Here comes the snake to invade your asshole

Here comes the snake to invade your asshole
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CHAPTER 7 I had planned to be rid of Sheila, but it was not to be. Nan and I were watching a football game one Sunday evening when the phone rang.

I could tell from the Caller ID that it was the police. "Evening Tom—Sergeant Perkins here; we have your wife in custody for DUI. She was picked up on Main weaving all across the road.

Want to come down and bail her out?" I was on a first-name basis with a lot of cops. I had convinced Mary Ann to donate thousands of dollars of electrical equipment to the Police Athletic League when they wanted to renovate an old warehouse, turning it into a gym and classrooms for our town's kids.

I had personally inspected the premises with the cops and made suggestions as to what would work out best. They changed a community eyesore into a marvelous facility that served hundreds of kids every year. "There have been a lot of changes in my life since we last spoke, Jim. Sheila and I will be divorced soon. She no longer lives here and she's no longer a part of my life. I'll come and get her tomorrow morning, but only because that's what my new fiancé would want.

Let her cool her heels overnight. It'll be good for her." We spoke for a few minutes longer, basically about the allegations against my soon to be former wife. He said he'd leave a note of explanation for the day sergeant. I ended the call and returned my attentions to Nan. "I'm glad you're doing this, Tom. I think it's the right thing to do. I also think we should go to bed. You're going to get up early to take care of her." She turned off the TV, pulling me behind her to the bedroom.

We cuddled in our new queen-sized bed with Nan spooning in front of me, her tight little butt pressing against my cock. As though she could read my mind she turned and whispered, "Not tonight, darling—we need to sleep.

However, tomorrow&hellip." She kissed me and placed my hand on her breast. We'd slept naked our first night together and had never seen any reason to change. I loved the sensation of her soft smooth skin against mine. We were up at six, showered by 6:15 and finished eating a light breakfast by 6:45. I left Nan to clean up the dishes and make the bed, chores I normally shared while I drove to the police station to bail out my wife. I was shocked when I first saw Sheila. Her clothes were filthy and her hair was a mess with something grimy clotted in it.

I stood by silently while her possessions were returned to her. Taking her arm I led her out to the street. "Since when have you been drinking? You never drank when we were together. You're lucky you didn't kill someone." "Please don't lecture me, Tom. I don't need a lecture." "Apparently you do.

Look at you; you're a mess. Where are you living? You need a shower and change of clothes before you go to work." She directed me to a nearby boarding house. I guessed that most, if not all, of the other residents were students at one of the nearby universities. I waited in the car so I could drive her to work. I gave her cab fare so she could pick up her car later in the day. I was a few minutes late, but I already knew than Nan had explained to Mary Ann.

Nan and I were back home preparing dinner when she asked me about my parents. I was hesitant, but I did answer, not wanting any secrets between us.

"We're not close--not at all--we never talk. Truthfully, I haven't figured out how to tell them about Sheila. For one thing they're very religious. That's not a bad thing, but they're the kind that thinks everyone should believe as they do. They're vehemently opposed to divorce and about a million other things. They're in northern California where they live in a big commune where everyone believes what's in the bible is literal even though many biblical scholars believe otherwise." "Like what?" "Well, for one thing hardly any of the scholars believe that 'building everything in six days' is real.

For one thing astronomers believe that our days were about 200,000 years in length a long time ago and to listen to my parents the earth is less than 6,000 years old even though scientific evidence says it's like 4.5 billion.

They're incredible. Worse, every time we speak they try their hardest to preach to me. That's why I mostly ignore them. Having said all that, I'll phone them tonight so I can keep it short. We do have to go to work tomorrow, don't we?" Nan reached up to kiss me. "Yes, work tomorrow, but first play tonight." I laughed, but held her tightly as I returned her sweet kiss. We ate quickly and had cleaned up the kitchen by eight. I waited an hour with Nan on my lap hugging and kissing and rubbing her firm breasts.

Reluctantly, I reached for the phone, punching in the number from my speed dial although why I had their number in memory was something I couldn't explain. I had last phoned them two years ago and they never phoned me. I heard the phone ring three times before my mother answered. "Hello, Mom it's Tom calling." ("Oh,") I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

"I want you to know that I'm divorcing Sheila and, before you read me some passage from the Bible let me just tell you that she lied and cheated on me and those were the good things.

I'd explain about the bad things, but I promised my new fiancé that I'd never discuss them again." ("I don't see what could have been worse than that, Thomas. The Good Book says&hellip.") I held my hand over the phone. I continued once she was done, "Mom, I'm not really interested in your interpretation of the Bible. I needed to tell you and I have.

I plan to marry again as soon as my divorce is done and—no—you won't be invited.

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I still remember how you were at my first wedding. Okay…so long, Mom." I turned to Nan and shook my head. "She just can't speak to me without preaching.

It's good they live in a commune otherwise they'd never find anyone who was willing to talk to them more than once. C'mon, didn't you say something about playing?" "Uh…I was thinking about chess." She could barely suppress a giggle. "I think your problem is that you can't spell. I'm looking forward to playing with your chest." I reached under her top and massaged her breast.

I manipulated her soft pliable mammary, shifting back and forth between her areola and nipple and her fleshy tissue. My kisses to her neck caused her to groan and she almost lost it when I nibbled on her earlobe.

She jumped up suddenly and pulled me behind her. My hands on her butt cheeks caused her to laugh and trot down the hallway, but not so fast that I'd lose contact.

In seconds we were in the bedroom—our bedroom, completely renovated as we wanted it. There wasn't even a single painting or photo that we'd kept even though several of the originals were worth thousands. I'd sold them to a gallery and replaced them with contemporary prints that were worth almost as much, but were much more colorful and dynamic. Sheila had decorated our old bedroom, but Nan insisted that we do the new one together. I loved the new look almost as much as I loved Nan.

I stripped Nan and then myself thinking to lead her to the shower. "Uh, uh…I like you a little sweaty. I love the way you taste. Maybe someday I'll get lucky and the air conditioning at work will go out." She pushed me gently back onto our new queen-sized bed, kneeling between my legs. "You know how much I love this, don't you? But what I love even more is when you let me do you, too." "Not tonight, Tom—I know how hard it was to deal with your parents and I also know that you did it for me.

I love you for that and now I'm going to show you." She leaned forward to plant a kiss on my mouth with her soft plump lips.

Once the kiss was broken she slithered down my body, her hard nipples rubbing lightly over my skin much as they had run down my tortured back our first night together. Her tongue ran through my pubic hair and up my shaft. It throbbed wildly in response, bouncing up and down until it disappeared into Nan's hot mouth.

We'd had oral sex a few times, especially early on when I could barely move, and Nan had swallowed every time, something Sheila had absolutely refused to do. Sheila would suck me as foreplay and then either fuck me or jerk me off onto my abdomen. Nan told me several times how much she enjoyed my taste. "It brings me closer to you," was what she said. It was silly, but sincere. I loved her all the more for it. Nan slid off my cock, but moved quickly down to my balls.

First she licked each one, driving me crazy with desire, then--opening wide--each one eased into her mouth. I could see my balls protrude from her cheeks. It would have been comical if it hadn't been so damned sexy.

Slowly I felt each one pop from her mouth as she moved up to the sensitive underside of my cock. When she wrapped her tongue around my helmet I could take no more. Six times I came strongly into the back of her mouth. I never thought she could swallow all of it and I was right. Streams of slick white semen dripped from the corners of her mouth onto her breasts.

Nan cleaned my cock first then shifted her attentions to her breasts. In seconds she was clean and climbed over me into the bed. "That was fun. Let's do that more often." I just grabbed her from behind, pulled her ass into me and rested my hand in its customary place just below her breast. CHAPTER 8 Nan and I talked about our wedding more and more as time passed. I didn't care what or how just as long as we were officially married.

However, I knew how important a woman's wedding could be so I was surprised when Nan told me she just wanted a small ceremony at city hall. Neither she nor her parents were religious so being in a church wasn't all that important. She did want them present so I made arrangements for them to fly into New York the Wednesday before. I thought and thought about who should be my best man, but truthfully I didn't have any really close friends.

My life had been tied up with Sheila, our marriage, and my work. That's when I knew who to ask—Mary Ann. Nan approved completely of my choice and even Mary Ann understood. She agreed without hesitation or laughter. Nan and I went to court a momentous Thursday morning. We were in and out in what I thought must have been a record. The case was called, Stephen stepped forward to represent me and there was no one for Sheila. The petition was granted, the house was mine, and the distribution of assets was exactly as requested.

I walked out into the bright sunny day a free man. I couldn't wait to surrender that freedom again, this time to a woman I knew loved me without reservation. We turned back after thanking Stephen, walking with purpose to the license bureau. We completed the forms, I paid the fee, and that was it—we could be married at any time.

Mary Ann closed the company on Friday the following week—everything, the factory included, was shut down.

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I was sure that Nan and I were heroes in the eyes of everyone. They got a day off with pay to celebrate our wedding. We took Nan's parents out for breakfast, meeting Mary Ann at the restaurant. They ate heartily; Nan and I were too excited. Coffee and a few doughnuts were all we could handle. We left at 9:45, arriving at the courthouse just before 10:00. Our appointment with the judge was set for 10:30 thanks to a helping hand from Stephen who just happened to be the judge's nephew.

He welcomed us warmly and got right down to business. Five minutes later we were man and wife for better or worse until death do us part. I kissed Nan passionately to the unabashed applause from her parents, Mary Ann, and the judge's staff. We walked together out to our future. A small reception was planned at home for the wedding party and a few of our coworkers.

The caterers provided some waitresses to serve the drinks, the sandwiches, and hot dishes. Everyone congratulated us. Some even wondered aloud what had taken us so long. They had seen Nan's love for me long before I had. We all had a great time until the party broke up at ten that evening. Nan's parents had stayed with us before the wedding so we anticipated that they'd be with us tonight, too.

Mary Ann, however, had other plans. "In-laws staying with the newly married couple on their wedding night? Just not going to happen. Your folks can stay with me. Come on, we'll hook up with the honeymooners in the morning." She hugged each of us then led my new in-laws away. I looked at Nan; she looked at me, and we both laughed. "Think your folks know how often we make love?" "Probably; my mom can read me like an open book.

I've never been able to keep any secrets from her, not until I moved away. Even then she can usually tell from the sound of my voice." "Remind me to be really careful around her." Nan laughed, "She only does that with me, silly, besides we're married now. We're expected to have sex—lots and lots of sex—so I think we should begin now." "Not quite now—I think we should talk first.

How would you feel about becoming a mother? I know you love your job, but I make more than enough for us to live on. I've always wanted to be a father, but Sheila didn't want to ruin her body, at least that's what she told me." "Oh, Tom there's nothing I could want more. When? How?" Now it was my turn to laugh. "I think we already know how. So far as when is concerned, how about now?

Go off the pill today. I know it will take a while before you become fertile again, but we can practice so we are sure we're doing it right." "Trust me, Tom—you are definitely doing it right. Having said that I agree that we should practice, practice, practice. Let's go, I'm ready." "Not quite yet; I think we should plan on a honeymoon, too. Where's the one place you've always wanted to go?" "Maui—everything I've read says it's beautiful.

We could use the beach and snorkel and go out for dinner, and cruises and we could make love every morning and every night." "It's a deal. We'll schedule two weeks for vacation in about a month or so we'll have plenty of time to plan. Is that okay, Mrs. Hamilton?" Nan didn't have to answer; her face said it all.

I extended my hand and when she stood I lifted her over my shoulder to carry her into the bedroom. She kicked her feet all the way as we laughed until our sides ached.

I laid her gently on the bed then proceeded to strip her bare. I joined her a few seconds later. We held each other as I kissed her cheek and neck. "I just love the feeling of your skin against mine, Nan. I still can't believe I'm so lucky to have you…to actually be married to you. I'm the luckiest man on the planet." "Oh, shut up and fuck me. I've been hungry for you all day. The party was nice, but I would have preferred to spend the day in bed with you." "You can do that tomorrow except for time out to pee and shower.

If I get hungry I can just eat you. Feel free to eat me, too." "That's a good idea.

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That's how I took care of you our first night together. Do you remember?" "Of course, that was the night I knew I was in love with you. I'd never met anyone who so obviously cared for me. I could see your love in everything you did. I still see it in everything you do for me and with me. You're the most wonderful woman I've ever met, but then I knew that even before we became a couple. I think I've known that for years, except that I was blinded by Sheila.

Now…why don't you get on top of me and place that yummy pussy where I can lick and suck on it." Nan giggled, but complied with my request. Nan waited not a second before inhaling my cock, taking all of it into her mouth in a single gulp.

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I inhaled, too, but only to absorb her essence. I began with tiny kisses on her silken thighs, only blowing on her sensitive tissues before lightly licking her labia. I could tell that my gentle approach was having an effect. Nan moaned into my organ as I shifted my attention to her tunnel. Nan was always wet when we had sex and I had learned early on that it was in unending supply. I scooped juice from her in what seemed to be buckets.

I quickly found her G-spot; tickling it with my tongue caused Nan to shake in my grip. Damn! She was so responsive. I laughed into her cunt, knowing that she would explode in ecstasy within seconds of taking her clit between my teeth. Initially my goal was to turn her on--now I wanted to wait until I was ready, although that would be soon. While I was working on Nan she was laboring even harder on me. She loved to suck my cock head, moving the spongy tissue with her strong tongue and popping the head in and out between her lips.

She did all those things tonight with her usual success. My cock felt like it would erupt. I knew I was only seconds from orgasm so I moved to Nan's clit. Sucking with all my strength I pulled the swollen bud between my teeth, squeezing all of it through that narrow space. Nan's body reacted wildly.

How her back arched without losing her grip on my cock I could never understand, but she did. Her orgasm went on and on, but when I blew into her throat she began to relax, her spent body collapsing onto mine. I was just as exhausted as she was, maybe more, when I turned her around, caressed her and pulled the blanket over our bodies.

We slept well until two the following morning when Nan awoke and wanted to play again. Then at five we went at it again. We were two tired lovers when Mary Ann returned Nan's parents to us at ten. They took one look at us and laughed their heads off. We joined them less than a minute later. As Nan had suggested we practiced every night, even when she had her period.

She was even hornier then than she was normally and she was really horny for me virtually every day. We brought home several travel books from the library and a local travel agent.

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We ultimately decided to spend seventeen days on our trip to Hawaii. Three days would be spent flying—two on the way out and one returning. That would leave fourteen days in Hawaii. We'd begin in Waikiki for four days then it was off to Kauai for three, and we'd finish with an entire week in Maui.

It seemed to be a trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately, something happened just prior to our leaving that almost ruined the experience. I got another phone call from the police. This time I did go down to pick up Sheila immediately. She was picked up on the corner of Seventh and Charles.

It was the center of the town's seamiest area, an area known for drug pushers and prostitutes. Sheila had been arrested for the latter. She was subdued when I led her to the car. "What's going on, Sheila? Why this?" "I was fired. My church found out about the divorce." "So what…don't lots of people get divorced? The court papers didn't say anything about the real reasons other than 'irreconcilable differences.'" "It was me—I kind of let it slip one day.

I was bitching about it and I said something about slaves. Next thing I knew I was getting the third degree from the pastor. He fired me on the spot when I clammed up and refused to answer.

Let's face it—I need a really strong man like Ronny. Even you weren't as strong as he is." I almost choked, but remained silent as I decided that Sheila needed a good dose of reality.

I walked her into the house, directing her to the guest bedroom. Nan had made the bed and provided fresh towels. I phoned Rita once Sheila was in bed. I asked if I could bring her over in the morning and I told her why. I was a bit surprised when she agreed readily. I made arrangements to go in to work a bit late. It was only a few days before our scheduled honeymoon so we were only closing up a few deals rather than working on new ones. I knocked on Rita's door at 9:30 on the dot, exactly as scheduled.

Sheila did a double take at the sight of Veronica. Her tits were even bigger than the last time I had seen her and her outfit was even more revealing with those huge tits hanging half out of her blouse. Her heels looked to be higher and the chain connecting her ankles shorter. She was able to take only the tiniest steps—not more than six inches at a time--as she led us into the living room.

Sheila recognized Rita from her visit to my house and was understandably nervous. "Relax, Sheila—you wanted to see Ronny and that's exactly what's going to happen. Take a seat. Thanks for seeing us, Rita." "My pleasure, Tom--feel free to take over." I thanked her with a nod of my head and summoned Veronica over in front of me. "Veronica, I want you to remove your blouse. Are you wearing a bra? Take that off, also. I want to see those tits." Sheila was shocked as Veronica complied with my orders.

Her huge fleshy breasts hung heavily from her chest, the nipple rings had been replaced with a heavy stainless bar from which a circular ring swiveled. They were much larger and heavier than what I had seen earlier. "How big are they now," I asked Rita. "Double E's and I added the heavier rings so they could handle bigger weights. Sometimes I have twenty pounds hanging from each one. The doctor says it will help stretch her skin for the big ones." She laughed at her own humor while Sheila looked on clearly confused.

"Sheila, all this is about to become crystal clear. Veronica, remove your skirt and panties if you're wearing any." She wasn't, so seconds later all was revealed to Sheila. "Here he is, Sheila—your big he-man. He's nothing more than a toy for his wife…his mistress." "You came at a good time, Sheila.

Later today that tube is coming off even though the penis will have to be severely cut to do it; there's a rivet running completely through that useless thing. Then those balls are going, too. They're fun to torture, but there's a lot of maintenance, especially trying to keep that feeble mini-cock clean. Let's face it—that thing is completely useless. Real men like Tom have real cocks.

What Veronica has isn't of much use and once the doctor is done it will be even worse. She'll cut off those balls, stitch up the skin so there's nothing hanging there, and cut his little wienie down to an inch.

She'll have to sit to pee, but she has to do that now so what's the big deal? It's not as though it'll ever be used for anything but peeing. "Now, Sheila I understand that the judge is willing to drop the charges if you can get a job." "Y.yes, that's what he told me." "Very good; I'll hire you.

The letter to the judge will describe you as my 'personal assistant' at a salary of $40,000 plus room and board. In reality you'll be quite a bit more. I'm tired of torturing Veronica, but she needs it every day so that will be one of your primary responsibilities. You'll also be expected to provide me with the most personal services on a daily basis." "What would that include, Rita?" "Only what you expected of Tom—drinking my urine and eating my pussy.

I'll also expect you to be pierced so I know that I'll have total control of the cunt that seems to get you into so much trouble. I'll also want your nipples pierced.

I won't torture you, but I reserve the right to punish you if you disobey me. Face the reality of your situation, Sheila—who is going to hire a hooker? Your pastor tells me that prospective employers ran as soon as he told them about your treatment of Tom.

I have a contract here for your signature. Read it and sign then you can kneel here in front of me." I was shocked. I hadn't seen this coming—not at all.

It was unbelievable. "You don't have to, Sheila. You'd only get six months at County." She looked at me with the saddest eyes then rose for the short walk to the table. She had just knelt when the doorbell rang. Veronica hustled to answer despite her near-nudity. Sheila didn't even bother to read the document.

She signed and sighed as though her fate had been sealed. "Tom, be a dear and bring over those shears on the table." I picked them up and walked over to Rita.

"Sheila, stand. Tom, would you please cut that slutty dress from my new slave. I'll need her naked for the day, maybe even longer." I looked at Sheila and she nodded. I began at the hem which was only two or three inches below her crotch and began to cut.

The strong shears made short work of the flimsy material. I moved to the straps once I was done. The dress fell to the ground revealing Sheila's naked body. I hadn't been aware that Sheila wasn't wearing panties or bra, but in retrospect I thought it was probably practical for a hooker.

I dropped the heavy scissors to the table. I turned toward the door and was about to leave when Rita asked me to stay for just a few more minutes.


I looked at her coldly, not believing this was the same woman who had been so demure and so shocked in my living room only a few months ago. Now I saw her as a bigger monster than her husband had ever been. I stuck around if for no reason than to see what further depravity she had in mind. I watched silently as a young woman whose body was covered with tattoos and must have had twenty piercings on her face, ears, and neck stroll into the room carrying a heavy black case.

"Into the playroom, Veronica…you, too Sheila. This is Naomi; she's here for the piercings. Sheila, you can secure Veronica to the cross.

There's a strap for her head. Make sure it's tight." We followed Veronica who shuffled meekly to her fate. We wound up in a partial basement that had been finished, apparently long before Veronica's transformation.

There was an expensive pool table that had been pushed back into a corner and ping pong, too. Most notable were steel eye bolts protruding from the wall and ceiling in numerous locations and a big wooden cross bolted to the wall. Veronica moved back holding up her arms and spreading her legs once the chain had been removed. Sheila buckled her wrists and ankles; a strap around her waist followed and finally she buckled Veronica's head tightly to a cross-beam.

"Here you go, Sheila—you should have plenty of reasons to hurt my ex-husband. He's the one responsible for your downfall, although there's not much to be said for your morals.

Too bad you weren't more like your husband. Would you believe I offered myself to Tom, but he turned me down cold? He's a man who deserves respect.

Ronald deserved none. Tom actually saved you. Ronald beat me almost daily. You'd never think that, would you? Well, he did.

Take the cane—the red one—and give her five across each tit. Lay into her. It's something you'll do several times every day." Sheila removed the cane from the table, raised it over her head and dropped it swiftly onto Veronica's left tit.

A red welt rose immediately from the skin. I could barely watch. I turned around involuntarily and cringed; it brought back memories I'd rather not have. Rita saw my reaction and told Sheila to stop.

"I'm sorry, Tom. I really am. I should have realized I'd bring up unpleasant memories. That can wait for later, after you've gone." Naomi stepped up to Veronica. She had what looked a big Q-tip in her hand.

A dip into a bottle of alcohol and two quick swipes and I realized it was Veronica's nasal septum that was about to be pierced.

A sterile clamp was removed from a plastic bag and placed against the septum for Rita's approval. A minute later the needle had done its work. Naomi dabbed away some blood and pushed a curved bar through the hole. A threaded ball was tightened over the end of the bar.

"Take it out once or twice a day and swab the area with alcohol. I'll come back next week to put in the permanent ring." She held up a stainless ring that looked like it was two inches in diameter.

Veronica would look more like a bull than a human being. I actually felt pity for her. Veronica was removed from the wall and Rita fastened Sheila in her place. I watched with interest as her labia were pierced in four places on each side while Rita held a bag of ice on Sheila's clit. Once the labia were done a needle quickly pierced it from side to side.

A stainless lock was inserted through a stainless shield, Sheila's clit, and out the other side. A short stainless wire was run through the labial rings, much like lacing one's shoes, up to the lock.

Once closed Rita had complete control of Sheila's cunt. There'd be no orgasms in Sheila's future without Rita's express permission. I was disgusted when I took my leave. CHAPTER 9 Nan could see how upset I was when I returned home. She led me to the couch.

I sat with my head in my hands for several minutes until I was able to speak. Even then I could barely get the words out. I had wanted to shock Sheila with the reality of Ronny's situation. I had never anticipated that she would fall into Rita's clutches. I thought I hated Sheila, but I couldn't hate anyone so much that I'd want them to become the slave that Sheila would so obviously be.

I was so distressed I couldn't go to work, I couldn't eat; I was paralyzed. Nan phoned Mary Ann and tried to explain. In the end it was her inability to do so that convinced Mary Ann of the severity of my experience. I only prayed that I'd feel better about myself by the time we left for Hawaii. Nan pulled me up and took me to bed. We didn't make love; it was the first time since we'd been together—the first time in more than five months.

Nan stripped me and put me to bed then she climbed in with me, holding and soothing me with her body. "I'm not really surprised at your reaction, Tom. You're a kind considerate and loving man. I don't think it's in you to hate. We'll have to think of a solution, but what I have no idea." She stroked my cheek and my hair then she kissed me so gently I could barely feel it. All the same, I knew how much she loved me. Nan would accept all my problems, all my stress, all my pain.

She'd treat me and love me just as she had way back when she had massaged my broken body back to health. In spite of all that she'd never think to ask for anything for herself. I made up my mind then that I'd give her everything possible, and only my very best. I fell asleep in her arms, content despite all that had plagued me earlier and still did. I was better physically, but not emotionally, the following morning.

I resolved to put up a positive front for Nan's sake. There were only three days before our departure. We worked hard those first two days, arriving early at six in the morning, working even through lunch and into the night to tie up as many loose ends as possible. Mary Ann went ballistic when she found out the following day. "Work is important, but not as important as you are to each other. I absolutely forbid you to work those insane hours. I don't care if you're going away for a long vacation.

I absolutely forbid it. If I have to I'll hire another assistant to pick up the slack. Now…go home!" Then smiling for the first time since her tirade began, she continued, "Have a wonderful time.

You both deserve it." She hugged Nan then me, adding a quick kiss to my cheek before shooing us out the door. In our haste to finish our work we had pushed back packing and now, with less than a day before our departure, we had to work like beavers. Finding the right clothes was easy.

Fitting everything into less than fifty pounds was a bit more challenging. I was going basic: golf and tee shirts, shorts, swim trunks, sandals and sneakers. I thought I'd bring a light jacket in case it rained or became windy. Nan, however, planned for a lot more. To meet her interests I added several pairs of long dress slacks, shoes, and appropriate socks. I absolutely refused to pack a sport jacket. We left mid-morning on Thursday, flying to Los Angeles for an overnight stay before proceeding the following day to Honolulu.

I hated the idea of being exhausted on our first day in Waikiki. Nan and I had flown extensively visiting clients and I knew from experience the problems of traveling east to west. Had we traveled in a single day we would have arrived at 5:00 p.m., but it would have been ten at night on the east coast. By the time we got our bags and to the hotel it could well be after one the following morning. Stopping halfway would enable our body clocks to adjust. We checked in around five which was still eight back on the east coast.

I laughed out loud when Nan turned down the king bed for two doubles. "We're honeymooners," was her explanation. The poor clerk was obviously confused until I clarified that we'd only be using the one bed. We shared that bed from top to bottom and side to side as we made the most beautiful love to each other.

I'd managed to put Sheila out of my mind, but once I tried to sleep I found that I couldn't. I slept fitfully at best. We had a relaxed breakfast and checked out around eleven and catching the airport shuttle at 11:30.

We were really early so I turned Nan loose shopping while I pulled out a paperback. We both had tablets loaded with books, but I was pretty sure there'd be plenty of thieves on the beaches. We bought the books at a "Friends of the Library" sale for only a quarter each. These books were taking a one-way trip. The flight was uneventful other than a twenty minute period when we flew through a massive thunderstorm.

It was a great example of why travelers should always keep their seatbelts secured. We checked into the Sheraton Waikiki a little after six. After a quick dinner we went for a romantic walk on the beach. Holding hands Nan and I walked in the wave-washed sand. The sun had set by the time we returned to our room. I opened the door to our balcony overlooking the calm Pacific. The sound of the breaking waves was hypnotic, but not as powerful as the sight of my wonderful selfless wife.

I pulled her to me and we kissed like kids even as Nan dropped my shorts and Jockey's to the floor. "I love you so much, Nan.

I can't believe I'm so lucky to have you." "I'm the lucky one, Tom. Do you have any idea what it's like to work with and live so close to someone you love and still be so far away that you'll never even touch each other.


It was so hard for me, Tom. Now you're mine. Now I can reach out and know you'll always be there. I love touching you, especially at night when you're asleep. Sometimes I wake up and when I do I run my hands all over your body to tell me I'm not dreaming.

I'm not dreaming, am I?" "No, my darling although every day I share with you is like a dream come true. Why don't we shower and turn in?" "Why?

Are you tired?" "No, I'm not, but I think I will be by the time we're done." Nan was laughing like crazy when I scooped her into my arms and carried her into the bathroom. We washed each other as had become our custom over the months we'd been together. Then I moved my soapy hand into her butt crack and Nan gave me that look. You know the one—the one where she melts into me and tells me to do whatever I want to her.

I rinsed the two of us, dried my wife's delectable body then carried her to the bed. She lay across the king bed—yes, another big bed although we'd likely use less than a third—as I knelt between her long slender legs. I began by kissing each of her toes. Nan was terribly ticklish on her feet; she squirmed with laughter even as I moved my way up each leg. I had just begun to lick her thigh when I heard Nan swear, one of the few times she had raised her voice or lost patience.

"Tom! What the hell are you doing?" "Um…I was just warming you up a bit, you know, beforehand&hellip." Nan sat up and gripped my head before leaning over to kiss me and plunge her tongue deep into my mouth. "Have you ever known me to need 'warming up?' I'm so hot for you every moment of every day that I sometimes have to change my panties several times.

Please, Tom put that big fat thing where it belongs. I'm sure I don't have to explain where that is, do I?" She finished with a broad grin as I raised her legs onto my shoulders.

Standing, I leaned forward and, with perfect aim, slowly entered her. She was gushing, the result of my teasing, but she was still so tight. I had to thrust several times before my pubic hair and hers were intermeshed. I drew back to thrust again, but Nan pulled my head forward. My mouth found her nipple as we ground into each other with incredible force and energy—and love.


We moved together for several minutes, building within each other the forces we would need to bring us both to our orgasm. Nan had gone off birth control more than a month ago and we were both extremely hopeful, but we had no way of knowing if our efforts would succeed. In the meantime it would be practice, practice, practice. We were a sweaty mess a few minutes later when we exploded together. I came so hard I was afraid I'd hurt Nan, but all she did was whisper, "I can't move, Tom.

That was so good. Move me, will you, dear and tuck me in." I moved her head to the pillow, climbed into the other side, and moved against her naked sweaty body. I slept like the dead for the first time in days. We enjoyed our days in Waikiki, although our tour of Oahu was understandably sobering when we visited the U.S.S.

Arizona Memorial. We stood for several minutes in front of the long list of more than 1100 casualties when I pointed out one of the several Williams listed. "That was my grandfather's brother. I obviously never had the chance to meet him, but my grandpa told me he was a wonderful brother and person." Nan squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek. A few minutes later our tour group was called to the tender to continue our tour. We loved the beach even though it was crowded. There were surfers, although not where we were swimming and we even took a ride on a Hawaiian war canoe.

After paddling at a leisurely pace until we were about a half mile from shore we turned around and were told to paddle at a sprint—what they called "ramming speed" in Roman times. We paddled for all we were worth even as Nan laughed like crazy. She couldn't believe we had actually paid to work like galley slaves.

Pretty soon we were traveling fast enough to stop. We rode the crest of a wave all the way to shore. What a blast! Too soon we were in the air again en route to Kauai. We stayed at another Sheraton, this time in Poipu on the southern edge of the island.

I'd read that Kauai was the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. As such it had the most spectacular landscapes—and the most coral reefs on its beaches. Some of them were "Not Recommended" for swimming; others were just downright dangerous. I'd never willingly endanger Nan—I'd rather die first—so we headed south to the only part of the island known for excellent swimming.

The beach was deserted except for a few unexpected visitors—Hawaiian monk seals—that spent their day sleeping in an area of the beach that had been blocked off with traffic cones.

We made plans our second day to take an island tour, one that included a helicopter flight. We began with a three-hour bus tour, stopping at a shell factory where we were "treated" to a complimentary shell lei. After a demonstration of piercing and stringing the tiny shells we were free to wander the aisles of shell jewelry. "Like this," I asked Nan, holding up a multi-strand necklace. "Um…not really. It's okay, but&hellip." I kissed her cheek, telling her, "I'm glad," as I showed her the price tag--$1,450.

I'd spend that much and more once we got to Maui. I'd read all about Maui Divers on Front Street in Lahaina, the old whaling town that had evolved into West Maui's shopping and dining center. I was sure there'd be a strand of black pearls with Nan's name on it. We enjoyed the bus trip, but the helicopter ride was breathtaking as we soared over the Na Pali Coast with its green fluted mountains rising from the sea.

From there it was into Waimea Canyon, one of the rainiest places on earth, indeed the rain poured over the copter while we were there. I doubted we had ever seen a place as green as Kauai and then we headed north to Hanalei Bay where the movie South Pacific was filmed. It was an incredible experience made all the better because I had Nan to share it with. The experience only got better when we returned to the hotel late in the afternoon.

"Having fun," I asked. "You know it," Nan replied, "and the fun hasn't even started. Let's lose those clothes, Husband." Her hands were on me in a flash. In a minute she had stripped me and herself and had settled onto my hard thick cock. "You know, we should probably stick to missionary if we want to get you pregnant." "I know, but this is just so much fun. I can't resist. I can't resist you, either." She remained motionless while her vaginal muscles pulsed as though she was riding me furiously.

It was incredible—unbelievable—but true. Damn, but I loved this woman and I would forever. I came hard a few minutes later and when I did Nan slid off me, raising her feet in the air. "Like my solution?" I did. I held her like the treasure she was. Our final stop was Maui. There was only a short flight and I thought about taking a cat nap until Nan asked me a question out of the blue.

"If Mary Ann hired another assistant what skill set do you think we'd need?" "I really haven't given it much thought. I didn't really think Mary Ann was serious." "I think she might be. Alice is thinking of retiring." Alice was my "secretary," although she was really in the position because of her friendship with Mary Ann. Her clerical skills were marginal, at best. "It's supposed to be a secret—Alice is having some health issues. Her daughter wants her to retire and move west to live with her.

I wonder if we could get someone who knows steno or machine dictation." "Steno? Where could we possibly find someone who knows steno?" Nan tilted her head to the side and gave me a look that said, "Duh." Then it came to me. I knew someone with outstanding clerical skills—Sheila.

I prayed that she hadn't been destroyed by Rita's insane treatment of her. I phoned Mary Ann once we had landed to ask if she was serious. She was—Alice's condition was far worse than Nan realized. I explained what Nan and I had discussed and then I explained why.

To her credit Mary Ann simply listened and when I was done she finished the conversation with but a single word, "okay." Nan and I spoke once we had reached the Sheraton Maui about thirty miles from the airport on the coast of West Maui in an area known as Kaanipali Beach. We sat near the water's edge, our feet occasionally feeling the swash of the breaking waves, as we spoke for almost an hour.

Finally, I knew what had to be done and I had to do it. I phoned a friend at 8:00 the following morning mindful of the time difference between Hawaiian time and time in New York where we lived and worked. I reached Sgt. Perkins at his desk. "Jim," I began, "I need some help." Then I explained why. The call went on for just over a half hour. He agreed to meet with me in the evening after we returned home. That would be a Saturday. We had a great time in Maui even though we didn't take an organized tour of the island.

We did board a big catamaran for a dinner and cocktail cruise during which we ate, but didn't drink any alcoholic beverages. As per our credo we had practiced, practiced, practiced every single day—multiple times every day—and recently our loving had been missionary only. We rented snorkel gear in town and enjoyed diving along Black Rock, a world famous snorkeling area just in front of the hotel.

We saw like a zillion fish and even a sea turtle as we finned around the area. We drove into Lahaina most evenings to eat and afterwards one night I walked Nan past Maui Divers. "Let's go in and see what they have," I suggested. "Oh, Tom I'm sure their stuff is much too expensive." "I don't think they charge for looking, do you?" Nan shook her head as I led her into the store.

We looked at a few inexpensive pieces, but I could see Nan eying a beautiful string of black Tahitian pearls. "Let us see that one," I told the clerk. I have to say—they looked beautiful draped around Nan's long graceful neck.

'How about those earrings," I asked. I threw my credit on the counter before Nan had the chance to take them off. "They look stunning on you." "I know, but they're much too expensive." "No…they're not. You deserve the best.

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You are the best and I'm going to make sure you get the best." I turned to the clerk and asked for boxes, telling her that Nan would wear them. I always knew that Nan loved me, but that night I could see the magical love in her eyes. We went back to the hotel and Nan led me to our bed once I had opened the door. "Care to tell me how much you spent tonight?' "Dinner cost us about a hundred." She rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean." "Roughly one-millionth of what you're worth to me." "Wow!

This is one expensive necklace!" "Don't worry about it, okay? Think of them as a wedding present. You'll remember this day and this wonderful trip every time you wear them." I leaned forward and our lips met.

"Mostly," she whispered, "I'll think of my wonderful husband!" She brought me back for another sweet kiss as our tongues danced with our love for each other. Nan waited not a second; she opened my shorts, dropped hers, and was wrapped around my cock in a second. Nan began a slow tantalizing rhythm, one that could take us hours to reach our orgasms.

That was okay with me. I loved making love with Nan and doing it for hours—hell, even all night—would work for me. Nan moved lower, bringing her hard wrinkled nipple to my chest. I was reminded once again of our first night together. I was helpless—my mouth sought her nipple desperately.

I suckled like a baby at my wife's teat, savoring the taste and texture of her hard wrinkled nipple. As I did I prayed that our practice would be successful. I wanted a family with Nan more than anything.

It would be the ultimate expression of our love. Nan pulled her breast back, but with a smile substituted the other, leading my fingers to her now wet nipple. I pulled her head to mine and we kissed. On and on our lips pressed against each other's as our tongues dueled and wrestled together. My hands worried her nipples as Nan rode me, slowly increasing her pace, accelerating the climax.

The simple truth was that we needed each other so badly that we couldn't wait—we couldn't hold back and we didn't want to. I broke the kiss, uttering the words I felt, the words I'd always feel—"I love you." We exploded together in mutual bliss. We came and came and came. I came so hard my eyes closed and when they opened I looked up in the moonlight to see my wonderful Nan resplendent in her pearl necklace and earrings.

I realized something that night—no jewelry, no flowers, no finery would make Nan more beautiful than she was. Next: Rescue!