Hot spanish milf fucked by young man

Hot spanish milf fucked by young man
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I'm 32, divorced, a pretty well-to-do business owner, and not the ugliest guy in a typical room. I'm also lucky enough to have several "no-strings" fuck buddies ranging in age from mid-twenties to about 40. I'm also a good son by making sure to look after my mom, who lives about 50 miles away.

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My mom is 60 and has a very active social life. She has groups of lady friends with whom she plays cards, dominoes, bingo, wine tasting, etc.

Over the years I've heard so many stories of her various friend's lives, children, grandchildren and have had the occaision to meet quite a few of them. So many, in fact, that it's hard to keep the names and faces and stories from running together.

Apparently a lot of them have heard various stories about me from my mom, some embellished, I'm sure, about how handsome and successful I am.

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Recently I stopped by my mom's house unannounced and saw a whole lot of cars in her driveway. I called her from my cell to see if it would be okay to stop in, to see what I was interupting. Just as I suspected, she said to come on in. Wow, am I glad that I did! A bunch of mom's friends who played pinochle regularly were having lunch and wine after some cards. The cards were done, lunch was done, and wine was well under way. Some of the ladies looked familiar, I knew some names, and was re-introduced to everyone.

They were loud and freindly and pretty much feeling no pain. The pack mentality kicked in, helped along by the wine, and enboldened a couple of them to be more direct and flirtacious than they would otherwise have been. No harm done, all in fun, and everyone, including me, was enjoying the banter. As the afternoon wore on the ladies began making their exits, some solo, some in pairs. Finally Doris and Sally were the last remaining guests. I knew Sally very well from previous times, she was maybe in her early 60's, as was Doris, whom I was sure I had not seen before.

The four of us had a lot of fun talking, joking, and Sally even got around to using some risque language aimed at me. The alcohol and the relaxed feeling after the main group left were the obvious culprits. As Sally and Doris started for the door, I learned that they were traveling together, driving Sally's car, but Doris would drive due to Sally being a little too tipsy.

"But wait," Doris said, "if I drive you home, how will I get home from your house?" "My husband can drive you from there," said Sally. "Oh crap, I don't want to put you guys through all that," Doris said. As the four of us talked out the logistics involved with delivering two ladies safely home, using one car, with one being impaired, it was discovered that Doris actually lived along the way I would drive to get back to my house.

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Also, Doris had never met Sally's husband, but had heard, from Sally, that he was a nasty prick. Somehow it got decided that Sally's husband would come to my mom's and pick up his intoxicated wife, and they would get her car some other time.

I would drop Doris off on my way back home, she lived about 20 minutes down the road. Doris was blonde, about 5'4" and kind of round, well groomed and very friendly. She was immediately very appreciative as we left my mom's place.

"That was some lively group back there, they really got kind of forward with you," she remarked after she got her profuse "thank-you's" out of the way. "Did I detect a hint of jealousy in some of those remarks the girls were directing at you?" she inquired. "Jealousy, heck no, they were just feeling no pain and probably were trying to embarass me, that's all," I said. "Well, would anybody there have any reason to be jealous about the attention that was being paid to you?" she probed further.

"If you mean do I have anything going with any of the ladies in that group, heck no, they're all friends of my mom and were all just kidding around with me," I assured her. "Are you saying that you couldn't imagine having anything going with any of those women?" she asked, "I wouldn't say that, in fact, I think a few of them are quite attractive," I said. "Really, now do you mean attractive for their age, or actually attractive in a sexy way?" she asked. "I mean absolutely attractive, although I would certainly tread very lightly with them being my mom's friends, I would be real careful making a pass at anyone in that group," I told her with a bit of a chuckle.

"So, you do know that I just met your mom today and she wouldn't consider me a friend of her's," she commented, more than asked. I didn't quite yet know where this conversation was going, but I sensed that there was something brewing. "Speaking of jealousy," I asked, "is there someone who would be jealous of you if you were to fool around?" "Well.

my creep of a husband, to whom I've been married forever, supposedly gave me permission to fool around, if that answers your question."'' "Wow," I responded, "tell me about the SUPPOSEDLY part of that." "A long time ago he got the bright idea that he wanted me to fuck other men in front of him.

In fact, once he surprised me by bringing home a guy who was all horned up and thinking he would get to fuck me right there on the spot. Another time he had us meet another guy at a nice restaurant for dinner with the idea that we would get comfortable and all go to our house where the guy would fuck me for my husband's entertainment." "Geez, how did that all turn out?" I asked as my cock twitched a bit.

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"Nothing happened except for me getting pissed at my stupid husband. The first guy that he brought home home by surprise was sort of gross and I was caught way off guard. A while later, with the guy at the restaurant, I got thinking that, hell, why should I fuck a guy of my husband's choosing, with him watching and being able to hang it over my head forever and probably justify him fucking around with some bimbos." As she gushed out this amazing story to me I was struggling to deal with my surprise in order to pursue any opportunities coming my way.

"Ah., well., are you guys still married and how are things between you, and did you eventually do anything in front of him?" I asked, truly not having any idea what she would have to say next. "Oh yeah, we're still married, if you can call it that, he is an over-the-road long-distance trucker. No, I never did put on a performance fuck for him. Actually, Tom, I've pretty much given up on sex.

And he now says that it would be okay for me to fuck another guy, if I promise to tell him all the details about it." "Why have you given up on." I tried to ask. She interrupted me to say, "Because I'm not sexy anymore, look at me, I'm old, fat, and flabby." "Now wait," I interrupted her back, "tell me something about yourself that you think is not sexy." "Well, gravity has sure as hell taken the PERKY out of my tits," she kind of spit out at me.


"They sure look to me like they're still warm and soft and lots of fun to play with, what else about you do YOU think is not sexy, Doris?" "Oh damn, you're sweet, but how about my big, fat ass?" she demanded. "By the way, turn here and my place is the first one on the left." "As a matter of fact, about your big, fat ass," I said slowly, drawing her full attention, "me, and a lot of other guys would consider ourselves lucky to be able to put teeth marks on one cheek and suck marks on the other cheek of your big, fat, SWEET ass." "Oh, damn, you're good, would you please come in for a minute, maybe for a drink or something?" she looked at me and asked as I came to a stop in her driveway.

"I would love to, but should I worry about your husband?" I asked, trying to be overly dramatic. "Oh hell no, he's out in Nebraska or some place, probably over a thousand miles away, come on in," she said with a smile. "Okay," was my reply, "but first, is there anything else I should know about you before I go into your house?" "Well.

yes, I might as well tell you that I'm not really a blonde, as you'll hopefully discover anyway, if you come into my house." I didn't catch on to what she just said until later. As we entered her house she closed the door right behind me, stepped up to me and said, "Give me a kiss, Tom." We stood there, about 10 seconds inside her house and actually started to make out.

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She and I were both breathing hard within one minute and at two minutes she broke away and asked if she could put on coffee or would I like something stiffer. I was proud of myself for my retort, "You do the coffee, I'll take care of the something stiffer." I followed Doris into her kitchen as she puttered around getting the coffee on.

At some point she said, "Tommy, take off your jacket and get comfortable." I asked her if there was anything I could do. "Yes," she said, "give me permission to take off this damn bra." "Are you going to release them to my custody, please, please?" I asked with a grin.

"So, do you really think they would be fun to play with, or did you say that just to try to get into my pants?" she asked with a bug smile. Feeling really bold now, I said, "Doris, now that you mentioned me getting into your pants, I would really like to taste you." "Oh my, you sweet talking fool, that sounds like fun.

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You could join me if you want, okay?" she was breathing hard and sure smiling big time now. "Go ahead and do whatever you want, but make it quick. I'm not getting wet except whatever wet I get from playing with your delicious cunt, so make it snappy," I said like a boss.

"Come up on the balcony and meet me at the futon there," she said as she strode up the stairs. When she arrived from freshening up, I happily slurped away at her cunt, which was wet and very delicious.

She was actually a brunette, I found out as I ran my tongue and fingers thru her untrimmed bush and got the comment she made just before we came into her house. Her ass was dimpled and I could see no reason to resist my urge to bite teeth marks into it. She squealed as I did that, so naturally I went to her other cheek and put a big suck mark there. That got her purring. Her tits were definitely fun to play with. I fondled them with both hands. They were floopy and elongated and extremely suckable.

She got breathing really hard as I sucked on each nipple. After taking a lot of time going over every inch of her generously endowed body it became time to let my "Happy Pole" plunge in and check out her love tunnel. This got a dramatic reaction from her.

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Doris had a sexy way of, I swear. grunting and cooing together as I picked up the pace of my stabbing her with my spear. I loved how she fucked me back with gusto, rocking her body and contorting her face. This gal was into fucking. As we humped each other pretty well for quite a while, I felt the familiar call of the cum boiling up in my balls and warned her that I was going to be squirting some seeds at her pretty soon. She astounded me by practically shouting, "Go ahead fucker, you get a big bonus if you can knock me up!" Hey, I gave it a good try by blasting a couple of nice shots of white goo as far up inside of her as I could manage.

My god, she looked sexy laying there under me with sweat on her 63 year old face, gasping for breath, and still pushing her pelvis at me as if to say, "Ya got any more of that white stuff for me?" As we dallied after cumming, she got a kick out of my grabbing her by the ankles and sucking on her toes with my cock still planted inside of her. In fact, we had quite a long conversation still hooked together, basking in the afterglow and making our plans to do this again and again.

True to her word, she always calls me when her husband is safely out of town at a great distance. Doris and I love fucking each other fast and rough, like we only have five minutes left in the whole world. Even more, we love taking our time and fucking like we have all of eternity to pleasure each other. I can easily spend hours going over every nook and dimple on her body with my fingertips and tongue. She gets a thrill from sucking my limp dick into her mouth after declaring, "I'm not letting him out to breathe until he gives up the creme." She often then proceeds to do just that even if it takes close to half an hour sometimes!

I'm so delighted to have met my darling Doris. I am so into my 63 year old babe who gets me hard 20 times a day just from thinking about her. I love the way she gets off on having my cum pumped into her hungry cunt as well as being sucked into her mouth and down her throat! More so now than ever, I believe the best sex there is comes from a mature woman who is hot, hungry, and adoring. Doris is all of that to me.