Fingering hairy Wet pussy Under The Pants

Fingering hairy Wet pussy Under The Pants
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My husband and I discovered love. My name is JoLyn, my husbands name is Steve. We met at UCSB in S. California; a mutual friend had set us up on a blind date. Our friend thought, that we would be the perfect match. As it turned out; she was right. A few months ago, Steve and I had celebrated our 18th year of marriage. When my father escorted me down the aisle, when he had placed my hand into Steve's hand; I knew that I was marrying my best friend.

Too this day, I'm still madly in love. Steve is without question, my best friend. I was a virgin when I met Steve. Of course, at the time, he wasn't aware of this. Steve was like any other man that I had dated prior. Within the first couple of dates, his hand was trying to work it's way down into my panties. Needless to say, I stopped him. When it came to sex, I knew that Steve was more experienced, than I was.

When I mentioned to him, that I was a virgin; he stared at me in utter disbelief. I explained to Steve that I had been raised in a conservative household and too, my parents didn't allow me to date, until I reached the age of 16. So, when my 16th birthday arrived, though I was able to date, my parents only allowed me to go out, in the company of another couple.

As for the other couple; my parents had to approve of them. Needless to say, throughout high school; I only went on a few dates. Within the first few months of college, a number of hands had tried to "feel" me up. When I turned down their advances, I quickly came the realization; I wasn't going to see them again.

When I explained to Steve, that I wanted to wait until I was married, before having sex; I expected him to run away. He didn't. When I was in high school, I was curious; I wanted to kiss boys. I wanted to see their "thing." I used to listen to the stories of my girlfriends.

Aside from being jealous; I always wanted to know what it would feel like, to touch their "thing." So, in the quietness of my bedroom; I discovered masturbation. I knew what a naked man looked like. I took a Health class in high school. One day, when I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle, I happened to find a few adult magazines in their attic.

Let's just say; I borrowed them. I kept them in the back of my bedroom closet and from time to time, in the quietness of my bedroom; I looked at them. During high school years, my creative mind came alive. I could only pursue my orgasm' from touching myself. Still, I always wondered what it would be like, to have a man bring me, to that divine state of pleasure.

In the days, weeks and months that followed; Steve and I became good friends. We spent every waking hour together. We were poor college students and so, we ate at the cafeteria. We enjoyed being in each other's company; we pursued whatever activity that was free. We took many long walks together, and with every stride; we talked; we listened to each other; we held each other's hand. We went to museums, art exhibits; we studied together; we watched alot of t.v shows. Steve's tuition, provided him with a room in the dorms.

As for myself, I lived in a small studio apartment. Steve was seen as being, the perfect gentleman. I appreciated Steve's outlook on life; his sense of humor was loveable. I was in love with his personality. Throughout the time we dated, on most evenings and early mornings, I would carry his name into my thoughts; my orgasm' became very intense. One afternoon, Steve and I had attended a basketball game at the schools gymnasium. We decided to go back to my place and grill a few steaks.

Steve was in the midst of preparing the steaks; I had excused myself and stepped into my bedroom. When I re-appeared, I caught Steve's attention; I was naked. When Steve saw me standing naked in my kitchen, his eyes grew very wide. His mouth dropped to the floor. He was speechless. Too, the platter he was holding, it almost fell to the floor.

A moment went by, before he said. "What.whats going on?" I always wondered about "the" moment. I never knew when "the" moment was going to occur. I'm referring to the moment, when I would use my body, to seduce a man. I had already explained to Steve, that I wanted to wait until my honeymoon. Maybe, that's why he had asked the question. And so, I answered his question in a very honest and sincere way. "I'm in love with you Steve." I wanted to take our relationship to a higher level; I wanted Steve to become my lover.

I will admit, I took many baby steps! Finally, I was within arms reach of where he stood. He was still holding the platter in his hands. Somehow, I found the nerve.though my heart was racing, though my emotions were in turmoil; I slid down to my knees. As I reached out to Steve, I noticed that my hands were shaking. A moment later, I un-snapped Steve's jeans.

The only sound that followed, was Steve's zipper being lowered. My thoughts were interrupted by Steve's voice. "JoLyn, are you sure?" I have to admit, at that particular moment, I thought that Steve had asked me a pretty foolish question. I just felt it was time. I wanted to let Steve know, that I was in love with him.

Deep down, I knew why he had asked me that question. He cared about me. Kneeling on my kitchen floor; I couldn't help but notice the bulge in Steve's pants. I looked up into Steve's eyes and said. "Are you in love with me?" At that particular moment, I may have been the one who was asking the foolish question. Steve's response though was very sincere. He answered by saying, "JoLyn, I love you more than anything." He said "Yes!" My heart was beating a mile a minute.

I have no idea how I found the nerve, or the confidence.but, I wanted to see Steve's penis. I reached out with my it an instinctive move on my behalf; I began to massage Steve's bulge. One moment, Steve had been reasonably quiet. The next series of moments, as my hand began to massage Steve's penis, not only did his bulge grow, a deep moan emerged from within his throat. Without thinking how, or why; I brought my lips to Steve's underwear.

When I kissed Steve's bulge, a crazy thought entered my brain. Something told me that Steve's penis was big. I held onto Steve's thighs, while my tongue began to trace the bulge in his underwear. I was looking up into Steve's eyes, as my tongue traced the contour of his bulge. It became a romantic moment; Steve was looking down at me.

He had placed the platter of steaks on the countertop. Call it it being overly it plain ol' lust; I wanted to see Steve's penis. My confidence was at an all time high; I lowered Steve's pants to his ankles. Without looking into Steve's eyes, I waited to see if he was going to object.

He remained quiet. One large breath later, my hands stretched the waistline to Steve's underwear. With my eyes closed, I quickly lowered them to his ankles. When I opened my eyes, I came face to face, with Steve's penis. I was in awe. I had never been this up-close to a man's penis before. The head of Steve's penis, was pinkish red in color. I found myself staring at his pee slit. Steve's pee slit was drooling; I knew it was his pre-cum. At that exact moment, I became petrified.

My emotions had caught up with me. I looked up at Steve and said. "I.I don't know what to do." I felt like a little school girl. I was of legal age; I could drink at any establishment. Yet, I had never been in this type of situation before. At the time, I must have looked very foolish. Instead of taking Steve's cock into my mouth; I was on the verge of tears. "JoLyn," Steve said. "Look at me. What do you want to do? Only do, what you want to do.

Just remember.I love you." Steve had said it again! A few moments passed. I was trying to get ahold of my emotions; I took many deep breaths. My hands, I timidly reached out and took hold of Steve's penis.

The skin of his penis, to include, his entire shaft; it felt very smooth. From time to time, Steve and I would argue. We shared a few differences of opinion. At that particular moment, Steve wasn't in the debating frame of mind. He stood perfectly still. Again, I found myself taking many deep breaths. I couldn't believe, that I was actually holding a man's penis in my hands!

A warm feeling engulfed my entire body. Without having to check, I just knew.that my pussy was wet! I slowly began to move my wrist. YIKES!! I was stroking my first penis!

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My lips had separated! Was it a self-conscious thought on my behalf? Was it an instinctive move.on my behalf. Whatever it was.this much I knew; my lips had separated. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I was slowly inching my head in a forward motion; I knew that I wanted to taste Steve's penis. As for his pre-cum? I scooped it up with my tongue; I swallowed his seed. From that moment forward, I felt comfortable; I felt relaxed. Without knowing how, I began to lick the head of Steve's penis.

I allowed my tongue to travel along the sides of Steve's penis; a dark patch of pubic hair, protected his balls. For the time being, I chose to leave Steve's balls alone. Steve was moaning at a consistent rate. I felt as if I was doing okay. In time, and with alot of practice; I became a much better cock sucker.

Eventually, Steve slid down to the kitchen floor. His smile was captivating; his eyes were sparkling. Again, Steve mentioned the word love. With my face in his hands, Steve told me that he loved me; he then kissed me.

I returned his kiss; our tongues danced a happy tune together. Steve lovingly licked my ear lobes; he kissed my neck. I wanted to feel Steve's hands on my body; he didn't disappoint me. He reached out, and his hands found my breasts; I melted into his arms. As he gently began to squeeze my breasts; my nipples became erect. When Steve lowered his head, as his tongue began to swirl around my nipples; I held his penis in my hand. When Steve's mouth covered my nipples, when he began to gently suck on them; I thought my orgasm was going to come to life.

I shivered in pleasure. I felt so complete. From my breasts, Steve's tongue traveled down to my stomach. He stopped at my belly button. Steve used his tongue to tickle my belly button, and all I could do, was squirm on my kitchen floor. It was a new sensation, one that I had never felt before. In many ways, it was seen as being, an erotic and sensual moment. After enduring the tickling, Steve rested his head on my stomach. I knew that he was looking into the direction of my pussy.

I won't lie; I became very nervous. My breathing became erratic. No one had ever been this close to my pubic region. Now, I was anxiously awaiting for Steve's touch; I wanted him to touch my pussy. When Steve's hand finally came into contact with my pussy, as his finger's began to tease my pubic hair; my body shivered in pleasure. Was my kitchen floor clean? It became a mute just didn't matter. Steve positioned me on my back.

Without knowing how or why; I simply opened my legs. I knew, that I wanted Steve to have access to my pussy. In the back of my mind, I knew that he was going to place himself between my legs. I remember looking down the length of my body, as Steve positioned himself between my legs; his face was only inches away from my pussy.

When Steve touched the outer folds of my pussy, when he spread my lips apart.the moment I felt his tongue on my pussy; I closed my eyes. It's as if the wind had been knocked out of me; my pussy came alive, my juices began to flow. The exact moment, when I felt Steve tongue.I knew that I wanted to re-live this moment, over and over again. My clit came out from it's hiding place. Steve's tongue had been relentless; his tongue had traveled everywhere. His saliva coated the outer walls of my pussy.

He licked and sucked the inner folds of my pussy. Steve worked his hands under me; my ass cheeks were in his grasp. He managed to lift my waist off from the floor.a moment later, my knees were drawn to my chest. I felt so exposed and yet, my body shivered in pleasure.

When Steve began to lick my perineum; I squirmed. When his head, his tongue traveled in a southern route; I gasped! When Steve's tongue touched my anal entire body shook; I simply adored that sensation. When my legs returned to level ground, I knew that my asshole had been coated with Steve's saliva. Using his tongue, Steve began to massage my clitoris.

At times, his mouth covered my clit. The vibration of his tongue electrified my entire body. On that afternoon; my orgasm came to life. It may not have been the most romantic place to make love.

Still, in my mind; it was the perfect place. There on my kitchen floor, Steve positioned himself between my legs.

I had read many articles on the subject of sex. I had read about the painful stimuli and so, when Steve was aligning the head of his penis to the entrance to my pussy; I braced myself for the unknown. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I knew the exact moment, when the head of Steve's penis broke through the inner walls of my pussy. Safe sex? It never entered my mind. Lubrication? That too, had skipped Steve's mind. Little by little, Steve pushed his penis inside my pussy.

Whenever, he withdrew his penis from my pussy; I gasped for air. I fought back the urge of crying out. Though the pain was intense, it was still bearable. And then.I heard my scream. I had no way of knowing.had it been the 5th inch, 6th inch.perhaps, the 7th inch, when Steve's penis had penetrated my hymen. My eyes became watery; I was so happy. My virginity hadn't been stolen; I had given my body to Steve; I was in love with him.

A few moments later, the initial pain had slowly begun to fade away. Steve's eyes were closed, my hands were glued to his ass cheeks; my nails had made an impression on his skin. His hips, his penis was moving along at a steady rhythm. My body began to respond; my brain was registering one wave after another wave, of sheer pleasure.

I didn't reach my orgasm. Yet, I was aware of the exact moment, when Steve had reached his orgasm. His breathing became erratic, his hips were moving at a fast rate of speed; I felt the warmth of his sperm, as it traveled up my canal. When Steve removed his penis from my pussy, it was stained with my blood. I will admit, for the next few days; I walked very slow and gingerly. For the following two years, Steve and I had sex. In fact, we indulged ourselves in sex and sexual pleasure.

That first time, on the kitchen floor.though the results seemed to be ok, I knew that I had alot to learn. Truth be known, I wanted to learn.

I remember saying to Steve, "Teach me Steve. Teach me everything and don't hold anything back." In those 2 years, Steve taught me the joys of sex. In the process of teaching me, I fell deeply in love with him. I viewed our relationship in this way; we discovered love. Steve taught me that sex wasn't meant to be dirty, or nasty. Two consenting adults could do whatever came to mind, as long as we respected each other. I came to appreciate how my body responded to sexual pleasure. I simply loved Steve's sexuality; I fell in love with his sperm.

Anal sex became a passion of mine. I simply loved feeling Steve's tongue against my backdoor. I simply loved how Steve's body would react, whenever I played with his rear end. A very scary thought had entered my mind.

No, I didn't get pregnant. We were rehearsing for our graduation. Steve's parents had flown in from New Jersey; my parents were in town. In the back of my mind, a simple thought had crossed my mind. Is this it? Does our relationship end? I always knew that Steve wanted to return to his home state.

His life-long dream was to become a chef. As for myself, I wanted to remain in California. My dream consisted of being a school teacher. On the day of our graduation, our parents were in the audience. They were seated together. With my degree in hand, I felt I was that much closer to saying goodbye, to the only man that I had ever loved. I knew that Steve's parents had purchased a plane ticket for him. On the night of our graduation, we were both filled with pride and utter joy.

My parents took everyone out to dinner. Though I was thrilled with my accomplishment; my heart was in agony. Steve and I would be spending our last night together. As it turned out, with both families in attendance; it became a very meaningful evening.

The restaurant was elegant, the menu was simply delicious. From the very start, we engaged ourselves in conversation. At the end of the meal, I heard Steve ask my father, for my hand in marriage. I heard my father say, "Steve, welcome to the family!" Upon hearing my father's voice. I was in utter dis-belief. Steve got down to one knee. He took my hand in his and said. "JoLyn, I'm in love with you. Will you spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?" My parents loved Steve.

Over the years, they grew to respect him. My parents were very much aware of the way, he treated me. With kindness and respect. They also knew, that I was in love with him. At that moment, my mind was traveling in circles.

I watched my mother hugging my father. I turned my head and noticed Steve's mother; her eyes had swelled up. She and Steve's father were clinging to each other, seemingly waiting for my answer.

I took a quick glance around the restaurant. People were looking in our direction. Time seemed to stand still, everyone was waiting for my answer. When I turned my attention back to Steve, I saw the ring that he was holding. It sparkled. Looking into Steve's eyes, I heard myself say, "Yes." There was a resounding applause from the patrons in the restaurant. At that moment, it didn't matter to me, which state we would call home.

Six months later, my father placed my hand into Steve's hand; we said our vows to each other. We were newlyweds. As a wedding gift, Steve's parents gave us enough money for a down payment for a home. Just like that, we placed ourselves into debt; we bought a house. Steve stumbled upon a great opportunity, he became a sous-chef, working in a well established French restaurant. Steve and I, would become accustomed to his work schedule.

Most weeks, he would spend approximately 60 hours a week, in the restaurant. As for myself, I became a math teacher, in the high school level. I worked your typical 8-hour day, with holidays and summers off. We remained in S. California. Within our first year of marriage, I became pregnant. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Before I could slow down the sand in the hour glass; our daughter turned 10 years old. Steve had become the executive chef in the restaurant.

He continued to work long hours; his dishes were regarded as being the best, of the rest. It became a rare occassion, when he would have a weekend off. Tuesday and Wednesday's, those were his days off from work. Steve, typically would leave the house around 1 in the afternoon, and would return late in the evening; I was always fast asleep. No matter how busy or hectic our lives appeared to be; I was happy, satisfied and deleriously in love with my best friend.

Too, Steve was a great father. When he was away from the restaurant, he showered our daughter with his love; he spent quality time with her. As for myself? We made love again and again.and yet, again. Routines, become a part of life. For example, every morning when I woke up, I always found myself stumbling to the bathroom; I had to pee.

On most mornings, whenever I left our bedroom to wake up our daughter; Steve would stumble towards the bathroom. The first thing on my daughter's mind, upon waking up? You guessed it. She would stumble from her bedroom, down the hallway and straight into the bathroom.

As a family, we maintained busy schedules. Whenever I walked through my front door, after coming home from work; I became the full-time parent. At times, I found myself being jealous of Steve's work schedule.

Laundry had to be done, meals had to be cooked, dusting, vacuuming, the list was endless. Too, I was our daughter's chauffer. School functions, ballet classes and the endless number of sleepover's; she always kept me on my toes. When our daughter started high school, she got involved in softball; she was on the swimming team. Sleep-overs continued in high school and I will admit; I enjoyed being the host. My daughter's friends were polite and respectful; they were fun.

When my daughter would spend the night at one of her friends house.well, I hated that feeling, of being alone. When routines become a part of your everyday life. As a married couple.well, in a slow and yet progressive way; I began to notice that our sex lives began to suffer. Of course, we always indulged ourselves in great sex, whenever Steve was off from work. But, there was alot of idle time between his days off. The lack of sex.well, It wasn't anyone's fault.

We had a mortgage, car payments, an electric bill; a daughter. We enjoyed our amenities and so, we went to work. Steve and I believed in commuincation. Not everything that we said to each other, is what we wanted to hear. However, we spoke the truth. Before Steve headed off to work, it became a routine of sorts; he masturbated. Before falling asleep, on most nights; my orgasm would come to life. I too, resorted to masturbation.

At some point during our marriage, Steve bought me a few dildo's, to include, a few butt plugs. He was well aware of my strong affection, towards anal sex. Whichever toy that I had used, I would leave that specific toy on his night table.

It was my way of saying to him, "I was thinking of you. In my mind, I was making love to you. I miss your sperm." Steve had his own way of communicating to me. After work, I would skip up to our bedroom. A small bowl would be sitting on my night table.

My heart always skipped a beat when I saw the contents. Whenever Steve masturbated, he would shoot his sperm in that bowl. Before, I fell asleep; I always licked the bowl clean. Then, I would place it on his night table. We reached a point in our lives, where Steve and I had to rely upon "quickies." Every weekday, I woke my daughter up at 6:30.

Breakfast, reminding her to brush her teeth, dealing with the "boy" issues.the clothes issue was always addressed, last minute check of her homework; out the door she went. Her school day had begun. I was able to catch my breath, but for only a short amount of time; I had to shower, dress and leave for work. If a "quickie" was going to happen, at the very least; I had to set the alarm clock 30 minutes early.

Whenever I woke up in the morning.Steve's body, the warmth of his body, would be felt against mine.

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And of course, he was prone to snore in my ear. Without question, what I loved the most.were those mornings, when I would feel the head of his cock pressing against my body. I would carefully turn myself to face him. I loved watching him, while he slept. He was alone in his thoughts; his dreams. Whatever his mind was thinking of, his cock responded. The alarm had sounded; I only had 30 minutes! When you think about it, 30 minutes isn't alot of time. On the day of our wedding, when we exchanged our vows.I guess you could say; I took ownership of Steve's cock.

In other words, it was mine to enjoy. Just having the opportunity to caress his cock; it was enough to get my motor running; my pussy always became damp.

Grasping his cock through the thin material of his pajama bottoms, my heart always skipped a beat. The more I massaged Steve's penis, the heavier his breathing became. When I would reach into the waistband of his underwear, normally; his eyes would open.

He would then show me his smile; he was always ready to make love. It was always a very loving moment. In a very short amount of time, I would remove my pajama's; my panties. As I began to undress my husband, when I lowered his underwear; his cock always sprung free.

I became mesmerized. There was no need for lubrication; my juices were always flowing. I would straddle Steve's body and with such precision; his cock would work it's way into my pussy. I enjoyed being on top. I could kiss him, I could lay my head in his chest; I was able to control the tempo of our lovemaking.

Whenever I would rest my head on Steve's chest, aside from listening to his heart rate; I was inviting him to touch my anus. Steve would reach his arms around my body; his hands and fingers would become active. He loved to feel his cock, as it slid in and out of my pussy. My juices would coat his fingers and without having to think twice; his fingers would find my anus.

While Steve continuously filled my pussy with his cock, he also would begin to work his finger into my anus. My body squirmed in pleasure.

The outcome was always very pleasing to me. My orgasm would come to life and Steve would fill my pussy with his sperm. On some mornings, Steve would remain passive. In other words, he pretended to be asleep. Again, his breathing was a dead give-away; I always knew that he was awake. It was during these moments; I knew that he needed to be pampered; he needed to feel my love. Before lowering his underwear, I would lick the contour of his cock. Yes, I noticed the yellow stains. Think what you may; I savored his flavor.

As always, whenever I lowered Steve's underwear; his cock sprung free. Whether asleep or awake, seeing Steve's cock always made me react in the same way; my pussy became wet.

Have I mentioned this already? I married my best friend. In the early years of my marriage to Steve, I came to appreciate my sexuality. I came to this simple conclusion. Sex and sexual pleasure should be fun. In order for something.anything to be fun, you have to have an open mind. I think it becomes an important ingredient, in any marriage and or relationship, to try new things.

When Steve and I began to experiment in anal sex. Yes, it hurt to a degree. But with constant practice, I came to appreciate the sensation. Another act that I came to appreciate, was being faced fucked. Those passive mornings, when Steve would pretend to be asleep.on most occassions, he would end up fucking my face. If I haven't mentioned this before.I loved my early morning, wake-up calls! On the day of our marriage, at the precise moment, when I said my vows; Steve took ownership of my mouth, my pussy and my asshole.

On my wedding night to the present day and time, I've always wanted to be the sole reason for his pleasure; his orgasm'. Steve was pretending to be asleep? I always wanted to see how far, he was able to keep up with that charade. Having sucked Steve's pre-cum from his pee slit; my goal was to tickle, to tease the head of his cock. That very sensitive area, under the head of Steve's cock? Long before I started to nibble on that area.long before Steve would feel my teeth; I would have coated that area with my saliva.

Steve could do nothing more than tense his body and moan in pure delite. From deep within his throat, his moans would vibrate.especially, when I would inhale the length of his cock, into the far reaches of my throat. On more than one occassion, I had measured Steve's hard cock. From the head of his cock to where his shaft blended into his ball sac, I always got the same measurement. 9 inches. Steve's cock, was the only cock that I had ever sucked. Accepting 9" of hard cock into one's throat?

Well, at times it can become a difficult task. But, when Steve "woke" up, I knew what he was expecting from me. I would quickly get up and kneel at the foot of the bed. Steve was as quick too, before long; he was standing before me.

He had a way of teasing me. He would hold his cock in his hand.he would slide the head of his cock against my face, my lips and often, with my mouth open; he would tease my tongue. The angle of Steve's cock, points downward. Kneeling on the floor? Well, it became that much easier to accept his cock, into the far reaches of my throat. Lying on a bed, with my head hanging over the side of the bed, that was a different story. Regardless, whenever Steve's cock made me gag, to the point where I would puke; Steve would stop.

I never wanted to be brought to a state, where I would puke. I took slow, careful steps in exercising my throat, in order to accomodate Steve's cock. Whenever I brought myself to the point, where I thought I was going to gag; I released his cock from my mouth. With his cock away from my mouth, the drool the poured our from my throat; I would coat Steve's cock.

Using my hand, I would stroke his cock in a loving way. Taking a necessary moment to recuperate; I would lick and suck his balls. Saliva was necessary. At times, it became an appropriate step, to spit on Steve's cock. Again and again, I would take Steve's cock into my mouth.allowing myself to feel it's length; I loved having his cock in my throat.

Again, whenever that gagging sensation would hit my brain, I allowed his cock to pop free from my mouth. There would always be a time when Steve would seemingly, "take over." He would take control of the moment. His hands would caress my face.


My hair would normally be damp from my drool. He always cleared my hair from my face; he always wanted to see my eyes. When he pushed his hips forward, when his cock entered my mouth, when he pulled back; his fingers would touch his shaft. He loved to touch his cock while he fucked my face. He would often hold my shoulders, he too, would hold my head in his grasp. In a slow, loving way, little by little, the head of his cock would delve further and further, into my throat.

If Steve sensed that I was about to gag, again; he simply withdrew his cock from my mouth. The drool that came from my throat became a constant reminder; he was in control.

I quickly learned the value of my tongue, when it came to having my face fucked. If I lifted the back of my tongue, it provided a barrier of sorts for Steve's cock.

In other words, he was able to fuck my throat, that much deeper. I also found that if I opened my jaw a little less, wrapping my lips around my teeth; my mouth became a tighter fit for Steve's cock.

With Steve being in control of his hips, it didn't matter to me, how long it took, until he shot his sperm into my throat. I was relaxed and again, I was enjoying the moment.

Steve always rewarded me with his sperm. He was the lucky one, he was able to return to the warmth of our bed; I had to go wake up our daughter. On any given day, within any given week; we cherished those "quick" moments. I hardly ever said no. Actually, I don't recall, ever saying no to Steve's advances. Steve was aware that I loved to be fucked in my kitchen. Call it a vulnerable moment. My hands would be in the sink, covered with soap; I'm seen as being helpless.

Steve's arms would wrap themselves around my body; his hands would encase my breasts. I would then feel his hot breath on my neck; his tongue nibbling my ears. I would just melt in his arms; my pussy juices would begin to flow. It was that easy, to get my motor running.

I was the practical person in the family. The question that came to mind? "Where's Lisa," I would ask. She was watching television, or a movie. She was on the computer or playing video games. She was upstairs in her bedroom doing her homework or hanging out with a friend. As much as I enjoyed Steve's advances, I didn't want our daughter to walk in on us. I would feel a bit more comfortable, if Steve said. "She's outside playing." Or. "She's at a friends house." My clothing? Or better yet, what I might be wearing.

It bcame a mute point. When a man approaches a woman from behind, she knows what he's after. The morning hours were meaningful to me. Those lazy afternoons, early evenings; were meaningful to Steve.

I may have squirmed a bit, but I don't ever recall, saying "no" to him. Steve only needed a couple of minutes. Steve would open the front of my jeans.I was acutely aware that my zipper was being lowered; his hand would find it's way into my panties. The moment at hand, could very well, be all that we had. Sensing Steve's hunger; my pussy was aways wet. When Steve's fingers touched the outer folds of my pussy; my juices would just seemed to flow. When his fingers began to massage my clit; my body always fell back against his chest.

When Steve's fingers found their way into my pussy; I was ready for a quick fuck. On these occassions, Steve took control of the moment. If he truly knew that our daughter was pre-occupied; he would drop to his knees. If he was guessing about our daughter's whereabouts, or at the very least, hoping she wouldn't unexpectantly walk into the kitchen; he would immediately place his cock in my pussy. When Steve dropped to his knees, call it an instinctive move on my behalf; I always arched my back, spread my legs and lowered my chest on the countertop.

I wanted to give Steve, as much access to my pussy and ass, as possible. Steve would spread my ass cheeks apart, a second later; his face became nestled in-between my ass cheeks. His tongue would begin to work it's magic, touching the outer folds of my pussy, the inner folds of my pussy and at long last; his tongue would find my clit.

When my ass was exposed in this way, it was only a matter of time until I felt Steve's tongue, tickling the entrance to my anus. His tongue traveled everywhere, and my body always shivered in pure delight. Whenever Steve removed his face from between my legs, he did so, because he knew that I had reached my orgasm.

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When Steve returned to his feet; I would look over my shoulder. Steve's actions were fast and furious; he was unbuckling his belt, un-snapping his jeans; lowering his zipper. Hearing his zipper being lowered, I would hold onto the countertop and arch my back; I knew it was only a matter of time, before he aligned his cock to my pussy. That initial plunge, when Steve's cock slid into the depths of my pussy; my breath was taken away.

I loved it when Steve would hold my hips in his grasp. I loved hearing his moans. I loved the language he used, whenever he was fucking me. I simply loved the urgency of his body language; he had one thing on his mind; his orgasm. As always, Steve's cock would pound my pussy, his balls would repeatedly slap my ass cheeks; his sperm would coat the inner walls, the deepest chambers of my womb.

Myself, Steve and Lisa; we were a family. As a family; everything we did together, became important. Steve and I placed alot of emphasis on our finances; on our retirement, on Lisa's college fund. We gave alot of consideration on our diets, what foods we ate; we felt it was important to exercise; to maintain our health and figures.

Lisa's academics were important to us, as was her development in becoming a young woman; she was the love of our life. Every year, as a family; we took a vacation. Being married wasn't a reason to stop dating and so, when the time allowed, Steve and I would step away from our home; alone.

We would hire a babysitter to watch Lisa and when she turned 14, we felt she was old enough to watch herself. When Lisa turned 16, after she had acquired her driver's license; I had the "talk" with her. I was nervous. My mother never had the "talk" with me. When I broached the subject of sex to Lisa, we were having lunch at the mall. A favorite pastime of ours; we loved to buy clothes. Lisa was at the age, where we allowed her to date.

She also was well aware of the fact, that we expected to meet, anyone who had asked her out on a date. On the rare occassion, when Steve would shake a boys hand; I knew what his mind was thinking.

He wanted to remind the boy, that his daughter's panties.were off limits. Of course, my mind entertained, that same thought. I also thought of Lisa's bra; her breasts. I wanted her entire body, to be off limits. Come to find out, Lisa knew more about sex, than I did.when I was her age. She re-assured me; she was still a virgin. Whew! Sign of relief! This news was definately going to make Steve happy!

Lisa did mention, that a few boys had tried to "cope" a feel, but alas, they came up empty. That afternoon, Lisa told me, that although she was curious; she wanted to wait until she fell in love. My heart was singing a happy tune! In many ways, Lisa took after me. If I had to guess, my daughter had discovered the joys of masturbation. So be it. At least, she wouldn't get pregnant. One particular evening, Steve had taken a weekend off from work.

We decided to hit the town. We went to a romantic restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Steve, then took me dancing; we indulged ourselves in a few mixed drinks. Needless to say, when we stepped into our home; we we're feeling no pain. Whenever I have to much to drink, well.I tend to get frisky. On the way home from the nightclub, I had little or no problems, in removing Steve's cock from his pants.

When he drinks, though his cock will respond to foreplay, it takes him alot longer to reach an orgasm. That in itself, is ok with me. And so, on the way home from the nightclub, I nibbled and sucked his cock.alas, I knew he wasn't going to reach an orgasm. That evening, when we stepped into our home, not a sound was heard. I guessed, that Lisa was fast asleep. Not wanting to wait another minute, I pulled Steve over to the couch.

We began to kiss. Actually, we we're making out. My hands were touching and exploring his body; I started to remove his clothes. When I had unbuttoned his shirt; I began to lick, nibble and suck each his nipples. Steve had removed my blouse, my bra was stretched and he pulled the fabric, below my breasts. I simply loved feeling Steve's hands on my breasts; I love if when he teases my nipples. I squirmed in pleasure, when he captured my nipples in his mouth.

That night, I had worn a skirt. Steve had no problems in removing my panties. A second later, his fingers were moving their way into my pussy. The next morning, I found them on the living room floor. When I finally worked Steve's cock out from his pants, in no time at all, my mouth had become adjusted to his size. I started to suck his cock in a deep throat fashion. As I continued to work Steve's cock into my mouth, into my throat; his fingers continued to fuck me at a steady pace.

My orgasm was approaching and I sensed that Steve was close to his orgasm.but alas, our moment of pleasure was interrupted by a loud noise that came from upstairs. We immediately thought of our daughter. Steve's cock was free from my mouth, his fingers were out from my pussy; we struggled to get our clothes back on.

We both started to climb the stairs to the second floor. Every so often, because of the liquor we had consumed; we stumbled against the walls. Finally, we were standing outside of our daughter's bedroom. Through her door, the only sound that I heard was her soft snores. Whatever had startled us, one thing became very clear; our home grew quiet again. I wanted to check Lisa, to make sure, that everything was ok.

When I opened her door, I turned and faced Steve. I placed a finger over my lips, winking at him; we slowly entered our daughter's bedroom. The moonlight illuminated her entire bedroom; Lisa looked so beautiful, as she slept in her peaceful state.

Glancing around Lisa's bedroom, everything seemed to be in its place. Lisa had some of my features. Her strawberry blond hair was straight, her eyes were crystal green in color. Was it the alcohol that I had consumed?

Lisa was sleeping on her stomach, her legs slightly fact, one of her legs hung over the side of her bed. The sheet was drawn up, high into the region of her thighs and between her legs. I tip toed over to Lisa's bed, my intent was to cover her body, with the sheet. When I bent over the side of Lisa's bed, as I was about to take hold of her sheet; I froze in place.

Lisa was wearing a pair of lacy boyshort panties. The color of Lisa's panties had caught my attention; baby blue with yellow flowers. The fabric was so sheer.they hugged Lisa's bottom. The light from the moon was limited, but I took a notice my daughter's sleeping form. The area where her thighs met.the crease in her panties, the crack of her ass; I inhaled her beauty. I quickly glanced over my shoulder; Steve was still standing at the entrance to our daughter's bedroom.

Without covering Lisa up, I stood up and slowly retraced my steps. I felt flush, my body felt warm; my pussy was soaked. When I returned to Steve, I whispered. "Honey, isn't she beautiful?" Steve encased my body into his arms.

His hands took hold of my breasts. He brought his body right up against me. He nuzzled his face in my neck and whispered, "She is growing up fast. Just look at her.our daughter, is so beautiful." When we ran upstairs, I never thought of putting my blouse on. Though, I did manage to adjust the cups to my breasts. With Steve's arms around me, feeling his hands on my breasts, I became aware, that my nipples were hard.

Steve was massaging my breasts, his body, his cock was leaving an impression on my skirt. I wondered what his mind was thinking of? My head melted into Steve's chest. I stood motionless, at the entrance to my daughter's bedroom, Steve began to grope, to caress; he manipulated my bra, in such a way; my tits became bare.

Steve was moaning. I was moaning. I could only stand so much. I reached with my hand and immediately; I found Steve's cock. Massaging his cock through his pants, wasn't enough. At that moment, I wanted to feel Steve's cock in my pussy. In a hoarsely whisper, I said. "Put your cock in my cunt and fuck me hard." It wasn't a request. I wanted Steve to fuck me.

He wasn't in the mood to question my motives. The sounds that followed, were so erotic and exciting. I had already bent myself over at the waist. Steve un-snaped his jeans, the sound of his zipper being lowered, broke the silence; my heart skipped a beat. Not more than 15 feet away; our 17 year old daughter was sleeping; her snores filled the empty spaces.

I had lifted my skirt above my waist, I was waiting for my husband to fill my pussy, with his cock. My attention was drawn to my daughter's sleeping form. To be more precise; my eyes were focused on her crotch. I could picture Steve behind me. He was sliding his cock up and down, along my thighs. He was trying to adjust his heighth, to my waist. All at once, Steve found the entrance to my pussy. With relative ease, his cock slid all the way into my womb; his balls playfully slapped my ass cheeks.

When his entire cock was felt, I let out a rather loud gasp. Steve's moans bounced off the walls of our daughter's bedroom. The reality of the moment, finnaly hit a nerve; my brain wanted to regain its composure. I looked over my shoulder and said, "Honey, we can't do this here." Steve may have heard my voice and then again, he may have ignored my moment, of sanity. Steve had taken hold of my hips. He began to rock his body, each time his hips rolled, his cock would withdraw from my pussy.

A second later, the head of his cock traveled into the depths of my cunt. I shivered in pure delight. Steve continued to fuck me, at a leisurely pace, and I couldn't help but wonder, what his mind was thinking of. All at once, Lisa's body shifted. She turned her body away from us; she was sleeping on her side. The sheet had ridden higher; her panty clad ass cheeks were now exposed. "Honey," I said. "You're going to wake Lisa up." I then began to squirm. Using all of my strength, I was able to free myself from Steve's grip.

I turned and faced Steve. We were a sight! His pants were down around his ankles, as was his underwear; his cock was rock hard. Against the moonlight.I will admit, Steve's cock looked beautiful. I was able to see my pussy juices, glistening against his shaft. Once again, I lost my train of thought.

I slid down to my knees. The interesting thing? We were no longer standing at the entrance to our daughter's bedroom. Somehow, we had managed to enter our daughter's bedroom. We were now, perhaps 6 feet away from where our daughter was sleeping. I took Steve's cock into my mouth. Again, Steve's moans echoed off from her bedroom walls. When I had licked my juices off from Steve's cock, when I had finished licking his balls clean; I looked up and whispered. "Do you like what you see?" Steve was looking at our daughter.

His eyes were scanning her entire body. I knew without a doubt, he was enjoying the view of her legs, her ass; the crack of his daughter's ass. I then slid my hand under Steve's balls and like clockwork; his moans came to life. Steve never provided me with an answer to my question; he was lost in thought.

I took that moment, to satisfy my own inner desires. While I continued to massage Steve's balls; I took his cock into my throat. Was my daughter still sleeping? All indications proved, that she was still asleep.

Her breathing was steady; her soft snores were heard. When I felt myself beginning to gag on Steve's cock, I allowed it to pop free from my mouth.

I wiped the drool from my face and from Steve's cock. At long last, Steve looked down into my direction.

I knew what his mind was thinking. I glanced over at our eyes were level with her body; she was so beautiful. I then heard my own whisper. I couldn't believe, what I had just said. "Just think honey, one day our baby girl will be doing this to someone. I just hope that that someone.will be like you." From looking into Steve's eyes, I then focused my attention on his cock. I reached around his body; one of my hands held his ass cheek.

My fingernails began to dig their way into the crack of Steve's ass. I willingly, opened my mouth. Steve was holding his cock in his hand. With great care, he placed the head of his cock against my tongue; it found it's way, down my throat. Steve held my head in his hands; he began to rock his hips; I sensed his determination. I brought my free hand to my crotch, a second later, I was frigging my clit. Those distinct sounds of having a mouth filled with cock.well, those sounds echoed off from our daughter's bedroom.

Steve began to moan in a very consistent way and manner; I knew his focus was on his orgasm. My mouth was being used for it's natural purpose; I wanted Steve's sperm. There was no turning back.

At one point, I felt Steve's knees beginning to shake; he was no longer holding my head in his grip. He was now holding my shoulders, in hopes of not falling over. A flood of sperm erupted from his pee slit; Steve let out a very loud moan. When Steve had reached hs orgasm, the back of my throat was immediately coated with his sperm.

Steve's balls had produced so much cum, I had to fight back; I was on the verge of gagging. Steve was trying to maintain his balance; his cock popped free from my mouth. Somehow, I managed to keep my finger's moving. From massaging my clit, to finger fucking myself; when Steve's cock had erupted, my pussy convulsed in pleasure; my orgasm came to life.

I managed to swallow every drop of Steve's sperm. Steve slid down to our daughter's carpeted floor and said, "JoLyn, I love you." We kissed each other, our tongues danced together. If there had been any remains of Steve's sperm in my mouth, it was now in his mouth. I felt as if my mouth had gone through a cavity search. Holding his face in my hands, I whispered, "I love you too." We allowed ourselves to rest; our breathing returned to normal.

We could have moved ourselves away from our daughter's bedroom. Instead, we stayed where we were. Seemingly content to be kneeling on her bedroom floor; our eyes never left her body.

I held Steve's hand in mine. I whispered. "What I said earlier. Did it affect you? Did you think about Lisa's mouth.going down on your cock?" Before Steve gave his answer, he looked me in my eyes; he then looked at our daughter. When he glanced back to me, he whispered, "Yes." There was no point in lying to me.

I already knew what his answer was going to be. And so, I whispered my confession to him. "I think it would be perfect.simply beautiful, if you were her first." Steve eye's grew very wide. "Are you saying, that Lisa is still a virgin?" "Yes honey," I whispered. "Lisa is still a virgin." I then got up and quickly crept closer to Lisa's bed. Steve was kneeling and watching my every move. In a very careful way, I began to remove the sheet that was covering our daughter's body.

In a blink of an eye, I had exposed our daughter in a more prominent way. She remained on her side, her back was facing us. Her t-shirt was bunched up close to her small breasts; her small firm bottom was now in perfect view.

Her back, her skin was smooth. Where her thighs met.that's when my heart skipped a beat. I found myself wondering.what treasures, lay under Lisa's panties.

I returned to my knees and faced Steve. I took his cock in my hand and whispered, "What could have caused this?" Steve's cock was again, rock hard. I slowly began to stroke Steve's cock. "Are you enjoying the view," I whispered. In a faint whisper, I heard Steve say, "She's so beautiful." Up to this point, I felt as if we had been.very lucky.

In the back of my mind, I was wondering if Lisa was pretending, to be asleep. Everything that we had done in our daughter's bedroom.could I truly blame it on the alcohol, that I had consumed? Was I lusting after my own daughter?

Something was taking control of me, of my emotions. I looked at Steve and whispered, "Are you wondering? Aren't you the least bit curious to know.what our daughter's pussy tastes like?" I didn't wait for Steve's answer. When I stood up, I heard Steve's whisper.

"What are you doing? What are you going to do?" Before I approached Lisa, I quickly glanced over my shoulder and looked into Steve's eyes. I immediately recognized the lust, that had filled his eyes. When I sat down on the side of my daughter's bed, I wasn't sure how I was going to do it.but I knew that I was going to attempt; I wanted to lower my daughter's panties. I was able to see my daughter's chest rise and then fall; Lisa appeared to be asleep.

My hands touched her knee, ever so slightly; Lisa squirmed. I held my breath and moved my head to her soft skin. I began to trace my tongue upwards, towards her thighs.

Every so often, I kissed her legs, her thighs; my pussy was soaked. Again, I heard Steve's whisper. "What are you doing?" His voice seemed to be, so far away.

I was lost in my thoughts and with every small step taken; I was questioning my every move. As if Steve was aware, as if he knew that I was ignoring him. His whisper seemed to rise in pitch. "Honey, are you sure! Are you sure, want to do this?" I couldn't ignore him. I felt as if I had to silence him.

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I put a finger up to my lips. In a whisper, I said. "I want to see Lisa's pussy. And I want to see her pussy too!" Before I turned my attention back towards Lisa, I watched Steve lick his lips. In a very careful way, I moved my fingers over Lisa's panties. Inch by inch, I began to pull my daughter's panties down and over her hips. Our daughter's bottom came into view.

Against the moonlight, I heard Steve's gasp. I quickly looked over to where Steve was kneeling. Steve's eyes were huge! No doubt, he was enjoying the view.

We were both staring at Lisa's perfectly shaped, round bottom. Her ass cheeks were firm. I'm not sure how to describe my actions. I'm not sure I can explain to anyone, why at that particular moment, I decided to touch my daughter's ass. The palm of my hand connected with my daughter's right ass cheek. I slowly began to caress her entire bottom. Lisa's bottom was so smooth. I held my breath, my fingers began to trace the length of Lisa's ass crack.

I wanted to delve inside, I wanted to spread Lisa's ass cheeks. I quickly glanced to where Steve was; his arm was pumping his cock; he was very attentive. I'm sure he was as curious to know, what his daughter's anus looked like. To include, the flavor of our daughter's anus. A moment later, Lisa moved her body. I held my breath! I was looking at our daughter, I would then, look into Steve's eyes.

I was petrified. What would I say to my daughter, if she was to wake up? How would I be able to explain, why her panties were down over her hips? Minutes passed and I chose not to move. Steve was holding his breath and too, he had stopped his stroking motion.

From being on her side, Lisa was now lying on her back; her legs were straight. For a quick moment, I wondered if Lisa was allowing me, a better opportunity, to remove her panties. Her arms were above her head, her eyes remained closed; she appeared to be asleep. Steve became frantic. He whispered, "Let's go.before she wakes up!" Once again, I put my fingers to my lips. I was desperately trying to communicate to Steve; to remain quiet. My heart was racing. Working up my nerve, while taking in my daughter's beauty; I reached for her panties.

Without much difficulty, I eventually pulled Lisa's panties down and off from her body. There were moments, when I felt as if she had assisted me.

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Still, her eyes were closed, her breathing was normal; I felt she was asleep. My impression was on Lisa's bed and so, I remained seated on the side of her body. Steve stood up and moved to the foot of our daughter's bed. The moonlight provided us with enough light; we both stared in utter disbelief. I always described Steve and I, as being normal folks. At the moment, I wouldn't describe our being normal.

A father, a mother; we were both staring at our daughter's pussy. Lisa's pussy was almost hairless. It became apparently clear to me, that our daughter shaved her pubic area. The shaved portion of Lisa's pussy appeared to be so smooth. The moonlight allowed me to see that Lisa's vaginal lips were slightly parted. The inside walls of my daughter's pussy, appeared to be pink in color.

Again, I glanced at where Steve was standing. He was naked, his cock was pointing straight forward; I saw a burning desire in his eyes. I never considered myself to be bi-sexual. Never before, had I ever entertained the thought of being intimate with another woman. I can't explain what was going through my mind, but it became very clear to me; I wanted to taste my daughter's pussy. As long as Lisa's eyes remained closed.I felt that I could proceed.

I carefully positioned myself over my daughter's figure. I was looking into her eyes, as I began to disturb her bed with my movements. At long last, while bracing my upper body; I was straddling Lisa's body. My head bent down towards the direction of my daughter's pussy. I heard Steve's expressions; he was moaning; I was sure that his cock was in his hand.

What seemed like a long journey.eventually, my lips touched my daughter's pouty pussy lips; I kissed her lightly. Without knowing how or why, the tip of my tongue began to work its way, into the inner folds of my daughter's pussy. Ever so slightly, Lisa moved her legs. It's as if she was inviting me to explore her pussy, with my tongue. I looked into Lisa's eyes; they remained closed.

I darted my tongue inside, my nose actually touched my daughter's body; I was so lost in lust. I wanted to find Lisa's clit and my tongue remained active in it's pursuit. I became aware of my daughter's wetness, her pussy juices were flowing.

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The flavor that seemingly poured onto my tongue; I swallowed in pure delight. When Lisa's breathing had became erratic, when I noticed her mouth had opened, ever so slightly; I relectantly pulled myself away from her body. I then very carefully, removed myself from her bed. Steve and I stood together, at the foot of Lisa's bed.

I looked down at Steve's limp cock. I then noticed the globs of sperm. While I was tasting my daughter's pussy, Steve was masturbating. I never heard his distinct moan, that powerful moan before he reached his orgasm. He must have fought to suppress his pleasure. I clearly saw his cum intermixed with the fibers of our daughter's carpeted floor. When I turned and faced Steve, my mouth was open; I was in complete shock by what I had seen.

Steve was looking at me and he whispered, "That was so fucking hot!" "You have to taste our daughter." I had stepped over the line. I feeling a tremendous amount of guilt. It's as if I wanted to pass my guilt off to Steve. In hearing my words, that was all the encouragement that Steve needed. For a quick second, I wondered if Steve could or would be able to produce anymore sperm. I was so horny and I so badly wanted to feel his cock in my pussy.

Steve stood up and within a few seconds, he had carefully placed himself on our daughter's bed; sitting ever so close to where our daughter was sleeping.

Or was she? A man cock has a mind of it's own. When Steve had settled himself on our daughter's bed, I noticed that his cock had grown. Against the moonlight, his cock looked so beautiful. I watched as Steve touched the inner side of our daughter's thigh. Slowly, his hand began to inch it's way up towards Lisa's pussy.

In such a delicate way, Steve lowered his head and began to kiss our daughter's flesh, in the same manner, as I had done. I knelt down at the foot of Lisa's bed; I wanted to watch Steve do everything that his mind dared himself to do. It was such an erotic and sensual moment, when Steve's tongue came into contact with our daughter's pussy.

With extreme care, his fingers parted the outer folds of pussy lips. He bent further down and the tip of his tongue licked the entrance to Lisa's pussy. From where I was kneeling, I knew the exact moment, when Steve had found our daughter's clit. Ever so slightly, Lisa's mouth opened; her chest began to rise and fall at a faster rate. Steve's tongue began to dance around Lisa's clit. He was coating our daughter's pussy with his saliva.

A moment later, Steve brought his mouth over Lisa's clit and gently began to suck it. Lisa's hips had raised themselves, ever so slightly; her eyes remained closed. It's as if she was inviting her father's tongue, into the far depths of her pussy. I couldn't help myself. I began to masturbate. My juices were flowing; my fingers began to stimulate my clit. I have no memory of my moans. I'm not even aware if my daughter had opened her eyes; I have no idea how my skirt was removed.

I began to drive a few fingers into the far recesses of my pussy. Steve was driven to masturbation, when I was touching our daughter and now, I was emulating his movements. A few moments went by, and then Steve had re-joined me on the floor. I was still in the midst of masturbating when he whispered, "Oh honey, Lisa's pussy tastes so good!" Maybe that's what took me over the edge. Hearing Steve say, that he loved how our daughter's pussy tasted.

I took his head in my hands and kissed him. Tasting that familiar flavor in Steve's mouth, while my finger's worked their magic; I moaned deeply. My orgasm came to life. I tried to stand up and I almost fell over.I was still trying to recover from what my body had experienced. Steve and I stood by the foot of our daughter's bed; we both had crossed "the" line. We were naked. My body was covered in sweat, as was Steve's body.

I managed to walk over to the side of Lisa's bed. Carefully, I pulled the sheet up and over her body. I wasn't going to risk, trying to put her panties back on. We closed the door to our daughter's bedroom and literally ran to our bedroom. Within a few moments, I was on my back; my legs were spread wide apart. Steve knew exactly what I wanted.what I needed. He didn't disappoint me; his cock plunged into my pussy.

We didn't say a word to each other. In my mind, I had recaptured my moment with Lisa. Perhaps, Steve was doing the same thing. Steve was thrusting his cock into my pussy.a moment later, he withdrew his cock. Steve then, encouraged me to turn over.a moment later, I was lying flat on my stomach; my legs were spread wide apart. I knew that my ass was going to get assaulted. Steve reached his hand between my legs, cupping my pussy; he inserted his fingers deep into my pussy.

I moaned deeply; my face was embedded in my pillows. When Steve withdrew his fingers, he began to coat my anus with my pussy juices. Using his fingers, he began to push my juices into my rectum.

In one quick second, Steve grabbed my ass cheeks.he spread them wide apart; I was so exposed. I arched my back, my hips; I wanted him to have complete access to my asshole. I wondered for a quick second, if my asshole was dirty. When Steve brought his mouth to my anus, when he began to coat my asshole with his saliva; I didn't give my cleanliness another thought.

I moaned into my pillow; my pussy was on fire! Steve was determined to coat my rectum. From licking my anus, from spitting into my darkened hole, he would then finger my asshole.

When Steve lifted himself up, he must have thought that my asshole was lubricated enough. I wasn't so sure. When Steve brought his body between my outstretched legs, when he was aligning his cock up to my anal opening; I spread my arms out wide, and grabbed whatever I could. The head of Steve's cock broke through my small entrance; I buried my face in my pillow.

Steve wanted my asshole and I knew, that he was determined to get every inch of his cock into my rectum. Trust me when I say this, I wanted his cock in my ass; I wanted him to rock my world. Inch by inch, Steve pushed his cock into my ass. When he withdrew his cock.when he plunged his cck back into my asshole; my body shivered in delight.

Simply put, Steve began to pound my ass. Every time Steve's cock plunged it's way into my rectum; his balls would slap my pussy. My orgasm was mounting.the pressure that my body was feeling, was so intense. I moaned, I groaned.and I cried out in my pillow, when my orgasm came to life.

The weght of Steve's body was felt against my body; his final thrust caused him to moan deeply. His cock was buried in my ass; his sperm had shot out like a volcano. When Steve withdrew his cock from my ass, a "plop" sound was heard.

The intense pressure that had been building up inside my anal cavity, slowy began to dissipate. A quick moment later, I felt a stream of sperm.Steve's sperm began to ozze it's way out from my asshole. I knew that Steve was watching his sperm, as it slowly began to leave my ass. His words were endearing. "Honey, your ass is so beautiful." A moment later, I felt Steve's hands on my ass cheeks. He spread them wide apart; his mouth, his tongue was licking my asshole clean.

I had been clinging to our beds sheets, when I felt Steve's tongue, as he fought to get his tongue into my asshole; I moaned into my pillow. Whatever was oozing out from my asshole, Steve's tongue was there, licking it up. Using the muscles that I relied upon, whenever I had a bowel movement; I forced whatever was in my ass towards it's exit. Steve's tongue remained active, his moans were very prominent, alas; my asshole was clean.

We kissed each other.whatever had been in Steve's mouth; I tasted the remains. Out of exhaustion; we fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning, I woke up before Steve. I was still naked. So too, was Steve. We never made it under our comforter. When I lifted myself off from our bed; I thought my head was going to explode.

I stumbled towards the bathroom, my memory was coming back to me. Steve and I had gone out to dinner. After dinner, I called our daughter to make sure that everything was ok with her. Steve and I then decided to go to a local hangout, to dance the night away. Aside from dancing, I remembered the many drinks we had consumed. When I sat down on the toilet, as my pee flowed from my bladder; I began to cry. After I took a shower, when I stepped back into my bedroom, I was glad to see that Steve was still sound asleep.

As I began to dress, I was trying to remember everything that happened. In the back of my mind, I knew that Steve and I had taken certain liberties with our daughter, while she was asleep. Little by little, my memory was returning.

I still wondered, if Lisa was truly asleep. My body ached; my pussy and ass were sore. My jaw still ached; I knew that I needed a cup of coffee.

When Steve came downstairs, I was in the kitchen enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee. Aside from the morning pleasantries, that are normally spoken; we remained silent. That silence spoke volumes. I knew that Steve was questioning himself; our behavior the night before was simply wrong. Soon after, Lisa joined us in the kitchen.

She went about her business and poured milk into her cereal bowl. She sat down with us at the kitchen table. Both Steve and I, could do nothing more, than watch her. At long last, our daughter broke the silence.

She reminded me that we were supposed to go shopping. As my daughter began to mention all of the stores that she wanted to visit.I began to feel better. Maybe, just maybe.she wasn't aware that her parents had paid a special visit to her bedroom. Glancing in Steve's direction, he showed me his smile; he was feeling the same way. Lisa and I had a great morning and afternoon.

As the old saying goes, we shopped till we dropped. I have to admit, all thoughout the day; I felt a bit guilty. Though, I said no to a few of the outfits that she selected, I also said yes, to many of the outfits that she had selected. At one point, Lisa had tried on a bathing suit. Normally, I would have said no, to a bikini. But when she stepped out and showed her figure to me; I found myself nodding in appreciation; her body was breathtakingly beautiful.

Aside from spending over $500 dollars in clothes, we also ate lunch together. Lisa's demeanor was seen, as being quite normal. I have to admit, I truly enjoyed our time together.

When Lisa and I got home, she bounced up the stairs; she wanted to tell her friends about her many purchases. As for me, I found Steve in the living room; he was watching television. Somehow, I had to break the news to him, that I had spent a small fortune on our daughter.

And so, I sat on his lap, placed my arm around his head and kissed him on the lips. I then said, "You have no idea, how much I love you." I had dealt with my guilt in a different way than Steve had. I used our finances. Steve had to stick around the house and deal with his emotions. In a soft voice, he said. "We have to talk about last night. I don't want you to think of me, an animal." When my tongue began to touch Steve's lips, as I pressed my tongue against his mouth; he surrendered to me.

A soft kiss, turned into a very passionte kiss. When our lips parted, I asked him. "Do you hate me for what I did last night?" He was nodding his head. "I could have stopped you.

You could have stopped me. It seemed as if.neither of us wanted to stop." I caressed the side of his face and said, "Honey, everything is fine." I then broke the news about the amount of money, I had spent in the clothing stores. Steve was quick to say, "I was thinking about buying her a car." We both laughed and it seemed to break the ice. Steve's voice then became serious. In a whisper, he said. "I can't believe I licked our daughter's pussy." As soon as he had said those words; his cock came to life.

I was simply sitting on his lap.and now, I felt his cock pressing against my bottom. In a soft voice, I said. "Did you like the way.Lisa tasted?" Steve looked at me in a horrified way. He was quick to say, "What we did was wrong." I wiggled myself on his lap. I brought my face close to his neck and whispered, "I think you enjoyed yourself." A moment later, I said.

"Would you like to repeat your performance?" I then took my husbands hand and brought it up to my breasts. Without giving Steve any more encouragement, he began to lightly kneed my breasts. Steve was able to get his hand under my top; he worked his hand under my bra. My nipples grew hard; we started to kiss each other. When out lips broke, as his hand massaged my breasts, I whispered, "I want to know the truth.

Last night.were you turned on?" I could feel Steve's breath on my neck. Steve nodded and whispered, "Yes.I was so turned on. I.I wanted more. I know it's wrong to think this way.but, I know in my heart, I wanted more." I felt my smile appear on my face. I caressed Steve's face and said, "During lunch, Lisa told me, that she's been having sexual dreams.

She was hesitant in saying this to me, but she thinks that maybe, just maybe, she had her first orgasm last night." "She told you this?" Steve asked. Quickly, he then said. "What did you say to her?" As soon as I said this to Steve, he removed his hand from under my shirt.

I struck a chord and I immediately knew, that I had Steve's attention. Too, his cock was continuing to press up against my bottom. "Well, my mind was traveling in circles.

At first, I didn't know what to say. I told her that when we got home last night, we checked in on her. I told her that we were taken in by her beauty and that, well.I told her that her orgasm could have been you and I." "You told her that!" "Honey," I said. "Our little baby, isn't so little. She's a young woman. She wants to learn, she wants to explore her sexuality; she wants to know the truth behind her thoughts.

She's just been afraid to reach out to us." Steve had heard my every word. His lips were trembling. He carefully repeated what I had said to him. "Lisa? Our daughter.has been afraid to reach out to us?" I kissed Steve on his lips and showed him my smile.

"Lisa didn't tell me, how long she's been thinking of us, in a sexual way. She's not angry with us. In other words.last night, our daughter was awake." Steve wasn't silent. Yet, his mind was racing in thought. I broke the ice and said. "Honey, Lisa knew that I was the one, who had lowered her panties. Steve's lips were trembling but he managed to say, " you're tell me that Lisa was awake! She knew that you and I.had licked her pussy?" I decided to answer Steve's question, in a very truthful way.

"Yes. Lisa was awake. She knew the exact moment, when I had touched her. She was very much aware, of your presence, the moment when your tongue touched her clit." Once again, Steve saw my smile. Steve seemed to sense the casual expression in my voice. He quickly said. "So.was she upset? Is she pissed off at me? Is she going to call the police?" "Honey, relax." I said. "Like I said, our daughter is growing up into becoming a woman.

Lisa told me that she was a virgin and I have no reason to doubt her word. Lisa enjoyed last night. She wants to take an active part in our lovemaking." Steve was lost in thought. I have to admit, when Lisa broke this tidbit of news to me; I became a babbling idiot.

I didn't know what to say and it took me awhile to absorb, everything that she had said to me. " I said, we bought a few outfits.

She wants to model her outfits for you." I got up from Steve's lap. Steve was nodding his head, giving his approval. I stole a quick glance at his crotch; his cock was screaming to be released. "Aside from modeling her outfits, she wants to order out for pizza. I thought it would be nice, if we all watched a movie together." Steve was in a state of shock. When I left the living room, I suggested that he take a shower and change his clothes.

As for myself, I went upstairs. I took a shower and quickly changed my clothes. The evening began when Lisa stepped into the living room wearing a relaxed pair of jeans and a baby blue halter top.

She struck one pose, after another. I'm not sure how long it took, but eventually Steve noticed that our daughter wasn't wearing a bra. That afternoon, I bought Lisa a few bras, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that her cup size was a 34b. With every pose, I acutely became aware that Lisa's nipples were erect.

One specific pose left it's impression. Lisa stood before us, not more than 5 feet away, her legs were spread apart.bent at the waist, she lowered her head and her hair went flying forward. That pose gave Steve and I an ample view of her young breasts, to include; Lisa's erect nipples. Another pose that seemed to take Steve's breath away, was when she placed her back was to us; she then pushed her bottom out, towards us.

I quickly glanced at Steve's crotch. There was no denying it; he was enjoying the show. When Lisa darted back upstairs, I couldn't contain myself. I reached over and started to massage Steve's bulge.

I then said. "Someone, is enjoying the show. Tell me what's going through your mind?" Steve looked at me. He was at a loss of words. "I.I don't know what to say. Honey, I don't know what to think.

I don't know what to do.or how to react." With my hand still on his cock, Steve whispered. "Our baby girl.I mean Lisa, she's so beautiful." Everything that Steve had said, I could easily relate to. Lisa was doing her best to seduce us. I knew that Lisa wanted us to see the clothes that we had bought for her, but I wasn't aware, that she was going to pose in such a seductive way.

I had to agree with Steve, our baby girl was indeed, very beautiful. Steve's excitement.well, the swelling of his cock spoke volumes; he was enjoying the show. All I could say is, "I think you're going to like her next outfit." Steve asked, but I decided not to tell him what Lisa was going to be wearing next.

I thought it would be more fun, if he was surprised. As for Steve and myself, we just started to kiss; our hands began to explore each other's body. We didn't remove any clothing, we didn't undo any buttons; we didn't lower any zippers. Yet, Steve did manage to get his hand under my top. When Lisa returned to the living room, we heard her "Ahem!" Steve quickly removed his hand from my top and said. "Sorry honey.your mom and I.

Well.we were know." Just like that, Steve's face became red. He had been caught, with his hand up my top, by our very own daughter. Having been caught, didn't cause his swelling to go down; his bulge was very prominent. "It's ok daddy." It took only a quick moment, for Steve to realize that Lisa was standing in the living room, wearing a very skimpy bikini.

It was black in color and it left alot to one's imagination. It was a beautiful moment, when Lisa said. "I bought this for you daddy. I promise, I'll only wear it when you and mom take me to the lake." Lisa stood 5'3" and weighed no more than 110lbs. Her long blond hair danced with every pose. The bikini bra cups, barely concealed our daughter's breasts. Lisa's beautiful legs were exposed. It had been less than 24 hours, I had no trouble in remembering the path that my tongue took, when I licked and kissed my way, to my daughter's pussy.

My eyes traveled upwards, to my daughter's crotch. A very small patch of material covered Lisa's pussy; a very simple string attached the bikini to the sides of her body. She turned her back to us and stuck her bottom outwards. I simply wanted to reach out and touch my baby girl's bottom. The bottom of Lisa's bikini was more like a thong. A thin piece of the bikini rode up between Lisa's ass cheeks; her globes of flesh were on display.

I heard Steve gasp. Always the ass man, Steve was admiring his daughter's bottom Before Lisa left the living room, she looked at her father and said. "What do you think daddy? Do you like my new bikini?" Steve was at a lost of words. I caught Lisa's attention and she followed my hand to her father's crotch.

If Steve had been able to talk, he would have given his full approval. With my hand over Steve's bulge, I said. "Honey, I think your daddy loves your new bathing suit." I winked at my daughter. She looked at her father's crotch and smiled. She then abruptly, ran out of the room and back upstairs. While Lisa was upstairs, the doorbell sounded. The pizza had arrived. I told Steve to get a hold of himself. In other words, I was telling him to get his mind off from his daughter; his cock needed to return to its normal state.

When Lisa came down in her beautiful Spring dress; I became very attentive. She was so beautiful. Immediately, she began to pose for us. The colors of the dress showed off her blue eyes, her blond hair and you couldn't help but notice, her brilliant smile. At that moment, I couldn't contain myself; I applauded. Lisa once again, went running off to her bedroom. Steve was sweating, trying so hard to maintain his composure. As for myself, I was still very much aware, that my pussy was soaked. Trying to contain my own excitement, I went into the kitchen to get the paper plates, a few beers and a soda for Lisa.

When Lisa returned, she was wearing a pair of grey sweat pants and a halter top. Once again, I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra; her nipples showed through the fabric. We ate and watched the movie that Lisa had selected.

By the time the movie had ended, it was close to 10 o'clock. We had been sitting in our sofa, with Steve in the middle. I had been holding Steve's thigh and every so often, I moved my hand up further, towards his crotch.

When my hand came into contact with his cock, I gave it a little squeeze. I was having a wonderful time. Glancing over towards Lisa; she had placed her head on Steve's shoulder; his arm was around her. It was a beautiful moment. When we were heading upstairs to bed, we all had walked past Lisa's bedroom. Steve noticed this and was about to say something when I quickly spoke. "Honey, let's just go into our bedroom. Lisa, is going to spend the night with us." Steve's mouth open; he looked very confused.

When he saw my smile, he seemed to understand that everything was okay. Stepping into our bedroom, I could tell that Lisa was nervous. When we left the living room, as we walked upstairs; her hand had been in mine. I wanted her to be comfortable with her decision. She wanted last night, to be repeated. I quickly went to my night table and lit a number of candles. I then, walked over to Steve's night table and lit, more candles.

Turning off the light in our bedroom, the glow of the candles provided enough illumination. I then approached Lisa.we were facing each other; my hand reached out to caress the side of her face. I brought her into my arms and told her that I thought she was beautiful, and that I was proud of her. I felt Steve's shadow, I knew he was close by.he saw me bring my lips, to our daughter's lips.

Our kiss was very soft and sensual; very erotic. I wanted Lisa to feel my tongue on her closed lips, a short amount of time passed; she parted her lips. My tongue began to trace my daughter's lips and very slowly, I passed my tongue into Lisa's mouth. From that moment forward, the passion we felt for each other, was on display. Our arms, our hands; we found each other's bodies. I brought my hand up to Lisa's breasts and lovingly, playfully; I began to massage her tits.

When our lips broke, with my hand on my daughter's breasts, I noticed that Lisa was breathing hard. "Is everything ok honey?" I asked. " so beautiful. I feel so warm. I'm not sure what's happening." Lisa was on the verge of tears and I wanted to reassure her, that what she was feeling, was normal. I released her breasts and took her hand in my hand. I then took her hand to the side of my face.

Slowly, I then guided her hand down to my breasts and said. "I feel the same type of warmth that you do. It's" I then left her hand on my breast. She looked into my eyes, we smiled at each other; her hand than began to move; she was massaging my breast.

I was wearing a pair of jeans, a simple top.panties and a bra. Looking into my daughter's eyes, I dropped my hands to my jeans. I undid the snap, nothing else was heard, but the sound of my zipper being lower. I stepped back from Lisa and took her hand in my hand. "Honey, I'm going to guide your hand. I don't want you to be afraid. Maybe you'll have a better understand, why your body is feeling the way it touching me." Again, I reminded her that my body felt very warm. I guided Lisa's hand down over my stomach.

In a very slow way, both of our hands broke through the waistband of my panties. When our hands went further south, Lisa's eyes opened very wide. "Go ahead, feel my wetness. I'm wet.because of you. And too, because of your father. I love you and I love your father." Lisa stepped very close to me, her hand was over my pussy.

Her finger's began to move and I felt a shudder of extreme pleasure, when her finger's entered my pussy. I hugged her, I wanted her to feel my breath on her neck.

I wanted to kiss her ear lobes. With our bodies pressed against each other, Lisa continued to play with my wet pussy.

Her finger's found my clit and I couldn't hold back my moans. When Lisa removed her hand from my pants, I took her hand in mine. Slowly, I brought her hand, her fingers to my mouth.

Her eyes grew very wide; I licked her fingers clean. "What we just did.was beautiful. I don't want you to think that sex and sexual pleasure is dirty." I then kissed her. Our lips parted and once again, our tongues became very active. When our lips parted, I was breathing heavy. I wanted more, yet I didn't want to scare my daughter.

Looking into Lisa's eyes, I said. "If you feel comfortable, I want you to take my hand. I want you to guide my hand into your panties." Lisa's eyes were blinking. Lisa whispered. "Mom.I.I want you to make love to me." She then found my hand. Our hands went beneath her sweat pants; I found the warmthh that Lisa had mentioned. Lisa's daughter's pussy was very wet. We shared a smile, then I said.

"You shaved your pussy. It feels wonderful." My finger's toyed with Lisa's entrance, my finger's found the hood that was protecting her clit from being seen. That small snub came out from it's shell. Lisa seemingly collapsed against my body and into my arms. When I removed from Lisa's sweats, I looked to where Steve had been standing. He was naked. He was quick to say, "I didn't know what else to, I took off my clothes." I couldn't help but laugh.

As for Lisa, she was standing very still. There her father stood, by the left side of the bed.completely naked; his cock standing erect. I took Lisa by her hand and slowly, we walked over to where Steve was standing. We carefully, sat on the side of the bed. I motioned for Steve to come close to where we sat. I turned and faced Lisa and said. "I want to introduce you to your dads penis. I want you to know, that your daddy adores you." I then took Steve's cock in my hand, and said.

"That's why your daddy's penis.his cock is hard." Lisa's hands were on her thighs, she was trembling, ever so slightly. "You don't have to be afraid of daddy's cock. You can look at it. When you're ready, you can touch it." Lisa never looked up, into her father's eyes. Steve was standing still and yet, I knew his heart was beating a mile a minute. Lisa then whispered, "Will you take my hand mom?" I took my daughter's hand in mine.

Slowly, we reached out and within a few moments, I had placed Lisa's hand, on her father's cock. Steve's body tightened, his cock twitched; a slight moan seemed to escape from his lips. I reminded Lisa that she didn't have to fear her father, or his cock.

"I hope you come to appreciate your dad's cock." I heard myself saying. "It's hard.because of you honey." Slowly, with my hand on top of Lisa's; we began to stroke her father's cock. Lisa was definately thinking, her mind was running in circles.

Out from her mouth, she asked. "Will it hurt Mom? You know, when daddy puts it inside me?" "I'm not going to lie to you. It might hurt at first. Then honey, you're going to feel so good. Your body is going to swirl in pleasure. Your orgasm is going to come alive and I dare say, you might even feel multiple orgasms." I then left her hand and looked up into Steve's eyes.

His breathing had definately deepened. It was such an erotic moment, watching our daughter, stroking her father's cock.


I could tell from Steve's facial expressions, his body language.if Lisa continued for any length of time; he was going to cum. I had to stop her and so, I reached out and took her hand. When I did, I noticed that Lisa was breathing hard; her eyes were glassy. I knew her pussy was wet and I knew, that she was thinking of what it was going to feel like, to have her daddy's cock in her pussy. "Before your dad places his cock into your pussy, we're going to make sure that your pussy is well lubricated." I looked into my daughter's eyes and said.

"I want to taste you honey. I want to make you feel good; I want you to share your orgasm with me." Suddenly, Lisa's attention was drawn back to her dad. She pointed at his cock and said. "What's that?" "That's your daddy's sperm. It's another sign that says, he's excited. It's called pre-cum. It shows up before your daddy reaches his orgasm." Lisa didn't say anything. She just continued to stare at her father's cock.

I was going to explain to her, that you could lick it off.but I thought it would be best, if I skipped that step. I didn't want to overwhelm our daughter. Steve had remained silent. He stepped forward and reached out for Lisa's hand. Lisa looked up into his eyes.a second later, she had placed her hand in his. She stood up. "I love you baby." Steve said. He then very carefully, kissed our daughter on her lips. Just as Lisa had accepted my tongue into her mouth; she accepted her father's tongue.

I stood motionless; my pussy was on fire. Steve wasn't going to remain a silent partner. He explained to Lisa, that he was going to undress her. When she nodded her approval, Steve began to remove Lisa's top. Steve eye's grew very wide; he was viewing his daughter's breasts for the first time. Gently, he took Lisa's breasts in his hands. When Steve brought his lips to Lisa's breasts, when he began to lick her nipple; I noticed that Lisa's legs were becoming wobbily.

I assisted with getting Lisa on our bed. In a short amount of time, with very little effort, her head was sitting comfortably on our pillows. I was on her right side. Without having to think twice, I began to touch, lightly squeeze both of her breasts.her nipples were rock hard; she moaned. When I brought my face down, as my mouth parted.when I brought one of my daughter's nipples into my mouth; Steve began to lower Lisa's sweats.

" so beautiful." Steve was kneeling on the bed, by our daughter's feet.

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Her sweat pants, her panties had been tossed aside. He was staring at his daughter's shaven pussy. I had released Lisa's nipple from my mouth. I couldn't help but notice, that Lisa was panting; her breathing was hard.

I then whispered in her ear, "Lisa. When you're ready, I want you to open your legs wide for daddy." I lened forward and his kissed on her cheek. My tongue again, traced the contour of her lips; we kissed each other.

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I then said. "Your daddy and I.we want to taste your pussy." All at once, Lisa opened her legs to us. Immediately, Steve got down on his stomach, his face was only inches away from his daughter's pussy. He had licked his way up, starting at Lisa's knees.every so often, he kissed her delicate and smooth skin. Lisa was more than ready, she had raised her hips, ever so slightly.enough so that Steve was able to place his hands, on his daughter's ass cheeks. Steve started out very slow and immediately; Lisa's body responded.

Her moans were very soft, her hips seemed to sway back and forth. Steve teased her inner thighs with little kisses, his tongue tasted her most senstitive areas. I watched as my husband, softly blew air towards his daughter's exposed pussy. Slowly, Steve began to lick Lisa's vulva. Many moments had passed and Lisa's moans were becoming very steady. I was holding her hand in mine; I wanted her to know that I was close by. Steve began to lick Lisa's outer lips.his tongue began to spread her lips apart.

I was amazed when I saw the pinkness of my daughter's pussy. With great care, Steve began to kiss and lick the inner walls of his daughter's pussy. I knew that Steve was teasing our daughter and I knew that his attempts were working; Lisa was breathing very, very hard. I was so turned on.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I found myself getting impatient; I wanted a turn. I wanted to be between my daughter's legs. I found myself caressing Steve's body.I was able to reach, to find his cock; his balls.

Steve was so hard, and his ball sac was very tight. I went from touching Steve's cock, back to Lisa's exposed breasts. My tongue swirled around Lisa's nipples and with such care, I brought each of her nipples into my mouth. As my mouth closed around on Lisa's nipples, I gently began to nibble and suck and sure enough, Lisa continued to moan.

Steve was through the teasing portion of tasting his daughter's pussy. He was in the act, of eating Lisa's pussy. Lisa's eyes were closed, her moans were deep; her breathing was fast. I could sense what Lisa was feeling. Steve had a talented tongue and a true desire for licking pussy. In a very deliberate manner, Steve began to eat Lisa's pussy. His tongue darted around her entire opening; his tongue was suffocating her clit. Flicking his tongue, licking in long strides.the rhythm of his tongue changed from a slow approach, to a much faster approach.

Lisa's body was responding.her mouth had parted; her moans were persistent. As for myself, my fingers were frigging my clit; I was so turned on.

At one point, Steve had closed his mouth over Lisa's clit. He began to "hum" a happy tune. The vibration caused Lisa's body to react in a spasmatic way.

Still, Lisa hadn't reached her orgasm. But I sensed, that it was fast approaching. I saw that Steve was bringing his hand up between Lisa's legs. He was going to put a finger into our daughter's pussy. I wanted to stop him, but I felt as if he knew what he was doing. His tongue never left his daughter's a very slow way, his middle finger began to work its way into our daughter's pussy.

All at once, Lisa raised her hips off from our bed. Just the tip of Steve's finger was making an impression, towards our daughter's love canal. Slowly, Lisa's emotions came to life.her body was rocking back and forth, her moans became more consistent; deep gurgling sounds erupted from her throat.

Her body broke free, her squeal of delight bounced off the walls of our bedroom; my little baby had reached her orgasm! When Steve lifted himself away from Lisa's legs, his face was covered in our daughter's pussy juices.

Without thinking twice, I brought my lips to my husbands lips; our tongues danced. I licked his face.his nose, both cheeks; his chin. I savored the flavor of my daughter's pussy! It took awhile before Lisa returned to a state where her breathing was seen, as being normal. I lay close to Lisa, holding her in my arms. "How did it feel honey?" "I've never felt anything like that in my life." She looked at her father and said.

"Daddy, I love you." Steve then brought himself down, on the other side of Lisa.a moment later, they were kissing. Turning her head towards me; my daughter kissed me. Lisa then said, "Mom, will you kiss dad." "Of course baby." I said. Over my daughter's chest, while she watched.Steve and I exchanged a very passionate kiss.

When our lips parted, Lisa said. "I.I think I'm ready." I was a little disappointed. I wanted to get between Lisa's legs, but I knew, that this was her moment. I reached for my night table and removed a condom.

I also removed a jar of KY Jelly. I handed the condom to Steve. He hated to wear them, but the last thing we needed, was a pregnant daughter.

Steve placed the condom over his cock, he applied the KY to the condom. I asked Lisa if she wanted me, or her father to coat her pussy with the lubrication. I was so face lit up, when she asked me to do it.

Steve was ready, but he was going to have to wait. This was my moment. I took this moment and lifted myself between my daughter's spread legs. I had never been this close to a pussy before. I felt as if I knew what I was doing. Not from experience. Rather, from knowing my own body, having touched my own body.

I didn't readily apply any lubrication to Lisa's pussy. I had to satisfy my own desires; my own lust. The tip of my tongue touched, it came into contact with my daughter's clit. Lisa responded in the same way and manner as I did.her pussy was ultra senstive; she closed her legs around my head. I held Lisa's hand in my tongue swirled around her clit. As soon as my tongue came into contact with my daughter's clit; she raised her hips into the air.

My hands went under her body; I held my little girls ass cheeks in my hands. My tongue was licking the outer folds of Lisa's pussy, the inner folds and once again, my mouth would capture her clit.

I lovingly sucked my daughter's pussy and my goal came to life; Lisa reached another orgasm. She had tightly closed her thighs around my head; she was very strong. When her orgasm subsided, when her muscles relaxed, it took awhile for her breathing to become normal. I bathed Lisa's pussy with the KY Jelly. I knew she was going to feel that sudden impact of pain; I wanted this moment to be memorable. Lisa's legs were spread wide apart. Steve had positioned himself between our daughter's legs; his lubricated cock looked spectacular.

I held Steve cock in my hand. There was ample room, I was able to navigate my hand between my husbands legs. I wanted to place the head of his cock, at the entrance to our daughter's pussy.

"Honey, are you ready?" Lisa was looking at me and nodded that she was ready. "Ok, daddy is going to fuck you." I began to move Steve's cock along the small entrance to our daughter's pussy. Steve was moaning, he was more than ready; I knew he wasn't going to last long. That in itself, would be a good thing. Steve pushed himself against Lisa's body and ever so slowly, the head of his cock slipped inside our daughter's pussy. He was only an inch or two inside, when Lisa cried out in pain.

I was by her side, holding her in my arms. I whispered in her ear, "It's ok honey. The pain that you're feeling will go away. The first time, it hurts a little." I looked up at Steve and motioned for him to continue.

Slowly, I could tell that his shaft was making ground.Lisa continued to cry out, but I knew too, that her pussy had been well lubricated. I kissed Lisa's cheeks, I kissed her lips.I held her breasts in my hand; Steve continued to slide his cock into our daughter's pussy. I was able to remember the exact time when I had taken Steve's cock in my virgin hole. Though I had been older; I had still been a virgin.

After we made love, Steve told me that my pussy had felt like a vise. I was well aware of the length of Steve's cock. I was able to see, that Steve was being very gentle; I knew he wasn't going to thrust himself into our daughter. If I had to guess, when Steve had delivered 3 or 4 inches of his cock into our daughter's pussy; he then retreated.

Steve then leaned forward, I noticed the lubrication on his condom.once again, his shaft was entering into our daughter's vagina. My pussy was on fire! I immediately noticed the exact moment, when Lisa's hymen broke free. When Steve retreated from Lisa's pussy, the lubrication, the juices from her pussy was smeared with her blood.

She was no longer screaming. Lisa's breathing had returned to normal; her moans were now very persistent. More and more, Steve was able to give his daughter, the entire length of his cock. A deep groan emerged from Lisa's throat.I came to the realization, that Steve's balls were slapping his daughter's ass.

Every inch of Steve's cock had been felt and it appeared to me, that Lisa was enjoying the moment. Lisa didn't reach an orgasm.however, Steve had filled the condom up with his sperm. It was a very unique moment and quite true, a very special and meaningful moment.

When Steve withdrew his cock from our daughter's pussy, Lisa's smile prevailed. She was so happy. She was pleased with the outcome and too, with what Steve had said. "We need to make an appointment wtih Lisa's doctor. She needs a prescription for birth control." That night, and for many nights that followed; our daughter would fall asleep with us. Within a few days after our first night together.Steve didn't need to wear a condom.