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Asian college teen blowjob Malaysia
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Paraplegic back at it again with Lizz

Standing in the shower with the hot water cleansing her body, Liz started thinking back on what had just happened. She was such an independent woman that she found it difficult to relinquish control to her husband, even if it was just for one day. So why did she feel more aroused than angry? Her pussy ached and she longed to touch it, but Chris had told her not to and she was curious what he had in store for her.

When she stepped out of the shower and slipped on her robe she called out for her husband, but got no reply. Curious she followed the scent of freshly brewed coffee down to the kitchen where in her husband's place she found a note stating "ran to the store, be back soon… and still no touching" Liz poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the dining room table, curious why Chris left so early without waiting for her, but still a bit too hungover to care.

Her head had stopped pounding by the second cup of coffee and as she finished the Saturday morning paper she heard the front door open and the sound of grocery bags.

As Chris dropped the bags on the counter, he kissed his wife and smiled. "I figured you could use some coffee before you would be ready to start the day." "I could have used it before we started the day a few hours ago," she teased.

Chris just laughed and said, "Just be glad I didn't wait and make you make it yourself, after all, you are my slave today, you lost the bet." Liz felt her mind cringe at the term slave, yet for some reason she felt herself getting wet at the same time.

She couldn't help but remember how turned on she was from being in such a vulnerable state as her husband used her body for his pleasure. Never in her life had she been that turned on, and now the sensation was beginning to wash over her again. "Earth to Liz" "Huh?" "What's going on in that pretty little head of yours?

You didn't even hear a word I said," Chris smiles mischievously as he looks over his wife, "Oh, I know what you were thinking about…" Liz blushes in embarrassment as she struggles to think of a lie, but can't come up with anything believable. Chris can't help but be turned on by her vulnerable state. He's never seen his wife like this and it's driving him crazy.

In an attempt to hide her embarrassment, Liz stands and starts putting the groceries away.

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"What are these for?" she questions Chris as she pulls out chips and salsa and a case of beer. "That's what I was telling you earlier but you were off in your own little world…" Liz blushes again at the thought as Chris continues, "I invited Mike and Josh over to watch the game this afternoon, I was thinking it would be nice to have a beer wench to serve us and make sure we don't have to get up for refills and miss a play." Chris slaps Liz playfully on the ass as he says this, teasing her in her discomfort.

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Liz considers this and her face shows her disappointment at Chris's plan. She likes his friends and enjoys hanging out with them, but hell, Chris has not let her cum yet and she is going crazy. It will be torture entertaining him and his friends all afternoon when she hasn't been allowed a release. But a deal is a deal, so with a sigh Liz agrees to entertain while Chris hangs out with his buddies during the game.

She finds herself hoping that it's a blowout score and the guys go home early so Chris can finish what they started early that morning. As Liz puts away the last of the groceries, she spies a small paper bag that doesn't look like it came from the grocery store sitting on the counter. She reaches for it asking Chris, "What's this?" Before she reaches it, Chris grabs it and shoves it into his pocket.

"Don't worry about that right now, you need to go get dressed." Obediently, Liz makes her way up the stairs with Chris following a few steps behind.

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She gets excited as he follows her into the bedroom, thinking maybe he will end her torture before his friends arrive. As she examines her closet for something comfortable to put on, Chris reaches around her and grabs a sundress she hasn't worn in quite awhile.

"This will do nicely, I think" he remarks as he unties her robe and holds the pale blue dress up to her exposed body.

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Liz starts to argue that the dress is not what she would wear for game-day, before she remembers Chris is in charge.

She lets the robe fall to the floor, and takes the dress from his hand. She turns to her dresser to take out some panties and the only strapless bra she can wear under the halter top, but Chris cuts her off, standing between her and the drawer. He shakes his head but doesn't say a word. Her hands tremble as she unzips the back of the dress and steps into it pulling it over her hips and tying it around her neck.

Chris steps up behind her to zip the back, letting his hands caress her thighs and up her hips before he grabs the zipper and pulls it up.

His mouth finds the back of her neck as he kisses her and allows his hands to run over the fabric of the dress. He loves seeing how aroused she gets every time he kisses her neck, and his mouth explores down her back and shoulders until she is squirming, desperate for more. He steps back, leaving her unfulfilled once again, as he admires her body in the dress he chose for her to wear. It is quite low cut, exposing more of her 34C cleavage than she would normally show, and without a bra he can see her nipples straining at the fabric from his attack on the back of her neck with his mouth and tongue.

The dress is tight on her body, showing off her curves perfectly, and he feels his cock twitch as he takes her in. "Get on the bed" he commands as he opens her panty drawer and selects a lavender thong with lace edging.

As she sits on the edge of the bed, he approaches her, laying the thong down beside her and reaching into his pocket for the paper bag he hid from her earlier. As he pulls it out he sets it down next to the thong and pushes her skirt up with his hands exposing her bare pussy. He sees it glistening with her wetness and he smiles down at her. "You're such a good girl" he taunts her, knowing that she will hate the condescension, but watching as her body gets more aroused by it.

Looking at his wife he can almost see the war inside of her head, as her body betrays her minds desire to remain in control. Slowly Chris slides one finger inside of his wife's dripping pussy, making her elicit a deep, satisfied moan. Just as slowly he pulls it out, laughing as her frustration escapes her in a sigh. He reaches down beside her and grabs the bag. As she sees the little egg and remote, her eyes get wide.


Liz has always enjoyed sex, and her and Chris have had such a great sex life she has never even considered bringing toys into the bedroom. She is uncertain what Chris's plans are but she knows she doesn't want anything to do with that little egg. She's afraid that it will hurt, and she's more afraid that it will feel good, so good that regular sex will not be quite as satisfactory ever again without a need for props and toys.

Chris can see the fear on her face as she shakes her head no at him, but he disregards it. He grabs her head with one hand and kisses her deeply while the other hand positions the egg at the entrance to her pussy. She is so aroused at this point that her fear gives way to her desire and she pushes her hips forward, needing to feel something inside of her, accepting the egg as Chris's finger pushes it deep into her until he feels it press against her cervix.

He then removes his finger, leaving just the egg behind. Chris picks up the remote and Liz prepares her body for the worst, but is surprised to feel just a light tingling sensation coming from deep within. She hears herself sigh with pleasure as she tilts her head back and enjoys the new feeling.

Watching his wife react to her new toy, Chris turns the remote setting from low to medium speed and sees Liz start to squirm. Her moaning increases with the increase in vibration, and he turns the remote to off quickly. "Don't you dare cum yet," He commands her before turning it back up to medium speed.


Liz was doing everything she could not to let herself orgasm, as she lays there moaning and desperate for release. "Very good girl" Chris tells her, impressed by her ability to hold back. He knows she won't be able to wait much longer and flips the remote up to the highest speed. Liz goes crazy on the bed, still trying not to let herself cum as Chris watches, half amused and half turned on.

"Okay, you have done good, you can stop holding back now." That is all Liz needs to hear as she gives in to the orgasm she has needed since Chris woke her up that morning. It is unlike any other orgasm she has ever had as wave after wave of pleasure overcome her body. The vibration inside of her makes her keep cumming over and over until she doesn't know where one orgasm ends and the next begins.

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As she comes down from the peak of pleasure, Chris pulls out his now fully erect cock and pulls Liz to the edge of the bed. Her pussy is soaking wet from her series of orgasms that he easily shoves his 8 inches inside of her, filling her completely.

He starts fucking his wife hard and fast, taking her as his own personal fuck toy as he satisfies his deepest carnal desires. The vibration of the egg against his cock as it is engulfed by her warm, wet pussy brings him to the edge far too soon and he feels his cock spasm as he sends shot after shot of hot cum deep into his wife's hole.

The sensation of his cock stretching her pussy as he fucked her and came inside of her while the egg vibrated against her g-spot was too much for Liz. She threw her head back and screamed out as another powerful orgasm overwhelmed her. When she was done, Chris let his now limp cock slowly slide out of her and turned off the egg. "That was incredible," Liz tells him as she struggles to catch her breath. "I've never came like that in my life." Chris smiles down at his wife and tells her to put her panties on, watching as her face drops.

"Shouldn't I get cleaned up and take this thing out first?" she asks him, already knowing the answer before he says it. "No, baby, you're going to leave it in for the rest of the day.

You might want to work on keeping your moaning down in front of my friends, you wouldn't want them to know our secret would you?" he replies with an evil grin.

Liz's face pales as she slips the panties on over her still wet pussy, sealing the egg and her husband's cum inside of her just as the doorbell rings…