Nonnen müssen verrückt 8 sexy Nonnen Compilation sein

Nonnen müssen verrückt 8 sexy Nonnen Compilation sein
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We kept having sex every time we could. All over the house, no matter the hour, day daytime, lunchtime, nighttime even in the early a.m. hours. The early a.m. hours were the tricky ones. We had to be very quiet or at least try.


We usually fucked in my bedroom because it was the farthest from our mom's room. We tried to bite on a pillow to lower our moaning, with no lights on I couldn't see Claire's expression when she was cumin and that was a bummer.

So we agreed to fuck only when our mom wasn't home. A couple of weeks went by, Claire dumped her boyfriend. I changed my schedule at the factory so I could spend more time with Claire. But little did I know that we would have a visitor, my cousin Frank.

He got a job at the same factory I worked and since he was new to our town my mom told him, he could stay with us. The day he arrived he set his things in my room until we would clean and fix the garage so he could live there. After my mom and Claire went upstairs, we stayed in the living room drinking beer and remembering our adventures during our younger years.

We were wild kids. We used to hang out in a group; all five of us were cousins.

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Our ages differ only by months. I remember one time during a family gathering at my grandpa's house; puberty had passed us all, and we would have competitions among us. We all went to the creek far away from my grandpa's house and far away from our other cousins (girls and younger boys). Frank been the older of the bunch, brought with him playboy and hustler magazines.

Staring down at these magazines we would start jacking off, first to see who could make his cock hard, the fastest then who could shoot his load the furthest. Even that young we all had thick cocks; I think it runs in the family. The only difference was that Franks cock was longer. After talking about those good times I got horny and wanted to go upstairs and fuck Claire. I finished my beer and told Frank I would go to bed, he told me we wasn't sleepy and was going to watch a movie and then he would come upstairs.

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As I walk upstairs to my room I was thinking on going to Claire's room instead of my room. When I got upstairs I saw Claire's door open and she was signaling me to come in. I did, I pushed the door and it did not close( I thought I had closed it, there was a small opening from the door between the doorframe) and immediately we started kissing and trying to take our cloth off.

She was naked in seconds, then I was naked too, her bottle shape figure stood in front of me, her pussy was not shaved, I didn't care.

I went down to her pussy…………… HUMMMMM that smell, that beautiful smell, she tasted great as always. She wasn't wet. She sat at the edge of her bed then spread her legs I kneel infront of her pussy and down in to it. That was an uncomfortable position so I sat down; facing her pussy, I put my legs under the bed got closer to her and place her legs on my shoulders.

My hands came from the sides of her legs and over them and going down to her pussy, grabbing those lips apart for my tongue to go in. Grabbing her pubes made the spreading of her lips easy. I licked her pussy up and down, side to side and in circles every time going in deeper and deeper. I couldn't move my body too much because my cock was hard as a rock and was making friction with the lower edge of the bed.

Claire hands were at the back of my head, pushing my head closer to her pussy, the deeper my tongue went the harder she pushed.

A few time I had to gasp for air. I had her juices all over my face, my mouth filled with them; she was so wet, I sucked her clit, spreading her juices all over her pussy and some on her thighs. Been this wet Claire's pussy was ready for my thick cock. I move my legs form under the bed and stood up. Claire grabbed my cock and started sucking it. I put my hands behind her head and pushed her head to me, just as she did with my head.

She sucked my cock and I pushed her head to me. She relaxed her mouth enough for my cock to go deeper in her. I felt her warm mouth sucking my entire cock.


In and out I kept going in and out of her mouth. I got into a rhythm. HUMMMMMMM that felt great. Just when my rhythm started to fasten I felt a breeze on my back, I turned my head and to my surprise I saw my cousin Frank walking towards us, completely naked and with a massive hard on.

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Claire stopped sucking and grabbed my shirt to cover herself, I just froze. Frank told us to continue and that he will be joining us. If we did comply he would tell our mother.

Frank told Claire to get in bed and get in all four, she did. He order her to continue sucking my cock, he placed himself behind her. He stroked his cock and became hard. I saw him preparing his cock to go into Claire's pussy, she didn't suck my cock the way she did before Frank came in the room, he grabbed his cock, pushed it in, and he took his time, slowly in.

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I could hear Claire moaned. Frank told her to relax or else she would hurting every time he when in. With tiny pumps Frank penetrated Claire's pussy; she was become comfortable with him inside, cause she started sucking me pretty good. I started enjoying her sucking, Frank was pumping faster, and I tried to keep up with his pumping.

I was playing with Claire's tits, grabbing her nipples one at a time. Her nipples were hard. Frank kept pumping harder and harder, faster and faster, he told Claire to stop sucking me and I should pull away from her mouth, I didn't know why, until I saw him starting to cumm, he pumped rapidly grabbing onto Claire's ass, pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping, he was cumin……their moaning was increasing…… they both started shuddering, he gave a few final pumps and pull away from her, grabbed me and told me to continue and finish in her, the entire time I was stroking my cock wanting to fuck her.

I position myself behind her, I saw her pussy all swollen up and filled with a mix of her own juices and Franks cum.

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I shoved my cock into her pussy, started pumping. My cock slided easily into her pussy, too easily. I pump for a few seconds, reassuring to have my cock wet enough for her ass.

I pull away from her pussy, (my cock all wet from juices and cum), grabbed it and tapped her little asswhole with it, press against he asswhole and pushing it in, I didn't feel any resistance just a second when my cock pop in her asswhole, I started rocking in and out deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

I pumped and pumped,I felt my knees weaken, my body get hot and body spasm started as my cumm squirted up her asswhole, filling her asswhole with my hot cum. She moan every time I pumped, Claire receive all of my cum up her ass. Some of my cum dripped down to her pussy and blended together with her juices and Franks cum.

Claire's ass and pussy were swollen and red, I guess I did pump too hard. After we all cumm, we got dress and hesitated to talk. Frank told us that he usually had sex with her younger sister. We kinda relaxed knowing that we all had alot in common. Frank suggested that if her younger sister Tina came to visit, she should join us, sister switching.

We left Claire's room and went quietly to my room. I went to sleep on my bed and Frank took the futon. That night i dreamt thinking about Tina.

And Tina came to visit us.