Unter dem Bett versteckt

Unter dem Bett versteckt
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Urges of a Teen Girl: I'm Lindsay, I had just turned 15, being the only daughter, born in a middle class family, no siblings to look up to, no one to talk to about my feelings, I grew up with a mom and dad that kept themselves busy with work.

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Being 15 was no fun, when I didn't really get a real birthday to enjoy with friends or boyfriends. Life was boring.

and then one day. I got invited to Kathleen's (my best friend) house for a sleepover, I asked my parents and for some odd reason I was allowed to spend the night over, I didn't expect it at all.

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I grabbed my stuff and waited for Kathleen's ride. Kathleen came over with her elder brother (cutey Pie Brad as I called him who just turned 20) to pick me up.

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I opened the door to the back seat and Kathleen yelled out, that I should trade places with her (she was in the front seat) as the car was messed up at the back, so I did. Brad gave me a shy smile and gave me a nice Hello!!. I just smiled as I was nervous talking to him. Brad left my driveway and Kathleen started talking about all the plans she had for that evening, I kept responding with a uh huh and then with the corner of my eye I noticed that Brad kept sneaking a peak at my thighs. I was wearing a skirt (nothing short) and a t-shirt, with my sandals.

I was turned on by this, ofcourse Kathleen didn't know what was going on and kept talking.

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My teen urges got to me and I got this devilish idea that Brad would do anything for me if I showed him a little more skin. So I kept talking to Kathleen and casually moved in my seat, just enough to raise my skirt a bit higher, I could tell Brad was getting excited by this and his sneak peaks were getting into a rhytum.

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I raised and curled my left leg on to the seat and moved my right leg towards Brad pretending that I was talking to Kathleen in the back seat, I made sure Brad got a look at my black panties, this was turning me on more than Brad was getting turned on, I saw him squirm in his seat.

Brakes. We were finally at Kathleen's house, Brad looked at me and said you carry on, I'll get your bag from the trunk of the car and meet you inside.


I got into the house and Kathleen took me to her room. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, I opened it and it was Brad standing there with my bag in his hand, he handed me the bag and whispered, I'm really glad you are spending the night Lindsay and then turned around and walked away.

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I was shocked, I didn't know what to say, my mind went wild thinking what did Brad mean by that, did he have plans for me tonight, plans that Kathleen didn't make for me, but Brad did. We were later called downstairs by Kathleen's mom to have dinner. Kathleen's mom sat at the head of the table and Kathleen sat next to her I sat next to Kathleen and Brad entered the room and sat opposite to his mom (which meant Brad sat next to me).

Kathleen's mom had cooked some chicken and the smell of food got me hungry. We started eating and making small talk when all of a sudden I felt Brad's foot touch mine. I was bare footed and so was he, a shiver ran through my body with his touch, I couldn't concentrate on the food any longer, all I could think of was Brad's foot touching mine, was this just a conincident or did he do it on purpose.


I had to know, so I extended my foot towards his, I touched his foot, he moved it back, I was so embarrassed, I thought he was interested and I just made a fool of myself, then all of a sudden his foot moved back on top of mine, he lightly moved his foot on top of mine back and forth, it felt good, it felt very good, it was warm and my body was shaking from inside.

I couldn't contain myself, I was getting wet, this was my very first experience with a boy and it was feeling good, just a touch of him was making me wet in my pussy. I asked to be excused and asked for the washroom, Brad said he would show me, infact he said he would take me to the one upstairs so if I had to use it at night I would know where it was. Brad took me upstairs making small talk, and I just had to go into that washroom and clean myself up, that's all I could think of.

Brad walked me into the washroom and held my hand and looked me in the eye and asked if I wanted to be touched more and I was shocked again by his aggressive talk, I was scared, my head kept telling me to say No, but my voice wouldn't come out and all I could do was nod and say YES.


I wanted Brad, just there and then, and I definitely knew he wanted me. He locked the door behind him and came up to me and lifted me up and put me on the counter just next to the sink, he pulled me forward and lifted my skirt and pulled my panites down, I whispered to him, please it's my first time and he puts his fingers on my lips and goes ssshhhh. I won't hurt you Lindsay, we are just going to have some fun. He got down on his knees and held my thighs apart as his tounge went straight into my pussy, I gave a little whimper as I felt the shock through my body, he took his left hand and put it on my mouth, and kept licking me.

he stopped, he looked up at me and looked in my eyes and whispered, Lindsay you are really wet, you are really horny aren't you. I was melting with what he said, what he did and surely melted when his hands went up my blouse to press my nipples, I don't have big tits so I was embarrassed about them, but I didn't care at that time, I just wanted to give myself to Brad, he moved up and bit me on my nipple, I couldn't take it anymore, I gave out a scream.

he was scared now. he looked at me and stopped what he was doing, he was scared he would get caught, he looked at me and said, I really like you Lindsay and I'm sorry I have to leave you like this, but if I get caught by my sis and mom I could be in real trouble.

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I had already leaked out at that point and begged him for more, he shook his head and said maybe next time, I was disappointed but ofcourse I would now be having some more sleepovers at Kathleen's house.