Petite realtor dick rides at house showing

Petite realtor dick rides at house showing
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Ryan moves in with his aunt uncle and cousins and found a sextoy in his cousin Kara. New family secrets II I fell asleep thinking about what happened with Kara and I and had a dream about doing other things besides just fucking her throat. I woke up and i was starving so i went down to the kitchen to see what there was to eat.


I walked in and saw there was no one around but there was a note on the table that read " Ryan we and kyle went to take Kevin for his freshman orientation so we will be back on sunday, Uncle Derrick is out of town on business till thursday, and Kara isn't feeling well so check on her every once in awhile for me please and thank you Love Aunt Misty. So i had this whole place to myself for the next three days too bad Kara isn't feeling good.

I ate and cleaned up then went to check on Kara in her room but she wasn't there so i figured she was lounging around somewhere. I decided to go for a swim in the pool, I went in and changed int my swim shorts and dove into the pool. When i surfaced i heard music coming from th speakers around the pool.

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I looked around and saw that the changing room door was closed when it opened it was Kara standing there in this tiny black and gold two piece swim suit and my jaw dropped. She dove in and stayed under for awhile then surfaced on the other side of the pool.

She just stayed over there swimming on the far side of the pool so i said " hi Kara come over here and swim with me". She didn't come over so i figured she was pissed about last night maybe she hadn't liked it like i thought she did. so i swam over to her and she swam away and i followed her til i caught her in the corner of the pool.

She lightly struggled to get away but i didn't let her go. Her ignoring me was pissing me of so i figured if she's already pissed i might as well do what i want with her while i had the chance. so i was getting worked up wrestling with her so I spun her around and slid up behind her grinding my dick into the crack of her ass. I could have sworn i heard a moan from her so i rubbed a little harder and sure enough she moaned again.

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I took that as a good sign and with one swift motion i pulled her bottoms off and pulld her naked ass against my cock again and reached my hand around and jammed my finger into her pussy folds. I slid my finger up and down her pussy lipps and as she had done the night before i slid my middle finger up and down in between her soft pussy lips. Gently i rubbed her pussy until i found her love button and rubbed it with one hand and reached around with the other to slide two fingers into her warm wet hole.

I pumped my fingers in and out until i felt her her pussy clamp down on my fingers and her body go rigid and shutter with her orgasm. I started rubbing my cock harder against her ass and i reached down and slid my shorts off. I walked her to whe the wall was just the right height that i could bend her over it and he as hung just over the edge.

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I slid my finger into her pussy from behind and pumped it in and out a few times then withdrew it and slipped it into her ass gentley as she gasped and tensed up and i leaned over her back and told her to relax or it would hurt. She looked back over her shoulder just in time to see me slide the tip of my dick into her pussy, but just the tip because i didn't want to risk breaking her hyman that i felt while i was fingering her before.

then i pulled it out and lined it up with her puckered butthole and i said "relax i'll go slow" and she nodded in forced agreement because she knew i would do it either way.

I started to slowly apply pressure to her ass and the head slipped in past the first elastic ring and she screeched and tensed up and i stopped and reminded her to relax. After a few seconds she relaxed and i got about an inch in and she tensed up again so i just kept sliding it in. She was panting and grunting when she finally relaxed with the pressure i was using while she was tensed up and the sudden release of her butt muscles i slid all the way in all at once.

She let out a loud grunt then i froze in place up to the hilt in my cousins ass and gave her time to get used to it, she slowly started to wiggle a little at a time so i started sliding in and out.

Seeing that she was obviously used to it I started gradually picking up the pace until i was pulling almost all the way out then slamming back into her.

By this time she was shoving her ass back at me with every in stroke and thrashing her head around and moaning aloud. I reached around her to rub her clit while i continued my assult on her ass, as i was rubbing her clit she started to finger herself until she came so hard she nearly shoved us both over.

Her ass muscles tightened around my dick to where i could barely move in and out of her, which caused my own amazing orgasm she started screaming out "fuck me. fuck my ass.

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oh. yes cumm.


in my tight little ass" as i slammed my ejaculating cock into her ass. I pulled my rapidly deflating cock from my cousins ass and watched as my cum flowed out of it in to the pool water.

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I climed out of the pool leaving my shorts at the bottom I turned as Kara was climbing up the ladder to get out and i thrust my cock into her face and surprisingly she took it into her mouth with no protest. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face while i asked her if she liked the taste of her ass she just nodded a yes as she sucked my now rehardening cock into her throat.

I pulled out of her mouth and went to sit in one of the reclining chairs around the pool and told her to crawl over to me and suck my dick. She did as she was told and she sucked my dick so hard i thought she would give it a hicky.

I started thrusting hard into her mouth when i felt my orgam coming on. I guess i went too far because she had to fight back her vomit as she gagged on my cock. I pulled out and stood in front of her and told her to jerk my dick until i came on her face again she did as she was told.

She started stroking my cock hard and licking it's purple head, I told her i was going to cum and she laid my dick against her chin tilted her head back and kept jerking me until spurt after spurt erupted on to that beautiful moca face of hers some even got in her hair and on her tits.

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I was spent and all i could think was i've still got two more days alone with my beautiful sex puppet cousin. The rest of the day was pretty un eventful until dinner time. I was taking a nap when i heard a knock at my door. It was Kara she said it was time to eat as she walked in the room wearing nothing but that perfect smile of hers. I was confused until she jumped up on the bed and climbed on top of me shoving her shaven pussy in my face.

I thought to myself "A roll reversal well done cousin well done" as she became the aggressor. She sat on my face hard grinding her sweet pussy into my mouth as i tried to keep up with her movements with my tounge. She jumped up and shut and locked the door so none of "the help" as she called them would walk in on us.

She stripped me doen naked and told me to lay down as i did she walked to my closet and opened the door to the secret hallway and pulled out a bag. She walked over to the bed and pulled out 4 pieces of rope and tied my hands and feet to the bed posts i was incredibly turned on at this point as was proven by my massive erection.

She dropped the bag to the floor and took her seat back on my face.


Grabbing a handful of my wavy dirty blond hair and pulling my face hard into her pussy which was sopping wet by this point. I enjoyed eating her sweet pussy as much if not more than she loved me eating it.

Just as she started showing signs of her orgasm she jumped up and slammed her pussy down full force on my dick. This must have hurt alot because she froze there as tears started to fall from her eyes down her cheeks and dripping on to my chest.

After a few minutes she started sliding her hips around in a circle slowly then faster and faster until it felt like she was going to rip my dick off. Again she started to show signs of her orgasm but this time she came so hard that she squirted pussy juice up my belly to my chest. Just as i felt like i was going to cum too she hopped off of me and said " Oh no you don't get to cum until i say so, you've been a bad boy taking liberties with my body noe it's my turn".

"Shit" I thought to myself as i realized she had me in a position where i was at her mercy. TO Be Continued. Let me know what you think and i'll go on