Mamandome la vergax cuando veo yu gi

Mamandome la vergax cuando veo yu gi
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Part 2. I ran into the house. My head flooded with idea's and worries. I reread my message as I passed the living room. My mom was laying on the couch and slurred a "hello" to me as I passed by. I honestly don't even remember if I said anything in return, I just kept walking down the hall and into my room.

My phone buzzed again and my heart jumped into my throat. I looked but it was only Sara. I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed. Which was weird, all I could think about was what to say to Ali. Do I say it was for her sister? Shit I said she was hot, does she think its meant for her? No she couldn't she has to know it was for Sara. Feeling a little overwhelmed I closed my bedroom door, I was in my sanctuary now.

Every time I entered my room I felt a little more peaceful. I painted it dark blue and tried to give it a beachy feel with a wooden outdoor lounge chair I had cleaned off and an old small skim board I got at a garage sail that I hung on my wall. The beach was my favorite place to go. I threw myself onto my bed and looked at my phone. Sara- "is everything OK?

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What is taking you so long to reply?" Me- "yeah sry was had to take care of my mom." I felt bad for lying, but Sara was a little needy sometimes.

She wasn't exactly high maintenance but sometimes overwhelming and I had to keep cool and gather myself. *Buzz Sara- "oh sucky, so this may be a dumb question. But did you jack off in my bathroom?" And it began, Sara had always been prone to jumping down my throat if she ever thought I was masturbating.

We almost broke up once because she thought I had when I took a long shower. She didn't talk to me for 3 days. Ever since then we have been fine but she seems to get mad at me more easily since then. Sara- "its just that you got soft really fast and you stayed in the bathrm for a wile. U know how I don't like when you do that." Me- "baby, no I didn't I had to cool off and let myself get soft." Again I felt bad for lying but I really did not have time or energy to get chewed out about "how gross it is." Sara- ".

ok." Me- "thanks sweetie don't worry im real tired I need to go to sleep, ill tty in the morning if thats alright. Goodnight. Luv ya." I waited figuring that might get her to go to sleep and not freak out on me. I needed to figure out what I could say to Ali.

When suddenly my heart made another attempt into my throat. My phone buzzed with a new message from Ali. Ali- "So im hot???" I was terrified and more excited than I have ever felt at the same time. I suddenly started to think about Ali and how I honestly did think she was hot. I felt like an asshole, but if I was honest with myself she was gorgeous, she had blond hair and light freckles on her face, cold grey-blue eyes and naturally tan skin. She was athletic, but very short only 5'2 compared to Sara's 5'6.

Ali had a toned ass that had bulk to it but it was from muscle, her stomach was the sexiest thing I'm pretty sure iv ever seen. Ali had her mom's supple rack, Ali already had at least c cups, the were bigger than Sara's (a fact that Sara hated) They both shared Tracy's smooth skin, eyes and curvy figure. Sara's curves were sexy as well she had a plump ass but it was not saggy like her mom's gravity defying behind, if I was going to be with Sara for a long time I would be lucky.

Sara also had a cute face it was hard to say which sister had a prettier face, Sara's was round and cute with a good smile, but Ali had a dazzling smile and a completely infectious laugh. Their dad must have been blond because Tracy was brunette. Tracy for being 41carried a slight bit of extra weight but it was not obese, it just gave her a motherly quality in a comforting and kinda sexy way. By now I had been feeling lost in my thoughts of all three attractive ladies that I had not even realized my phone went dark.

I still had to reply to Ali. I thought of about 20 different ways to answer her, and half were apologies. When but when I pictured Ali in my mind my man downstairs started to firm up.

So I started typing. Me- "Haha thx for the help, that text was for ur sister" I hit send, but I felt like that was just going to make her feel foolish so I quickly typed another message.

Me- "not that ur not hot or anything." And with that text my heart was going about a million beats a second. I sat for what seemed like an hour. What if she shows her sister? What if this is a trick. Did I just fuck up my relationship with my girlfriend?

No I was just paying a compliment. No harm done. Suddenly the phone buzzed in my hand. Sara- "Fine, goodnight." She was mad, but she must have been tired because she at least gave up the witch hunt and said goodnight. My phone buzzed again. Ali- "Oh thank you :) thats sweet. And I knew it was for Sara dude ;) im not stupid." Relief washed over me and I finally relaxed. I took off my shoes and socks and changed into a new pair of boxers and a t-shirt.

As I got under the covers and plugged in my phone to charge it buzzed again. Another text from Ali. I slid under my blankets and turned off my lamp and my room became orange from the streetlight that cast raindrop shadows on my walls. I opened the message. Ali- "so why did you even take off your belt??" My fear had begun to creep in again. How was I going to explain this one? Me- "i thought it might help my stomach ache, the belt was tight I just took it off." Maybe that would work?

Ali- "Riiiiight. When you were (sick)" Me- "I was sick. But I was ok. No puke, thx 4 the tums again." Ali- "uh-huh, and why were you sick? Making out with my sis upset your tummy?" Me- "lol no, nothing like that.


Just bad lunch earlier." Ali- "did you eat "sushi"? Or in this case it would be "tuna"? dont lie :/ " This had been surprising, Ali seemed like she was mad now and this was the first time she had talked about her sister in a dirty way.

Me- " no I was not doing anything to her. R u upset about something?" Ali- " No I just think its lame you feel like you cant tell me the truth. I know you guys have been messing around, I saw the stains of her shirt from when she came home from givin you a bj. Besides Sara is a closet slut." Shit I forgot that, when that had happened she spit some out on her shirt by accident.

Ali seemed genuinely frustrated, but she knew stuff already, I guess it couldn't hurt to talk about it with her, I trusted her. But it was the last comment, the one about her being a closet slut I was curious about. Me- "im sry, yeah ill be honest we have done stuff and we were doing stuff when you guys got home. Im sorry. What do you mean she is a closet slut?" Ali- "I knew it! Haha dude your so easy! Never saw any stains buddy ;)" fucking hell this girl was just toying with me, Ali had always been clever, she had helped me out a bunch of times with my home work in math and science, she was a problem solver and could find any way of getting what she wanted.

I had been duped. My phone went off again. Ali- "and she totally is a secret slut, she loves getting off when she can, I assume your the cause of all that." Now I was confused even more. Getting off all the time? Me- "She gets off when she can??" Ali- "Dude I honestly already know about that one you cant deny it, she is up doing it to herself all the time. I would know, I share a wall with her :P" What the hell? I was starting to get angry at the idea, but maybe it was just a misunderstanding.

Me- "how do you know? what does she do?" Ali- "dont tell me you didnt know." Me- "not a damn clue." Ali- "oh crap. " Me " Ali, what does she do????" my heart rate was rising again for a new reason. If it turned out that she had been so hard on me for whacking off and she was doing it her self I think I would loose it. After about 5 minutes Ali finally text me back.

Ali- "ok dont be mad at me, can I trust that you wont say anything?" Me- " yeah you can trust me." Ali- "we are in our official trust bubble k? What happens here stays here." Me- "YES! Ali just tell me!" Ali- "ok sry dont kill msnger! I always hear late at night a low humming noise and her making. noise." Me- "wtf she does not have a vibrator! I know that. Ive been in her room a million times." Ali- "no she doesnt have a vibrator, but she does have an electric back massager." In that moment I felt nothing but rage.

I could not handle this, I was about to go walk the half mile to her house and kick down her door. I had been called gross and disgusting, and a pervert for hardly doing something she apparently did all the time! I had cut back to almost never jacking off! For a 16 year old guy thats a fucking achievement!

Ali text me again but I had to calm down before I read more or I was going to freak out on her and the next sorry thing that crossed my path. I pushed down my anger for the time being and read the text. Ali- "u didnt know any of that?" Me- "no I didnt.

She gets off? Does she finish?" It was a weird question but I had to know if she actually orgasmed or not. Ali- "yeah pretty sure she does.

You didnt know? Why would she keep it from you? Figured you guys must be sexting and thats why she at it so often." Me- "no, she gets furious if she thinks that I take care of myself. She calls it disgusting. She calls me disgusting." Ali- "Holy shit! Zach! Wtf im so so sorry! I didnt mean to cause trouble! :(" Me- "no Ali its good you said something. Im not mad at you, thanks for looking out for me." I honestly felt crushed now. Call it immature but I felt pretty shitty that I couldn't make her cum, so she was using a massager instead.

What had come first the sex or the masturbating? Was it because I couldnt finish her? Sure I had done it to myself in the bathroom, but I honestly do it hardly at all anymore.

I felt like shit, all I could do was feel self conscious about myself. I felt like a girl. Maybe there was an explanation? I dont know. I just couldn't rest now my adrenaline had been pumping and I was now sitting up in my bed just looking out the window.

It had stopped raining and was clearing up to be a pretty night with a mostly full moon. Then my phone buzzed again. Ali- "hey r u ok? U want to talk?" Me- " I dont know, I cant sleep, im not even going to try now. Maybe ill go for a walk." Ali- ":( im sry! I feel bad, and honestly im pretty mad at her >:( walks are good but its late." The angry face was cute, I could picture Ali's expressive face whenever she used smiley faces in text form.

Another text came in. Ali- "You want company? I could meet you? Brown Park? Right by my place" It seemed risky for us to go out to the park, it was well past midnight, and we both had curfew.

But at that moment I needed fresh air, and Ali always had a knack for making me laugh. Me- "okay. Ill meet you out by the swings, you able to sneak out?" Ali- "hell yeah, besides your gf is at it right now with her toy, and first it was weird but now it just makes me mad." What a bitch.

I grabbed my dry hoodie and threw on some basketball shorts. Even though it had rained it was still about 75 outside, I wouldn't be surprised if we had thunderstorms tonight. I left some low music playing in my room and some pillows under the covers to make it look like I was asleep.

I came out to the dark living room and saw that my mom had gone to her room. She slept like a rock I probably could have announced that I was leaving and she wouldn't have even flinched. But being sneaky made me feel cooler. I grabbed my shoes and opened the side window that didn't have screen on it and hopped out.

I left my window unlocked incase my mom locked this one at any point wile I was gone. I reached the park and headed toward the swings. I pulled my hood down realizing I had probably looked sketchy. I text Ali, that I was there.

I went over and looked for a place to sit, the only dry spot was a big tube shaped slide. I decided to just flip a swing over and wipe the water off with my sleeve. I wiped off the second one as a small figure came out of the dark.

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"Hey, you a murderer?" Ali whispered. "what if I was? Would you really ask?" "No! I'd know your hunched shoulders anywhere. You should really work on that by the way. It cant be good for your posture." she said with a giggle. She quickly tilted her head to the side and gave me a pouty sad look, as she lifted her arms out wide to hug me. "I'm SOO sorry." she whined " feel like crap for doing this." "no no no its fine, I needed to know." I said as I took her into my arms. She squeezed tightly and muttered "im sorry." into my chest.

I honestly at that moment had just felt so comforted that I forgot about my problems for a spit second and was just happy to be out here with her.

I told myself that I didn't care if Sara would be mad about us sneaking out, she didn't have to know. And I didn't feel like telling her. I for the first time had not felt guilty for liking a hug from Ali as much as I did.

I had to pull away tho because my heart started to beat faster. I began to think maybe I was going down a road a shouldn't be going just by being out here. Ali moved over and hopped on her swing and I sat down on mine. Ali was wearing her favorite grey hoodie that was actually one that Sara had stolen from me and Ali stole from Sara. She had her flip flops on and tight black yoga-pants. Her hair was pulled in a messy top knot bun and her eyes were beaming in the moons light.

She was breathtaking even in her lazy clothes. I had always known how pretty she was but I was now battling myself. Maybe it was just because I was so mad at Sara that Ali just seemed so much more right. "You okay?" Ali laughed. I didn't realize I was spacing out wile staring at her. "sorry yeah i'm okay just a lot on my mind I guess." "yeah, well thats pretty understandable." She replied.

"well get you mind off of it and push me." she said as she kicked her legs out strait and grabbed the chains tightly showing she was ready to go. I couldn't help but laugh as I got up and moved around behind her. I pushed her, back and forth until she got some pretty good hight.

"should I jump?!" she said "i wouldn't recommend it." but before I could finish she was already sailing towards the ground.

".your wearing flip flops." I finished as she stumbled forward and stopped with one foot up in the air. "ow, ow, ownot good." she winced.

I jogged to her and asked if she was okay, and she motioned to her broken flip flop on the ground.

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I looked at her foot and could see a large bark chip had scratched the top of her perfect little toes. "That was very graceful." I said with a smile. "my foot does hurt, thank you." she said as she grabbed onto my shoulder for support. She found her broken flip flop and picked it up still on one foot and wrapping her other arm around my neck.

"well my flip flop is dead." she said "Here lets put you over there." I said as I pointed to the tube slide. I walked slowly as she hopped over to it, all I could seem to think about was her smell, and the feeling of having her arm around me. I had to get a hold of myself. I told myself I was fine and I was just emotional from before. I sat her down on the slide and she scooted to the extreme right and looked up at me waiting for me to sit.

I sat down and even with her squeezing over we were still shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip. I looked at her foot and she concluded that it was not a big deal and that she could walk on it fine. I looked at her flip flop and realized it had come undone and the strap just needed to be pushed through again and it would be wearable. We sat in silence for a wile and it was actually peaceful.

But I had a question I wanted to ask about Sara but I didn't want to break the moments peace. But I had to know. "So she was really going at it again when you left?" I asked "Yeah.

Its kinda messed up, but I opened her door and looked in to make sure." she said as she leaned back and lied down in the tube slide. I looked back and saw her faintly in the dark and I moved my body back and lied next to her, our feet sticking out of the bottom of the slide. It was a tight fit but we managed to both be half on our backs and half up the wall of the slide almost facing each other. "its not that messed up, you were making sure you hadn't told me something that wasn't true." I said She looked away from me and sighed out deeply.

"nope thats not even the fucked up part." she said I looked at her confused. "I didn't know if you would have believed me or not so. I got proof." she said almost winching as if I was going to hurt her. "You got proof?" I said curiously.

"Yeeeeaah. when Sara gets going she kind of blocks out the worldso I sorta got a video of her doing it." This girl was awesome, maybe slightly strange but man was I glad she was on my side of things. "You taped it!? You are a ninja." I said breaking the tension. "oh thank god your not mad at me." she said "mad? Why would I be mad, its a little weird yes, but you were looking out for me. I appreciate that." I said We lied there in silence for a few moments just looking up at the top of the tube.

Ali's legs were against mine and the wind had come up chilling our legs we pulled them up and slid higher up the slide moving us closer together. Right then I had really wanted to see the video but I figured that since I didn't need the proof there was no need to show me.

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Then a thought ran past my mind. I looked at Ali and she looked back at me with a serious look. It was a huge gamble that I might be able to pull off as a joke if she didn't take it well. "Ali? I don't believe you." I said with a smile. "Oh thank god!" she said as she pulled her iphone from her sweatshirt pocket.

"is this totally messed up?" She asked. "I don't even care if it is right now." I said as I looked right into her eyes. "Alright. Then here ,we, go!" She said in her best Joker impression. We both laughed and she pulled the video up.


She moved in closer to me and lied her head down next to mine so we could both see. I put a hand up to help steady the phone. She let out a deep breath as she hit the center play button on the screen. The video was dark and shaky. And the mood inside the slide was tense. The picture began to unfold as I could tell Ali was laying on the floor peaking in the door,the screen was all greenish in a night vision mode.

"Did you use night vision? Do the even have that on iphones?" I asked surprised. "No. I actually used my legit camera and then put it on my laptop and then on my phone to show you. Thats what took so long for me to get here." She said with a cutesy smile. "You are my hero." I looked back to the screen, I could see a figure, it focused then on Sara, her hair was hanging part off the bed, and I could see her milky white shoulder moving up and down as a humming noise could be heard.

The camera then moved. It lifted up and I could tell Ali was now crawling into the room completely silently. She stopped a foot or two into the room and zoomed in as I saw Sara, laying there wearing nothing, squeezing her breast with her left and as her right hand had the massager planted firmly between her legs as she writhed on the bed, moaning under her breath.

I saw the sheen of sweat on her skin in the moonlight as her mouth lay open and her tongue slithered around her lips. Her eyes were closed the whole time and I could hear her moans and sighs become louder and more rapid. The sight was arousing and filled me with anger at the same time.

The tube slide had gotten 20 degrees hotter since the video started and Ali was noticeably breathing with more effort. Even with the anger of the situation my cock was beginning to stir and harden rapidly especially with the sister of the girl I was watching get off was pressed tight to my side and her face was so close to mine. I could feel the heat of Ali's breath on my cheek. Nether of us moved, I could feel my erection was at almost full now but any attempt to move at the moment would make it obvious, we were smashed together.

I had gotten myself into a pickle. Even thought I hated Sara in that moment hearing her aroused me, but what was worse was at the same time I had felt more peaceful and intoxicated by Ali's presence. I began to realize it was maybe her that I had really wanted. On the video Sara started to writhe with more passion, and her breathing became shallow as she started to whimper she pumped the device up and down on her self harder and faster.

This was it, the thing I had searched for for 3 months and I was going to see it on a video. Sara whimpered and almost cried out but she took her hand off of her breast and muffled her own cries with a pillow. She almost sounded in pain, as she shook hard and arched her back off of the bed and humped the air until she dropped the massager on the bed and stuck her hand down to her pussy as I could pretty clearly see her pumping two fingers in and out of her self.

The climax settled down. She flopped herself down on the bed and panted, as the camera slowly moved away and out the door, and the video ended. We lay in silence, in just the sound of our breathing.

Ali put the phone down, as our eyes met. We just looked into each others eyes. I wanted Ali, the video had only fueled my anger pushing me away from Sara but also my lust gave me more courage to push the boundaries with Ali. Then seeing the lust and desire she was holding back in her eyes in that silent moment gave me the final shot of courage adding to the emotional drunk I already was.

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Our breathing matched and we looked from each others eyes to our mouths silently telling each other what we had really wanted. We heard one roll of thunder that was as if the gods had fired the starting gun to a race. Our lips met and we kissed long and deeply.

We rolled toward each other and wrapped my arms around her and our kiss turned into kisses. I put my hands around her face as I gently pulled on her bottom lip with my lips. She grasped the back of my head and pressed her body against mine as my hard erection hugged onto her thigh. Our mouths parted enough for her to breath out with an "oh my god." before clasping our mouths together again. My hands moved down to her hips and I pulled her close again feeling her body against mine.

Ali rolled on top of my lap, my dick raging at full force slid into her camel toe. She thrust her hips down and rubbed her clit against my erection. And gentle moans escaped from our lips. I put my hands up her sweat shirt and onto her smooth back as she jumped. "Cold hands!" She muttered into my mouth. I pulled them out and pulled her close moved from her soft lips so her cheek and kissed her all the way up to her ear as I finished with a little bite.

"Your too good at that." she groaned still lightly humping me. "god iv wanted this for so long." That revelation was the greatest thing I had heard all day. Better that Sara's orgasm, Ali's confession hit my heart directly I felt something deep like a bubble had finally burst. Then thunder boomed over head and startled both of us.

I almost bit her from jumping. We both laughed and held each other. We cuddled up close and she just stroked my cheek softly wile she smiled at me.

Then my old friend guilt crept up into my head. I remembered Sara and that she was still my girlfriend.

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And I was angry because in this moment holding Ali, I felt like I had been with the wrong sister all along. "So what are you going to do about this?" she asked me. "I don't know, iv never felt this way this strongly before, maybe it just the emotion of it all but this feels right." I said "Haha, thats sweet, but I meant this." as she said that she pushed her crotch into my cock. "Your little, or should I say big friend here." "Oh shit thats embarrassing." I awkwardly laughed.

"i don't know, maybe ill go home and jack off and send her a picture." I said Ali laughed. "Listen I know your not a bad guy, and I know your feeling guilty right now but don't. We can worry about us tomorrow, no pressure I understand your emotional." She said as she trailed off. "Ali I meant what I said, iv never felt this way before, and I don't think its just because of tonight." I said. "Hey lets not talk about it right now.

We have a problem to take care of and I have an idea." She said as she gave me a kiss. She slid out of the slide and I followed her.

"look my house in only a block away why don't you get some revenge?" Ali said. "what do you have in mind?" I asked. We started walking towards her house as Ali explained her plan to me. "As much as I might want to, I'm not going to make you cheat on Sara anymore than what has happened. I know that you would feel so guilty tomorrow even if you were still mad at her." She said "Thats only cuz im an idiot who always feels guilty for shit." "no its because your a sweet guy." Ali reassured me as she grabbed my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

I returned the squeeze and didn't let go, I then put my fingers between hers and held her hand tight. She looked at me with a smile. "With everything that has happened tonight, I want to have this memory." I said as I kissed her hand. Ali blushed.

"Why the fuck did I have to be dating Cory when I met you?" She asked almost to herself. I laughed and asked her to continue with her plan. Even tho the sweet moments had maintained a semi hard on for me I had softened a bit. "okay so Sara doesn't let you masturbate, but she does all the time, she's a bitch. She also has a coffee thermos that she never washes." Ali said with an evil grin. "Holy crap you are crazy. I love it." I said smiling "I want you to cum into that thermos so little miss self-pleaser can get a taste of her own medicine, literally." Ali was devious, sneaky, smart, sexy, wonderful and I was pretty sure that her sick mind was making me fall in love with her.

She was brave and would do what ever she felt she had to do. * Ten minutes went by and my boner was gone, and I started to feel pretty bad about making out with my girlfriends sister. Ali had snuck back into her house to get her Sisters thermos I was starting to feel doubtful I would have courage to whack off in front of Ali. Then I had figured she would not stick around she would probably give me the privacy to do it alone.

Then Ali sprang out of the dark from the side gate with Sara's blue thermos She motioned for me to come with her. I cautiously followed her into the neighbors back yard. "Where are we going?" I whispered. "The Randals are on vacation right now, I'm taking care of there cats." Ali answered as we walked around to a sliding glass door, Ali slid it open and pulled me inside. I shut it behind me. And ally turned on a small night light in the kitchen just barley illuminating the living room.

"Ali?" "Yeah?" "Why didn't we just come here in the first place?" I asked. "Oh haha, thats a good question." She smiled innocently. "Your too cute." I said with a shake of my head as I sat down on the oversized couch. Ali jumped down next to me and handed me the thermos "here you go." She said with a laugh.

She looked down noticing my boner was gone. "oh no its gone." she said with an overly sad tone. "yeah I don't know maybe I sh." before I could finish Ali's mouth was back around mine she held me face tenderly as she worked her tongue around the inside of my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her but she pushed them away. "nope you cant touch me, I'm just here to get your boner back. Stripper rules." She said as she at on my lap with her amazing ass grinding down onto my dick. She pulled the pins from her hair and let it fall down to her shoulders.

My dick started to ache, I wanted to do more I wanted her again but I would honor her stripper rules for now. She then took off the grey sweatshirt leaving her in just Yoga-pants from Victoria's secret and a tight white v-neck shirt that clung to her curves. I lifted my hands but put the back down as she turned around and knelt between my legs.

She hovered her face next to my cock as it rose up pitching a tent, she made I kissy face at it and kept moving up to my face wear she kissed my lips. Before I could kiss her back more she pulled away.

"So do you have enough whacking material now?" she teased. "Brave enough to do it right here in front of me?" My mind swirled. She really wanted to watch me do it. And with her acting the way she is I could have come right on the spot. I had wished I was single so i wouldn't feel guilty about having her do it for me. I slowly reached down and pulled my dick from my shorts. There it was just hanging in the air for Ali to see. Then Ali started to lift her shirt with one hand slowly showing me her belly, it was tan and smooth with a small hint of abs under a tiny layer of baby fat.

It was perfect in every way. I couldn't contain myself I started stroking my dick with purposeful pumps. Then Ali walked for ward and pulled the large ottoman behind her and sat down on its still holding her shirt up exposing her belly. She grabbed the thermos and put it between her legs up against her pussy.

She leaned back on her elbows. "Now you have a target." she winked. "Come on make Sara drink your cum. She a bitch who treats you like shit anyway." She said in a half angry tone.

"i don't give a shit about her. She is a bitch, I just want you. Your the hottest, no the most beautiful girl iv ever seen." I said as I stood up pumping my cock faster, I leaned over her. My words leaving a surprised look on her face.

I reached down and leaned over Ali lining my cock up with the thermos Ali's eyes were locked onto mine as she was breathing so heavy. She pulled me down and kissed me hard. I had to catch myself with both arms on the ottoman.

I was in a push up position over her as she suddenly grabbed my cock with her hand and continued jacking me off. Her warm hand was so gentile and firm at the same time. She kept the other arm around my neck kissing my passionately. I could not believe what was happening. I started to grunt into her mouth as I humped her hand. I moved my face and started to kiss her neck, I sucked on bits of flesh and licked up to her ear again. And she let out a moan, and started to suck in air.

That was enough I felt myself start to come. I wished I could last longer but I couldn't take much. Ali had my cock aimed up and so the first spurt flew up and onto her bare stomach.

She moaned as she pointed it down as another spurt landed on her skin. I grunted and moaned out and as more cum burst out. She managed to get my cock down and the rest of my sperm into the thermos. I must have spurted 5 or 6 more globs before it settled out and I squeezed the rest out into Sara's favorite thing to drink coffee from.

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I breathed out and rolled back onto the couch as I looked at Ali's sexy tan stomach with my cum on it, much of it had pooled into her belly button. It was the hottest thing iv ever laid eyes on. Ali looked at herself and then up to me. "Holy shit. that was the hottest thing ever." she said slightly out of breath as she slowly stood up. The cum rolled down her belly to the waist of her pants and dribbled onto the black fabric.

"i need to wash these anyway." She joked as she went to the kitchen. "how much did you get inside of there?" she asked as she wiped her self off with a paper towel. "Quite a bit, I. You made me cum a lot." I said stressing the "a lot" part. She sat down next to me with two bottles of water and looked down into the thermos "damn your not kidding, it looks like milk down there almost." She laughed "are you sure about this?" I asked "Yeah she never even looks into the thing before pouring coffee in it.

I'll make sure I pour her coffee tomorrow just in case." She said. "That really gross she doesn't wash this thing at all. But I meant are you sure about making her drink this stuff?" I asked now considering if it was necessary considering I had pretty much cheated on her. I started to wonder if the punishment fit the crime, Sara had been a bitch to me and a hypocrite, But I had just cheated on her with her own sister, and I was planning on sneaking my sperm into her coffee?

I couldn't help what I had already done but maybe I could stop myself this time before I did something else I might regret. Ali must have seen the doubt on my face. "Zach, she gets off all the time, she does it after you guys hang out every time!

She calls you horrible things for doing something that is natural. She is probably just mad at herself for being a slut that she takes it out on you." Ali argued. ". yeah I guess that makes sense, and she really hurt my feelings all those times. Really, She does it after every time we hang out?" I asked "Zach, its every damn time, like tuesday this week, she did it twice after she came back with that little hickey you gave her." Ali said as she took a drink of her water.

My blood then ran cold. I clenched my fists and sat up on the couch and stared forward. My jaw began to tighten. "Woah Zach, you okay, I didn't think her doing it twice would get you so upset, its okay relax, get her back with this." she said as she held up the thermos and put her other hand on my shoulder. I just sat there in silence. ". Zach? Whats going on?" Ali asked "Ali. Sara wasn't with me tuesday. she told me she was with Caity." I said quietly.

My words hung in the air, Ali put the thermos down and looked strait ahead realizing she had just uncovered something I should have picked up on a wile ago. ". That fucking fat slut." Ali she said through clenched teeth.