Amirah adara xxx movies full

Amirah adara xxx movies full
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The first night of my visit I am pretty worn out from the long car ride, so when our daughter goes to bed I do too. You wait until your husband has gone to bed and you sneak downstairs.

You see I'm still up watching tv, you ask if I'd like you to rub my back. I say sure and roll over on to my stomach. You pull the sheets down to my waist and then start to rub my shoulders.

I'd forgotten just how good you are at this, I close my eyes and relax. When my shoulders are loose you start slowly working your way down my back. You kneed and rub your way down making me moan in pleasure.

You work on my lower back for quite a while noticing how stiff my muscles are. You slide the sheets a little lower exposing my naked buttocks. I gasp for a second and you ask if you should stop. I say no and ask you to continue.

You smile and start to caress my buttocks. You slowly start to trace your fingernails all over my ass causing my breathing to quicken.

Then you run the tip of your finger from just over my tailbone down the crack of my ass to my anus. I gasp loudly and you pull your hands away. You massage my thighs for a while giving me time to calm down. Then you slowly start to run your hands up my inner thighs. I spread my legs wider and you start massaging my balls. With your other hand you start to rub the sensitive skin between my balls and my anus.

I start moaning uncontrollably as you start kissing my buttocks. You spread me open and start licking your way down from my tailbone to my anus. As you lick and tongue me you slide a finger deep inside your wet pussy.

When I'm pushing up against your face you stop and pull away.


I groan in frustration but you silence me when you push your wet finger inside me. As you finger my ass you reach under me and start stroking my hard cock. When you feel my hot, throbbing cock you know you need more so you ask me to roll over. I do as you ask and you lick your lips when you see my penis. You reach between my legs and start rubbing my anus again. I lift and spread my legs and you slip your finger deep inside me.

Quickly you take me into your mouth and I have to bite my lip to keep from yelling out. You passionately suck and lick my cock as you finger fuck my ass. It doesn't take very long before I lose control and start fucking your mouth.

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You feel my cock start to throb in your mouth and you quickly grab and squeeze the base. You slide your mouth off of my cock and whisper, "Not yet, Baby. Don't cum yet." You give me time to calm down as you kiss my thighs and abdomen. When I'm relaxed I ask if I can return the favor. You smile and remove your robe and panties and then start kissing your way up my body.

You stop for a while and lick and kiss my nipples. You move up to my neck, kissing and licking every inch. Then you move up to my mouth starting with light kisses letting our passion slowly grow. Within just a few minutes we are kissing hard, our tongues entwined and our hands exploring each other.

When you're ready for more you continue moving up my body. Your breasts are dangling just above my face. I open my mouth and start to lick and suck your hardening nipples. You start moaning and rubbing your pussy against my abdomen.

When you can't take it anymore you quickly move up and straddle my face.


I greedily start sucking and licking your clit. I push two fingers inside you, curling them slightly so I can rub your g-spot.

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I slip a third finger inside you to get it good and wet, then I slip it into your ass. It doesn't take very long of me eating you out and finger fucking your pussy and ass before you start to grind yourself into my face. I reach up and gently start pinching your nipples and you almost cry out. You push yourself down into my face and I feel your juices start flowing down my chin.

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You cover your mouth to muffle your screams as your entire body starts shaking from your orgasm. I suck on your clit until I feel you pull up a little and then I slide my tongue inside you, licking up your wetness.

I lick you clean and then start tonguing your ass until you collapse onto the bed next to me.

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I kiss you all over enjoying the taste of your skin as you recover. You slowly open your eyes and whisper, "Fuck me." I kiss your lips and whisper in your ear, "No, fuck me." You smile and push me onto my back.

You straddle me and lift my cock placing it against your entrance. Slowly you slide down taking me inside you. You take your time sliding down feeling me fill you completely. When I am buried deep inside you, you moan, "Oh God, I've missed your cock so much." You ride my cock painfully slowly as I reach up and start massaging your breasts.

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I watch your beautiful body ride my cock as my hands explore your body. When I run my hands over your ass you moan loudly. I realize what you want and I wet my finger with your juices covering my cock.

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I slip the finger deep into your ass and you groan. I finger your tight anus and you go wild on my cock. You bounce up and down on me like a mad woman. You lay down on top of me burying your face into my shoulder to muffle your cries.

Your pushing so hard against my cock it almost hurts. You thrust one more time down hard on my cock and explode.

As you lay on me recovering I grab your hips and start to thrust into you. I'm so close to cumming that I can't stop. When I feel my orgasm start to build you pull your hips up letting me slip out of you.

I groan loudly but you just smile and slide down my body. You take me in your mouth and start licking your juices off of me. You start bobbing your head up and down on my cock as your tongue swirls all around it. After just a few moments you look deeply into my eyes and that pushes me over the edge. I shoot my load deep into your mouth as I grab you by the shoulders. I pump what feels like a gallon of cum into your mouth but you swallow every drop of it.

You suck and lick my cock until it is too sensitive and you let me slip from your mouth. You slide up my sweat coated skin and kiss me deeply. We kiss for a few minutes and then you slide off of me. You roll over onto your side with your back facing me.

I cuddle up against you and wrap my arms around you. After a few minutes we both fall deeply asleep.