Mom with young son sex

Mom with young son sex
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"John you need to get up already damn it!" I heard in my sleep. "If you don't wake up I'm going to eat your pancakes." I finally opened my eyes only to see my older sister Sara.

"What do you want Sara? Can't you see I'm sleeping?" "Just wake the fuck up already toothpick. Mom told me to wake you up.

Why else would I be in here?" Sara said in a sassy tone, knowing full well it would irritate me as she left my room. "Yeah fuck you fat ass" I said quietly because I knew she would kick my ass if she heard me.

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I got dress and went down stairs, and to my surprise my childhood friend Ashley was at the table eating. "Oh look who finally woke up it's the star of the show toothpick!" Ashley said while stuffing her face with pancakes. "Shouldn't you be over at your own house eating?" I ask while fixing my food.

My mom butted in "You should be glad a cute girl like Ashley comes and get you every morning." Yeah right I know the only time she picks me up in the morning is when she needs a ride to school since I have a car. As I was pouring my orange juice I notice Ashley getting up. Usually I don't really pay any attention to what Ashley has on but something was different about her that day.

She was wearing makeup and her hair done. You see Ashley was like a tomboy growing up so I've always seen her as a guy friend with tits. You see she would always have her dirty blonde hair in a ponytail and was always wearing cargo pants or jeans. So this was a little surprise to me seeing as I always seen her as a 5'6 110 pounds tomboy, but today she was wearing a skirt and a white blouse that reviled her pink bra.

"Hey, are you going on a date or something tonight Ash?" She look at me with a petrified looked and said, "Oh you mean this? My mom made me dress up today because were going out tonight." I was a little relieved to hear that for some reason.

We ate the breakfast and left for school. When we got to the school it was the same as always I put my bags in my looker, grab my books and went to class.


Classes went by as usual then the lunch bell ringed. "Hey John, do you want to get lunch with me today?" Ashley asked with a smile.

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"No I can't today I have to do something for Mrs. Hancock." I said trying to make up a quick lie even though I wanted to. "Oh ok, then I guess we have to get lunch another time together." She said with a forced smile as she walked away. You see I couldn't bring myself to tell Ashley I was being bullied by some of the kids in the school that knew I had a small dick. "Hey, toothpick over here," A girl called out.

"Did you bring my money today toothpick?" This girl name Angela said.

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"No, I forgot it today. I'll have it." Before I could finish my sentence she punches me in the face and knocks me on my ass. You see I'm only 5'8, 127 pounds and this beast for a girl stands 6'2 and about 220 pounds what was I supposed to do? And to make it worse two other girls appeared out of nowhere and grabbed me. "Drag him into the bathroom!" she barked.


After dragging me into the bathroom she told them to take my pants off. "Wow it's really as small as they say it is." I wanted to die from the embarrassment that I felt.

She laughed and told the girls to hold me down. Then she climbed over my face and pulled her panties down. "What are you doing?" I ask sacred of what was about to happen. She looked down at me and said. "I told you to have my money today. Since you can't pay me my money you're going to be paying me back with your body." I couldn't struggle the girls were holding me down with all their force.

Angela then said, "You better make me cum if you want to live today." She soon sat her entire nasty as pussy on my face. I refused to eat her out and I guess the gorilla notice because she punched the shit out of my gut and said with a stern voice, "Eat my pussy out until I cum or I will beat the living shit out of you!" I was scared to death so I ate her pink pussy the best way I could.

I guess I wasn't doing so well because she started to give me instructions on how to work my tongue. Pretty soon her hands were locked on the back of my head, and my mouth was getting flooded by her juices.


Then I heard from one of the girls "Look Angela he's getting hard." She look at my hard on and said "Sandra give this virgin a Fellatio!" My cock was soon engulfed in a wet warmness, which I immediately recognized as a blowjob. Then from the same voice again this time with my cock in her mouth said; "So this is a real cock, it's so small I can rap my whole tongue around it look." Soon Angela clamps my face hard between her thighs and started to buckle on my face and then without a word she stopped with and took a deep breath, I thought after getting the orgasm she wanted she would leave me alone.

And like a wet dream my moment of happiness came to end. Angela said while trying to catch her breath, "That felt good, what's next toothpick? I know, now I want a taste of your cock. Sandra stop you got him wet enough." The girl stops and worked her way up to my face and started to lick off all of Angela pussy juice mixed up my tears off of me.

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Out of nowhere I felt the head of my cock rubbing against her clit. With all her might this 200 pound gorilla slam her whole body down on my dick. It hurt since I was on the bathroom floor. She let out a loud moan. "This feels really good!" With that said she started to move her hips.


She reached in to her bra and pulled out her doubled d size tits and told the girl who was still holding on to my arms to suck them. Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes I can feel it! I'm Cumming!" she let out as she moaned. Then her pussy got real tight.

She started to move faster. This time she let out a roar "Fuck! I'm about to cum I can feel it.

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I'm Cumming!" I could feel it to I was about too bust a load. She went up one more time and with all her might slam down and clamp down on my dick with everything she had.

I came and by the looks of it she got to have another orgasm. "Fuck that felt to good!" she said while she pulled up her panties "Hey Toothpick that wasn't too bad, who would have thought that little thing you call a dick could get me off? You better have my money next week or well have to play next week too. Shoot I don't mind no matter how I look at it I win both ways." She threw a towel on me and said "Clean yourself up lunch is about to end," and left with a grin on her face.

All I could do was lay there and cry and think about how the ugliest girl in school raped me and took my virginity after they left. After a few minutes I got dress and before anyone could find me I left.