Hardfucked teenie strips at casting audition

Hardfucked teenie strips at casting audition
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Home Education CHAPTER II The week was full of work in the house and in the barn. Dad had gone to work early so we only saw him for dinner. The time at home with mom was wonderful: always beautiful and fresh and of excellent good humor, ready for a rogue comment or a kiss at any time. That really was the most wonderful thing for me: I could kiss her at any time, in any way.

She was always ready. Working time in the house was not of major importance, although I cannot deny that seeing naked sweaty twins in the basement was very nice.

The only incident worth mentioning was that the day we were in the barn, after a long morning of moving straw from one place to the other, we took a moment to rest and drink lemonade. After the drink I had to go to the bathroom, I came back and B and Dedee were lying on straw bales ready to resume work.

— We were waiting for you; we have to take the horses into the pen.

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— Where are the others? — I do not know. Sue said she would go to the bathroom.


Forget it. Lamia, bring the warehouse key please. To go to the warehouse, I had to go all the way to the stables, a long open hallway. Resigned, I walk down the hall; at the end of it, I heard Sue's voice calling me: — Hey Lam, do you want to see something?

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Shh, come in silence. I approach to the place where the voice came from and entered the stable. I found A. sitting on a bale of straw with a bid hard-on in his hand. — Come closer, would you like to try it? — What do you mean with "try it"? - I said very dismayed, because in all options of my mind, my virginity was always in jeopardy, and that did not seem right to me.

—Try to know how it tastes. Suck it and kiss it. — Like mom did the other night? — Of course silly, come on, I will show you how. — Sue said amused. Therefore, we knelt in front of the instrument we are talking about, to have it very appropriately at the height of our face.

Sue was stroking her brother with one hand, and with the other one, she pointed and showed me the various sensitive areas of the penis. I paid a lot of attention, so that when it was my turn I did it all very well.

Sue congratulated me with a delicious kiss. Now lesson two: the tongue.

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You have to lubricate the head of the penis with enough saliva using the tongue. It did not sound so complicated, but there was Little Sue to explain everything very clearly at 5 inches from my nose. Then, cover with your tongue all the corners of the tip of the 15 centimeters long turgid penis, while the owner of the penis was humming.

Step Two: Cover the dickhead with your lips and suck on it like an ice cream scoop. Sue made it look all so easy and natural that I was encouraged to try myself. I took A's cock from the base and closed my eyes. Using the tip of my tongue, I barely touched his head: it was fresh and soft, so hard and so alive.

After some licks and touches, I have to know it and admire it: it was as big as a lemon and soft as the skin of babies, but hard as bone; the entire penis was equally firm.


I could not believe that people suck penises, probably that was another of the strange customs of the family and I was enjoying it very much to be like family. When I had his head wet enough, I put it in my mouth and sucked it as ice cream, quite simple and fun.

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Sue was very pleased with my accomplishments, and A seemed very satisfied with my performance. We go now to the next step: "the whole thing". That meant that you have to take the penis into your mouth as much as you can and bob head up and down. something very complicated. Sue moved into position, wet it and I could see it disappear in her mouth, deep into her throat.


A's reaction was instantaneous and he hold her by the neck to help her with the rhythm. I never thought something like that could be done without vomiting immediately, I do not think I could do it. — It is your turn Lamia, try slowly and moisten it well to make it slide softly in your throat.

Always breathe through your nose. I took A's dick and prepared myself to face it. He noticed my nervousness and comforted me holding my chin to give me a delicious kiss. — Try it Mexican friend, if you do it well you will make me cum. I got more nervous not knowing what he meant. Therefore, I faced my fate with my mouth wide open and all the willingness to learn and be part of the family.

I got the head wet with the technique of ice cream and dipped my lips with saliva, when I was ready, I closed my eyes and tried to engulf it as Sue did, but I could not, I immediately felt like I could not breath. —Slowly —Sue advised sweetly — breathe through your nose. I tried again but this time not as deep and it was much better. I knew this because he took my head by the neck, as he did to her sister, and started making that noise in his throat.

— Yes, Mexican, oh yes. Keep it up — he repeated endlessly — keep it up. I was concentrating on too many things to open my eyes and realize that my audience had grown and was cheering. — You did it Mexican; I am cumming, pull it out of your mouth — I did so while opening my eyes. That cock spat a copious amount of thick white liquid that I had never seen before, but I suspected what it was.

I was holding my face far enough to clearly observe it while the rest of the siblings shouted and applauded cheerfully on the door of the stable. — Hey Lamia, I did not know you were so good — Dedee said between crazy and noisy laughs.

— I did not know it either, but what did I do? —Oh my dear friend — Sue said patiently — you just made my little brother A.

had an orgasm and ejaculate. God I could not believe what they were saying.

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— And what is this? — I asked pointing to the semen stains on my clothes and in my hands. — This juice, Lamia, is human juice, it is called semen, you can try it, eat it, use it as a beauty mask if you want to, but never let it deposited inside you or you will get pregnant, understood?

— I do not know. I had never experienced anything like this before. — I know — they all said in unison, laughing as only they can laugh.

That incident, I repeat, was the only relevant event in the week. Until the weekend came, Dad was home, and we could play together again.

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