Poland teen now that president oaks has taken advantage of me i dont know what to do

Poland teen now that president oaks has taken advantage of me i dont know what to do
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I never knew boarding-school could be fun and exciting. I was in my first year and he was in his final. He was adolescent person.very attractive and handsome.I first met him in the farewell party. he was pleasant and easy to talk.we got acquinted and since we lived in the same floor I agreed to visit him to get some of his old notes for my future references.it was an unwelcome event, there was blackout in the building due to monsoon rain.unfortunately I was out of candle so I decided to give him a visit.

he received me with kindness.though it was dark, he did not light a candle but the room was illuminated by the moon.he was in his short pant.he was strong body and I looked at him with wonder and pleasure.he offered me a bull drink .he was really exciting me with his charm.I was becoming habituated to his climate when the topic about sex came out.I was surprised.

but his ability to explain was great and it affords me great pleasure. I was damn sure his cock will be much bigger than mine. I was right.

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it was more than 9 inches long if not less and thick like the fruit of the oak tree. nicely circumcised.

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my body aches by seeing his gradual growth with a viscid fall from his pee-hole. this was not the first time but his size difinitely make difference. when he say my mouth wide open out of fear, he comforted me. don't worry it will hurt you a bit in the beginning.gradually you will ask for more.

I agreed to take what was offered to me. I intensely engaged in sucking his cock.

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completely gave up to his passion. I remember I took only half of his cock deep down my throat when he increased the speed. he was like a bloodhound.

he strike again and again with his bloodgeon cock. I was feeling great happiness.

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begging him for more. I want him to act superior.

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there was emission of seminal fluid flowing freely out of my mouth, I had as much as i could like a bull drink. it had a glorious taste. he continued pushing harder and harder.

he was unstopable. the cock was getting harder again. I know he was nowhere to finish so soon.i do not want him to finish.


I want him to give me a very hard blow with his extra size cock. let me feel the intense pain of body and mind. he was quite agreeable and agitator tooo.

he was cock-sure to fuck me in my ass-hole.it was worth of being loved by him. his cock was facinating. the more he rubbed it with his hand, the more pump it become. I cannot see him teasing me so I let in dog-style. I knew its going to hurt me so I tried to stress my legs as wide as possible, this gave him opportunity to clearly look at my butt.

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since it was dark and rain still falling, he made sure to locate my asshole with his middle finger. I helped him. he was courtious to enter his finger in my ass so he applied some saliva in his finger and soem in my hole. when he put his finger, there was movement of the agony through veins of my body but nevertheless I was enjoying the momentum of to and fro.ah ah ah was the only sound coming out of my mouth.

the final moment came when I felt he was sliding his cock in my ass as quitely as possible. every inch was satisfying my thirst.the insertion of his cock in my ass to fuck me was unimaginable.

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when he was pushing and pulling I was being in heavern.his way of fucking was uncomparable to any other fucked i had or was it the size of his cock that took me to the height of pleasure.I was actuated by the love of his cock and I remain faithful to him. he was causing me vexation with the mushroom head, taking to the height and pushing it back deep down in my ass.


every moment of pushing down the ass was overwhelming. he was having the quality of fucking me harder and harder. I do not remember how long it lasted when there was a violant shock caused by the sudden contact of his cock in the end of my hole.it was his final blow.first in the mouth and now in the ass.

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he was my intimate companion. that night I had a good shower and realized that my ass become large. I never had him again, I left for my vacation.


I hope and wish he read this story and try to contact me. I am still looking for him or someone who can rift of my ass with bigger cock than his.