Inked goth beauty swallows a load of jizz

Inked goth beauty swallows a load of jizz
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* * * * This is my first story, so i'd love some criticism and feedback. But please be nice. I tried not to be too specific when it came to physical descriptions. This way, anyone can insert whoever they want into the character roles. WARNING: This story is pretty lovey-dovey. I tried to move the story along as fast as I could but it still may be a good while before you get to any actual sex. Enjoy. * * * * "Crap!" Cheyenne exclaimed under her breath as her phone rang in her back pocket.

She crossed from the front of the supermarket to the parking lot, grocery bags in one hand, her other hand fumbling through her purse trying to find the car keys.

While unlocking the car door, she realized the vibrations of the incoming call had stopped. Cheyenne threw her groceries into the empty passenger seat before pulling out her phone and getting halfway into the car. She unlocked her phone screen to see who's call was missed. Her heart sank and fluttered at once. She inhaled a shallow breath while adjusting into the drivers' seat, closing the car door.

She stared at the screen again. "Jason. He called me." She thought happily. Cheyenne then began to yell at herself. "Calm down." She assured herself. "We've been friends for years. We hung out last week for god's sake. We hang out all the time. He calls me ALL THE TIME." But every time he called, her reaction was the same: as if she could fly away, but also feeling like puking a little. "Stop that." She mumbled to herself. "I can't continue to like him. Not like this." But she knew she couldn't stop.

Just the thought of him gave her a heavenly feeling. A feeling of love and lust. But also of pain and regret. She's loved him for years. Watched him date other women, even helped him through a few breakups, and she still loved him all the same. Each day she thought of him, the deeper the feelings became. As she closed her eyes and brought the phone to her chest, she imagined if she could be with him. Just once. She brought her knees together, trying to mask the gentle tingling sensation between her thighs.

Her sensitive nipples stiffened against the fabric of her bra. She would kill just to spend one night with him. To let him know how she felt about him. To SHOW him the burning passion she had building up inside just for him. The loud blare of her ringtone snapped Cheyenne right out of her dream-like state. He was calling again. She found herself smoothing out her skirt, forgetting that he couldn't see her through the phone.

She cleared her throat and waited three seconds before answering. "Hello?" She asked, her voice cracking despite her efforts. "Hey, Cheyenne!" Jason said. She could hear the smile on his face. "Don't yell at me, I know you have stuff to do today, but could you come over for a little while? My oldest sister was on a business trip and decided to stop by on her way back to her job." "Uh." She said.

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"Well I have these groceries in my car. I'm not too sure if they'll hold up for more than an hour or two." "I'll bring them inside my house for you then." He begged. "Please? She really wants to meet you." "Oh. Um. okay." She stammered. "I'm on my way." "Awesome!" He chirped. "I'll see you in a bit. Bye." "Yeah same." She breathed, hanging up the phone. Cheyenne slammed her phone onto the dashboard, putting her face into her palms.


She then sucked her teeth, disappointed in her lack of confidence throughout their conversation. She was now on her way to Jason's. She blasted her music loud, trying to drown out the thoughts racing through her head.

************ Jason decided he'd wait outside for Cheyenne. He grabbed an ice cold soda and headed downstairs to the parking lot of his apartment complex. His sister stuck her head out the front door, catching his attention halfway down the stairs.

"Where you going, Jason? I thought your girlfriend was coming." "I'm waiting for her outside." He said. "Shouldn't be long… and she's not my girlfriend." "Not yet, anyway." She giggled, teasing her brother.

"She really must be something special for you to wait outside for her in THIS heat." "Stop it." He warned her jokingly. "Is she beautiful?" She said, poking at him more. He felt his face getting hot, so he turned around and quickly marched down the stairs.

His sister laughed. "You are SO into her!" She shouted before he could get out of earshot, and closed the door. Jason tried to pull himself together. He didn't want to look anxious or uneasy in front of Cheyenne. He popped open his can of soda and supported himself against the back of his pickup truck. After taking another swig of his Cola, he whipped out his phone and shot Cheyenne a quick text.

'Waiting downstairs for you.' He spelled out all his words because he knows Cheyenne hated reading shorthand texts. She was a bit of a grammar nazi, but he liked that about her. The more he thought about it, there wasn't a single thing he didn't like about her. He allowed himself to get engulfed in the memory of their most previous encounter: He had thrown a little get together for himself and a few close friends.

After everyone had gone, Cheyenne was the only one who remained. She had passed out on his living room couch, which made him feel bad about inviting her. He knew she had worked all day, but he invited her and insisted she'd stop by. He could see her face now: peaceful and flawless as the glow from the television reflected off her beautiful face. He couldn't help but sneak a peek at the small bit of cleavage her shirt revealed as she lay there.

He soon retrieved a blanket to throw over her. It was innocent, but he loved every moment. All he could think about is how much he wanted to hold her. To show her how much he cared about her. And that he would make her feel SO good. He got a little lightheaded thinking about it. A familiar stir began in his pants, but he quickly snapped out of it just in time to see Cheyenne's car approaching.

************ When Cheyenne pulled up to Jason's apartment complex, he was already outside waiting. She spotted him before he could see her. He was leaned against the trunk of his car, his broad shoulders relaxed with one hand in his pocket and the other hand gripped tightly onto a can of soda.

She watched him crack a smile as her car eased up. Once she parked, Jason jogged up to her window with a wide grin. His handsome face was bright with excitement. "Cheyenne! I was worried you weren't gonna show. Here, let me take these groceries in for you." Cheyenne said nothing, her heart beating fast as she gathered her personal belongings before exiting the car.

"You're gonna love my sister." He said. "She's my favorite sister." Jason leaded her upstairs. Cheyenne got an eyeful of his toned legs as she silently followed his lead. Once they made it upstairs, he opened the door and called out. "Brianna! Cheyenne is here." Cheyenne heard a loud, girly gasp coming from further back in the house, followed by fast-paced footsteps.

She watched as Jason stood in the kitchen and put her gallon of milk in his fridge. That's when Brianna ran up to her in a blur, hugging her tightly before she could even react. "Oh, uhm, hey?" Cheyenne managed to spit out. Once she released her from her grip, Brianna stepped back and grabbed Cheyenne by the hands. "Oh, it's so nice to meet you!" She then looked back and forth between Jason and Cheyenne. "Jason was RIGHT!" She smiled. "You ARE beautiful." "I'm what?" Cheyenne thought. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked over at Jason.

He returned her confused gaze, his face turning bright red just before he looked over to curse his sister with his eyes. There was a brief moment of silence before she squinted back at Jason and burst out laughing. "I'm KIDDING!" She laughed. "Look at you two! Your faces are so red!" Jason let out a heavy sigh as Cheyenne looked down nervously at her shoes. Brianna lifted Cheyenne's chin with her index finger and smiled lovingly. "My brother was telling me about y-" She paused once her cell phone began to rang.

"Awh, I gotta take this. Better yet, let me go." She answered the phone quickly. "Hello?

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Uh, yes sir I am in the car on my way back right now." She lowered the phone and ran over to kiss Jason on the cheek. "Love ya!


Oh, and so very nice to meet you Cheyenne!" She left his apartment in haste, grabbing her blazer and suitcase on the way out. "Sir? Sorry I couldn't hear that. I'm driving through a tunnel." She waved one last time before shutting the door behind her. "Sorry, my sister is a bit of a nut," Jason shrugged nervously, trying to excuse her behavior. "but she's great once you get to know her." "She's lovely." Cheyenne assured him, forcing herself to smile.

He smiled back, his grey-green orbs meeting her simple brown eyes. She felt unworthy to be there in every way. This is when she realized they were alone.

Together. She felt her face flush, and sat down on the stool at his breakfast bar. "You okay?" He asked. "You want something to drink?" "No, don't be ridiculous, I'm fine." She said, looking away to hide the embarrassment of the pleasure she was getting from his presence.

Remembering how she was just getting off from the thought of his touch. He walked over and stood next to her, supporting his lean body on the counter with his left elbow. He was facing her, his body so close to hers. She could smell his cologne. Manly, yet sweet. Just like him. "Oh, what I wouldn't do to get closer to him." She thought. "To his neck. I would die happy." "Cheyenne?" He looked at her as if he were worried. She continued to look down. She didn't want to risk looking embarrassed in front of him.

"Is it-" He paused. "Is it what my sister said? Her joking about me saying stuff about you? She does things like that all the time, so don't-" She turned to him quickly, shaking her head in denial. "No! Not at all. No." "Look," He said desperately. "Just because I didn't tell her that doesn't mean it isn't true." "I'm not upset." She said, quivering on the inside.

"Does he really think I'm beautiful?" She asked herself. He stared at her some more, his eyes focused on the side of her face. This was getting a little awkward, even for her.

She didn't know where to look or where to put her hands. She forgot how to breathe. "Cheyenne, what is up with you?" He demanded thoughtfully. "You're not talking, or even looking me in the eye.

This isn't you. You're usually more quirky than this." He was right. Usually they would've gotten into some sort of witty banter by now. She was usually quick at the tongue because she didn't want him to catch her with her walls down.

But usually he isn't this close to her. He was so close that the echoes of his smooth velvety voice still rang in her ears. "Oh, uhm I dunno, just. maybe I'm not feeling it today?" She lied.

He exhaled loudly. "It is what my sister said." He sucked his teeth. "Look at me." Her body tensed up, doing the complete opposite of what he asked.

"Cheyenne, look at me." She couldn't resist him once he said her name. She felt like even he knew that. She inhaled deeply, pulling herself together. She rolled her shoulders back, trying to look confident before looking him in the eyes. He swallowed hard. "I do think you're beautiful, Cheyenne." Immediately, her face softened into a look of yearning desperation.

'I can't believe he said that.' She thought. 'Am I fantasizing again? Am I dreaming?' She prolonged their eye contact, searching his eyes for an answer. It was then when she thought of a comeback. "I bet you say that to all the girls." She smirked. He paused, then smiled wide. "There's my witty Cheyenne! Hey let's order pizza." She was instantly relieved, thankful that her diversion was effective.

"I'm gonna go hop in the shower." He passed Cheyenne his cell phone. "You order. Okay?" "Triple cheese?" She asked as he made his way to the bathroom. "You know it!" He verified, using his warm tone to cover his feelings of disappointment.

********************** Jason stood still in the shower. He lifted his palm to his forehead, leaning his body against the wall. He couldn't help but feel a little down. He finally thought that he was going to make a good impression on her.

A romantic impression. He prayed that she didn't think he was creepy, telling her that she was beautiful. 'Guys probably tell her that all the time.' He thought. ' Oh god, I bet she thinks that all I want to do is get in her pants.' He sighed.

Well, he cant say that he didn't want her. He began to think. If for one day he could have her. His thinking turned to fantasizing. He pictured them laying together, imagining that she had surrendered her naked body to him.

He'd kiss every inch of her, make her body weak with pleasure as he drug his fingers across the warm skin of her breasts, down past her navel to cup his fingers around her precious mound. She'd spread her legs wider, inviting him in with the enticing smell of her sweet wetness.

He'd run this thick fingers across her moist folds, making her moan uncontrollably under his touch. The water ran down Jason's chest, tickling its way down his body and rolling down the sensitive skin of his quickly hardening shaft. He placed the palm of his hand on his happy trail, debating whether or not he should spend a little more time in the shower to rid himself of his growing hard-on.

*knock-knock-knock-knock* "Jason, the pizza is here." Cheyenne called to him. He quickly came to reality, his erection softening.

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"Sorry, my wallet's on top of my dresser!" He shouted to her over the running water. "Pay him, I'll be right out!" He rushed out of the shower, barely drying off before throwing on a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt. He approached Cheyenne as she was returning his wallet to his room, pizza in hand. "Hey sorry it took me longer than expected." He apologized. "It's cool," Cheyenne shrugged. "No problem. Pizza?" She handed him the warm box.

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Jason lifted the corner of his mouth nonchalantly before biting into a slice of pizza. He felt that he was friend zoned, but he knew that he could cross over that friendship line with a little persistence and embarrassment. "Um, Cheyenne?" He said with a frog in this throat. "Hm?" She hummed. "I want to talk. Is that okay?" He held her still with his piercing gaze. Mouth full of pizza, Cheyenne quickly nodded her head to urge him to continue.

"Can I be honest with you?" Jason proposed. "Of course," She said after swallowing her food. She was trying to play it cool by eating to mask her uplifting spirits. "That's what i'm here for." She smiled. He returned her smile, pairing his grin with soft eyes. "Well I-" His gaze fell upon his shoes. He was becoming less confident in his words.

" I just uhm. you know, you've always been there for me, and I personally want to thank you for that." He cleared his throat before opening his mouth to continue. "Well if I wasn't," Cheyenne said, cutting him off. "What kind of friend would I be?" She shrugged, smiling endearingly. She knew that she had thrown up another wall, but she really didn't want to seem desperate.

She hated herself so much for giving him such a hard time. She loved him and she knew it, but he couldn't just pounce on him. Jason exhaled loudly. "That's the thing," He admitted. "I want to be more than friends. With you, I mean." There was yet another long silence. Cheyenne's heartbeat was so loud she could hear the blood flow in her ears.

She felt her breaths getting shorter. On the inside she felt like crying tears of joy. For the first time since they've met, she had definite verification that he was attracted to her. Cheyenne wanted to pour her heart out. Tell him the deep feelings that she had kept locked inside over these past few years. But she failed to build up courage to speak her mind. Jason then reached over and grabbed both of her hands. His touch sent shock waves through her body that shot straight down to her lower abdomen.

The tingling sensation from earlier had returned. She wasn't too sure where he was going with this, but she was weak under his touch. She didn't know what to expect. "How do you feel?" He asked. "A- about me?" "I uhm, well, I ah-" She tried to get her thoughts together to no avail.

"Because I really like you." He lifted his arm to scratch the back of his head. "And it seems like- well, remember when you were helping me through my last breakup, and I said I was going to give relationships a break?" She remembered that day like it was yesterday. It was the day that she decided she would never tell Jason how she felt about him. She nodded her head gently. "I remember saying-" He took a short pause.

"I remember saying that I could never love again. But Cheyenne-" Cheyenne stood stiff with her head down, her eyes stuck on their entwined fingers as he lifted them and placed his free hand on her knuckles.

"Since I've taken that break, I've gotten a chance to think about what I really want. I suppose it's a bit selfish, and I'm not sure where you stand as far as how you feel about me but- Cheyenne, you make me happy." She lifted her eyes so their gazes could meet. He was straightforward, she'd give him that. "And I want you." He said softly. "You're important to me." She took a deep breath through the nose.

He heart was flying. Her thoughts were racing. 'Jason? Thinking of ME this way? Saying this to me?

Its everything that I've ever wanted.' "Jason I would've never thought you'd think of me like that." She uttered. At this point her entire body was shaking. She tried her hardest to control herself, to keep calm, cool, and collected.

To seem as if she weren't deeply and madly in love with this man. This perfect man. She inhaled deeply. "But I have to ask: Are you serious?" Jason exhaled sadly and looked at her with puppy dog eyes. "You don't feel the same way?" He asked.

"I've known you for years and to be honest, I can't help but have feelings for you." By this point she couldn't control her shaking. Her hands quivered under his touch. Jason crinkled his eyebrows. "You're shaking. Are you angry?" She shook her head and removed her hands from his gentle touch.

'This is it. This is the time to air my dirty laundry. To tell him how I feel.' But she had no idea where to begin. 'Do I tell him about how I've loved him all this time? About how I gush about him to my friends? About how I think of him EVERY night?' "Please say something, Cheyenne." Jason begged. "Don't do this to me. Say anything." She sat up in her chair and nodded. Her face slowly morphed into a smile. Her smile was wide but her voice was soft.

"I do, Jason" She whispered. "I feel the same way." There was yet another silence, but their thoughts were anything but quiet. He grinned from ear to ear, and his eyes seemed as if they were made of glass. "So does this mean-" He asked,nearly on the brink of laughter. "You'll give me a shot? Will you be my girlfriend?" ************ Jason felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. He couldn't believe that he'd even built up the courage to ask her out. He couldn't help but revel in his euphoria.

The way she looked up at him as she agreed to be with him made his heart soar. The perfect way she smiled. The perfect way her hair fell against her face. The way her eyes glistened with delight and the perfect way the evening sunlight entered the room and enhanced her beauty. "Cheyenne," He told her, "You couldn't have made me a happier man than I am right now." He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her close to him to hold her in his embrace.

She seemed unresponsive at first, but she slowly wrapped her arms around his midsection. He loosened his grip, letting her go but still keeping an arm around her waist. He lifted his free hand to lovingly stroke her face. All he could think about was how much he needed her. He knew that with her, he could love again. His heart pumped with determination.

His mind was telling him one thing. Kiss her. He watched Cheyenne as she stood there, eyelids heavy. She was a rag doll in his arms. When he wrapped his arm around her and grazed her warm cheek with his thumb, he was certain that this is what he wanted. He wanted her. All of her. And he knew that he wanted his hands on more than just her lower back. He slipped his fingers to the nape of her neck and took a deep but silent breath before leaning in.

As their lips finally touched, Jason felt a weight being lifted off his shoulders. Her lips seemed to merge with his and he couldn't help but to think that the weight from his shoulders may have found its way to his groin. As he continued to kiss her, he could feel his manhood beginning to lift against his zipper. He remembered how he didn't get a chance to take care of himself in the shower. He was too engulfed in the kiss to think about pushing her away. Once he realized that his crotch was dangerously close to Cheyenne, he quickly stepped back.

But she immediately spotted his erection once he did. She looked down at his crotch and then back up again. "Cheyenne, I am so sorry." He said as his burned crimson in embarrassment. He backed away in haste and retreated toward the living room couch. "I'm not a pervert, I swear. I just-" He sat down and put a pillow over his lap, crossing his arms and leaning forward in attempt to cover himself. "Just give me a minute." Cheyenne wasn't too far behind him as he made his way to sit down.

"Jason, it's okay." She assured. Next to him, she gently placed her hand on his wrist. He watched her as she moved her hand up and curled her warm fingers around his forearm.

He could see the lust burning in her eyes when she clamped her bottom lip between her teeth. He took in the sight of her freshly bitten lips as she said: "Jason, I want you." Jason couldn't believe his ears.

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His limbs became relaxed but his balls stirred and his erection hardened. He wanted to take her then and there. His mind raced as he made eye contact with Cheyenne, just before she pleased him with the taste of her lips once again. **************** Cheyenne couldn't believe herself. What was she saying?! 'He's going to think you're sex crazed' she thought. But what she thought about and what she did were complete opposites.The sight of the tent in his pants made the tingle in her lower abdomen even stronger.

She felt a rush of wetness between her legs. She tried to justify her actions: 'I know were moving WAY too fast, but if I don't do this today and he changes his mind tomorrow, i'll regret it for the rest of my life.' She removed the pillow from his lap and leaned in for another kiss, letting her hand rest on his thigh.

She could see his cock rise from the corner of her eye. Her breathing became shallow and more audible when she pulled away from his lips to catch her breath. She could hear the flow of her blood rushing through her head again.

Her body seemed to function on it's own, her passion and lust pouring out uncontrollably through her actions. Their eyes met and she noticed the desire in his eyes. "I want you too," he finally replied. Their eye contact prolonged as they silently promised themselves to one another. He pulled her in by the forearms and kissed her again. This time with a little force. She let one arm down in order to support herself, and used her free hand to lie him down on the couch.

Her sexual appetite went through the roof when Jason shoved his face into her neck and planted kisses on her throat. She released a loud, shaky gasp as the shockwaves from his lips shot straight to her sensitive nipples. "Jason." Her eyes were glued shut as she moaned his name.

Each kiss made her drip in anticipation. She knew that her panties were soaked by now. God, she was ready for him. She'd do anything. Meanwhile, Jason had plans of his own. He slid his hands around her back, bringing the beautiful brunette close to his toned chest.

He exhaled in disbelief as her body brushed against his already raging erection. He slid his hands lower, tickling her lower back as he tucked his fingers under the hem of her tank top.

"Lift your arms for me." Arms in the air, Cheyenne sighed softly as he lifted the shirt off her. He got an eyeful of her black lace bra, detecting the pigmentation of her areola through the thin fabric. He watched her body arch and wriggle as she attempted to straddle his waist.

Once she succeeded, she slowly grinded against his hips, the friction between her lace panties and his denim jeans making her wetter with each stroke. A low groan escaped from Jason's throat. "Ugh, Cheyenne you're so sexy." He gripped her thighs with both hands.

Cheyenne heard, but didn't reply. She was behaving like a sex slave. But she couldn't help it. She wanted to make him feel good. He watched his grey eyes flicker back and forth between her bra and jeans. She rubbed a little faster, the tingling sensation in her core increasing.

She was so hot for him. She wanted him so bad. Jason was amazed. She was so beautiful. He ran his hands up and down her perfect thighs. Her panties lined up perfectly with his erection, stroking the full length of his cock with her pussy.

Back. And forth. Back. And forth. He watched her throw her head back and let out a few soft moans. God, the things he would do to her. He wanted to lay her down and kiss her all over. Make her quiver in ecstasy. The way her nipples protruded from her bra was too much for him already. But he didn't want to cum this soon. "Wait," He sighed. "Lets go to the bed." He was expecting a reply, but she continued to swirl her hips above him.

He took a rough grip on her waist to stop her from moving. Cheyenne felt a strong force hold her, breaking her concentration, and quickly she snapped out of her sensual high. Her eyes opened wide, looking down to meet Jason's gaze. "Lets go to my room." He sat up and slid himself from under her.

Once he was standing, he pulled Cheyenne in by the upper thighs, picking her up so she can wrap her legs around his hips.

Jason made his way to the bedroom, his lover holding onto him ever so tightly. Her soft breasts pressed against him and he could feel her stiffened nipples through her thin lace bra. He approached the bed, lowering her onto the mattress. He stepped back, already beginning to remove his shirt. Cheyenne was too busy shimmying out of her skirt to get a good glimpse of his chest.

She did, however, remove it in time to stop and watch him unbuckle his belt and pants. Her sight was locked on his bulge as he lowered his jeans. His hard cock was pointing straight up, peeking out from the elastic of his navy blue boxer briefs. She noticed a small drop of pre-cum reflecting the light as he stepped out of his puddle of clothes. Cheyenne moved to sit on the edge of the bed, lifting her eager hand and placing it on his barely covered stiff rod.

She noticed him freeze up and took it as an invitation to keep going. She tucked her fingers behind the elastic and pulled his pelvis closer to her face.

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She wanted to taste him. "Cheyenne?" He ran his hand over her thick hair. "Hm?" She looked up at him, confused as to why he would stop her. "You're okay with this, aren't you?" He asked shyly.

"I mean, I want you more than anything but I don't want you to think i'm pushing this too fast." Cheyenne's love for him deepened even more, knowing that he was willing to make sure she was okay before taking things too far. "I'm okay." Cheyenne sighed. "I'm definitely okay with this." They traded tender smiles as she moved her other hand to the top of his boxers.

This was it. One step further and there was no turning back. Their relationship will ever be the same again. Slowly, Cheyenne pulled the elastic band down to his thighs, eyeing the impressive girth of his swollen member.

Eight inches of hot, thick meat. She leaned in close and kissed the tip, causing him to growl intensely.

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She kissed it again, this time following it with a quick flicker over the very top. He moaned once more, placing a hand on her head and pulling her closer: another signal to continue.

She then took the whole tip into her mouth, curling her fingers and dragging her nails along his thighs. "Ah, yes." He whispered. His exclamations turned into words of encouragement. Cheyenne slid her hands to his inner thigh, all while taking another inch of his hot dick between her lips. She sucked softly, not wanting to put too much pressure on him too quickly. "God, Cheyenne that is too good." Jason pulled her lips off his now dripping wet cock head.

"I don't want to come too soon." Cheyenne understood, but she was saddened all the same. Jason crouched down and pressed his lips to the smooth skin of her neck.

He leaned forward gently, laying her down on the charcoal grey comforter. He watched her as she arched her back, lifting her rib cage to meet his. He took this opportunity to reach around and unhook her bra. He fumbled anxiously at the tiny snaps, his focus becoming diverted by his lover's hands going up his back and the pleasurable sensation of his cock grazing against her navel.

Cheyenne reached behind her back to help him unhook the last snap. She brought both of her hands to her shoulders to peel away the fabricated barrier between them. As she did this, Jason planted tender kisses between her breasts. Cheyenne could no longer control her breathing.

Her mouth parted slightly, she panted, eager for him to touch her more. 'Wow,' Jason thought as she revealed her stiffened nipples. He slid his big hands up her abdomen and cupped her lovely breasts. He leaned into Cheyennes ear and whispered.

"You are so beautiful." and pinched her sensitive buds between his fingers. "I want you so bad." For a moment, Cheyenne felt like she was in heaven. She couldn't believe he was actually saying this. The way he spoke drove her crazy. Her labia was hot and dripping, the fabric of her panties concealing the moisture from her sopping hole.

She felt him slide down her body, dragging his tongue along her skin. He kept both hands on her breasts, however, taking time to cover the front of her wet panties with tender kisses. Cheyenne inhaled passionately. "Oh yes please." She brought her hips to his face. He increased his pace, immensely turned on by her moans and movements. Another vicious groan formed in his throat.

He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to pleasure her. He roughly spread her legs and began to lick the whole wetness of her panties. She began to gyrate around his lips. He heard her moaning double in volume while he nibbled her swollen labia. Cheyenne was breathing as if she had just sprinted a mile.

He was incredible. She straightened her legs, allowing him to pull her panties off. He slowly pulled at them, and she could feel the fabric peel away from the stickiness of her cunt. She watched him toss her panties aside with one hand and touch her wetness with the other.

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He ran his middle finger along her slick folds. "I can't wait to feel you." Jason said, a sly grin on his face. She could barely respond, too beside herself to speak properly. She could only muster three words. "Yes, Jason. Please." Her neck was stretched to its limit as she threw her head back. They were fully naked now and she wanted nothing more than him inside her. Jason gripped his hot dick and positioned himself over Cheyenne's waiting body.

He was so ready to make her his. He lowered his hips and teased her moist opening with the tip of his cock. Their eyes met for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime. He placed his throbbing head at her tight entrance, and pushed. "Oh, Jason." Cheyenne called. The sensation of her pussy gripping firmly around his thick rod made her legs tremble. He pushed himself deeper into her. Jason gritted his teeth, trying not to over-excite himself too soon.

He didn't want to come until she was satisfied. "You're-" He paused, gulping in attempt to get a grip. "You're really tight." "You're so big." She replied, eyes closed with a gentle smile on her face. "You feel so good, Jason." He pulled his cock out to the halfway point and pushed forward again until his full length rested perfectly inside her.

Continuing his slow rhythm, he squeezed his eyes shut, knowing that if he were to take in the sight of her, he would explode. Cheyenne looked up at his puzzling expression. She admired his chiseled jaw and stuble-covered adam's apple, reaching up with her left hand to touch his neck. "God, Jason yes." Cheyenne moaned with delight, opening her legs to invite him to thrust harder. "Ahhh, fuck." Jason groaned, picking up his pace.

"You're so tight, Cheyenne." He squeezed his eyes shut and lowered himself onto his elbows. His strokes became shorter, so he reached down to rub her clit while he moved in and out of her.

"Oh that's it right there." Cheyenne gasped, surprised by how much pleasure he brought her. "Please?" *gasp* "Harder?" Jason then felt a stir in his balls. He was going to cum soon. He pinned her arms on both sides and held her down so he can fuck her faster.

Thrusting with all his force, Jason curled his lower back to make long yet timely strokes into her wet cunt. His cock slipped in and out of her with ease.

He finally decided to look down. Each time he slammed into her, her body shook. Cheyenne writhed in ecstasy, her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each powerful thrust.

She felt as if an earthquake had began in her belly. Her round nipples hardened into little pebbles, sending shots of pure pleasure to her clit. Her face as well as her neck became burning hot and her legs were weak. "OH! OH JASON DON'T STOP PLEASE!!" She yelped.

"I think I'm gonna-" She gasped deeply and loudly. "OH. OH MY GOD-" Jason continued his rapid thrusts, grunting every time he shoved his cock deeper and deeper into her. He said ferociously: "Yes, Cheyenne cum for me!" He took a hold of one of her breasts and brushed his finger across her alert nipple, then used that same hand to rub her clit in circular motions. Cheyenne felt the deepest part of her begin to shudder, and spread throughout her entire body. His groaning turned her on so much, but his touch sent her over the edge.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her moaning became shouting. "Ohhhhh. OooohhhhHHHHHH!! OH YES!! PLEASE JASON! THAT FEELS SO GOOD! OH YES I'M CUUUMMMMIIIINNG!!" Jason kept rubbing her clit while her pussy twitched and squeezed around his dick. It felt amazing.

He could feel himself about to blow his load. "Cheyenne, you're gonna make me come." He felt the tension in his cock increase, his dick splashing around inside his lover's juices. "Oh fuck," He exclaimed. "OH! FUCK!!" He pulled out of her just in time to shoot on his load onto Cheyenne's hipbone. He moaned again and again as each spurt forced its way out his satisfied cock. When he milked the last of his cum onto her, he collapsed by her side, taking a moment to pull himself together before he looked at her.

Their eyes met, but they remained silent, basking in the perfection of it all. They didn't need words. They were in love. Just neither one of them had the guts to say it yet. * * * * Thanks for reading. I understand there are a lot of feelings in this story. Should I do a prequel? A follow up story? All comments and requests are appreciated. PLEASE LEAVE A POSITIVE RATING. THANK YOU. * * * *