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Entry Six: --- Laura + me + art modeling --------------------- Writing about Laura's story kept it fresh in my mind. So the next time I saw her I asked about her thoughts on exhibitionism.

I assumed that like most sensual women she loved flaunting herself. What I was wondering was if she thought Jon liked giving the strip show to an audience of women the way a woman might in front of a male audience.

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This led to the usual discussion about bikinis versus nudity. We both admitted that we had experienced the feeling at times of being more naked in a skimpy bathing suit than when actually naked where nudity was expected.

In Laura's case, this mostly meant nudist camps, resorts, and beaches. She went to all of these regularly. I, on the other hand, just meant getting naked with a lover. I was dying to hear some details about her experiences with mixed nudity.


For instance, was it true that the men generally didn't have embarrassing situations? In my experience, when I got alone with a guy, we always had to work around his erection to get his pants off. But I never got to ask much about nudist camps because we got off on another tangent.

My question about a girl putting on a show in front of a male audience prompted Laura to disclose the fact that she occasionally modeled for art classes and art sessions. The difference was that sessions were usually in the evenings and all the students or artists did was draw or paint the model. There was generally no instructor nor any instruction. Laura had started posing in college after herself taking a course in figure drawing where she realized she'd much rather be the girl naked on the stage than one of the students drawing her, especially with more than half the class being males.


While still a history student she'd only posed once or twice a semester. The schools always want variety and there were many takers. So a girl was never asked to pose more than twice for the same class. Since college, Laura has generally been on call for three or four classes simultaneously, and gets to flash her ass at a lot of male strangers about once a month.

I could go on giving her story second hand, but instead I'll record here my own experience. It came almost immediately because she offered to let me take her turn that very night. "Well, the guy who lines up the models is sort of hard up. He doesn't mind using a model twice per session but likes to space out your turns.

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When I was getting dressed last week, he promised me he'd call me again in about two months. But last night he called me back. Most of the girls are college age and on vacation this week. When the girl who'd been scheduled called in sick, I was the only model he could find.

But he'd much rather not use me two weeks in a row. If you take it tonight I'll still get another turn later. Besides, he once asked me if I knew any pretty small breasted girls who would be interested. Most of the girls begging to show off their tits are cows like me.

Well, are you interested?" It was one of those situations where I didn't know if I really wanted to do it, but knew full well that if I didn't jump at the chance, I'd be forever afterwards kicking myself. Doing it and not enjoying the experience could hardly be as bad as not knowing.

Of course I accepted her offer. When I suggested we notify the professor she said first he wasn't a professor, just an organizer, original a student who stayed in the area after he graduated.

And second, he wouldn't care much as long as someone showed up, preferably female, preferably pretty.

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But in fact, that was only for the artists' pleasure. In the actual classes they even paid lip service to wanting variety, not just pretty young girls.

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In her experience as a student when they sometimes got fat females they still preferred them to guys. "I think everyone, even the girl artists would prefer painting breasts and pubes to penises.

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One lady claimed a male chest was too plain to be interesting. We only did one guy, and I guess I didn't find his limp penis the least bit interesting. Yet every other time, I'd always at least been interested in the girl's nipples. Well, as the appointed time was only three hours away, I hardly had any time to even get nervous. Laura gave me some pointers, but absolutely refused to accompany me.

At least not as a companion. She would have loved being there as an artist to watch me do my thing. But as she'd been the model just the week before, everyone would recognize her. The reason she wouldn't accompany me was that the model isn't supposed to have any reason to be nervous. A chaperone would spoil the atmosphere for everyone, especially the model.

After doing it I have to admit that showing up with another girl would have been silly. One of the things Laura had talked about was getting undressed.

Basically, don't make a big thing about it. Generally she liked to push the limit, undressing next to the stage where everyone could see her if they wanted to watch. But most girls stripped in the corner of the room and just walked up to the stage stark naked.

"Clothed in nudity" was an expression Laura used meaning that she was modestly attired the way she was supposed to be. It was all almost too modest which was why she liked giving the guys a semi strip show. For my first experience she recommended I follow the modest example. "You can get a feel for things as you go along. Like pussy spread.

You shouldn't pose with your legs wide open. But if you sit in a way that feels comfortable, you won't look like you're trying to give a show. If you're too conservative usually one of the women will ask you to be a little more daring.

I only saw that happen once when I was a student. The models are there because they like showing off. One time when I was modeling there were only seven artists, all males.

All night I kept getting more and more daring until I stopped just short of actually masturbating. The guys loved it. If there had been any women present, however, I'm sure the men would have been too embarrassed to show their pleasure." . Perhaps I've overstated this mind reading business. For perfect reading I have to be actually making eye contact with the person. I already said I only know what they're thinking, not what else they know.

So, I'm standing half naked in a fancy dress in front of a guy with a big bulge in his trousers. No big deal that I know what he's thinking. But then I pick up the fact that he's got to make his conquest quickly because the appointment he can't break is at ten thirty? He didn't say that out loud! Facts about myself are so easy to pick up, I don't even need eye contact. A time schedule for my seduction is important to my suitor, and I can get that information without looking at him.

All it takes is his eyes on me. Of course, if he's thinking about me he's probably looking at me anyway. A guy walking behind me watching my fanny wiggle in front of him is ridiculously easy to read, even in detail. But say I'm looking one way, and he's looking in the other direction at some other female. I can barely read such strong emotions as lust and jealosy. I can tell simple things like whether he thinks he'll score or isn't tempted to try.

The guy looking at my fanny, however, is telling me exactly how he's picturing me, usually, of course, naked. But some guys imagine me in a skin tight bathing suit,or a thong.

If I'm naked I may be a few feet away, or right in his lap,around his shaft. If the guy's got a vivid imagination I can see my own seduction in detail in his mind. Sometimes it's a better fantasy than my own. Anyway, the session was every bit as much fun as Laura had promised. I walked in the room and stayed pretty much unnoticed. I gathered the people didn't know each other well, and I was not the only attractive girl there. And the organizer was expecting Laura. I pretty much figured out who he was because he kept nervously looking at the clock.

So a few minutes after arriving and a few minutes before the hour I simply walked to one corner of the room and calmly took my clothes off.

Harry immediately walked over to me and started talking. "I was hoping you were the model when I didn't see you setting up any equipment.

What happened to Laura?" "Oh, nothing. She said you'd rather have another model than use her two weeks in a row. And I could use a few extra bucks. Besides, I like doing it. I guess we all do I suppose? She also said you told her once you wanted a few girls a bit less well built. I hope I'm not too disappointing small. The names Karen by the way." "Harry. Karen, anyone as pretty as you doesn't have to worry about disappointing anyone.

But Laura's right. I think we'll all love painting someone with such a beautiful, delicate figure. And I think you asked just because you wanted a well deserved compliment. Well, you know the routine. After you finish stretching do a few quick, say five minute poses, then twenty to thirty minutes. We're paying eleven an hour now.

I would suggest two ten minute breaks, but that's your call. If you get tired and have to break a pose, try to give us a few minute's warning. And enjoy yourself as much as you like." I never figured out what he meant by that last sentence.

Did he mean relax or get playful and tease the guys?


I doubt he meant much of anything. Sort of like saying "have a nice day". Well, I had a nice evening. Stretching naked made me realize for the first time how many yoga postures included flaunting your pussy. And your ass hole. Even with tights on it's pretty significant. But usually I'm either in private or in a room filled mostly with other women doing the same thing. I realized as I was doing it that I was probably competing with a typical naked bar routine on an even basis. But it would have been embarrassing to suddenly stop.

As it was, while I seemed to draw the eyes of every male there, I didn't see any obvious disapproval, even from the women. I guess I wasn't the first model to be this uninhibited.

I thought it would be fun to do some mind reading with the guys studying my nude body. While posing, I rarely got to make eye contact, but at the beginning of a pose I'd received plenty of erotic images. As far as any of the regular signs of male interest, I was not disappointed in their initial reactions, but a few minutes into each pose, all signs of erections seemed to disappear. The guys obviously liked studying my naked body, but it held their long term interest more as a example of pleasing art than as a sex object.

As the sexual interest declined during each pose, the mental images almost faded completely. Effectively, when they were only interested in my body as artwork, they were no longer interested in me at all. What was fun was talking to people during my break.

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Laura had told me that many models put a robe on when not posing. She didn't and I followed her example. Standing naked next to a guy discussing a drawing he's just done of your body is really sexy. I had no trouble reawakening an interest in any man I talked with.

There was plenty of lust to enjoy in their thoughts, and a fair amount of fantasy as well. Some of the older guys were always trying to imagine some way they could end up in bed with me. The younger guys didn't need to imagine a senerio. All they thought about was what it would actually be like. On a beach we say the guys are always undressing us with their eyes. Well, when standing there naked, my pussy totally exposed, what they were doing was fucking me with their eyes.

I was already undressed.

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The nice thing was I could show off my tits with no fear of having them mishandled, while still enjoying the lustful thoughts they inspired.