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Real amatour porn
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I sat in the guest bedroom, looking through a eye hole. The hole was between the connecting door leading into the main bedroom. I had a good view of the room. I had a good view of my naked wife, Sarah; I had a good view of my neighbor from down the hall as he sat on the edge of my bed.

I had a good view of Sarah holding his oversized cock and licking the tip. I looked at Sam as he sat, also naked, with his great belly. What made me shudder was that his cock looked out of place on this monster of a man.

Sam was in his sixties and he should not have a cock such as this. Sarah should not have had a gleefuf look on her face as she licked the cock head. Sarah was doing this because the rent was due and I had just been laid off at the wrong time.

As if there is a right time to be laid off, especially after we had returned from an expensive vacation. Two weeks of carefree days in the sun at the resort.

It was a way to cope with the grind at work. It was Sarah's way to unwind after being coped up in the apartment while i worked. Sarah didn't work. She had been looking for a job ever since we married two years ago. I told her to wait till the perfect job for her came along. Now she regretted not taking that waitress job or the store clerk job when she had the chance. I remember the day i came home and had to break the news.

Sure the company would take me back when ever they had the business to afford me. They should have told me before I took the vacation. Sure i was paid for the vacation but it was a far cry from what we had spent on vacation. Now I watched as Sarah lifted Sam's tennis ball sized testicles and licked from just short of his asshole to take each giant ball in her lovely mouth, A mouth that had only tasted my body. Now she seemed to be loving the fate that life had delt her.

I had come home from looking for work, in vain. Sarah had me sit down. I listened as she told me about her day.

It seems tah Sam, our neighbor, from two apartments down had carried groceries in out apartment for her. After it was done, Sam asked Sarah to kiss him in reply to Sarah's offer to pay him for helping her, " I never could have gotten them upstairs with out your help," Sam laughed and told her that a kiss on the cheek wuld be payment enough.

Sarag gad tried to give him a kiss but she was too short and his belly stuck out. He told her to get on a chair and reach past his belly to kiss him. Sarah had never had such a request and she said that she found herself trying to hug his great girth and kiss his cheek. San had pulled her forward where her legs spread wide and encompassed his belly. She said that she felt helpless and when he mashed him mouth on her's and thrust his thick tongue into her tender mouth.

Sarah said that she lost it for just a minute and humped her crotch on his belly and gave in to the kiss. She said that after three or four minutes she got her head straight and pulled away from him. This caused her to sit down, hurridly, in the chair. When she looked up Sam's belly took her entire upper view away and she looked directly at the huge tent in his pants.

Her eyes were only three inches away from it and she got a thrill when she saw that it was very large. She started to push him back and her hand landed right on the end of the tent.

She felt excited at the touch and then Sam bent over and cupped her ass cheeks with his baseball nitt hands. She was suprised to feel that his belly was hard.

She had imagined him to be flabby.

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His shirt had ridden up to expose about four inches on bare ,hairry skin. Sam pulled her face into his flesh and she found her mouth surrounded by a mass of male hair, She had never felt such a thing as I am pretty hairless. She tried to shout but only got her mouth open wide and at that time Sam pulled her harder to his belly. She had a mouthfukk of his belly hair and when she tried to say something she accidentally licked his flesh.

He moaned and pulled her to hi tighter, "If you will kiss me there i'll let you up. She told me that she jad no choice but to bit and run her flattned tongue over a larhge area of his body when she realized that he had sliped his sweat pants down over his crotch. She saw what she had felt before.

he had no underpants on. His giant fat cock reared up.Spasming and a string of white thick stull hung off the head. Hegarbbed his cock and hit her in the mouth with the end, slinging the cream in a long thick string into her mouth. He then grabbed her face and pressed it to his belly. Sarah said that the glob of .whatever it was.filled her mouth completely and when he pressed her face to him tight she had no choice but to start to swallow the stuff.

It seemed hot as it went down into her belly but then when he eased up on his grip, she found herself licking the slick wetness of his lower beffy. Sje told me that she must have licked his flesh for about five minutes till it was in her throat on the way into her stomach. She then gave a push and fought herself free.

Instaed of yelling at him she just sat there, breething heavily. "Whoooee, that was sure something." Sam said, "I am bound and determined to get naked with you and play to our hearts content." After she had told me this I felt that I should march right down to sam's apartment and try to beat the shit out of him.

I was sive, eleven and I good shape, but he outweighed me and he was fully six,four and three hundred pounds. About then Sarah grabbed me and pulling me to her kissed me with her wide open mouth. I was startled and was kissing her back when i noticed that her mouth tasted strange, not nasty of anything, just sta=rabge.

Then it his me where I had tastedthat one taste before.It was cum. To be nore soecific, it was Sam's sperm. I was thinking back to my younger days when i gad last tasted that tangy, creamy taste.

Next thing I knowSarah and i were naked and I was thrusting my cock hard into her. She cried out as she always said that i was large to her. "God," she said afterward " I wonder what Sam's cock wi.I mean would do to's twice again as large as you." She realized what she had started to say then and looked funny at me.


Then she looked as if she were making up her mind, "Sam offered me a thousand dollars to suck his cock." She looked releaved then as if by saying it she had finally decided to do it. I asked her to explain it to me. "Well," she started and then told me how it came about. After she had swallowed his cum ( it was really precum as he re;ated it to her. He told her that when he came she would know it. "I kissed you so you would be a part of it and i would not have cheated on you.

She explained that I had told her several times about my friends, growing up. One was Ed who had a large cock, almost as large as Sam's to hear Sarah describe it. She lay with my hard cock buried in her cunt after we both came. I stayed hard and then she told me what she would do with Sam.She said that immediately sfter the fooling around that Sam offered her five hundred.

When she went to open the door he changed it to a thousand, Sarah brought the money out that Sam had brought by about fifteen minutes before I came hiome.

He handed her the money and told her that he wanted a little sample first. He pulled Sarah's jeans dowm and stuck his lips on her twat with her panties pulled aside. She said that it felt so good that it was all she could do to make him wait till she told me.

He rose from licking her cunt and kissed her then. Her pant's were still around her feet and as he kissed her, he rammed a large as mu cock finger into her cunt.

She had just fastened her jeans when I walked in. Three minutes earlier I would have seen him finger her and seen her hump down against the fat finger.

I fucked Sarah hard and several times, cumming in her each time. There was a knock on the door and she lat there on the large couch naked, my cum was dripping from her wide open cunt.

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I realized that Sarah wanted me to fuck her and get her ready for Sam. I had sputered two loadn, big loads, in her. "Is she ready for me Jim," Sam asked me as he then looked and saw Sarah behind me naked as the day she was born?

I told him that she was. He undressed and I saw the big bear of a man. I saw his cock and became harder. Here was the man who would be the second man to enjoy her. I was he first and only till that moment. I felt bad for a minute. I blamed my job for letting me down.

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I looked again at his hugh cock adain and I suddenly knew that this would be the first cock I would suck in many years. Sarah looked Sam over good. This was the first time she had seen him cocpletely naked.

No longer was he the sweet older man that lived in our bulding. Sam was now the man who was Sarah's first John. She would be officially a prostitute. She had become one earlier when she accepted his money. I figure Sam wanted her so bad that he gave her the money before to keep her from changing her mind.

I noticed than tjhat Sam was looking us both over. He looked at Sarah as he removed the last vestiges of his clothes and Sarah looked a him nude. She looked at me once and held her arms out to him. He sank down atop her. Kissing her pasionately. I could see my wife as she eagerly welcomed his kis.

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She later told me she was trying to make sure he got his money's worth. It seems that Sarah wanted to be a good whore to him. I stood there looking at the two of them. It wasn't discussed what i would do while she blew him. I just stood there with a rigid hard cock,still dripping cum from being inside Sarah's pussy. I was about to take my cock in my hand when i felt a hot large calloused hand grab it. I woke up to see Sam kissing my wife and reaching out for my cock and slowely stroke it.

Sarah saw this and lifted her body up so he could take one of her nipples in his mouth. While he was sucking back and forth from one tit to the other.

Sarah leaned over and placed her left hand on my cock over his large mitt. She squeezed his hand and they both felt my cock together Sarah then bent over and placed the end of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue licked at my cock and his hand at the samw time. Sarah had straddled Sam under his great belly. She took his cock and placed it alomg her cunt slit and began to slide along it. She sucked me hard and I worried that I couldn't hold my cum back.

When Sam bent over he started to suck my cock alomng with Sarah. She grinned and looked amazed but let him suck it all by himself. "Well",' she said grinning. "I guess you will have to be Sam's whore too." I laughed as she joined Sam at my cock. They looked at each other and licked my hard cock, "This time with Jim is free Sam, you have to pay him any other time." I reached down to play with my wife's pussy but found Sam's large cock instead. I stroked it like I would my own. I heard Sam and Sarah whispering while they sucked and licked my cock.I couldn't understand what they said but their lip's felt great on my flesh.

Sam and Saeah kept their whispering up and I straightened up amnd got a positiom where I could suck Sarah's cunt.

I had to lick on Sam's l;arge cock shaft as I did. I was going to town on both of them when I thought I would see if Sam's thick cock would fit in Sarah's tight cunt. Well it was tight to me at eight thick inches but it would look like a tight fit to Sam's cock.

The next time he Sarah drew her body and Sam's monster cock drew back toward her anus.

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I took the cock and held it up to Sarah's slit. I felt her lip's sucking at my fingers as she rode along his cock. The cock bent almost in half Sam was trying to wedge his cock in Sarah's oussy.

I know that she told me he only wanted a blow job bt after watching sarah the whole time I determined that she wanted to be split open on his cock. I knew that inorder to fuck sarah he would have to work on her cunt a lot. Right now I pulled my cock from their mouths. I wasn't ready to cum yet. My cock felt alone with out their hot wet mouths on it. Then as best we could, with Sam's belly we lay paralell together, I was behind Sarah's butt and Sam guided my hard cock into her wet hot cunt.

I had watched her butt for a minute and when I looked down Sarah had his large cock head ib her mouth,I started to kiss along her cheek where the head was outlined and kissed down to her lips, I watched her suck on Sam's large cock head when she turned to look at me. She smiled, well as mch as you can smile with your. She took the cockhead out of her mouth with a sloppy plop,"Do you want to suck it Jim.

I did and the two of us sucked away at his throbbing cock. Sam licked on both my cock and Sarah's cunt while I fucked her. I felt him place a finger into Sarah's cunt along side my cock. He fucked her with it for several minutes and then he slid another finger. Sarah's cunt stretched to take the two fingers and my cock. I don't think that Sarah had ever been filled like that.

As I rammed int her cnt she screamed. Sam was spitting saliva into the gap were his fingers and my cock stuck out of Sarah's cunt. Then he pushed another finger. He said that he was loosening her up if I wanted to watch her fuck him.

Sarah had already decided that she was going to fuck him. Sam said that if she could take his cock then he had a lot of friends with oversized cocks.

Sarah was excited at hearing this. She would have all the cocks for pay right in the comfort of her own home. She smiled when she said this and asked Sam if they would let me suck their cocks too. "Sure he can," he said, "my friends are used to letting a man blow them as a man's mouth is larger than a woman's." Sarah looked at her husband then, "Well cocksucker I guess you get to help me pay the rent then." She kissed Jim then and told him that she looked forward to them sucking cock together.

The next day Jim didn't go out looking for a job, he had one and so did Sarah. They would be whores for Sam's friends.


Sarah didn't mknow it then but Jim was excited at the thoght of watching Sarah suck a big cock while he licked the cock also.

He also wanted to see Sarah scream as the big cock stretched her cunt open and filled her with cum that he could suck from her abused cunt. The doorbell sounded and Jim rushed to answer, eager for thier first customer for them to suck and Sarah to fuck. The customet was a round man. Really. He was about five foot tall and at least five foot wide. He had a huge pot belly that once he was naked, turned out to be solid.

His short cock was at least four inches thick. When Jim and Sarah statrted to suck him Jim was laying on the side behind Sarah. The customer whose name was John pulled Jim's cock between her legs and sucked Jim and Sarah both.

He alternated sucking Sarah's clit and then Jim's cock. Jim saw his wife's mouth all the way against John's mass of dark hair. Her mouth was stretched wide with John's fat cock. Jim couldn't keep from cumming and he filled John's mouth with his cum just as he saw Sarah gaging from John's big load. John took Jim's jerking cock out of his mouth and thrust it in Sarah's cunt.

The effect was that half of Jim's load was shot into his wife's body. John took his gard cock out of Sarah's mouth and brought Jim's mouth down on hers. Sarah started to push some of John's big load into her husbands mouth.

John got down and took Jim's wilting cock from his wife and mashed his mouth against her filled cunt. John, like most customers, spent the day with us. He fucked Sarah a few times and we sucked each other off a few times.

When he left he told us that he had some unusual clients that he wanted us to have sex with. The next time he showed up about a week later there were three young boys with him and a girl. The boys were no more than twelve and the girl looked to be about eight. With him were three beautifuk Great Danes. Sarah looked at me and shivered with excitement, This time would be unusual for sure.