Slut wife showing tits and jilling her pussy

Slut wife showing tits and jilling her pussy
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My life 4 Bobby and I arrived home about 10 pm. The house looked dark so I told Bobby that maybe Mom & Uncle Paul were still in Moms bed fucking.

"I doubt it, Mom probably sent Uncle Paul home and went to bed," said Bobby. We went into the house and no sooner than we closed the door when Mom turned on the living room lamp. She looked like hell sitting on the couch. There were tear stains on her cheek and her mascara had run down the sides of her face. She was in her night gown and robe. "Bobby, please go upstairs I want to talk to your sister" she said.


I said he might as well stay because I told Bobby about you fucking Uncle Paul already. She sucked in her breath and just sat there looking at us. Finally she said, "I'm sorry for what you saw Holly, I don't want to make excuses, but since you did I would like to try and explain.

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Your Dad is out of town a lot and when he is home we do not have much of a sex life. I'm not sure but I think he is having an affair with his secretary. That is no excuse for me to do what I did. Your Uncle and I dated before I married your Dad and had a short but exciting sex affair.

About two weeks ago I was feeling sorry for myself. I had several drinks and called your Uncle to come over because I needed some one to talk to and tell someone about my suspicions. One thing led to another and we had sex. It felt so good and right that we have been doing it ever since. I hope you can understand what I'm saying.

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Will you both promise me not to tell your father? I still love him and do not want a divorce. I didn't notice but Bobby had walked around behind Mom and was rubbing her neck and shoulders. He said, "That's ok Mom, we understand. You got lonely and the drinks made you horny." He slid his hands down the front of her gown and began to massage her breasts.

At first she just sat there enjoying his massage when it dawned on her what he was doing. She grabbed his wrists and Shouted "BOBBY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" She tried to get up but he held her there still massaging her huge breasts. "STOP, DAM IT, I'M YOUR MOTHER." "If you want us to keep your secret and save your marriage you need to do something for us in return," as he slid one hand down between her legs.

I watched in fascination as I could tell he was shoving his finger or fingers into her pussy. OH god, please Bobby don't do this. I'm your Mother. Can't you see it's not right; I'd rather have you tell your father than to let you do this. So stop right now young man before you get into real trouble." Bobby had manipulated Mom so that she was turned and was half lying on the couch.

"Alright sis now's the time, come over here and do what you said you wanted to do, eat Moms pussy. "WHAT, DON'T YOU DARE YOUNG LADY, I'M YOUR MOTHER FOR CHRIST SAKE" SHE SCREAMED.

Bobby had moved around the couch and had scooted her until she was full length on the couch. He was finger fucking her. As he plunged his fingers in and out of her pussy and massaging her one breast I just stood there. Mom was not struggling quite as much as before. She was having trouble telling us to stop between gasps of air.

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His fingers were doing their job and her tits were beginning to heave up and down. She gasp, "Oh god Bobby, please stop, you don't know what your doing." Suddenly she lifted her pelvis and cried, "Oh pleeease, ohhhh, shit Aaahhhhhhh" And her ass began to quiver as she climaxed.

Bobby didn't stop he kept the same rhythmic motion with his fingers. Within minutes she raised her ass up again and shouted "Ohhhhhh Bobby, pl, please aaaahhhhh. Ohhhh god Bobbie, mmmmmmmmmmmmm." As she shot a stream of water cum out of her pussy that squired about a foot.

He must have found her "G" spot. Like he did with me. Mom's legs were wide open, her ass and pelvis were gyrating and I could see her hairy brown pussy with cum oozing down the crack of her ass. That's all it took. I lunged between her legs and took my fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart and buried my face. Her lips engulfed my mouth as I sunk my tongue as deep into her as I could.

Her pussy felt hot and I could feel her juices covering my face. I began to devour her cunt. I slid my tongue upward over her clit and she shoved her pelvis at my face. She screamed "OH HOLLY PLEASE DON'T DO THIS, your making me cum, I'm your Mother PLEASE, Ohhhhhh shit yes, don't stop, I know it's wrong but, OOOOHHHH, yesss, shit, shit, shit, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and I felt her cum in my mouth.

Watching Bobby make Mom cum made me so excited that when I burried my face in Moms pussy I came myself and without touching my own pussy at all. I no sooner lifted my head from between Mom's legs and got up before Bobby got between her legs and shoved his cock deep into her pussy and began to fuck her.

Mom threw her legs around his waist and began to thrust back at him. I could tell she was on fire with passion. They fucked like that for about ten minutes before he shoved his cock deep and came. They lay exhausted on the couch as I sat on the floor massaging Mom's beautiful tits.

Her robe and night gown had slipped off her shoulders and were around her waist. She had big round light pink areolas, and her nipples were a deep dark pink. I got on my hands and knees and took one of her breasts into my mouth and gently began to suck.

I rolled my tongue over and around her nipple occasionally biting them. Mom was stroking my hair when Bobby again got between her legs and began to fuck her. She never said another word.

She lifted her legs around him and let him fuck her again. I loved it when I saw the look on her face as Bobby made her cum.

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I got up and straddled Mom's face lowering my pussy into her lips. She didn't hesitate, she began to lick and suck my pussy. Long after Bobby had finished fucking her for the second time Mom continued to eat my pussy.


She made me cum half a dozen times. After about an hors rest Bobby fucked me while Mom sat on my face and I ate her pussy again. I could taste Bobby" sperm mixed with my Mothers juices. Mom came so often that I wondered where it kept coming from. A lot more than I seemed able too. I don't know how Bobby was able to do it but he fucked Mom and me again. We finally fell asleep about 4am. I slept until noon, when I woke up Bobby was fucking Mom again.

I guess she had decided it was too late to do anything so she might as well enjoy it. I told her just before she had her climax that I wanted to invite Uncle Paul over and join us. I'm not sure she understood because she was so into what Bobby was doing to her.

I called Uncle Paul and asked him to come over when he got off work. He asked me if I had talked to Mother. I said yes, everything is Ok. He told me he was sorry that I saw him with my Mom. I told him not to worry; everything is going to be fine.

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I hung up the phone and watched Bobby Fucking Mom. You would think they were long time lovers. I closed my eyes and thought how great it was going to be with my Uncle, Mom, bobby and me. Hmmmm, I wonder if we dare include Carla and Carl.

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