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Straight to the a marley blaze average tits pornstars
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The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem Part Four: Fertile Princess By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this. Chapter Ten: Function and Form Kora Falk Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch Theophil ran his finger across the facet of the ruby, his blue eyes growing studious.

"Biomancer Vebrin." The way he said the name made my skin crawl. I swallowed, hating that I was so close to him right now. As he moved the gem in his hand, the chain rubbed at the back of my neck, chafing me. Shuddering, I glanced at my brother standing nearby, his arms folded across his chest.

"What a great craftsman," Theophil continued, his eyes growing distant beyond his bulbous nose. "Great craftsman?" I frowned. Did he mean the biomancer? "He built so many unique crafts, working with the raw materials to make new things never before seen." "New things?" I hissed, a surge of anger rushing through me.

I grabbed the gem and yanked it out of his hand, taking a step back. "Raw materials? He butchered art." "Art?" the older man frowned. "Yes, art! He took the works others made and debased them with his craft," I said, my blood boiling.

How could anyone admire the biomancer? "He made monsters!" "Debased? He improved them." He shook his head. "We aren't art. You, me, all of us are machines. Living ones, yes, but still machines. Your heart pumps blood through your veins and supplies energy to your muscles.

You ingest fuel through your mouth and when you've burned it for heat, your body excretes the waste. Take your muscles." He smacked his right palm into his thick, left arm. "They are a complex form of machines. They flex and pull, responding to impulses from your brain. What a great machine each living creature is. "Vebrin may have been despicable, but he delved into the craft of life and made new machines.

New combinations of life. Functional life. Life that still breeds, that still lives, to this day." "He was despicable!" I hissed, my eyes harrowing. "His creations are a plague upon the world. They are dangerous. They kill. They brutalize. They infest the seas. They roam the mountains. They haunt the dark corners of the woods." "As do natural monsters and beasts," Theofilus said.

"He was just the first mortal to figure out how to work with life with the same skill as the Gods." "No, what the Gods make is inspired by Rithi! It's art. It's functional and beautiful and majestic!" "Pretty words." My fists clenched.

My entire body shook. Pretty words. "Do you want Biomancer Vebrin to live again?" I demanded. I shook the amulet at him. "He's right in here. You want him to befoul the world again with his craft?" Theophil's cheek twitched. "Is that all that matters to you? Making ugly, twisted things from the art of others?

Lacking any beauty?

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Any inspiration? Do you not care about that?" "Inspiration is what drives the inventor," he answered. "To make something useful, something functional, is profound. It is true beauty. Not some pretty scribblings on a piece of canvas or a stone shaped into a pleasing form. They may be aesthetically pleasing, but it doesn't help society prosper. "It feeds the soul! It nourishes people's hearts and gives them hope.

It inspires them to be better. To think about their actions. To understand their place in society. It is a channel to something greater than us. It is not something pedantic as functional. As useful." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sven Falk I stood with the others, staring in shock at my sister and the high priest of Krab arguing over nearly the same thing. I almost wanted to let them fight. To let Kora offend the priest so he demanded us to leave, forcing us to depart without finding the altar.

Then I would have my sister with me for even longer and. Kora needed to destroy the Biomancer. His existence offended her deeply.

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What he did was an assault on her very belief. To her, the Biomancer was merely a thief. Someone who stole others work and modified them just enough to claim them as his without truly understanding what he was doing. What the meaning was behind the art he destroyed in his own fumbling attempt. She needed to protect art from being despoiled.

"Nothing is more important to an object than its use," growled Theophil. "Art is a luxury afforded to societies with the wealth to idle time on waste and frivolity." "Frivolity?" Kora's face twisted in outrage.

"It provides escape for people from the hardships of their life. Are you so dead inside you cannot recognize that fact? Don't you feel that need to be a part of something greater? That connection to the divine? To insights into the world beyond your own limited perspective?" I had to intervene before they came to blows. "You might admire Biomancer Vebrin," I growled, grabbing his arm and pulling him back from my sister.

His bicep flexed beneath my grip, all ropy muscle. "But do you want him alive? His servants search for this phylactery. We need to destroy it. So unless you want him free, help us or stop wasting our time?" Theophil eyes slid over to me.

He worked his jaw together, his blue eyes hard. Anger tensed his muscles. Despite the man being twice my age, he had solid mass. He could inflict damage with a punch. Labor kept him strong. My feet shifted as I relaxed into a fighting stance, my eyes narrowing. He let out a harrumphing grunt. "No, I do not want him returned to life. His creations are not useful to me. But they are remarkable." He moved from my sister and marched over to Princess Ava. He stopped before her.

She swallowed as he said, "I'll help her if she is truly the Masterwork Craft. The ultimate one Krab waited for. "The one who can open the Vault." "What's this Vault?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Princess Ava "Oh, wow," I said as we stopped before the round door set into the wall at the end of the basement corridor. The light from lantern held in Carsina's hand played off of it. My jaw dropped. "Cernere's black cunt," Aingeal said, her voice thick in awe. "Gods damn," grunted Sven. "What is that?

How?" I nodded my head. The wall, the round door that was easily Sven's height in circumference, all reflected the light like they were metal, a silvery sheen rippling across the surface as Carsina moved her lantern around. But the material also was clear like crystal.

It was so thick that whatever lay inside the Vault was blurred and distorted. "It is made of adamant," Carsina said. "It's a crystal that can be worked by metal.

Once it cools, however, it can never be affected by tools again. Only a craftsmen of sublime skill could make this. No human has the skill. "You look upon the work of a God." A tremble raced through me. It was one thing to believe in the Gods, to know that they existed and guided the world.

Yes, Slata, using the divine seed of Pater, created Humans and the other dual-sexed races, and Aingeal and the other faeries were made by Cernere with Las's seed, so everyone in this room were works of the Gods, but. This felt more. direct. There were hundreds and thousands of generations between myself and Slata. I felt something inside of me tremble as I approached the door.

I passed solid Theophil to reach out and touch the door. It felt cool to my touch, so smooth it was almost slick. I slid my fingertips across the vault door until I found the seam.

I rubbed at it where it lay flush against the wall. I could feel hardly a gap between them. My soul quivered. It wanted to imbue it, but. But I couldn't just reach in there. "This is the Vault," Theophil said, his voice in awe. "The temple was built around it. To guard it and to study it. Every temple to Krab specializes in a different craft.

Woodworking, metal forging, weaving, brewing, paper making, and so on. This temple studies the esoteric crafts. How the most profound machines work.

How the most amazing crafts are forged and created. Working with crystals and metals, struggling to understand how our God forged this. "I have spent my life studying this. As has the nineteen masters before me. We have all experimented, worked to recreate adamant. Krab waits for us to join him at his level. He has given us the tools and awaits us to master them. He is patient. He understands that such skill takes time to develop. Generations to understand." "Yes," Carsina said, joining me.

Her hand touched it. She had a look of worship on her face, almost like the ecstasy I witnessed in her eyes when we were cumming on the dildos that I powered inside our pussies. "To reach this pinnacle of skill. It makes me feel like a tyro all over again. Like this is my first time stepping into a workshop." I swallowed and quivered. Why did my soul want to reach out?

There was nothing for me to interact with. I pressed outward, but I couldn't slip into the mechanism. It waited to be filled, like a proxy, but. "So the Altar of Souls is in there?" Sven asked. "Krab locked it up here?" "Krab hid the Altar of Souls when the Gods agreed to withdraw from the world after High King Peter's birth," Theophil said.

"When they promised to only work through their proxies, their demigod children, and through portents and signs. Krab didn't want mortals to abuse it, but he knew it might be needed.


No device should be locked up forever. Not when it could be useful." "Okay," Sven said, his voice tight, strained. "Then open up the Vault, and let's get this destroyed.

This can all be. over." Something in his voice made me frown. I glanced at Sven. He stared at the Vault with such a tight expression, his lips pressed tight, almost bloodless. He had his arms folded before them. I expected to see greed in his eyes, that exhilaration to break into something guarded, to purloin a treasure—like a maiden's virginity—that is well-protected. I didn't. I saw. something dull. Flat. "The Altar of Souls is not in the Vault, only the means of finding it is.

The key to revealing it to the world." Theophil shook his head, a look of longing crossing his face. His bulbous nose twitched as he moved forward to caress the vault. "Once it's been exposed, there will be no concealing it again. It will be in the open for any to use." "Sounds like something you'd want," muttered Kora. "Aye." "Then let's open it up and find this key," Sven said, his voice growing thicker.

"I can't open it. Only the Masterwork Craft can operate the locking mechanism." His eyes slid over to me.

I swallowed. I pressed my forehead against the door, my warm face drinking in the cool feel of it. I closed my eyes. I could. feel it in there. Something inside waited for me to fill it. To imbue it with my essence or empower it or however my powers worked. I couldn't. penetrate it. Something. blocked the access to it, like I had to figure out how to open a spiritual door or something. "Do you have a key for the key?" I muttered, shaking my head.

I pulled my head away. "I can't operate it." "Of course you can't," Theophil said. "You haven't created anything on your own. Yet." "Surely I have," I said. "I've stitched a dress or two." "There is an act of crafting only a woman can do," he said. "Krab engineered your ancestors to produce you, but if you're the Masterwork Craft that is awaited, you first have to prove you are fully functional." "Are you saying we have to wait nine months for me to give birth to a child?" I asked, my jaw dropping.

"That is ludicrous." "Not give birth," he said, shaking his head. "Conceive." Aingeal burst out laughing. "You need to be bred, Princess!" My cheeks burned crimson. I suddenly became aware of everyone staring at me. Of Sven so nearby. A ripple of heat washed out of my pussy. It billowed through my body. My nipples hardened. A trickle of juices ran down my thighs.

To be bred. By Sven. By my father. No, no, don't think of him right now. I turned to Sven. I stared at him. His blue eyes were wide. That look of. consternation melted away into something approaching awe.

Then his smile grew, that grin that made me feel like a woman as his eyes roamed my body. My back straightened, my chin lifting. I felt the cool caress of my gown upon my small breasts, the fabric molding to them.

It clung to my hips, letting Sven see all my womanly curves. "Master's got just the cock you need," Zanyia said. She giggled, hugging him from behind and squeezing his bulging crotch in his leather pants. "Mmm, he's growing so hard. Master wants to breed you, Mistress Ava." "Of course he does," Aingeal said, her wings fluttering behind her back.

Her large tits jiggled, the gold rings piercing her nipples flashing. "I want to be bred by Master," Nathalie said. She clutched her belly. "I hope I will be soon." "I bet you do," Kora said, hugging Nathalie from behind.

My future sister-in-law grinned at me over the girl's shoulder. She had such a look of joy in her eyes. I knew she wanted to have his baby, too. But with things so dangerous. But if I had to be bred. My pussy clenched. Then I groaned. "What?" Sven asked. "Is there a problem with your reproductive system?" Theophil asked. My cheeks burned with embarrassment, two fires raging on either side of my head. I wanted to melt into the floor.

"Everything. down there works just fine! I have a reproductive charm on me. It lasts for months yet. I can't conceive so long as I have that." "Oh, I can take care of that," the faerie said. She gave a gigglish squeal of delight, her wings fluttering hard enough to lift her a few inches off the ground.

The flashing pink of her wings rippled in distorted reflections across the vault door and walls. "I'll make sure you're nice and ripe, too.

I'll ensure our husband's seed plants in your fertile soil on the first try. Though he can make all the attempts he wants." She gave me a wicked wink of her purple eye. "Just to make sure?" I asked with an impish grin, my pussy growing hot.

Aingeal grinned and Zanyia let out a purring moan of delight. "Ooh, I am so happy for you!" Kora said before she moved to me. Her arms through around my neck. She hugged me tight. I felt the amulet through our clothing and didn't care against the tide of passion brimming through me.

"Good luck, sister-wife." "Thank you!" I said then kissed her on the mouth. Kora melted against me. Our tongues danced together. I wanted Sven's child so badly. I would do it. I would be bred by him while our family surrounded me. It would be so passionate. So amazing. I would have such a wondrous time. Chapter Eleven: Fertile Princess Aingeal "You can use my bedroom," Journeyman Carsina said, her fiery hair dancing about her shoulders. "It's not the biggest bed, and it's not really fit for a princess." "Oh, it'll be fine," I told her as we walked away from the Vault, my breasts jiggling before me.

I put an arm around her shoulder. "You should see some of the wicked places we've enjoyed each other. Fields. Forest glades. Libraries." "Libraries?" gasped the girl, her ruby eyes growing so wide. "Wait, at the University? With all those books around you?" "Mmm, yes," Sven said as he walked ahead, his arm around Ava's shoulder.

The princess clung to his right side while Kora was on the right. The princess's and the priestess's hands playing with each other at the small of his back. They were both eager for this. So was I. It was such a strange feeling brimming inside of me. Sven and I would never make a child. Though I was one of the races descended from the God of Lust, I didn't come from a single-sex race. I didn't need to find a male from a different species to breed with like Zanyia did.

I could only have a child with a faerie. But. I was fine with that. I blinked my eyes. Just like I knew I would outlive Sven. I would watch him grow old and die but. I would get to watch over his many descendants with the women around us. His children with Kora, Ava, Nathalie, Zanyia, and Greta would all exist. They would have their own lives and their own faerie. faerie-grandmother to watch over them and guide them.

I couldn't wait for Ava to have her first baby. For Zanyia and Kora and Nathalie and Greta to all conceive. It would be so wondrous. My wings fluttered in pure joy at the prospect. I wouldn't be alone once all those I loved died because I would find new versions of them to love. "Here we are," Carsina said. The temple wasn't very large. It took climbing a single staircase out of the basement to find her quarters.

"I'll, uh, be in my workshop. When you're finished, come fetch my master and me." "Don't want to stick around and watch my prowess?" Sven asked, giving her a grin. The journeyman gave a squeak of shock. Then she threw open her door and backed away. "Well, uh, I have work to attend to.

Enjoy your, um, breeding!" I giggled as she darted away, her footsteps thudding away and fading as she rounded a corner. My wings fluttered in utter delight. I lifted from the ground and twirled in the air.

Zanyia joined me, a purr rumbling from her throat. The lamia sprang at me. She seized me from behind, her naked body rubbing on my back, her small breasts firm, and her nipples hard. I shuddered as she grabbed my big, pillowy breasts. It was so naughty of her.

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Her weight carried me back to the ground. Her thighs locked around my waist, her wet bush rubbing on the small of my back. "Let's get the princess bred!" she yowled. "I think that's a great idea," Sven said. He leaned down and kissed the princess. Their lips locked together, moving, tongues flashing. His hand squeezed her rump through her dress, kneading her. "Are you going to breed her in the corridor, Master?" Nathalie asked. She held Greta's hand, the two girls both grinning. They were so similar—both young and blonde—and so different—Nathalie petite and Greta so curvy.

Sven broke the kiss. "Mmm, I could but. I think she deserves better." "First she needs that pesky charm broken," I said. "And we're going to have so much fun breaking it, Princess." Ava glanced at me, arching a strawberry eyebrow.

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"Oh, really? Is it naughty." "Just filthy," I grinned at her. "In fact, I need two volunteers to strip the princess naked!" "Ooh, we can do it!" Greta said. "Yes, yes!" Nathalie gasped, her pigtails bouncing about her shoulders, her blue eyes twinkling. "Well, lead her into the room and have at her," I said, my pussy growing so juicy. I pressed my thighs tight together, loving that sticky feel of a wet passion.

"And I'll make sure Master is ready to go!" Zanyia said. "I'll keep his dick nice and hard." "Such a sacrifice you are making," Kora said as the lamia released me and darted around me to dash to Sven. She fell to her knees before him and rubbed her cheek into his bugle.

"Such a big sacrifice, Mistress Kora," she said, tail twitching back and forth. "But it is one I'm willing to make for Mistress Ava." "Such a treasure," Ava sighed as Greta and Nathalie led the princess into the room. I followed after, my tits heaving. Carsina's room was. small. This would be an intimate time. She had a bed and lots of shelves covered in thick tomes on such "fascinating" subjects like engineering and architecture and metallurgy.

That book almost got my hopes up on it being actually interesting until I realized it wasn't metallorgy. Metallurgy sounded. so pedantic. The two eager, young sex slaves led Ava to the narrow bed covered in a gray quilt.

The two attacked the ties of the princess's dress, both of them grinning like a pair of naughty kittens. Zanyia taught them both so well. "We're going to get you so wet and ready to be bred, Mistress," Nathalie said her delicate hands opened Ava's bodice. "Mmm, so ready," Greta purred. "I know how much you've been aching to be bred by Master." "We did spend a lot of time talking about it trying to fall asleep," Ava said.

Then she gasped. "Ooh, Nathalie, you naughty girl." The sex slave had her mouth latched onto the princess's dusky nipple. Nathalie's fair cheeks hollowed as she sucked and worshiped that naughty nub. Her hands groped both of the princess's small, conical tits, kneading them as she worship it. Ava groaned, her body shuddering while Greta pulled down her dress. The wicked sounds of sucking made my pussy so wet. My cunt clenched and my wings fluttered. I rubbed my hands on my belly as I watched while my sensitive ears picked up a new sound.

The creaking of leather. "Ooh, you naughty kitten," groaned Kora. "Suck my brother's dick. Get him all hard and ready to breed the princess." "Yes, Mistress Kora," yowled Zanyia. I looked just in time to see the lamia open her mouth wide and engulf my husband's dick. Sven groaned, pleasure crossing his face as she sucked and slurped. Her hands kept pulling his pants down his thighs while Sven ripped off his leather jerkin, throwing it to the ground.

I purred in delight, loving the sight of his muscular body. So strong. Kora pressed against him, stroking his body, her lips nibbling on her brother's ear. Her hips swayed from side to side, her nipples poking at her pink robes. "It is interesting how the followers of Krab see this not as a creation of art, but of a craftsmen constructing a new life," Ealaín said, moving up beside me. "I know, it's so stuffy," I said, shaking my head.

"A miracle is about to happen, and that round-nose man thinks it's no different than building a windmill." "It's so much more," Kora moaned. "Two people collaborating to make something new, something unique, inspired by Rithi's passion.

Oh, brother mine, I want you to put a baby into Ava's belly." "Yes!" the princess moaned. "Do that." I glanced at her. Greta knelt, drawing the princess's skirt down off her hips. Nathalie still suckled at Ava's breasts, but now loved the other nipple with her naughty mouth. The sex slave's braided hair spilled down Ava's flat body, the golden silk almost glittering against pale skin. Then Ava gasped. Greta nuzzled her face into the princess's pussy, licking, tonguing, getting her nice and ready.

I shivered, inspired to create such a beautiful act of art by what I witnessed this morning in Krab's temple. "Yes, yes, yes," Ava moaned.

"Ooh, they're getting me so ready for you. Do they have to make me cum?" I almost said yes, but my pussy was on fire. I didn't want to stand by and watch. Not when everyone was having fun. "No, no, just slide onto the bed. Assume whatever position you want for me to fuck you." "Fuck me?" asked Ava. She shivered. "With what?" I winked at her. "Well, I did fuck you last night," Ava said and then giggled.

"But I need Greta's help to assume that same position." Greta pulled her head from Ava's pussy. "What position, Mistress?" "Go lie down on the bed. On your back. And spread those legs!" "Yes!" Greta moaned. The eighteen-year-old girl hopped to her feet. Her tits jiggled as she ripped herself out of her dress. It came off in what felt like a flash, far faster than I thought possible.

She threw herself onto the bed, her tits heaving and quaking. She lay on her back, squirming, an excited gleam in her eyes as she settled into position. She cupped her big tits as she hugged herself. Her cute toes wiggled as she spread her thighs, revealing her blonde bush soaked in her excitement. I groaned at how cute she was, and she wasn't the only one.

"Gods, she is begging to be ravished," groaned Sven. "Maybe I should breed her, too." "Maybe, brother mine," Kora panted. "Ooh, when this is all over, you're going to breed me, too." "Yeah, sister dear," Sven said, though something in his voice didn't sound as.

enthusiastic. I was about to say something when Greta squealed, "Mistress, yes!" Ava mounted the busty girl. The princess stretched her lithe and petite figure atop her pale-skinned bedmaid. Their ivory bodies pressed together, Ava's firm, small titties nuzzling into Greta's pillowy mounds. I couldn't see either girls' faces, hidden by a curtain of her strawberry-blonde hair, but I could hear the smacking of their lips. And I could see their two bushes, a red-gold nuzzling into a straw-blonde, between their two thighs.

Their hot pussies peeked through, petals pink and inviting.

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I remembered last night, lying atop her while she fucked us with the feyhound's dick. Now it was my turn. I summoned the spirits. They couldn't see the violet-hued enchantment spirits zooming to me or the blue balls of the abjuration spirits dancing around my form. The entire world brimmed with the spirits invisible to all but a few humans, like those who had faerie blood inside them.

How did those Tuathan humans breed with faerie? Maybe there was hope I could have a child with Sven. But that wasn't my business here. I thought about what I wanted the spirits to do, and they obeyed me.

They loved us faeries so much. The enchantment spirits formed a thin shaft thrusting from my cock coated in an aura of purple energy. The humans could see my cock. When faeries used spirits, the effects were noticeable as a violet glow that manifested for all to see.

"What are you up to, Aingeal?" Sven asked, his voice throaty from Zanyia's enthusiastic blowjob. "Why, I have to fuck her and cum and spurt magical energy into her to break the enchantment and ensure she's ovulating so you can breed her, my husband," I answered, now shaping the abjuration spirits to give the cock actual substance that could touch Ava, building around the enchantment's core.

Fuck Ava. "Faerie magic doesn't work like that," Kora said. "Your spirits always go to work instantaneous. You never had to make artifacts or proxies before." I shrugged. "She just wants to fuck me with her dick," Ava moaned, her tight tush wiggling atop Greta. "She's just a depraved and wanton faerie." "So depraved and wanton," groaned Sven.

"Mmm, yes," gasped Kora. "It's why she makes you such a good wife, brother mine." I winked at Kora as I finished shaping the dildo out of energy. The abjuration spirits formed a thicker shaft that pressed onto my clit. I extended the end of the dildo to press into my pussy, too. It filled me, making my back arch and my tits jiggle. I groaned at the delicious feel of being penetrated by a sex toy I made out of my own magic. I swelled the end of it into a round ball, my pussy gripping the bulbous part tight.

I would feel every thrust into Ava's cunt. It wouldn't be the same as having a dick that I could feel through, the way Zanyia got to enjoy the dildo empowered by Ava, but it would still be so much fun.

"Mmm, that looks perfect," Ava moaned, watching me from atop Greta, her face swept clear of her hair now. "I want that in me. Get me ready for Sven to breed me." "Fuck her hard, wife," growled my husband, Zanyia slurping away on his dick.

I gave him a wink as his hands stripped off Kora's robes. He squeezed her round breasts, his thumb tracing the flowering vine on her left tit, following the pattern down towards her pink nipple. He massaged it. She quivered in incestuous delight. My pussy clenched. I ached. I needed to cum. I padded towards the bed, my heavy tits swaying.

I crawled over the foot of it, my knees pressing on the hard, straw-stuffed mattress. I leaned over, unable to resist the delight of licking the two pussies before me. I nuzzled into Greta's golden bush. My tongue flicked through her tart folds, gathering her cream on my climb up to the princess's snatch. I flicked both their clits as they ground them together, making them both squeal in delight. Then my tongue was buried into Ava's fresh-tasting quim.

My tongue fluttered through the sheath my new spirit-made dildo would fuck. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes,"Ava gasped. "That's so wicked of you, Aingeal." My head lifted from her pussy, both their juices staining my lips and chins. Their flavors lingered on my tongue as I moaned, "I know. I just can't resist." "No," Sven groaned. I rose and brought my purple energy dildo to Ava's pussy.

My own cunt clenched down on the other end. It felt so good in me. I pressed the tip against Ava's pussy, shifting around to find the entrance to her sheath and.

Ava whimpered as the dildo sank an inch into her. The pressure of sinking into her hot cunt pressed the toy back, stirring it through my pussy. I whimpered and thrust forward hard, ramming my magically created shaft into her cunt. My breasts bounced before me as my crotch smacked into the princess's rump. "Ooh, yes," Ava gasped. "Ooh, you made something nice to fuck me with." "Fuck her so hard, Mistress Aingeal," Greta moaned, her face looking up at me, her blue eyes glassy.

"When you slammed into her, you push her clit into mine. They kissed. It's incredible." "I bet it is incredible, you little slut," I groaned and drew back my hips. I slammed forward, burying into Ava again. Greta gasped, her lips pursing tight. Her eyes fluttered as she let out a groan of delight. I loved the sight of it. Ava moaned, too. Her hips wiggled, shifting the dildo around inside of me.

Pleasure rippled through me, my pussy drinking in the stimulation. I pulled back and slammed in again. And again. I loved it. My hands gripped her sides, stroking her silky skin as I pounded her royal cunt with my hard thrusts. I groaned, the slap of flesh echoing through the room. My hips pumped away so hard. I fucked her with such delicious rapture. Every thrust moved the other end inside of me.

It gave me such delicious pleasure. My eyes widened. Stars danced through my vision. "Oh, yes, yes," I groaned. "I'm getting you ready to be bred by our man." "You are!" she whimpered, her hips bucking back into the thrust.

"Fuck her so hard!" Greta moaned. "Pater's cock, this is so exciting." "Gods, it is," groaned Sven. "Your tits are heaving. You're pounding her so hard." "So hard," I agreed, shooting him a sultry, smoky look.

"I am glad you recognize all the hard work I am performing. How I'm fucking her with such majesty." "You are a work of art," moaned Kora. "Isn't she, Ealaín?" "She stirs such excitement in me," Ealaín answered. I shivered, loving all the eyes watching me and the sound of Zanyia sucking my husband's cock. It all inspired me to fuck my hips forward hard. To ram my magical dildo into Ava's pussy while stirring up my own.

Every thrust sent a ripple through my body. My cunt gripped the dildo and drank in how it shifted. Another part of it pressed on my clit. My little bud flared with pleasure every time I rammed forward into Ava's cunt. My tits heaved together.

My nipple rings flashing. Suddenly, Nathalie leaped onto the bed, now naked, and buried her face between my bouncing breasts. Her hands kneaded my tits as her lips kissed and sucked on the inner slopes. "Ooh, you little titty-slut," I groaned as she kissed up my right breast, her fingers digging into my mounds. "I love your tits, Mistress Aingeal!" she whimpered.

"They're so big and soft." "Yes, they are," groaned Sven. I shuddered as the naughty girl sucked on my nipple.

Her mouth latched on. Her cheeks hollowed. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. It felt incredible. My entire body shivered. My piercing shifted in my nub, batted by her tongue. The stimulation shot down to my pussy. I groaned, my cunt clenching down so hard on the toy. My snatch drank in the sensation. I fucked harder and harder while Nathalie loved my nipple.

Her fingers found my other nipple ring, tugging and twisting it. Such sparks of pleasure rained down upon my pussy. Juices ran down my thighs. "Yes, yes, yes, you wicked sex slave!" I howled.

"They are both so wicked," Ava moaned. "Oh, keep fucking me. Keep pressing my clit into Greta's, Aingeal!" "Yes, Mistress Aingeal!" gasped Greta.

"Uh-huh," I panted, my thrusts reaching a fever pitch. I panted, my eyes fluttering. I rammed forward with all my might. The toy shifted inside of me. I threw back my head. My wings fluttered hard and fast. Air swirled around my ass as the orgasm exploded. My orgasm spasmed through my body.

I drove deep into Ava, hammering her cunt with such frantic strokes while my mind melted into rapturous mush. "Aingeal!" she squealed. "Oh, yes yes, yes! I'm cumming!" "Good!" I moaned and willed the spirits to erupt into her as I buried the magical dildo into her cunt. Suddenly, my toy vanished in an explosion of purple that burst up from between us, painting Nathalie's body in violet highlights. The princess gasped and shuddered atop Greta's body as the abjuration spirits broke the charm and then ensured her body was fertile.

"She's ready for you, Sven!" Chapter Twelve: Conflicting Desires Sven Falk I ripped my dick out of Zanyia's mouth. I didn't want to waste of a drop of my outside of Ava's pussy. She needed to be bred. It was so hard resisting her.

It was almost impossible. I was so close to cumming. I was on the verge of erupting. Just a little bit more stimulation, and I would have lost all control. Zanyia sucked cock too well. Normally, that wasn't a problem. "Breed her, Master," she panted.

"Mmm, now you can lick my pussy," Kora purred. "Yes, Mistress!" Aingeal rose into the air, her pink wings a blur. She drifted backward, trembling in delight. Ava rolled off of Greta, lying beside her busty bedmaid.

Nathalie turned to greet me, kneeling on the bed, too. Her small, firm breasts barely jiggled with her movement. "She's so ready for you," moaned Nathalie, her hands stroking up and down Ava's right thigh. I moved to see right between the princess's legs. Her pussy was matted down with juices. I throbbed and ached, still on the verge of cumming. If I plunged into Ava, I would orgasm the moment I slid home.

I was just too excited by the prospect of breeding her. I needed to calm down first. I never came without making sure my woman had her orgasm. I knew just how to calm down and make sure Ava came.

I mounted the end of the bed, my hands grabbing Ava's thighs. She shuddered then gasped as I buried my face between her thighs. I nuzzled into her bush, breathing in her fresh scent. I also caught a tart musk. Greta. "Oh, I just came," Ava moaned. "I'm more than wet enough. Just stick it in and breed me, Sven." I stared up her body. "I'll breed you my way, princess. So just enjoy." She shuddered.

"Mmm, yes, Sven." I loved her submission. A man took charge of his woman's pleasures. He gave her what she needed, craved. He worshiped her, loved her, gave her ecstasy because she deserved it. And then he took his pleasure in her. Then he used her and received all the delights of her body. She would do anything for him. Just like my women would do anything for me.

My tongue licked through her fresh-tasting folds. Her cream coated my tongue and throat. I licked and lapped at her, nuzzling through her delights. I rooted through her, my tongue fluttering. I stirred through her with such a hungry tongue. I made her gasp and whimper. Her thighs squeezed down on my face. Her moans echoed through the room. "Oh, Sven, yes!" she moaned. "Oh, that's so nice.

Ooh, yes, yes, yes!" I loved the sounds my woman made when I pleased them. I stared up her body, watching her small breasts jiggle as I played with her. I nuzzled my tongue deep into her snatch. I worked it in and out of her, driving her wild. She squirmed, her hands shooting down her body to grab my hair. Her fingers dug into my strands.

Showing me her passion. Her moans grew louder and louder. She was so excited already. Her juices flowed, staining my mouth. Her small tits swayed as she arched her back, an explosive moan bursting from her lips. Her head tossed back and forth. Then Greta nuzzled at her breast. "Mmm, he's going to breed you, Mistress." "Yes, he is!" Ava moaned then gasped as her bedmaid sucked on a dusky nipple.

"Ooh, yes, yes, make me cum! I need you in me so badly, Sven! I need to be bred!" I loved hearing her moans. I licked harder through her pussy. My tongue fluttered up to her clit. My fingers moved in, sliding through her wet bush. As I sucked on her bud, I jammed two into her depths. My dick throbbed as I felt her hot flesh engulf my fingers.

Her pussy clenched down on it. She whimpered and gasped. Her body shook. The bed creaked as I curled my digits inside of her pussy, searching along the top of the wall for just the right place to make her explode.

My cock throbbed. My balls ached. They were full of seed that needed to spill inside of her. "Oh, Gods, Sven!" she moaned. "Yes, yes, yes, just like that. Slata's hairy cunt! I'm going to explode and—" She bucked hard as I found that special spot.

That place that would make her explode. I attacked it, stroking it with my finger. I massaged it in fast circles. Her pussy clenched down hard on my digits. Her silky flesh caressed me, making my dick twitch in envy. "Do it," I growled.


"Cum, Ava. Cum and I'll fuck you so hard. I'll breed you!" "Yes, yes, yes!" she screamed. Her pussy went wild about my digits. Her silky flesh spasmed and convulsed. Her flesh rippled about me. I shuddered, my dick aching so badly. I sucked in a deep breath, eager to fuck her. To pound her so hard.

To breed her. She screamed out my name in need. I had to give her what she craved. I ripped my fingers out of her pussy and rose.

My pussy-slicked hand grabbed my cock as I mounted her. Nathalie quivered beside us. "Breed her, Master!" she moaned as she fingered her cunt. "Yes, yes, yes, breed her, brother mine!" Kora moaned.

I brought my dick to the entrance of Ava's pussy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Princess Ava My orgasm surged through me. It give me such joy. I was so eager for this.

I needed to be bred by him. He mounted me. He loomed over me, his dick brushing the entrance to my pussy. I stared up at him and— "NO!" The word exploded from my voice.

My pussy was unprotected. If he fucked me, he would breed me. I thrashed as a sudden panic surged through my body. It crashed into my mind. He wasn't the right person. "You're not my daddy!" I screamed, my legs thrashing and kicking. I thrust my hands before me, pushing on his chest. "Get away from me! Only my daddy can breed me!" The lust for my father exploded through me. I needed to fuck him right now. I was finally ready for him. My body was prepared.

His seed just needed to fill me. I couldn't let Sven do this. I couldn't let him touch me with that cock. My leg kick up, striking between Sven's thighs.

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He groaned, pain flashing across his face. I wriggled back from him, pressing against the bed's headboard. I trembled, pulling my legs tight, hugging them to my tits. "Only Daddy can breed me!" I gasped, rocking.

"Stay away from me!" "Ava?" Sven gasped, his face twisted in pain. I shook my head, closed my eyes, and went to my father. I threw out my soul to the proxy I left in my father's office back in Echur. I had to be with him. I had to be fucked by him right now.


I needed to be bred by my father's incestuous seed. To be continued.