Japanese gay chubby kissing snapchat Both boys enjoy to gargle cock

Japanese gay chubby kissing snapchat Both boys enjoy to gargle cock
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Day 1 After our initial meet and great the guys and I got down to business. First step was constructing the cages for our prisoners. We made individual cells spread out by about 4 feet so they couldn't pass things back and forth or communicate easily.

We had them arranged so they were on two different floors. The men were upstairs and the women were downstairs, with the cages made from plywood and drywall to make it harder for them to force open.

The doors were half wood with re-bar from the home improvement store at one end of the mall. We made them this way so that we could always see them when we walked up to the cages and there was nowhere for them to hide and ambush us.

As we finished each cage we stuck each of them in individually, leaving the others tied up. We made sure to finish the womens lodging first, didn't want to have to amputate anything. It took us 3 days to finish that job, and after each day of solid work we would go to town on the girls we had already fucked, wanting to save the others for our more interesting devices and plans.

By the end of the three days when they saw us the screaming would start as soon as our shadows darkened the doorway. We would gang-rape their cunts, mouths, and assholes for hours at a time. As one of us would finish another would gladly take his place and go to town the the tight little fuck-hole that was wrapped around our cocks. We each took our time on that first day of complete lockdown. All the prisoners were locked down and the girls became our true playthings.

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I walked through the available girls, and chose one of the ones that hadnt been used before. She was about 14 with a bit of hair on her little teenage cunt. Her tits were very nice, about a B-cup with perky little nipples that were rock hard already and cute little brown areolas. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of her cage. "Suck!" I barked at her, and she hurriedly began to lick up and down my shaft while playing with my balls.

She slowly slid her little mouth over my cock head and made a little sucking motion. I was in heaven.


This little redhead was on her knees with her emerald green eyes staring at me while she worked on my cock with her little teenage mouth. Life just couldnt get any better.

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She worked on me for about 20 minutes before I came in her mouth. She swallowed without me even having to tell her, I had picked a real winner when I grabbed this girl. I rolled her over and started to eat her tasty little cunt, enjoying the sweet taste and savoring every drop. She tasted amazing, and after a few minutes of my attention she started cumming, hard.

I continued for another 30 minutes or so as I love the taste of a girls pussy. She came almost non-stop the entire time and was begging me to stop by the end of it.


I grinned and slid up next to her. "Have you ever had sex before?" She looked into my eyes and said "Yes, in fact I love getting fucked.

When you were raping the women on the first day I was dripping cum down my legs wishing it was me that was getting fucked instead of those old women." I laughed and told her not to worry, she was now my personal slut and that she would get plenty of sex.

She looked excited at the idea of being a private slut, which I took as a good sign. "Turn over whore." She looked at me and decided I was serious. I looked down and couldn't help but stare at the tight little ass that was proudly displayed in front of me. I rubbed a hand up and down her tight little rear end, enjoying the playful jiggle her ass had. I slapped one of her checks, hard, and she moaned, cumming instantly when one of my fingers had wrapped around her cheek and hit her little cunt, she seemed to enjoy it.

So I did it again, and again, all in all it was about 15 slaps or so, and she came everytime. "JUST DO ME ALREADY!" she begged. I grinned and rubbed the head of my cock against her wet little slit, making her squirm. She lunged back, sliding down onto the head before I could pull back. It bothered her even more and she kept trying to get my cock into her.

"Beg me for it slut, you should know what to say." I whispered into her ear, taunting her and goading her on. "Please master," I have to admit, this part surprised me, but I liked it "Please, I need my little 14 year old cunt filled up and fucked, please? I want your dick in my cunt, and then my mouth, and then my ass, please fill my ass with you cum, please!" Well, I thought, who am I to say no to such a polite girl.

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I slammed myself into her without any warning and she screamed harder then I've ever heard anyone scream before. She was a tight little piece of fuck meat, and when I slammed it home she started cumming again, making it feel like her cunt was dancing on my cock.

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I went at her for a few minutes, her wailing the entire time "OH MY GOD, DONT STOP, PLEASE, DONT STOP!!" I always enjoy knowing that my efforts are appreciated by those Im helping, and so I slid out after a few more minutes, making her moan in anger at being left empty. When she opened her mouth to say something I grabbed a handful of that dark red hair and shoved my dick into her mouth and part way down her throat, making her gag.

To me theres no better sound in the world then a girl, or woman, gagging on my cock. It just makes me feel good. She started sucking like a possessed woman, slurping and gagging non-stop. Just as I was about to cum down her throat I pulled out and smacked her tight little rump and told her that "If you want my load down your ass you need to beg for it." "Please sir, there is nothing I want more in this world then to have your cock slide up my ass, pump for hard, and then give me your creamy cum so my little ass can feel full and sexy, please sir, please pump my ass hard." By this time I was red hot and about to blow.

Listening to the filth coming out of this little girl was a major turn on, and I grabbed her hair and yanked hard, making her moan on pleasure. So this little whore gets off on pain, I thought, good, I can use that down the road. I put the head of my dick at her little rosebud and pushed gently, wanting to feel it as it enveloped my hardness. She started whining like a dog and begging me to slam it home.

I just kept going slow until I was all the way in. I then pulled all the way out and stood up over her back. I yanked her head up and fed her my cock. She sucked without any complaints.

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I was truly in Heaven with this little slut working on my cock. I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her head down into the pillow. This time when I lined up I just slammed it home. Sweet Jesus could this girl scream, and boy oh boy did it turn me on. She went off like a fire-alarm and started convulsing. My balls and legs were sprayed down and when I looked I realized she had just cum. HARD. I grinned leaned down so my mouth was next to her ear. "Are you ready for my cum to be in your sweet little ass?" I asked he, grunting at the feeling of her ass wrapped around my manhood.

"Please, please, please cum in my little butt, I need to feel your cum" I smiled and grabbed her hips, really going to town on her little ass.

I could see the hole stretched wide to accommodate my cock, and I lost it. I started blowing my load up her ass harder then I've ever come before. She started cumming at the feel of my cock pumping its seed into her little ass. And with the biggest orgasm of her young life, she passed out.

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I wasn't far behind her, landing with my cock still attached in her ass and passed out. We awoke to screaming from down the hall a few hours later.