Stunning blonde teen cant stop having orgasms hd masturbation and pornstars

Stunning blonde teen cant stop having orgasms hd masturbation and pornstars
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PHOTO SESSION My sister and I were laying on mats out by the pool sunbathing the other day when the back door to our house opened and Mom came out carrying her camera gear. Mom is not a pro photographer but I guess she could be. She took lots of pictures and most were as good as any pro could do. "Hey Becca, don't look now but it looks like we are in for another photo session with Mom." "Oh great, just when I was all set to just lay out here and do nothing." Becca said with a sigh.

"Hey, I heard that. You know you always end up enjoying being a model for me. Besides, for the first part you can keep laying right where you are." Mom said as she began setting up her lights and tripod. Becca and I had been the subject of many of mom's pictures over the years. I can remember back when I was about 5 and Becca was about 4, sitting in a kiddy pool in the back yard while mom was taking our picture. We were both nude at the time but since we were little it was nothing to us.

Back then mom had a dark room and developed her own film since digital cameras weren't around much. And as the years went on mom would often have us pose for her, sometimes together and sometimes separately. I don't know if Becca had the same experiences with some of those individual photo sessions with mom as I did but she probably did. One time when I had posed alone for mom she asked me to take my clothes off so she could shoot me nude. I was almost 13 at the time and mom had to really twist my arm to get me to do it.

She said she wanted to have some pictures showing me as I was growing up and going through puberty.

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I finally agreed and took my clothes off for her. As she started taking the pictures I started to get a hardon and I put my hands over it to hide it from the camera. Mom told me to move my hands, told me to put my hands on my hips and stand up straight, said I should be proud of what I had.

So I did, stood up straight with my hands on my hips and my dick thrust out in front of me. Mom seemed impressed, told me I had a pretty big dick for someone my age. Then she proceeded to take quite a few more pictures and some close up shots of my dick. That session was a little over 6 years ago and I hadn't posed much for mom since then until today.

"Okay, Donny, I want you in these shots too. Take this sunscreen and Becca, you turn over on your front and let your brother rub the lotion into you." Mom said. Becca heaved a bit of a sigh and rolled over. I took the sunscreen from mom and squirted a big glob in my hand and moved over beside Becca getting ready to start.

"No Donny, I don't want you to the side of your sister, I want you to straddle her with your legs and rub the lotion all over her back.

Becca, untie your top and move your hair so Donny can get all of you." Mom directed. "Mom, I don't want to be topless in these pics with Donny." Becca said sharply. "Relax Becca, you will be laying down and nobody will see your breasts. Besides, we are all family here and nobody can see into the yard. Here, let me help you." Mom said as she reached for the ties.

Becca was wearing a small string bikini top and it was a thong style on the bottoms. Once the top was untied and her hair was out of the way mom had me move over and straddle Becca's butt. "Okay Donny, start rubbing the sunscreen in and make it like a massage, rub it in real well." Mom said as she moved to her camera.

I started up at Becca's neck and shoulders. As I rubbed, I could feel Becca start to relax and start to breath deeply and moan quietly. I could hear the click of the camera as mom took picture after picture. "Donny, make sure to go all around the sides too." Mom said from behind her camera. So I worked around the side and my hands felt the sides of Becca's tits.

Becca has really big tits, probably 36 D, which are really big for such a thin girl as my sister. Becca flinched a little when she felt my hands on the sides of her tits but settled back down.

I was starting to get worked up myself as I rubbed my sisters tits while basically sitting on her butt. I was starting to get a hardon. The more I rubbed, the harder my dick got.

Pretty soon I had a fully stiff dick and it had popped up above the waistband of my speedo. I knew there was no way I could get it to stay in the suit when it was hard so I just tried to stay hunched over as much as I could so it wouldn't show in the pics.

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"Okay Donny, stand up a minute, I need to make a change." Mom said as she came out from behind her camera. "Becca, I want you to slide your bottoms off so Donny can rub the lotion into the rest of you." "No way mom, I'm not going to be nude with my brother with his suit on rubbing lotion into me." Becca said looking over her shoulder at mom with a scowl on her face.

"Come on now Becca, we are all family here. And if it will make you feel any better about it, I am going to have your brother take his suit off for the next pictures too." Mom said looking directly at my hard dick sticking out of my suit. "Now wait a minute mom, I let you take those nudes of me a few years back but I don't know about this." I said a little nervously. "Wait a minute," Becca said sitting up suddenly without thinking about being topless, "She took nudes of you too a few years back?" "Yes, she did." I said, staring at her wonderful bare tits.

"Okay, come on you two, off with the suits." Mom said as she moved back to her camera and started taking pictures again. As Becca stood and looked at my dick sticking out of my suit, I hooked my thumbs in the sides and pushed it down and let it drop to my feet and I stepped out of it.

"Damn bro, I didn't know you had such a big beautiful cock!" Becca said with a big grin on her face.


"Well, damn sis, I didn't know you had such big beautiful nipples and the most perfectly shaped tits." I said as I stared at them. Becca blushed a little at this and then slid her suit bottom down and stepped out of it. There we both stood, nude together for the first time since we were little.


Like I said, Becca must have had about 36D or maybe even DD tits but she had a slim waist, she was shaved with a strip of hair at the top of her pussy, she had a very nice ass on her too. "Okay kids, lets get back to it. Becca, you lie back down and Donny, you start rubbing the lotion into her feet and work your way up to her butt. Do one leg and then the other and after that you can work on her butt." Mom said as we got into position. I squirted some more sunscreen on my hands and started rubbing my way up Becca's left leg.

Becca's legs were parted just enough for me to see her pussy and I just stared at it as I worked my way up. As I got closer to it I could see that she was getting wet. As I got to the top of her thigh I let my finger touch her pussy slightly, making her flinch a little again. Then I started on her right leg and worked my way up and again I touched my sister's pussy as I got to the top of her thigh.

This time though she didn't flinch, she actually pushed back a little against my finger. Next I squeezed out some more lotion directly onto her ass cheeks and started to work it into her ass.

Some of the lotion was running down in between her cheeks and down onto her pussy. I ran my hand down between her ass cheeks and followed where the lotion had run. As my fingers passed her ass hole I paused there and rubbed around some. Becca let out a little moan as I penetrated her sphincter with my finger just a little. I then rubbed further down until my fingers were playing around her pussy lips.

My dick was as hard as it had ever been and was leaking a little precum out onto Becca's ass. I just rubbed it in like it was lotion. "Okay you two, time to change to the front side." Mom called out from her camera. There were no objections this time as Becca turned over beneath me.

Becca stared at my hard dick with a wide eyed look on her face. "Becca, for these shots I want your brother between your legs and you drape your legs over his thighs as he sits between them." Mom directed.

So, I scooted back some and Becca pulled her legs from under me and lifted them up almost straight up in the air and split them to either side of me. Her pussy was spread open and all I wanted to do at that point was fall face first into it. I scooted up some and Becca dropped her legs on my thighs on either side. "Donny, scoot up further so you can rub the lotion all over the front of your sister." I moved up until my dick was laying right on top of Becca's mound.

I squirted some more lotion onto my hands and started to rub it around Becca's face. We were staring into each others eyes like lovers. I continued down to her shoulders and then finally down to her magnificent tits.

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I took the bottle of sunscreen and squirted a big glob onto each of her tits. It looked like I had just cum all over them and at that point I was almost ready to. I kept rubbing her tits, squeezing them through my hands until the nipples were between my thumb and forefinger. I gently pulled her nipples, extending them way out and letting them slip from my grasp.

Becca had her head back, her eyes closed and was moaning from deep within. She was thrusting her hips and my dick was sliding over her pussy lips and rubbing her clit. I was on the edge, about to blow my load.

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I kept squeezing Becca's tits through my hands and she kept thrusting her hips rubbing my dick with her pussy. Becca started to cum and was frantically thrusting her pussy up and down my dick.

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I could feel myself about to cum and suddenly the cum shot out. The first shot was so strong it flew up over Becca's head, she lifted her head up and the second shot hit her right in the face. The next shot flew right into Becca's open mouth. The next couple of squirts landed in between her tits. Becca looked at me with a big smile on her face, my cum dripping from her nose and chin.

She stuck her tongue out and licked up some of the cum. I leaned forward and lay on her chest and looked into her eyes, she looked back into mine and we slowly came together in a kiss. I knew I was tasting my own cum but I didn't care, I just wanted to be as close to my sister at that moment as I could.

"Wow kids! That was so erotic and sensual and I caught it all.

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These pictures are going to be really great!" Mom said happily. Becca and I had been so engaged in our mutual pleasure that we had forgotten for a time that our mom was watching and taking pictures of us. I rolled over off of Becca and we both just lay there for a minute looking up at mom's smiling face.

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"Okay you two, that was great. Time for just one last picture. I have the remote set up and I want a picture of my models along with the photographer.

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So stand up right here and we will all pose together for this last shot." Mom said as she held out her hands to us to help us up. Becca and I stood up and I leaned in and whispered in her ear and she turned and smiled at me in agreement. "Mom, if you are going to be in this last shot then you have to be naked too." I said as she looked at me with her eyebrow raised. "Yeah mom, if we are naked for the picture you have to be too." Becca added.

Mom just thought for a second and started to take her shorts and top off. In a few seconds she was just as naked as we were. "Okay, how's this?" Mom asked as she raised her hands up and made a turn to show us. We had seen our mom naked before lots of times but this time she seemed to be even more beautiful than she had ever been.

Her tits still high and firm, her belly flat and her bush carefully trimmed and shaved bare on her pussy. My sister and I stood naked on either side of our naked mother posing for the picture. "Ready?" Mom asked. "Yes" We replied.

Just as the camera was about to click the picture, my sister and I bent our heads down and kissed our mom's tits and slipped our hands between her legs and fingers into her pussy. Should be a great picture to put on the mantle in the family room…