Black babe with curly ponytales Mya Mason takes strong cock by her tight asshole

Black babe with curly ponytales Mya Mason takes strong cock by her tight asshole
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Carol and Monster: A Skipping School Story By Lana Lawrence Carol's sister walked downstairs, the stairs groaning under her bare feet. It used to be Melissa was so light on her feet she the stairs replied with squeaks but now that she was six months pregnant. Melissa sat down and poured her Corn Pops into her bowl with some milk. She didn't need to go to school no more.

Mama said fifteen was old enough to quit. Daddy came in smoking a cigarette still in his wife beater and sweatpants. He sat next to Melissa, who stared down into her bowl of Corn Pops.

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Mama set Daddy's bacon and eggs on the kitchen table then fixed herself big glass of orange juice and vodka before leaning against the kitchen counter. She didn't sit at the table no more. "Lookin for work today?" Mama asked. "Caint," Daddy said. "Gotta look for the boy." "Boy?" "Boy that knocked up Lissa" Daddy said and shot her a dirty look. "His folks are gonna do right by us." Mama crossed her arm.

"I don't think you gonna find no boy." "What the hell you mean by that?" Daddy asked. Mama took a huge drink from her glass but didn't say nothing else. Melissa just kept on eating her cereal. She didn't say much since the baby. Carol's stomach got real tight and she felt like she was going to lose her breakfast on the floor.

She pushed out her chair and stood up and her Daddy whipped his head around like a snake. "Did you ask your momma to be excused?" Carol looked up to Mama. Mama looked like she was just staring right through her. Then she nodded and said to Carol "Go ahead out and wait for the bus. Don't talk to strangers." Carol left the table and Daddy left the table too. Carol picked up her book bag and walked out the front door. Before her shoe lifted from the front step her Daddy's hand dropped on her shoulder and Carol jumped.

She turned around and he dropped down to one knee.

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"You forgot Daddy's goodbye kiss" he said. Carol leaned in, soft pink lips pressed together and gave his lips a little peck. Daddy grabbed her head and pulled her face up to his. Carol squirmed as Daddy's tongue rolled against hers and his hot breath blasted his face.

Then he let go and Carol gave a little surprised yelp. Daddy stood up and his shadow fell on her, blocking out the sun. "Get a move on." Then he walked back into the house and slammed the door in her face.

Carol looked over and saw her neighbor Miss Pokey sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette. She pretended like she was real fascinated by this bee buzzing around some dandelions sprouting from the dirt. Carol walked to the bus stop shaking in her skin tight jeans. Her stomach was still rolling but she wasn't sure if she was scared or if it was something else.

A warmth was spreading across her thighs that made her feel ashamed and dirty and alive. "Hey cum stain," June said when she reached the corner. The girl's blonde hair shone. "Hey whore," Carol shot back. June smiled. "Come on. You can do better than that." "I'm trying." Carol laughed and June reached up, smoothing Carol's hair. June was always grooming her, like a monkey or a mother cat.

She was also always telling her to wear sluttier clothes. "More skin Carol!" June wore a yellow shirt and no bra, showing off her 34C cups. Carol could see her nipples and even make out a shade of pink behind the fabric. Her friends skirt just barely covered her ass.

Polanski Middle had a strict dress code but Principal Charles always pretended to turn a blind eye to the girls. June should have been at freshman Duke High but she'd been held back. "Can't believe you're smiling this early in the morning" Carol said. "Don't you have a dildo?" June asked and when Carol said no, June said, "Good, put the money in and get a vibrator.

Trust me, you'll be skipping to the school bus." "I don't have the money for that." "Guess I know what to buy you for your birthday," June replied.

Carol laughed. Mama'd freak if she ever found something like that in her room. And Daddy.Carol heard an engine roar and jumped. A cherry red Jeep Cherokee pulled up to the corner and a long limbed boy with sandy chestnut hair and eyes like icy blue sapphires leaned out. "Is that June? What are you doing here?" the boy asked. "Waiting for something to do" June said and nodded over to Carol. "Got room for two?" The driver, a thin muscular boy with a mohawk wearing a cut off Megadeth tshirt grinned and said, "Get your asses in here before I drive off." June practically ran to his jeep and climbed into the backseat.

When Carol stood at the stop, wondering what was going on, June waved her hand and said, "Come on." The school bus was coming. Carol could see it rounding the corner and she knew the right thing to do was stay put, get on the bus, and go to English and Math and Geography and all that. But instead of doing that, Carol climbed in beside June and shut the door.

The Jeep rolled down the street. Carol pointed to the blue eyed boy. "That's Monster," she said and then pointing to the driver, the boy with the mohawk "And he's Ralph. They're seniors." "Why do they call you Monster?" Carol asked. "Ask your friend." Carol turned and June held up her two index fingers, just a few inches apart at first before moving them apart further and further and further.

The girls laughed and Carol felt a little light headed at the whole thing. She didn't even remember to ask where they were going until they pulled down a side road. Branches reached over them like fingers knitting together and after another minute or two they ended up in front of an old run down house with shattered windows.

"Welcome to the Clubhouse" Ralph said and parked the car. "What is this place?" Carol asked. "It's my cousins friend's brother's house," Monster answered her. The four went into the house and Carol thought the inside was awful sketchy. She wanted to bak away and run off but June was cool and calm so Carol tried to be like that too.

The living room was full of old couches and pillows spread all over the floor so you couldn't even see it. Ralph and June sat on the couch, their hips smashed together.


Carol sat beside June but not as close. Monster sat on the couch pillows.

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"Party time" Ralph said and pulled out a joint. He burned it with a lighter, took a puff and started passing it around. When it came to Carol she put the white paper to her lips and breathed in. The smoke burned her lungs and throat.

She coughed real hard and smoke poured out her mouth like a dragon. The next time she did better. The house got all smoky.

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They passed another joint and started talking, about TV and who was fucking who. Everything got funny and felt far away. The air spiraled and she could barely focus. When did Ralph and June start kissing? They stood up, clothes half off, and walked off into the other room without saying a word to anyone.

"There's a mattress back there" Monster said. He stood up and sat on the sofa, putting his hand on Carol's thigh. "But I like couches better." He leaned in. His mouth pressed against Carol's, firm and insistent. When she raised her arms to gently push him away he took her wrist and pushed her back on the couch, kissing Carol deeper.

It reminded her of something. She let it happen. She sucked his tongue back, felt the heat spreading between her thighs again and her hands traveled under his shirt and felt his hard muscles. His hands touched her breasts and she wished they were bigger (she was only a B cup) but Monster didn't seem to mind.

When he unbuttoned her jeans, Carol spoke. "Wait. I just want to kiss." "Sure whatever." Monster stopped and started kissing her again but soon his hands disappeared and Carol realized he'd taken off his pants. He unbuttoned her jeans again and unzipped them. Carol reached down to push his hands away but Monster was already tugging her jeans past her knees. He rubbed her pussy through her panties thin fabric. Her body knew what was coming and sent juices to get Carol ready.

"See? You want it too" Monster said. "Little tease." He pulled down his boxers and his thick cock fell out, long as June's legend and already half hard. Carol opened her mouth to scream but Monster stuffed his boxers into the open hole. Then he ripped her panties off, exposing her bald kitty to the open air. A boy had never seen it before. She threw her arms up hitting his chest but Monster just slid between her legs and pinned her arms down. Carol felt his hard cock head pressing against her bare pussy and then sliding easily inside.

Monster groaned as his shaft sank into her wet. Carol felt like she was being split in two as his meat filled her cunt up. "You're so fucking wet. Uh Uh Uh." Monster started to thrust hard inside her and Carol cried into her gag. She could barely see through her tears but could hear Monster breathing in her ear whispering "Aw shit Aw shit Uh Uh Uh Uh" His hard body slapped against her.

Balls slapping her little asshole. His slimy tongue slid up her neck then across her jaw. He started to slow down, pushing his massive rod deeper into her tightness. "Make me cum whore. Uh Uh" Monster picked up speed, grunting and pumping Carol's kitty. He was fucking her like a cheap hooker. Monster gripped Carol's little half naked body, squeezing her soft flesh in his arms like a vice before shooting a hot wad of cum inside her pussy.

It felt warm and slimy inside her and there was so much a little leaked out when Monster pulled his milked cock meat from her pussy.

He wiped himself off on her shirt before putting his clothes. When he was dressed he saw the bloodstain on the couch and smiled before tussling Carol's hair.


"You never forget your first." Monster stepped outside with a cigarette and Carol pulled the underwear gag from her mouth, sobbing silently alone in the living room. She could hear Ralph and June in the other room still having sex, the mattress squeaking under their combined weight. Carol wiped away the blood with her shredded panties before picking up her jeans and sliding them back on.

June came out another five minutes later just around the same time Monster walked back inside. Monster pulled up his zipper and June smiled and gave Carol a sly look. They smoked some more pot but it just made Carol sick and she told June she wanted to go home. Ralph dropped them off on the corner. Monster decided to stay at the Clubhouse, said he had friends coming. Cum leaked into Carol's jeans the entire ride and she worried it would bleed through.

But it didn't. Ralph dropped them off at the mall and the girls went to the food court and got McDonalds. June handed Carol a little pill.


"Take it. It'll keep you from getting preggers." Carol thought of her sister's round swollen belly and popped the pill in her mouth quick, swallowing it with a gulp of Pepsi. She still hadn't told June what happened. Her friend still had that far away just-got-fucked look and she didn't want to ruin it. Or maybe she was worried June would freak out.

Or maybe June wouldn't care. Carol wasn't sure what would be worse. She kept her mouth shut and moved through the rest of the day with a daze. When Carol got home, she got in the shower and turned up the heat until she could barely stand it. The water ran over her naked body and she studied the bruises on her wrists and upper arms, between her thighs. Carol touched her pussy and winced. It hurt but she tried to scrub Monster's cum out, just in case.

When she got out, Carol wrapped the towel around her skinny body and stepped out into the hall. Daddy was there. "What did you learn in school today?" Daddy stepped forward and made Carol step backwards into the bathroom.

He stepped forward again and she felt her lungs get tight as his fingers curled around the doorknob. Then Mama walked down the hallway and he stepped back, stuffing his hands into his pockets. She eyed him long and hard, then asked, "Find that boy yet?" He scurried past her and muttered, "Not yet." Mama looked at Carol "Put some damn clothes on." Carol went into her room and slipped into her night clothes. She locked her door and pushed her dresser in front of it before getting in bed.

Her sister's room was on the other side of the wall and Carol could hear Melissa's headboard shaking, along with the sound of grunting. Carol closed her eyes and tried not image Monster on top of her, holding her down and forcing himself inside. But of course it didn't matter whether she tried or not. Carol's throbbing pussy reminded her he was out there and she'd probably see him again.