?" Will asked. I nodded. Actually my friends and I used to play quite a bit, one of them has won a couple of semi-pro tournaments since.

"Can't puss out now," Andy said, pushing all his chips forward. "Queen high flush," I said, throwing my cards in the middle. "Fuck," Andy said, not turning his cards over. "Straight to the Nine?" I asked. "I think we are out of our league fellas," Andy said to the others. "How'd you do that?" Will asked. "Well he represented a big hand.

No pairs on the board, so I figured it had to be better than two pair, maybe three of a kind. But with the ten dollar I put him on the straight, and figured he had to have the highest straight to be that confident," I said. "Actually it was to the seven, but it's impressive nonetheless." Andy said. "Is this table tilted?" James asked sarcastically. "I guess the moral here is don't get between a twenty-year old some pussy," Andy said. "Good luck heads up Will." He said sarcastically.

"Yeah he's only three to one in chips," James said. The game progressed slowly in comparison to the beginning. I was patient, and worked him down to only a few dollars. Finally he made his stand, going all in pre-flop with a decent hole.

I took him down. "Congratulations John, you succeeded in crushing the three of us," James said. "Hopefully for James' sake you aren't as good in bed as you are at poker," Andy said. "I'm not that good at poker," I said. "Well, it was nice knowing you James, looks like Anne won't be needing you anymore," Andy joked. "How about this, John, you get Holly and Anne. The three of us will go back to my house with Carol and Julie," Will said.

"I feel kind of gypped," I said. "I'm pretty sure I was going to get both of them anyway." "He's got your wife and daughter and is asking for more," Andy said to James joking.

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"I'll settle for both your wives, and the three of you can go next door," I joked. The four of us walked into the house. In the living room we found four naked women. "So who won the game?" Julie asked. "I did," I said- "Who do we get?" Holly asked, surprising me. "Is there something I should know?" I asked. "That's the way we always play poker," Andy said. "It turns out we aren't very good," Will said, "Especially James." "I told you he would win," Holly said to the other women.

"Let's go ladies," James said, escorting the others out. And now it was just me, Holly, and Anne. "Let's get you naked," Anne said. The two, mother and daughter, stripped me naked in the living room.

They were both on their knees in front of me, taking turns sucking me off. When I was fully aroused, I laid down on the carpeted floor. Holly kneeled over me, my tongue reaching out for her wet lips. I felt Anne mounting me. The two were facing each other, my cock fucking Anne as she bounced on me. Anne's pussy was very wet, probably since the women had been doing something while the poker game was going on.

After a few minutes of fucking and sucking, they switched places. Holly's tight pussy squeezed my cock for all it was worth, and Anne's pussy dripped all over my face, my tongue tickling her clit. "You're right, he is good at it," Anne said to Holly, just before she came gushingly. Anne sat back on the floor, and Holly moved around on top of me into a sixty-nine. Holly sucked me deeply as I brought her to orgasm with my tongue and finger.

It hit her hard, her mouth coming off my cock panting. "What's next?" I asked. "Showing off?" Anne asked. "Flaunt it if you got it," I said, shrugging, now standing over them. "I bet I could make you cum in thirty seconds," Anne said.

"Yeah, you probably could, but you don't last long by going full blast," I said. "That's why I am the experienced one," Anne said. "What?" I said. "Mom, what are you talking about?" Holly asked.

"You really don't know about kegels?" She asked.


"What's that?" I asked. "I think I know, isn't that like the muscles for giving birth?" Holly asked. "Well, yeah, but men have them too, and if you get them strong you can be multiorgasmic," Anne said. That perked my interest. "Wait…I can be multiorgasmic?" I asked. "Yeah," she said. "I can't believe you guys didn't already know about this." "Lasting longer has never been a problem for us," Holly said. "Okay, John, you know the muscles that stop you from peeing, like if you are holding it," Anne said.

"Yeah," I said. "Can you clench those muscles?" I tried, but I also sucked in my stomach and clenched my ass. "You have to learn to be able to clench just the pc muscle.

And you need to get it really strong. Then when you are right about to cum, you clench down hard, and stop what you're doing.

You will cum, you will orgasm, but you won't ejaculate." "Well that doesn't sound like fun," Holly said smiling.

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"But, right afterward, you stay hard, and you don't come down from where you were, it buys you a few more minutes and then you can do it again. You can do it five or six times, or even more if you get really good at it," Anne continued. "Wait, I think I do that. Cause I do clench that when I am close to cumming, but I don't think I held it long enough to stop from ejaculating.

Like, I would hold off to buy me a few more seconds." I said. "Well then you probably have gotten the pc muscle fairly strong. You need to exercise, you can do it anywhere." "Seriously, why haven't we heard about this?" I asked. "Well, you last pretty long, so anyone we ran into who did know, probably figured you already knew," Holly said. "And you should do them too Holly, they make your orgasms more intense," Anne said.

"Maybe that's not a good idea," I said sarcastically. "After some long sessions she practically passes out," I said. "One time, with your father and two others, I came so many times, I lost track after twelve, and I did pass out.

But they just kept going, Your father said I was conscious and mumbling gibberish and screaming, but I didn't remember any of it. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face for a week after that." "Well, Holly I guess we have our work cut out for us," I said.

"I guess we'll figure this whole thing out later, for now we can use my existing skills," I said. "She's the one sampling the goods, you can just fine tune those oral skills on me," Holly said. We migrated to the couch, where I laid on my back. Holly sat on my face and Anne sat on my cock, impaling her dripping slit. No beating around the bush, just in the bush. My view was off Holly's ass as I ate her out, but the feelings were what mattered.

Anne had good body control, never seeming off balance or wild, very controlled movements. I guess two decades of sex will give you the right muscles to get to that point. I felt that she was using her hand to stimulate herself on top of the fucking. Anne came loudly, her pussy milking me. "I'm cumming," I said into Holly's dripping slit. Anne had just pulled off and she started to suck my ready to blow cock. Holly sat up, allowing me to see, lifting my head up.

Anne's tongue tickled my head, driving me over the cliff. I blasted in her mouth repeatedly and she pulled back, taking even more white liquid on her cheeks and rubbing it in all over her face as she continued to stroke my pulsating cock. "Okay, now I know why you say it's like a river," Anne said to Holly, her face sloppily coated in sperm, her mouth still holding the residual cum she hadn't swallowed immediately. Holly sat back on my face, and I finished her off. The three of us sat in various positions and states of post pleasure.

A few minutes later, James walked in through the back door, carrying his clothes. "You guys have fun?" He asked, then looked at his wife.

"Jesus, what did he spray you with a firehose?" "Something like that," Anne joked. "So what did you guys do?" "Well," James started, smiling. "Wait, let me guess," Anne said. "Get over here." James walked over to where Anne was sitting.

Anne slowly took James hanging cock into her mouth, lovingly sucking and licking. After a moment she withdrew, holding and stroking him. "Okay, I taste Julie, but I'm not picking up Carol," She said. "Carol sucked, and I fucked Julie," He said smiling. I laughed. "Okay that's not a talent I have," I said laughing. "I think I do," Holly said. "I can taste the difference between mine and stephanies on your cock," She said.

"As long as I've got you hard…" Anne said, taking James cock back in her mouth, as he stood in front of her a few feet beside me. I looked over at Holly, she had sat on the couch across from me.

"I feel left out," I said. "You don't need an excuse," Holly said, started to sexily crawl across the floor toward me. She sat up between my legs and started to stoke and lick me back to life, then went into all out blowjob/deepthroat mode. The sounds of wet mouths sucking on cocks filled the room. After a few minutes James came, Anne taking it all down her throat. Shortly afterward I came into Holly's waiting mouth.

"Showers anyone?" I asked. "We'll go first," Anne said, her and James walking upstairs first. Holly sat next to me. I looked lovingly into her eyes. We heard the water running upstairs.

Holly looked up at me, seeing how I was looking at her. "What?" She asked. "Nothing," I said, our eyes locked together. "What?" She asked, smiling. "Nothing, I'm just looking at the woman I love," I said. "You're making me blush," She said. "I can't help it," I said.

We sat in silence, our hands holding together, eyes locked together. Finally she broke the silence. "Want to go fuck in the shower?" Holly asked.