Son sleeps with his mother

Son sleeps with his mother
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MOM'S DILEMMA BY COYOTE Jolene was at work when the phone call came. Her thirteen year old son, Donny, and three of his friends were due to be driven back home from summer camp by bus. The bus had, apparently, broken down and the camp director was calling her to ask that she drive up and take the boys home herself.

It was one thirty and the boys were due to be home by four. The drive to the camp was a four hour round trip.

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If she left immediately she wouldn't be there until three thirty and, at best, would have the boys home by five thirty or six. She was not dressed for a trip up to camp. If she were she would be wearing jeans, sneakers and a sweater. As it was, being called at the last minute from work, she had on a short knit skirt, high heel pumps and a blouse that revealed all too much of her sizeable breasts.

She wore these clothes to impress her new boss. She knew that her plump bottom and clearly visible panty line were attracting his attention, and today she had put on the thin blouse through which her nice, big nipples were clearly poking out. Jolene was normally very modest but, now that all their jobs were in jeopardy, she hoped that looking sexy would help keep her employed. At any rate, it was no outfit to wear around little boys, but there was no one else to pick them up.

She asked her supervisor for the extra time off, explaining her problem, and was given permission to leave. She went to the parking lot, got in her Chevy station wagon and pulled out to the attendant.

He was a man of fifty five or so, a lecherous loser who enjoyed making obscene remarks to the more attractive female employees. "Oh My, Jolene" he grinned, looking down at her "That's quite a little skirtie you got on there. How's about a little peek at your panties?

C'mon. Just a little peek to see how nice. C'mon." "I'm not going to show you anything" Jolene said angrily "You're a perverted old man and you should watch how you talk to the office girls." "Aaah, c'mon, Jolene" he grinned "Lemme see your undies.

Just one nice peek and I won't bother you any more. I just wanna see how they fit." Oh, you, you dirty man" Jolene chirped" You're not going to see anything." Jolene drove off in a huff thinking how the company could employ a creep like that. The drive to Camp Lakota took exactly two hours. When she arrived, a gaggle of about twenty boys and girls awaited pickup.

Jolene spotted her son, Donny, standing with two other boys and a pretty little girl of about eleven, and pulled up to them. "Hi, Mom' Donny smiled "The bus broke down. Thanks for coming to get us. These are my friends Timmy, and Chuck and this is Mary-Ellen.

They don't live far from us." The boys and the little girl piled into the station wagon, Donny and Chuck in the front with her, Timmy and Mary-Ellen in the back. To her embarrassment, Jolene saw that her thin, nippie-showing blouse was not lost on the boy called Chuck and she tugged down her skirt demurely to make sure he didn't get to see anything else that little boys were always trying to see. After driving twenty minutes, Donny and Timmy said they had to go to the bathroom.

Spotting a rural country store, Jolene pulled up and they all got out for a pit-stop and to get some snacks. Jolene, Mary-Ellen and Chuck went into the store while Donny and Timmy headed for the bathroom. In the store were five men. The clerk, two oldsters playing checkers and two hillbilly types in overalls drinking beer. "How can I help you li'l lady" the clerk said "We got fresh apple cider today and real maple candy." "Oh.

No candy" Jolene said "Maybe just some potato chips and sodas." One of the hillbillies walked up to Jolene and she could smell the beer. "Why, hello pretty lady" he grinned "Mah names Jude.

You sure is a good lookin' woman." "Uh…Thank…Thank you…", Jolene said, trying to be polite. "Why don't you an' the little girl come on over to the house with me and mah brother there so's we kin have some fun with you. We'll get your panties off an' give it to both of you real good." Jolene could not believe the impertinence of this bumpkin.

And the children had heard what he said. "How dare you" she snapped angrily "Get away from me." "No offense lady" he grinned "But you sure do got a nice big ass an' we sure would like to play with it. Bet those little boys would too. Bet they'd like to see those big, juicy tits you got there." "Why you, you big creep" Jolene snapped, blushing deeply, knowing the kids were listening to every word "There are children here.

How can you talk like that. Leave me alone." Ahhh. Jeez lady. You think them boys don't know what nookie is?" he smirked "Bet they'd like a peek down your panties to see some real poosie. How 'bout that kids. How'd ya like to see her poosie?" Totally outraged by the grinning bumpkin's filthy comments. Jolene turned on her high heels and walked to the cash register. She had been humiliated in front of the children almost to the point of tears and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

She could see that Timmy and Mary-Ellen were embarrassed also, but the boy, Chuck, was smiling.

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No doubt the little brat was thinking about what the bumpkin had said and she hated him also. "Ooooweee. Would you lookit that ass. Shakes like a bowl of Jello" The bumpkin called after her "How'd you like some of that, Lem?" The one called Lem had a Cellular phone to his ear and just smiled. The clerk apologized for the man's rude remarks, explaining that when the Riley's got drunk they were out of control and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Jolene and the children got back in the car and drove off. So hurried was she, that Jolene didn't notice that her short knit skirt had ridden up indecently high and the boy called Chuck was getting a nice peek at her panties. She tugged her skirt down, giving the boy an angry glance that was returned with a smirking grin. Ten more minutes down the road they encountered a Detour sign pointing to the right. Jolene didn't remember such a sign on the way up, but it blocked the road, leaving them no choice but to follow it.

They found themselves on a dirt road that soon narrowed to a lane, then to a path in the woods. Knowing something was terribly wrong, Jolene tried to make a U-turn but the path was too narrow. Suddenly, a man of about fifty, in overalls, emerged from the woods carrying a shotgun. The man came up to the car and Jolene rolled down the window. "What y'all doin' back here lady?" he said "This here is privite propity." "We…we got lost …" Jolene said nervously "There was a sign and…and we followed it." "Well, y'all is tresspassin' on mah land" he said "Git outa that car." "But…but we didn't know…" Jolene stammered "All…all we want to do is turn around…O.K." "Ah said git outa there, lady" he threatened, raising his shotgun and pointing it at Jolene "An' ah mean now.

All of ya. Git on out here." Jolene and the children fearfully left the car and stood before the man. "Damn" he said "Ah'm jest sick an tired of you city folks thinkin' you can go anywhere ya want. Well, you're gonna have ta pay up this time." Just then an old red pick-up truck rattled up behind the station wagon and stopped.

Much to Jolene's horror, the two men who stepped out were the same two brothers from the store. "What ya got here Paw?" the one called Jude smiled "Some more trespassers? Why, heck. I seen these folks down at Dolph's. An' that li'l lady there was right unfriendly. Called me a creep." "That so?" the one with the shotgun said "Called you a creep, did she? Called you a creep, then she comes up here on our land." "Hey Paw", the one called Lem grinned "Mebbe she come on back here to give them little boys some nookie.

Thass what it looks like to me." "WHA…WHAT?" Jolene snapped, shocked at the lewd and impossible suggestion "Oh my god…How could you…How could you even think…Ooooh You…You…I was taking them home from camp.

The boy over there is my son." "Hear that Paw?" Jude smirked "She was gonna give her kid some nookie too. How 'bout that boys? Was she gonna give you a little poosie? Was she gonna take her undies off an' do it for you nice-nice?" "Ooooh don't…Don't talk like that…" Jolene stammered blushing deeply "We…we were just driving home…Please let us go and…and we'll be on our way." "Sorry, li'l lady" Paw said "You done trespassed, called mah boy a creep an' come on up here ta fuck them little boys.

You gotta learn a lesson. Don't she Jude?" "Thass right Paw" Jude grinned "But if they wanna fuck, we should let 'em. Why don't we take 'em on up to the house so's we kin watch 'em fuck. That oughta be fun." "Please stop it…Stop it…" Jolene protested on the verge of tears "How can you even think that. They're just little boys…One is my son…Stop it…Please…" "You hear that Paw" Lem chuckled "She was gonna pull down her panties an' do it with her own kid.

Oh yeah. I wanna watch that." Jolene broke down in tears while Donny and the other boys stood silently. Little Mary-Ellen had begun to weep also. "C'mon, all of ya. Git on up to the house" Paw said, waving the shotgun "Y'all are gonna put on a little show fer us." "Thass right Paw" Jude grinned "Let's make 'em show us what they was gonna do back here. Oooweee.

This sure is gonna be fun." Tears of humiliation ran down Jolene's cheeks at having been talked to in such a fashion in front of her thirteen year old son and his friends. She knew the hillbillies could not possibly believe she had intended to do such things with boys of their age and couldn't possibly mean what they said.

No one could be that perverted. They were just trying to scare them. Jolene prayed that they would be let go shortly without any further humiliation. "Hey Lem" she heard Judes' voice behind her "Lookit that. Y'all kin see her panties right through that skirt she's wearin'.

Ain't that nice?" Jolene winced at the comment and wanted to reprimand the filthy bumpkin, but thought better of it. Suddenly, she felt the back of her skirt being lifted and quickly reached to hold it down.

"Stop that…Don't do that…" she snapped, turning to see Jude grinning lewdly. "Hey, Lem" he said to his brother "Almost got to see right on up there. A little bit higher an' we woulda seen her undies.

Ooo-La-La." "Damn. Ah sure would like to see her underpants" Lem smiled "Ah bet she got real purty ones on. That li'l girlie looks kinda cute too" "Don't you have any decency?" Jolene blushed "Can't you see there are children here. Ooooo you…you beasts…" To her dismay, Jolene realized that the young boys had seen the bumpkin try to get her skirt up for a peek and hoped they hadn't seen too much.

"Hear that Lem" Jude snickered "She done called us beasts an' she's the one brought these kids on back here to strip her undies for 'em an' suck their dicks." "Stop that…Stop saying that…" Jolene squeaked "Where did you get such a terrible idea?

Don't say that any more." "C'mon there lady" Lem smirked "What kinda outfit is that to wear aroun' little boys. Jess lookit you with them panties showin' through your skirt an' your big nippies poppin' right on out there. You think that don't make these kids want a little somethin'?" "Oooooh you…you animals. You're nothing but animals to think such things" Jolene whinnied "Don't say those things in front of the boys." Jolene and the children were taken through the woods to a large, but ramshackle, house.

Standing on the rickety porch were two young boys, twins it seemed, of about twelve and a little girl of about ten. "Hey Paw" one of the boys said "You got us some trespassers again? We gonna have some fun with 'em?" "Well they's sure gonna have to pay fer comin' on our land" Paw answered "Ah don't 'spect they got much money so they's gonna hafta put on a little show fer us." "What…what do you mean a little show…" Jolene stammered, refusing to believe that anyone could be perverted enough to make her do things in front of her own son "You…you don't mean…You don't actually expect that I…I would ever…" "Ah sure do li'l lady" he menaced, raising his gun "That li'l girlie too.

An' this shotgun here is gonna get you in the mood." Jolene was horrified at the thought that she and little Mary-Ellen might actually be raped by Jude and Lem. Raped while her own thirteen-year-old son, his friends and the other children watched. "Please…can't.can't you just let us go…" she whimpered "We didn't mean to trespass…It was a mistake…Please…" "Zeke.

You an' Deke go on in the house" Paw said to the twins "An' Dolly, you get us some beers. Jude, you and Lem take these kids to the parlor. Ah think ah gotta explain things to Mom here." When all of them were inside, Paw turned to Jolene. "Ah don't think you unnerstan' li'l lady" he said "If'n you don't do what your told ah'm gonna take mah shotgun an' blow your haid off. Then ah'm gonna blow your kids haid off.

You got mah meanin'?" "Oh please…Please don't do this…" Jolene whimpered "I…I'll get you money… Anything…Please don't do this…" "Hell, li'l lady. We don't want your money" Paw said "What we want is ta watch you strip yore undies an' show us them big titties an' that nice poosie of yourn. Bet them young boys would like ta get a look too." "Oh you…you wouldn't make me do that "Jolene pleaded "I…I'll do anything… anything…but not in front of the boys…Please…Not in front of the boys…" "Heck lady" he chuckled "Thass the whole fun of it.

You gettin stripped nice an'nakey so's them kids can have a good look-see. Ah bet that boy of yourn would sure like watchin' his Mom take 'em off for everybody." "Oh…You can't be serious…You can't really mean you would make me…make me…take off my…my…" "Now get in the house, lady" he snapped "An' quit squawkin'" Jolene was taken into the parlor where everyone stood waiting, Jude and Lem with bottles of beer in their hands.

"O.K., sonny-boy" Paw said pointing at Donny "You an' yer friends sit over there an' watch us have some fun with yer Mom." "Hey Paw" one of the twins said "Kin we look up her skirtie?

Kin we feel her up?" "Yeah Paw", the other one said, "We wanna see her undies an' give her a feel." "Wah sure boys" Paw said "Git on down there an' have yourselves a peek. Ah don' think the li'l lady would mind lettin' y'all have a look-see up there." "Wha…What?" Jolene piped, still not fully accepting her situation "You can't …You can't possibly think I would let…let them. They're just little boys…little boys…I…I…" "Now y'all just simmer down there li'l lady" Paw said, holding up the shotgun "If'n mah boys want a look-see up that skirtie of yours, they's gonna have it." Jolene instinctively clasped her skirt around her thighs as the twelve year old twins scooted down to lie on their backs and look upwards.

"Go on now, li'l lady" Paw said "Git yer hands away so's mah boys kin look on up there an' see somethin' nice." With the shotgun pointing directly at her, Jolene gave a squeal of absolute humiliation and took her hands away. These nasty little boys were actually going to look up her skirt. There was nothing she could do about it and she shuddered knowing that her son and his friends were watching her embarrassment.

"Oh Jeez. Lookie that" one of the twins said, peering upwards "Ah kin see her panties." "Oooweeee. She sure does got nice undie-pants" the other said "Nice pink ones, an' they sure do fit good over her poosie." "Go on, li'l lady" Paw said "Spread them legs a little so's the boys kin see everythin' real good." Whimpering and blushing deeply, Jolene had no choice but to part her legs so the little boys could enjoy a better view up between her thighs.

"Damn. Lookie that nice panty-pie she got there" the one called Deke smiled as he gazed up between her legs "Bet she got a real nice poosie." "Oh don't…Don't do this…Please don't do this…", Jolene whimpered "They're only little boys…Please don't do this…Please…" "Heck, Paw" Lem grinned "Mom here sure does squawk a lot. An' we ain't even got down ta business yet." "Thass O.K." Paw said "She can squawk all she wants.

It ain't gonna help her none." "Hey Paw" young Deke said "Kin we give her a feelie up there? Kin we play with her panties?" "Yeah Paw" Zeke piped "We wanna tickle her panties. Kin we?" "Oh please…Don't…Don't let them do that…" Jolene sobbed "You wouldn't let them do that…They're…They're only little boys…Please don't let them do that…" "Lady. If'n mah boys wants ta tickle yer undie-pants, they's gonna tickle yer undie-pants" Paw said "Now you jess spread them legs a li'l wider so's they kin play aroun' an have some fun up there." "Please take my son out of the room…Please…" Jolene whimpered "Don't do this to me in front of my son…I…I beg you…Please…" "Ah said spread them legs, lady" Paw barked, raising the shotgun "Ah don't wanna hafta tell you again." "Oh No…Noooo…" Jolene sobbed, spreading her legs nicely, further exposing her most private panty-covered pussy to the hateful little boys "You're terrible… Terrible…How can you do this…How can you do this…Oh Nooooo…" Both of the twins slipped their nasty little hands under Jolene's skirt and up between her spread thighs and began to eagerly tickle and feel the snug crotchband of her nylon panties.

"Oh Jeez. Ah kin feel her poosie. Ah kin feel it right through her undie-pants" Zeke said excitedly. "Heck, Yeah" Deke added "She sure got one nice poosie in them undies of hers. Oh Yeah. Them panties feel real nice." Tears of absolute humiliation ran down Jolene's cheeks as the awful little boys played up under her skirt. This had to be a nightmare.

This could not actually be happening. Nasty little boys playing with her panties while her own son watched. It was too impossible to be true. In a minute she would wake up and all this would be over. It was just a dream. It had to be. "Hey Paw" the one called Jude said "Y'all always let Zeke an' Deke play with poosie first.

Jess like that schoolteacher's wife last month, an' them cute li'l Girl Scouts month afore that. Me an' Lem always gits ta play with poosie last." "What y'all worried about, boy?" Paw said, sitting down in a big chair "You know yore gonna git some of that nice nookie over there.

You is all gonna git some. Jess relax." Jolene suddenly realized that they were not the first. That these awful hillbillies had done this before. Perhaps lots of times. And to little girls too. That "Detour" sign. They had put that there themselves. They had been trapped. That's why Lem was on the phone when they left the store.

He was calling to set the trap for them. This was no accident. What hope was there now? "How 'bout that kid?" Jude grinned at Donnie "Looks like yer Mom's getting her poosie tickled. Oh yeah.

She's getting her poosie tickled real good." "Now, Jude" Paw said "After Zeke an' Deke have their feelie, you an' Lem kin have yourn. Y'all kin play with the li'l girlie too" "Hey Paw" Deke said "Kin I squeeze her titties? She got nice big ones. I wanna squeeze 'em up for her." "Yeah Paw" Zeke chimed in "I wanna squeeze 'em too. I wanna take 'em out an' play with 'em an' tweak them big nippies of hers." "Now, boys" Paw smiled "Don't be takin' her titties out jess yet.

Thass fer the strip show she's gonna give us. But y'all kin squeeze 'em up through her blouse." The little boys stood and Jolene winced as each took a big tittie, gave it a squeeze and tickled each nippie through her thin blouse. She could not bring herself to look in Donny's direction and see him watching his mother's shame.

"Hey Paw" Lem grinned "Mebbe them boys over there would like ta see a little somethin'. What say we git her skirtie up an' give 'em a little look-see?" "Hell, Yeah" Paw smiled back "Thass a good idea. Ah bet them kids ain't never seen a real strip show afore. Get Mom ta do a little undressin' fer 'em. Bet they'd like ta watch her take 'em off." "Oh…Oh No…" Jolene squeaked "Don't make me do that…Please don't make me do that…Oh No…Please…" "Awww.

C'mon Mom" Jude grinned "A little strip show fer the boys ain't gonna hurt you none. Go on. Give them kids a treat an' peel on down fer 'em." "Please…Please…Not in front of my son…Please…" Jolene sobbed "Take them out of the room and I'll…I'll do it for you…But not in front of my son and the boys… Please…" "What you sayin', lady?" Jude leered "You sayin' if'n we take them boys outa here yer gonna strip on down an' git nakey fer us?" "Y…Yes…I…I'll do it…" Jolene sobbed desperately "But not in front of the boys.

Please take them away…Please…" "You gonna take off yer undie-pants all the way an' mebbe do a little dance fer us?" "Oh please…Whatever you want…" she cried "But not in front of the boys. Don't make me do it in front of the boys…" "What you think, Paw?" Jude said, "She's gonna strip her undies an' dance nakey fer us if'n we take them boys away." "Hell No" Paw said "Thass no fun.

Ah wanna make her take 'em off fer the kids. Thass the best part. It ain't every day kids that age git ta watch a lady takin' off her undies. If'n we want her ta git nakey an' dance, she's gonna do it if'n the kids are in the room or not." "Oh Noooo…Nooooo…" Jolene sobbed miserably "Don't…Please don't…Nooooo" "Hey Lem" Jude grinned "What say we give Mom a hand an' help her git her skirt on up there so's the kids kin have a look-see?" "Yeah" Lem smirked lewdly "C'mon, Mom.

Let's git that skirtie on up an' give the kids a little peep-show. Let's show 'em some real cheesecake." Jolene put her hands over her eyes and cried at the gross humiliation and indignity that was about to be inflicted on her. She was going to be skirtie-raised in front of these little boys, including her own thirteen year old son, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Jude and Lem took her by the arms and led her, sobbing, over to where the boys sat. "O.K. Mom" Lem smiled "Up it goes. Let's show them kids what's doin' under that skirt." Jolene whimpered miserably.

Not believing what she was being made to do. "Go on Mom" Lem sneered "It's flirtie skirtie time. Git it on up there an' show everybody what we want ta see." With tears of abject humiliation running down her cheeks, Jolene began to lift her skirt up her thighs. "Thass it Mom" Jude grinned "Get it on up there an' let's see what you got on under there." Choking back her sobs, Jolene lifted her skirt as high as modesty would allow. Any higher and she would be showing her panties to everybody.

"Ahh. C'mon Mom" Jude smirked "Don't be shy. Show 'em your undie-pants. Thass what they wanna see. Ain't that right boys?

You wanna see some panty. Don't ya?" "Please…Don't…Don't make me…" Jolene whimpered "Not all the way up…They can see my legs…Isn't that enough…I…I don't want to show them my…my…Oh please don't…" "Hey, Lem" Jude grinned "Ah got a better idea.

Turn Mom aroun' an' git her ta bend over that chair." Almost relieved the she didn't have to show panty to the little boys, Jolene turned and, bending over, rested her hands on the seat of the chair. "Hey, Sonny-Boy" Lem pointed at Donny "Git over here." Donny meekly rose and approached. "Lift up the back of that skirt an' show yer friends what a nice big ass yer Mom's got." "Oh No…Nooooo…" Jolene sobbed helplessly "Donny…Don't…Don't…" "You heard me kid" Lem smirked "Give them friends of yourn a nice look-see up yer Mom's skirt.

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If'n ah hafta do it ah'll pull down her panties an' spank her good." "Mom…Mom…I…I'm sorry…" Donny said "I…I don't want them to hurt you…I…I have to do it…I…I have to…" "Ooooohhhh…Nooooo…Don't.Don't show them…Ooooohhhh…" Jolene sobbed as Donny grasped the back of his mother's skirt and lifted it upwards to expose her big, perfectly round bottom encased in snug, tightly stretched pink panties.

"Thass it kid" Lem smiled "Hold it on up there an' show us some ass. Damn. Yer Mom sure do got one big, juicy keester, don't she? Lookit how nice an' tight them panties fit.

Oooweee. Ain't that somethin' ta see." "Oh god…Oh my god…Oh Noooo…" Jolene whimpered with humiliation, the back of her skirt all the way up and her panty clad bottom on full display for the little boys." "How 'bout that kids?' Lem chuckled "Ain't Mom got a nice, big ass on her?

How'd you kids like ta play some patty-cake with it?" "Go on Lem" Jude grinned "Make her wiggle it fer the kids. Make her wiggle it right aroun' there an' give 'em a good assie show." "You heard the man, lady" Lem smirked "Wiggle it." "Oh please…I…I don't want to…Don't make me…Please don't make me…" "Mom. You better git ta wigglin' that big ass aroun' fer the kids or there's gonna be trouble" Lem snapped "You start wigglin' or ah'm gonna pull down them panties of yourn an' make you wiggle it nakey fer 'em." "Oooohhh Noooo…Nooooo…" Jolene whimpered helplessly as, having no choice, she began to wiggle her big, panty covered ass in front of the young boys "0ooohhh your…your terrible…Oooohhh…" Jolene's pink nylon panties stretched tightly over her beautifully rounded bottom as she sobbed and wiggled in total disgrace.

The young boys' eyes widened in disbelief at the incredible, up the skirt, panty show they were getting from Donny's Mom. None of them had ever had such a good look up a lady's skirt before and their young dicks hardened at the sight. "C'mon Mom. You kin do better than that.

Can't she kids?" Jude leered "Now git that big ass a'wigglin' an' a'jigglin' real good or ah'm gonna take off mah belt an' git it wigglin' an' jigglin' fer ya." With a squeal of fear, Jolene began to wiggle her panty bottom as best she could, tears of shame running down her face as the hillbillies laughed. "Now ya got her goin', Jude" Paw chuckled, "Oooweee. Lookit Mom's shake that keester." Jolene squeaked and shut her eyes tightly with shame as, bent over, with her own thirteen year old son holding up the back of her skirt, she performed the humiliating act for their amusement.

"How 'bout that kids?" Lem grinned at the other boys, "Bet ya don't git ta see this everyday. Ain't that somethin' ta watch?" "Yeah. Mom kin really wiggle it when she has to. Can't she kids?" Jude snickered lewdly "Makes ya want ta pull down her panties an' play.

Don't it?" "Oh please…Your…Your not going to pull down my…my…" Jolene whinnied at the terrible thought "You wouldn't…You…You wouldn't…" "Sounds like Mom's kinda nervous 'bout gittin' her panties stripped down. Don't it kids?" Lem leered "Bet you kids'd really like that, wouldn' ya?" "Hey Lem, why don't ya pull down Mom's panties fer the kids an' make her do a wiggle dance fer 'em." Jude said, "That'd really be somethin'.

How 'bout that kids? How'd ya like us ta git her panties down fer ya an' show ya somethin' really nice?" "Oh Noooo…Noooo don't…Don't" Jolene sobbed miserably, ceasing to move which earned her a good, sharp smack on her panty bottom from Lem. "Who tol' ya ta stop wigglin' Mom" he leered, delivering a second smack to her panty clad posterior which made her squeal "Now git that big ass a'movin' fer the kids or ah'm gonna give it ta ya really good. Go on now. Shake it." After a few more minutes of this humiliation, Lem put his fingers in Jolene's hair and jerked her upright, allowing her skirt to fall into place.

"Now how's 'bout a li'l strip show fer the kids, hey lady? Jude grinned. "Yeah. Start undressin' Mom" Lem glared "Git yer clothes off an' git on down ta them undies. If'n we hafta help ya we'll rip 'em off an' give that big ass of yourn a good whuppin'." Her cheeks wet with tears, sobbing and mewling, the helpless Jolene stood directly in front of the wide-eyed little boys and, raising her trembling hands, began to meekly unbutton her blouse.

"Thass it Mom" Lem grinned "Take it off. Do it nice. Real nice." "Oh Yeah", one of the twins piped "We gonna git her nakey.

We gonna see her poosie an' everythin'. Oh Yeah." Choking back her sobs, poor Jolene undid the buttons of her thin blouse and hesitated. "Go on Mom" Jude ordered "Open it up an' show the kids how ya hold up them big titties." "Oooohhh you…you…" she mewled with embarrassment, helplessly taking off her blouse to reveal her thin, pink, tittie-filled bra, the outlines of her big puckered nipples poking against the front.

"Oooweee. Thass some pair of titties ya got there Mom" Lem smirked "How 'bout them titties kids? How'd ya like ta take 'em out an' play with 'em? "Go on Mom" Jude smiled "Off with the skirt.

Let's see what you got on under there." With trembling fingers, poor Jolene reached back, unzipped her knit skirt and, to her utter disgrace, wriggled it down over her thighs and let it fall.

She immediately put her hand over the front of her panties, not wanting everyone to see exactly how snug her pink undies were, and sobbed. "Take yer hand away, Mom" Lem ordered "Lessee them panties real good. Show the kids what a nice plump one ya got there." Haplessly dropping her hand, Jolene shut her eyes tightly, knowing that the outline of pussy was discernable through the thin nylon of her panties and that all of them, including Donny and his friends were staring at it.

"Now ain't that nice" Jude snickered "How 'bout that kids? Don't Mom look nice in her undies? Bet y'all never thought ya'd git ta see her stripped off like this. Did ya?" "Yeah" Lem grinned "Real nice of Mom strippin' down ta her undies fer the kids.

She knows what the kids wanna see. Don't she?" Jolene could not believe that she was actually standing in her undies in front of Donny and his friends. Through her tears, she could see them staring at her panties and prayed that she would not be made to pull them down for everybody.

"Now how 'bout you, li'l cutie" Jude leered at eleven year old Mary-Ellen "Git on up here. It's time you showed us a li'l somethin' too." The frightened, weeping little girl meekly stood and was pushed over to Jolene. "What…What are you gonna do…?" the tearful child whimpered.

"Wha, honey. We'ze gonna peel ya on down ta yer li'l undies an' have ourselves a look-see. Yessiree, a real nice look-see" Jude grinned, his eyes eating up the pretty little eleven year old "Then we'ze gonna squeeze that cute li'l ass of yourn an' goose it up real good fer ya." "Hey, Mom" Lem smiled "Wha don't ya take off the li'l girls shortsies an' show us her undie-pants.

We'd sure like ta see them li'l panties of hers." Jolene couldn't believe what she had just been told to do. They wanted her to undress the eleven year old girl for their entertainment and she knew she had to do it, or else. "What y'all waitin' fer, Mom?' Lem glared "Git them shortsies off'n her an' let's see them li'l panties. Do it." "Please…Please don't pull down my pants for everybody…" the weeping little girl whimpered to Jolene.

Weeping herself at the disgraceful thing she was being made to do, Jolene reached down and unzipped the little girls shorts, then lowered them to reveal the child's snug fitting, white cotton panties. "Oooweee. Would ya lookit that" Jude whistled "Lookit them nice, tight li'l panties. They fit real nice over her li'l cootzie, don't they? She sure is a li'l cutie-pie, ain't she?" "She sure is" Lem smirked lewdly "How 'bout that purty li'l keester on her?

Nice an' round an' plump. Ah sure could go fer some of that cute, baby ass." "Damn. Bet there's some real nice poosie in them li'l panties" Jude grinned "Bet she got a real purty li'l cunt fer us ta play with.

How 'bout that, honey? You got a nice li'l poosie in yer undie-pants fer us ta tickle?" "Hey" Lem said "Ah think Mom here kinda likes them li'l panties. What say we let her have a feel?" "Yeah" Jude chuckled "Let's see her feel up the little girls panties.

Go on Mom. Reach on down there an' squeeze that cute li'l ass." "Oh please…I…I can't just…I…Can't…I…I…" Jolene stammered at the impossibly lewd request. "Y'all better git ta feelin' them li'l panties, Mom, or we'ze gonna git mad" Lem glared "Now y'all feel them li'l panties, an' ah mean all over. Y'all squeeze that li'l ass an' play with that li'l poosie, or else." Having no choice but to comply with their perverted demands, Jolene began to feel Mary-Ellen's little panties.

Sobbing with shame, she fondled the little girl's panty covered ass and touched her in front where she could feel the child's little pussy through her cotton undies. "Oh Yeah", Lookit Mom feel up them li'l panties" Jude leered "Nothin' Mom likes better than feelin' up little girls. Cep't mebbe suckin' little boy dick." "Yeah. She's feelin' them li'l panties aroun' real good, ain't she?" Lem grinned "Mebbe we should pull down the kid's panties so's Mom kin tickle her little cunt.

Mebbe give her a little tongue on the poosie too. Bet she'd like that." Jolene did her best to shut out the impossibly lewd and perverted comments, and to shut out the reality of what she was being made to do with an eleven year old girl" "Go on, Mom" Lem sneered "Put yer hand down in them li'l panties an' tickle the kid's poosie.

With a gasp of utter degradation, Jolene put her hand down the front of Mary-Ellen's undie-pants and fingered the child's hairless little, eleven year old pussy to the perverted delight of the hillbillies. "Hey, Lem" Jude chuckled "Wha don't we git Mom an' the li'l girl nakey an' make 'em put on a little show fer us.

Ah'd really like ta see that." "Thass a good idea" Lem answered, smiling at the thought "We could take out Mom's big titties an' make the li'l girlie suck 'em. Oh Yeah. We could pull down Mom's panties an' rub the li'l girls face in her poosie. We could put the li'l girls face all the way up Mom's big ass an' make her lick. Oooweee.

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That'd sure be somethin' ta watch." Jolene could only whimper helplessly at the humiliation of it all and the depths of these hillbillies perverted ideas. The very thought that she would ever submit to performing such acts with an eleven year old girl was impossible.

But here she was, already tickling the little girl's hairless cunny in fear for her life and the lives of her son and the other children. "Hey Paw" the twelve year old Deke said "Let's make 'em take off their undies so's we kin feel 'em up good." Jolene gave a squeal of anguish at hearing the words. The realization that she was now going to be panty stripped in front of her thirteen year old son and his friends made her knees weak and she thought she would faint.

"Now jess hold on there boys" "Ah'm steppin' out fer a minute. You boys put Mom an' the kids in t'other room till ah git back. Ah don't want ta miss nothin'." "Heck Paw" Lem scowled "We'ze jess 'bout ta git 'em nakey an' have some fun with 'em." "You sassin' me boy?" Paw glared. "No, Paw" Lem acquiesced" Paw glared at Jolene, grinning. "Yer gonna be doin' it nakey with all these kids afore we're through with y'all." "Oh No…Noooo…You wouldn't…You couldn't even think that I…I would ever…ever…" Jolene squeaked "Why you're…You're perverts…To…To think that I would ever…Oooohhh…You…You…" "Listen to that" Jude grinned "She's callin' us perverts an' she's the one feelin' up the little girls panties an' playin' with her poosie." "Damn, Paw" Jude said petulantly "Ah got me a big hard-on right now." "Tell ya what, boys" Paw said "Jess put Mom an' the little boys in the bedroom.

Y'all kin keep the li'l girlie out here an' feel her up all ya want. Mebbe git yerselves a li'l blow-job outa her. That oughta hold y'all till ah git back." "Thanks Paw" Lem said "She's sure a cute li'l poonie. We kin git her li'l panties off an' have all kindsa fun with her." "Please…She…She's only a little girl…" Jolene managed to blubber "She's only eleven…You're not going to let them…let them…" "Shut yer yap, Mom" Paw glowered "Me an' the boys likes 'em real young an' baby-sweet.

'Sides. Y'all got yer own problems. Goin' inta a room alone with them little boys, stripped on down ta yer undies. Anythin' kin happen. Right boys?" Jolene, her thirteen year old son and the two other boys were hustled into a small bedroom. As they were pushed inside, Jolene felt the back of a hand press against her snug, panty covered pussy and saw the boy, Chuck, with a smug little grin on his face. The little creep had actually given her a feel. Had actually sneaked a feel of her panty-puss.

The audacity. "Now listen ta me Mom" Paw said "Y'all do anythin' them kids ask ya ta do. Ya got me? Y'all do whatever they say cause, if'n ya don't, yore goin' out ta the woodshed an'ah'm gonna take mah belt an' whup that big ass of yourn so good y'all won't sit fer a week." With that, the door was shut and Jolene was alone with her thirteen year old son, Donny, and his two friends wearing only high heels, panties and bra. Through the door they could hear Lem saying "Let's git her" and little Mary-Ellen give a shriek.

Then the words "Git her panties off" and "Lemme play with her ass" were also plainly heard, along with Mary-Ellen's cries, as Lem, Jude, and the twins began to feel her up. Donny quickly handed his mother a towel to cover herself but, before she could do so, the nasty boy, Chuck, pulled it away.

"What are you doin' Chuck?" Timmy said "Give Donny's Mom the towel. She's only got her undies on." "You heard what they said" Chuck replied with an evil little smile on his face "She's gotta do whatever we want." "Whaddaya mean?" Donny asked. "Well if she's gotta do what we tell her. I want her to take off her undies for us and let us give her a feel." "Cut that out Chuck" Donny snapped "She's my Mom." "Yeah, Chuck" Timmy said "She's Donny's Mom.

You can't do that to Donny's Mom." "Please…Be…Be a good boy, Chuck…" Jolene stammered, now realizing a threat from a quarter she could not have imagined "Be…Be a good boy and…and give me the towel…Please…" "No way" Chuck retorted "I want her to pull down her panties and show us her pussy.

And I wanna tickle it and play with it too." "Jeez, Chuck. Whatsa matter with you. She's Donny's Mom" Timmy protested. "I don't care who's Mom she is" Chuck argued "When do we ever get a chance like this to get a lady's panties down and tickle her pussy. Huh? I mean, they're gonna make her do it for them anyway. Why don't we make her do it for us?" "Because she's my Mom, Chuck" Donny said "C'mon. Get real." "No. You get real, Donny" Chuck said "If I want her to do a nice panty strip, she's gotta do it for me.

I wanna play with her pussy and have some fun with it. If you guys don't wanna feel her up nakey, I don't care.

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But if I tell them she didn't do what I told her, she's gonna be in big trouble." "Please Chuck" Jolene tried to reason desperately, weeping and blushing deeply at the impossible situation she was in with this awful little boy "You don't want to do this. If I was your mother you wouldn't do this. Please be reasonable. Be…Be a good boy now…Please…" "Well, you ain't my mother and I want you to pull down your panties and show me pussy." "Please…I…I can't…I can't…" Jolene sobbed miserably "You're terrible… Terrible to ask me to…to…Oh I can't…I just can't…" "Chuck.

Are you crazy?" Timmy said "Whatsa matter with you. She's Donny's Mom. Come on." "Well, O.K." Chuck pouted "I won't make her do a panty strip. But she's gotta take off her bra and show me her big tits and let me play with them. And she's gotta let me tickle her panties in between her legs." Knowing that she now had no choice, and accepting the least humiliating of her options, Jolene unwillingly capitulated and, with tears running down her cheeks, reached back to un-hook her bra.

"Oh Donny…Don't look…Please don't look…" she wept as she un-clasped her bra and took it off to reveal her big, juicy titties, each nicely capped with a large, pink, puckered nipple. "Oh Jeez. Lookit those tits. Lookit those nice big tits" Chuck gaped, staring at Jolene's nicely puckered nippies. "Oh, you're awful…You're an awful little boy" Jolene mewled, her naked titties jiggling nicely in front of the gaping thirteen year old "How could you…How could you…Oooohhh…" "Oh Boy.

Lookit those knockers" the little boy smirked impishly, raising his arms to cup a nice big tittie in each hand and give them a squeeze "Jeez. I'm playin' with her tits. I'm really playin' with her tits." "You better cut that out, Chuck" Donny protested "Or I'm gonna…I'm gonna…" "You're gonna what, Donny?" Chuck said "I'm gonna give your Mom a good feel and there ain't nothin' you can do about it.

Unless you want me to punch you out. You want me to punch you out?" "No" Donny replied meekly "But she's my Mom. You're not supposed to feel her up." "Hey, Timmy. You wanna squeeze her tits?" Chuck said to the other boy "Come on. They're really great." "I…I don't know" Timmy said "I don't think we should be doing this. I mean she's Donny's Mom and all." "Aww, c'mon" Chuck said "Didn't you always say you wanted to get her big titties out and play with them?

When are you gonna get a chance like this? And she's gotta let you do it." "Well. Maybe just a little" Timmy said. "Oh No…Not you too…" Jolene wept "Please Timmy…Not you too…" "Lookit this, Timmy" Chuck said "Her titties bounce around real nice when you pat 'em from underneath.

Lookit 'em shake." "Jeez, Yeah" Timmy said "Lemme do it. Lemme bounce her titties." "Oh Noooo…Please boys…Don't…Please don't…" Jolene mewled as her naked titties were played with by the two little boys "Oh…This is terrible…Don't… Oooohhh." "C'mon you guys.

Stop it" Donny said, reddening with embarrassment "Don't feel her up like that. She's my Mom. Jeez. She's my Mom." "Wow. She got big nippies, don't she?" Timmy gawked "Lookit how they pop up when you play with em'.

Wow." "Yeah" Chuck smiled "I think your supposed to suck on them when they pop up like that. Let's suck them and feel her panties." "No, boys…Don't…Don't suck them…Please don't suck them…" Jolene wept with abject humiliation as each boy took a nice puckered nippie in his mouth and sucked it eagerly.

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"Jeez. Her nippies taste nice" Timmy said "They're really fun to suck on. Isn't she supposed to squirt milk when we suck on 'em?" "I think so" Chuck said "Maybe if we suck 'em real good she'll squirt some milk for us." "Oooh…Noooo…Noooo…" Jolene mewled as the two boys eagerly sucked on her big, pink nippies, causing them to pop up nicely in their mouths "Please boys… Please don't suck them like that…Please don't…Oooohhh…Noooo…" Throughout all this, the cries of little, eleven year old, Mary-Ellen could be heard, accompanied by the laughter of Jude, Lem, and the twins.

The walls were thin and a voice, clearly Lem's, was saying "You boys play with her li'l poosie. Ah'm gonna put mah finger up her cute li'l ass an give it to her good." This was followed by a shriek from the poor little girl and Lem's voice saying "Oh, Man.

This li'l assie is real tight. Real tight an' hot. Oh Yeah." Momentarily distracted by the sounds from the other room, Jolene was quickly brought back by the touch of a fresh, young hand probing the front of her snug fitting panties, giving her a tickle and a feel. "No…Oh No…Not that…" she squeaked, instinctively pushing the fresh little hand away "Not that…Please…" "Jeez, Chuck" Timmy said "What are you doin'?

Are you feelin' her pussy?" "Yeah" Chuck grinned impishly "I can feel it right through her panties. It's real nice. I'm gonna play with her pussy while we suck on her nippies. Then you can play with it too." "Please, boys" Jolene wept "Don't feel my panties…Please don't feel my panties." "Jeez, guys" Donny protested "You're not really gonna feel my Mom's undie-pants are you?

C'mon. Ain't you done enough? Don't feel up her undie-pants too." "Shut-up, Donny" Chuck said "Unless you want a bust in the mouth. If your Mom don't let us feel up her panties I'm gonna make her pull them down and show us her pussy and we're gonna tickle it nakey." "Oh Noooo…Oooohhh…" Jolene mewled as Chucks nasty little hand slipped between her thighs and gave the crotchband of her panties a good feel "Not there… Oh please don't feel me there…Oooohhh…" "Oh, Wow" Chuck said "I can feel her puss-puss.

I can really feel her puss-puss. Wow." "Jeez, Chuck" Timmy said "I wanna feel her pussy too. Lemme play with her pussy." Tears of abject humiliation ran down Jolene's cheeks as both of the little boys eagerly tickled and felt the nicely plump, panty covered, pussy mound at the apex of her trembling thighs. Donny could only watch helplessly as his mother's undie-pants were given a really good feel and her big, naked titties were bounced, squeezed, kissed, licked and sucked.

Loud smacking sounds could now be heard coming from the other room, accompanied by laughter and Mary-Ellen's screams. The cute little eleven year old was obviously getting a good, panties down, spanking.

Jude's voice could be heard saying, "Suck mah stiff cock you tight ass little poose. Suck it good. Thass it, little girl. Lemme feel that tongue.

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Oooohhh Yeah…Oooohhh Yeah." Against her will, Jolene's pussy began to moisten as a result of being so actively tickled by Chuck and Timmy. She was completely humiliated and hoped that the fresh little boys wouldn't notice and shame her even further. "Oh, Jeez" Timmy said to her dismay "Her panties are getting wet. She's makin' wetsie in her undie-pants." "Yeah", Chuck leered devilishly "She's makin' pussy juice in her undies.

That's what happens when you feel up a ladies panties. They make pussy juice for you." "What's pussy juice?" Timmy asked. "Juice that drips out of a girl's puss-puss when you get 'em good an' hot" Chuck said knowingly "It's supposed to make it easier to fuck 'em and it's supposed to taste really good if you lick it out of their cunnies." "Does that mean it makes her hot when we feel her panties around?

Timmy asked. "Yeah" Chuck smirked "But I bet she'd get even hotter if we got her panties down and tickled it nakey." "Oh…Oh no…You…You promised…You promised not to pull down my…my…" Jolene wept haplessly "You said if I let you have a feel you…you wouldn't make me…me…Oooohhh…" "Jeez, Chuck.

Are you gonna make her pull down her panties for us?" Timmy gulped wide-eyed "Are you gonna make her show us her pussy-wussy?" "Well. She's gotta do what we tell her, don't she?" Chuck leered "If I tell her to pull down her panties for us, she's gotta do it." "Oh please, boys.

Not that" Jolene sobbed in desperation "Please don't make me do that…Please…" "Go on" Chuck grinned "Pull down your panties so's we can see pussy and play with it nakey." "Please, boys. Don't" Jolene mewled "I…I'll let you put your hands in my panties and play with it that way. Don't make me pull them down for you…Pleeease…" "Go on.

Pull them down" Chuck ordered "Pull them all the way down so we can see pussy. We wanna see pussy. Right Timmy?" "Yeah" Timmy said anxiously "Pull down your panties so we can tickle pussy really good and have some fun with it." "Oooohhh…Noooo…Nooooo…" Jolene mewled, haplessly grasping the elastic waistband of her well-filled pink, nylon panties in her fingers in preparation for her final humiliation "Oh, Donny…Don't look…Don't look…Oooohhh…" Standing behind his weeping mother, Donny's eyes were wide open to the incredible spectacle unfolding before him.

His mother was about to strip panty for Chuck and Timmy, and there was nothing he, or she, could do about it. There was also nothing he could do to stop the stiffening of his own little cock and the primal part of his mind that actually wanted to watch his mother strip her panties for them.

That wanted to see and tickle her pussy. That wanted to lick and suck her big, jiggling titties. "Go on. Pull them down" Chuck ordered "Pull down your panties and show us your pussy, or else." Tears ran down Jolene's cheeks at the very idea of being made to strip panty for these awful little boys while her own son watched, but one look at the resolve on Chuck's face told her that she had better get them down right away.

With a wriggle and a squeal of despair, down went Jolene's undie-pants for the little boys viewing pleasure, her naked pussy going on full display for their enjoyment. "Oh Wow. Lookit that" Timmy piped "She's showin' us her pussy. She's really showin' us her pussy.

Oh Jeez. Lookit that." Her pink panties now pulled nicely down around her thighs, Jolene put her face in her hands and wept as the nasty little boys ogled her nakedness. From where he was standing, Donny now had a full view of his mother's big, naked ass and his little cock twitched in his pants as he watched it jiggle.

Seeing his mother sobbing with her panties pulled down while Chuck and Timmy gave her a good pussy feel was undeniably exciting to the young boy and, try as he might, he could not stop that terrible part of his mind that was enjoying her embarrassment and wanted to see more. Chuck reached out his fresh little hand and tickled a finger up between Jolene's moist pussy lips, causing her to give a squeal.

"Oh Yeah. She got a really nice pussy" he leered "I like the way it feels. Oh Jeez. It's nice and wet too. I think she's makin' pussy juice on my finger." "Lemme play with it too" Timmy said anxiously "I never tickled a real pussy before.

I wanna tickle her pussy and have some fun with it." "Oooohhh…Noooo…" Jolene wept haplessly as the boys took turns playing with her naked pussy "Oooohhh…Don't…Please boys…Don't…Oooohhh…" "Hey, Donny" Chuck said "We got your Mom's panties down. Don't you wanna give her pussy a feel? I know she's your Mom and all, but when are you ever gonna get a chance like this to feel her up good?" "Oh No…Noooo…" the poor woman mewled at the impossibly lewd suggestion that her own thirteen year old son give her a feel "Don't listen to them, Donny.

I…I'm your mother. Don't…Don't listen to them…" "Jeez, guys" Donny said "I can't do that. She's my Mom. I can't feel up my Mom." "Ahh, c'mon Donny" Chuck said "You can feel her ass a little, just for fun. There ain't nothin' wrong with that." "Well, maybe if I play with it just a little" Donny said "I guess that ain't so bad." "Wha…What…?

Donny…No…Don't…" Jolene squeaked "You can't do that. Don't listen to them…Don't. I…I'm your mother…Your mother. You can't play with your mother's…Your mother's…Oh Don't…Don't…" "Jeez, Mom" Donny said "Everybody's havin' a nice feel. I just wanna squeeze your ass a little. That's all. It ain't like I'm gonna play down there in front or anything like that." "Oooohhh…No…Donny…Noooo…" Jolene wept as her thirteen year old son came up behind her and began to fondle her big, naked ass cheeks "Oh…Don't do that.

Please Donny…Don't do that…Oooohhh…Nooooo…" "Well, Well. Lookie what we got here" Jude's voice came from the doorway "Hey Lem. Ya oughta see what's goin' on in here. Mom's got her panties down lettin' the kids tickle her pussy. She got her big titties out fer 'em too. Hot Damn." "Oh…Oh No…" Jolene sobbed "You…You don't understand.

I…I didn't want to. …I didn't want to. They…They made me…they made me…I…I…" "Hell, Mom. You really are a hot one, ain't ya?" Jude grinned "Jest a few minutes alone with them kids an' you got yer panties right on down there, don't ya?" "Please…No…They made me do it…I…I didn't want to…Oooohhh…Noooo…" "Oh Yeah.

Lookie that" Lem smiled, coming to the doorway "Mom jest can't keep her panties up when the kids are aroun'. How 'bout that? Jest what we thought. Mom likes ta git nakey an' do it with the kids." "No…No I don't…How…How could you say that…Oooohhh…How could you even think that I…I…Oooohhh…" Jolene sobbed at the very idea that she could ever have such impossibly lewd intentions as to do it with children.

"Hell, Mom" Lem grinned "Y'all done got yer titties out an' yer panties down. An' these kids are havin' themselves a real good feel. What's a body ta think?" "C'mon, Lem" Jude said "Let's git Mom an' the kids on out here so's we can have some fun with 'em. Paw's done finished fuckin' Dolly-Girl an' ah wanna see some action." Jolene reached to pull her panties back up only to be stopped by Lem's hand. "Now you jest leave them undie-pants on down there, lady" he leered "Ah want everybody ta git a good look at poosie when we go in there." "Oooohhh…You're…You're terrible…" Jolene mewled "You're perverts…You're all perverts…Oooohhh." "Hear that, Jude" he chuckled "She's the one got her titties out an' her panties down fer the kids, an' we're the perverts.

Ain't she somethin'?" "C'mon, Mom" Jude grinned "Git on in the other room like a good li'l heffer so's Paw an' the kids can see that nice poosie of yourn." Weeping bitterly with the humiliation of it all, Jolene was hustled, panties down, ass jiggling and titties bouncing, into the parlor with Lem, Jude and the boys following behind. Paw was sitting in the same chair, smiling as he watched Zeke and Deke feeling up little Mary-Ellen.

The sobbing eleven year old had been stripped naked, except for her kneesocks, and the nasty little boys had her between them on the sofa, playing with her naked pussy and having their fun. "Lookie this, Paw" Lem grinned "We caught Mom here strippin' her undies fer the kids. Somethin' 'bout bein' aroun' them little boys makes Mom want ta take 'em off." "Thass right, Paw" Jude said "How 'bout that nice poosie she got there? Mom likes ta let the kids tickle it.

An' that boy of hers was playin' with her ass." "Ya don't say" Paw smiled "Well if Mom wants ta git it on with the kids, we should let her. How's 'bout we make her git it on with the little girl here. A little lezzie show, that'd be fun ta watch." "Yeah. Let's make her lick the little girl's poosie" Jude leered "I wanna see her lick the li'l girlie all over." "Wha…What…?" Jolene stammered, not believing what she had just heard "You can't be serious…You couldn't possibly think that I would…I would…Oooohhh.

Are…Are you crazy. I…I'm not a…a. I…I could never do such a thing. You don't really think I would…would…Oooohhh…" "Aww. C'mon Mom" Lem said "She's a real cute li'l honey package. We jest wanna see you make a little lick-lick with her." "Deke.

You an' yer brother spread the li'l girls leggies nice an' wide an' show Mom here what a pretty li'l cunt she got" Paw said. Little Mary-Ellen gave a squeal as the twins grasped her knees and pulled them back and widely apart, fully exposing the eleven year old girls hairless little pussy for everyones enjoyment. "How 'bout that li'l poosie, Mom" Lem smirked "Ain't it nice?

How'd ya like ta suck on it an' have yerself a good taste?" "Oh No…You can't mean it" Jolene wept "You…You can't mean it. I…I would never…never…" "Go on, Mom" Jude leered "The little girl's got her panties off an' her leggies spread nice an' wide jest for you. Now git on down there an' lick that cunt." "Oh Nooo…Noooo…" Jolene sobbed "Don't make me do such a thing. Please…" Paw raised his shotgun and cocked it threateningly.

"Now you git on down there an' git ta lickin' that little cunt or you ain't gonna have a tongue left ta lick it with" he snarled "Go on. Do it." With a mewl of abject humiliation, Jolene fearfully sank to her knees and moved her face between Mary-Ellen's widely spread young thighs. "Go on, Mom" Lem ordered "Lick that little cunt. An' you better lick it real good, or else." "Oh god…Oh my god…" Jolene wept, reluctantly extending her tongue and licking it up between the child's plump little cunny lips.

"Thass it, Mom. Lick it an' kiss it" Jude leered "Show that boy of yourn what a good cuntlapper his Mom is." Jolene's tears fell on the insides of the eleven year old girl's widely spread thighs as she worked her tongue up the child's pretty little cunny and licked as ordered. "Yeah. Thass the way ta do it, Mom" Lem chuckled "Kiss that little cunt.

Show us how much ya like it." Little Mary-Ellen gave a squeal and a wiggle as, sobbing with shame and humiliation, Jolene kissed and tongued her hairless young cunny for the hillbilly's perverted entertainment.

"Ooowee. Lookit Mom go after that little cunt" Jude grinned "She really likes that li'l poosie, don't she?" "Yeah. Mom sure does go fer the little girlies" Lem snickered "Go on, Mom. Put yer tongue up that li'l cunt an' give it ta her good." With a mewl of despair, Jolene slipped her tongue directly up Mary-Ellen's tight little cunny causing the child to give a shriek. "Oh Yeah. Thass the way ta do it, Mom" Jude cackled gleefully "Git yer tongue all the way up that little cunt an' lick her aroun' up in there.

Git the little girl ta make a nice creamie fer ya." Humiliated beyond belief, but in fear of the beating she would get if she didn't comply with the hillbilly's perverted demands, Jolene kissed, licked and tongue fucked Mary-Ellen's hairless little pussy for their enjoyment.

The very thought that she was being made to suck an eleven year old girls pussy while everybody watched was too horrible for her to contemplate and she tried to shut her mind to the awful reality of her situation. "Oooweee. Eat that li'l poosie, Mom" Jude chuckled "Git that tongue movin' 'an show us how much ya like it." Jolene was made to perform the perverted act until the little girl shrieked and had an orgasm, at which time Lem held her face tightly between Mary-Ellen's widely spread thighs and forced her to suck the girlie juice out of the child's creaming little cunt before she was released.

With tears of despair running down her cheeks, Jolene put her face in her hands and sobbed, her tongue coated with the little girl's juices and her mouth filled with the fresh taste of eleven year old cunny. "Damn. Mom kin really suck a kid's poosie, can't she?" Lem grinned "She done made the little girl do a hot one in her mouth." "Yeah.

She sure is one hot pants cuntlapper, ain't she?" Jude snickered "G'wan, Lem" Paw said "Push the kid's face down between Mom's legs an' give her a suck of somethin' special." "Eeeeee…Eeeeee…Nooooo…" Jolene squealed when she felt the little girl's tongue go up her moist pussy and begin to lick "Oh…Oh No…Oh No…Oooohhh…" "Thass it, li'l girlie" Lem sneered "Suck on that nice, juicy cunt.

Have yerself a good poosie snack. Yeah." The hillbilly's laughed, jeered and passed their incredibly lewd comments as poor, sobbing Mary-Ellen was made to lap Jolene's wet pussy like a good little girl. So enjoyable was the perverted act to Paw and the boys that the little girl was kept licking and sucking until it was decided that the child had had a really good taste of juicy cunt and that it was time for other nice entertainments.

"Well. Looks like we got ourselves one hot li'l poosie lapper here, don't it?" Lem grinned, pulling Mary-Ellen back by the hair to display her tear streaked little face, glistening with cunny wetness "Mebbe later we'll get these two lezzies ta do a little sixty-niner fer us an' eat each other off really good." Jolene gave a shrill squeak as she was pulled to her feet and pushed in front of Donny, her lowered panties still around her trembling thighs.

"How 'bout that Mom of yours, kid?" Jude leered, holding Jolene by her hair with one hand and playing with her big tittie-nips with the other "Ain't she a hot one? Jest lookit her all nakey with her panties right on down there. Ain't that somethin' ta see? Whattaya think of yer Mom's poosie? Nice, ain't it?" Donny gulped as he stared in disbelief at his mother's naked cunny and watched Jude play with her tits.

"Oh…Nooo…Don't look…" Jolene wept, her head hanging in shame "Please Donny…Don't…Don't look…" "Awww. C'mon lady" Lem said "Get in the mood. It ain't every day yer kid gits ta see his Mom with her titties out an' her panties down. Ah mean, lookin' at you in them tight skirts all the time. Ah bet the kid always wanted ta git yer undies off fer a little fun." Jolene put her face in her hands and wept bitterly.

"Go on, kid" Jude said to the gawking Donny "Pull yer Mom's panties all the way down an' take 'em off." Donny hesitated, gazing fearfully into the dangerous faces around him that he knew meant business. "Ya heard me, kid" Jude menaced "Now git them panties off'n her an' show everybody yer Mom's cunt, an' ah mean now." "I…I'm sorry Mom…" Donny said "I…I have to do it or they'll hurt you. I…I'm sorry…" Jolene sobbed into her hands as Donny pulled down her undie-pants and off they came.

"Thass it, kid" Jude grinned "Now how's 'bout you give yer Mom here a little poosie inspection.


G'wan. Give yer Mom's poosie a tickle an' tell us how nice it is." "Oh No…Noooo…" Jolene wept "You filthy…You filthy…He's my own son. How could you…could you…Oooohhh…Don't do it Donny…Don't listen to them…Don't do it…Oooohhh…Nooooo…" With a reluctance belied by his own stiff penis, Donny reached out his hand and tickled a finger up between his mother's moist pussy lips, feeling a real cunny for the first time in his young life.

"Oooohhh…Don't…Please Donny…Don't do that…" Jolene wept as her son's finger tickled pussy up and down "Please…You…You can't play with your mother's…Your mother's…Oooohhh…Nooooo…Don't…Oooohhh…" "How 'bout that poosie, kid?" Lem snickered "Yer Mom's got a great little cunt, don't she?

G'wan. Say it." "My…My Mom's got a great… A great little cunt." Donny stammered. "Hear that Paw?" Jude grinned "The kid really likes his Mom's poosie. Mebbe he'd like ta give her a fuck. Jest fer fun." "Hell" Paw chuckled "The kid sure does got hisself a hard-on givin' her poosie a tickle. Wha don' y'all show Mom here what a stiff dick her boy's got." "G'wan, kid" Lem sneered "Git yer pants down an' show yer Mom how nice an' stiff yer dick gets when ya play with her poosie.

G'wan. Do it." Fearful to disobey, the thirteen year old boy unzipped his pants and dropped them to his knees, his stiff young penis poling out against the front of his white jockey shorts.

"G'wan, kid" Jude menaced, "Pull down them underpants an' show yer Mom here what's doin'. With a gulp of embarrassed resignation, Donny pulled down his shorts exposing his stiff, overly excited young penis.

"Now lookit that, Mom" Jude said, pulling Jolene's hands from her tear streaked face "Lookit what y'all did ta yer kid. Y'all done give him a hard-on. Lookit that." Through tear filled eyes, Jolene looked down to see her thirteen year old son's penis in full erection. Jude then put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down on her knees in front of Donny.

"Well, Mom" Jude leered "Seein' as how ya gave yer kid a hard-on. Don't ya think ya should take care of it?" "Wh…What?" Jolene mewled in disbelief that such an impossibly lewd suggestion be made to her "You…You don't mean…You…You couldn't possibly mean that I should…should…He's my own son…I…I'm his mother…How could you ask me to do such a thing…Oooohhh…I…I would never…Never…Oooohhh…" "Hey, Paw" Deke piped "We gonna make her suck his dick?" "Hell Yeah", Paw said "She done give the kid a hard-on so she gotta suck it off fer him.

An' she better suck it good or ah'm gonna take her out ta the woodshed an' give that big ass of hers a whippin' ta correct her attitude. Mebbe ah'l jest take mah shotgun here an' blow the kid's haid off an' make her suck off the others. It's all the same ta me." "G'wan, Mom. You heard the man" Jude sneered, twisting his fingers painfully in Jolene's hair "Now y'all git that dick in yer mouth an' git ta lickin' an' suckin' on it or there's gonna be trouble." "Oh Noooo…Oh please…Not this…Please…" Jolene wept "Have mercy…Please don't make me…me…" "Hey, Paw" Lem said "Gimme the shotgun an' lemme kill the kid so's Mom kin git started on the others.

Ah bet she'll suck their little cocks real good if she sees we mean business." With a squeal of absolute terror, Jolene leaned forward and, to her utter shame, took Donny's stiff penis in her mouth and began to wetly suck on it. Donny gasped as he felt his mother's lips and tongue go to work on his stiff young penis and his knees became weak. It was unbelievable. His own mother was being made to suck his cock. To actually give him a blow-job.

Although he was terrified of the hillbillies and felt pity and embarrassment for his Mom, he couldn't deny the thrill he felt at having his stiff cock in his mother's wet, sucking mouth. "C'mon lady. Y'all kin do better than that" Lem smirked "Let's see some action in there.

Suck that cock like ya mean it or your gonna git yer ass whipped. Show that boy of yourn what a tight skirtie cocksucker he got fer a Mom." Sobbing with terror and humiliation, Jolene gave a frightened squeal and began to suck up and down on her thirteen year old son's stiff penis with gusto, her eyes tightly shut to block out the nightmare of what she was being made to do.

"Oh Jeez…Oh Jeez…" Donny groaned as his poor mother sucked and slurped on his overheated young dick "Oh Jeez Mom…I…I'm gonna squirt…I'm gonna squirt…Oh Jeez…" "G'wan, kid.

Cum in your mother's mouth" Jude cackled "Give it ta her good an' juicy the way she likes it." Knowing that her son was about to climax, Jolene tried to pull her head back to avoid the indignity of his actually cumming in her mouth, but Jude, still gripping her by the hair, held her firmly in place.

"Hey, Paw" he said "Watch this. The kid's gonna have a juicy cum in his mother's mouth. An' ah'm gonna make her suck it all up the good ol' fashioned way." Unable to hold back, Donny let loose and began to orgasm, his stiff young cock unleashing spurt after spurt of hot cum directly into his mother's mouth. Jolene's eyes went wide and she gave a squeal as she was forced to suck the jets of hot cum out of her son's spurting penis and to swallow them down with clearly audible slurps and gulps.

When Donny had finished his orgasm, Jolene's head was released and, putting her face in her hands, she sobbed loudly and bitterly with some of her son's cum dripping from the corner of her mouth and onto her chin. "Oh…Oh my god…How…How could you…How could you…" she wept in utter disgrace "Oh I'm so ashamed…It.It will never be the same…Never…How could you…" "Hell, lady" Lem grinned "Y'all kin bet it ain't gonna be the same.

From here on in that boy of yourn is gonna want his cock sucked on a regular basis. Hell. Ah bet he's even gonna bring some of his friends home after school so's they kin git yer panties down an' have some fun with you." "Oh…Oh my god…Oh my god…" Jolene wept with despair "You're… You're terrible…You're perverts…You're perverts…Oooohhh…" "Hear that Paw?" Lem chuckled "Mom here's callin' us perverts an' she's the one just sucked her boy's cock an' swallowed.

Ain't she somethin'?" "Hey, Paw" one of the twelve year old twins said "Kin we fuck her now?

Gay pumpkin sex teen Jacques wants his turn  though  as he pulls away

We wanna fuck her." "Wha sure, boys" Paw grinned "Ah don' think the lady would mind treatin' y'all to a nice li'l fuckie. How 'bout that, Mom? How's 'bout lettin' the boys here give ya a fuck, jest fer fun?" "Wha…What…?" Jolene squeaked with shock at the impossibly lewd suggestion that she have sex with boys even younger than her son and his friends "You can't mean…They're only little boys…You don't expect me to…to…Oooohhh…I…I would never…never…" "Hey, Lem" Paw said "If'n Mom here don't get down on her back an' spread them leggies of hers wide as she can, Beat her brains in an' kill her kid." "Y'all heard the man, lady" Lem smirked, "Now git that big ass on down there an' spread them legs.

Let's git a look at the whole poosie." Sobbing with despair and having no choice in the matter, Jolene fearfully got down on her back and spread her jiggling thighs widely apart for everyone's viewing pleasure. "Oooweee. How 'bout that poosie boys?" Lem cackled at the twins "Nice an' plump an' juicy lookin', ain't it?" "Hey, Lem" Jude leered "Mebbe the li'l girlie kin help get Mom's poosie ready fer the kids.

Let's see her kiss it an' lick it an' suck it so's it's nice an' hot an' wet fer 'em." "Yeah" Lem grinned "Let's get the li'l cunt lapper on over here and git her ta do her thing." Poor Mary-Ellen gave a shriek as she was grabbed by her hair and forced to her knees with her tear streaked little face pushed between Jolene's widely spread legs.

"G'wan, little girl" Jude sneered "Suck the nice poosie. Git yer tongue up that juicy cunt an' start lappin' or your gonna get it good." Terrified, the whimpering eleven year old leaned forward and began to lick Jolene's moist cunt up and down as everybody watched. Jude took the opportunity to reach down and play with the child's upthrust little ass and to pussy tickle her with his nasty finger. "Damn.

This li'l girlie is cute" he said "The kids kin have their fun with Mom. I want me some of this baby-sweet li'l honey-package. Oh Yeah." "Me too" Lem grinned "Let the li'l jelly-roll suck on Mom's poosie fer awhile an' then we kin take turns with her. Thass gonna be nice. Real nice." "You boys kin fuck the li'l girlie all ya want" Paw said "Y'all kin fuck her in the mouth an' up the poosie, but save that cute li'l ass of hers fer me." "Damn, Paw" Jude chuckled "Y'all sure do like fuckin' the little ones up the ass, don't ya?" "Nothin' like a little girls ass fer a nice tight fuck" Paw smiled "Ah kinda like the way they wiggle an' squeal when ya give it to 'em right up there.

Ah like ta make 'em cry fer me too." "O.K. boys" Paw said "Git these two cunt lappers apart.


It's time they did a little fuckin' fer us. How 'bout that Deke an' Zeke? Y'all ready ta give Mom here a good fuckin'?" "Hell Yeah, Paw" twelve year old Zeke piped enthusiastically "We'ze gonna give it ta her real good. Ah got firsties an' Deke's got juicy seconds." "G'wan Zeke" Lem said to the twelve year old twin "What y'all waitin' fer? Git yer pants off an' start fuckin' Mom here so's yer brother an' the other kids kin git ta fuck her too." "Oooohhh…Noooo…They're only little boys…" She whimpered weakly as Zeke's pants came off and she saw his stiff young penis "Oh please…Don't make me do it with little boys…Oh god…Please don't…Please…" "Oooweee.

Mom sure does squawk a lot when the kids want to fuck her. Don't she?" Lem chuckled as the little boy knelt between Jolene's widely spread legs and felt her pussy.

"Hurry up, Zeke" his twin brother said, taking off his own pants "Ah want some of Mom's nookie too." "Aww. Ah jest wanna play with her poosie a little first" Zeke said "When we had them Girl Scouts here, Jude an' Lem pulled down their panties an' tickled their poosies really good before they fucked 'em.

That schoolteacher's wife too." "Oooweee, Yeah" Lem chuckled "Them li'l girlies sure was fun. They cried a lot fer us too. An' that schoolteacher sure went ga-ga watchin' us all fuck his fat li'l wifey." "How's it feel, Zeke?" the other twin asked, smiling "Is it nice?" "Oh Yeah" Zeke answered "Mom's got nice poosie fer us.

Good an' wet too. She sure is juicy an' hot." "G'wan, Zeke. Put yer dick up her cunt an' give it ta her" Lem grinned "I wanna see Mom fuck fer the kids." "Oh Noooo…Please…Nooooo…" Jolene whimpered helplessly as twelve year old Zeke positioned himself between her widely spread thighs and slipped his stiff young penis up her nicely pouting cunny "Eeeeeee…Oh…Oh No…Oh No…Ooohh Don't…Please Don't…Oooohhh…Oooohhh…" "Oooweee.

Lookit that. She likes it" Lem sneered as Zeke eagerly fucked the sobbing, squealing Jolene "Mom really goes fer that kiddie dick, don't she?" "Make her wiggle her ass, Lem" Zeke said "I want her ta wiggle her ass fer me while I fuck her." "You heard him, Mom" Lem sneered at the whimpering Jolene "Git that big ass of yourn a'movin an' lessee how ya fuck fer the kids.

G'wan. Do it." "Oooohhh…Nooo…Nooooo…" Jolene whimpered with abject humiliation as she fearfully began to wiggle her ass for the little boys enjoyment "Ooooohhh…This is terrible…You're…You're terrible…Oooohhh…I…I never…I never…Oooohhh…" Jolene fearfully wiggled her ass for young Zeke's fucking pleasure until she felt his cum squirting up in her pussy.

The nasty little boy was then replaced by his twin brother Deke and, with Jude now supervising, the terrified Jolene was made to give him a good wiggly fuck also.

After Deke had fucked her, Jude and Paw decided that the other little boys should get some pussy also. Her son Donny and his friends were de-pantsed as she watched and the not too reluctant, nasty little Chuck was chosen to go first. He was told to straddle Jolene's face, then, sobbing miserably and totally humiliated, poor Jolene was made to kiss and lick the little boy's cock all over before he fucked her.

It was then Timmy's turn and, as with Chuck, he was more than eager to get his first fuck, whether it was Donny's Mom or not. Timmy fucked the sobbing Jolene with youthful gusto. So enthusiastic was the little boy, and it being the fourth fuck in a row for her, nature took it's course and, despite poor Jolene's reluctance, she gave a loud squeal and to her great humiliation began to cream all over Timmy's stiff young cock.

"Oooweee. Lookie that" Lem cackled "Mom's makin' creamie fer the kid. She sure is primed up an' ready fer the juice." At that moment Timmy had his orgasm, spurting the fourth load of hot, little boy cum she had had injected up her cunny in just a few minutes. "O.K. sonny-boy" Jude said to Donny, "It's your turn. Git down there an' fuck yer Mom. Git yer dick up her nice, hot poosie an' have yerself a good cum up there." "Oh Nooooo…Nooooo…Not that…Please not that…" Jolene sobbed weakly "I'm… I'm his mother…Don't make us…make us…Oooohhh…Nooooo…" "G'wan, kid" Jude menaced "Yer Mom sure does squawk a lot but she's one good piece of hot, wiggly fuck.

Now git down there an' git ta fuckin' her or ah'm gonna put mah shotgun up her juicy cunt an' pull the trigger." In fear for their lives but also terribly agitated after watching Zeke, Deke, Chuck and Timmy all fuck his mother, Donny meekly approached. "I…I'm sorry Mom…" he said "They're making me. They're gonna shoot us if we don't do it for them. I'm sorry." "Oh Nooooo…Don't…Don't…" Jolene wept as her thirteen year old son got down between her widely spread, jiggling thighs "Don't put it in…Please Donny…Don't put it in…I'm…I'm your mother…You…You can't…can't…Oh Nooooo…" Despite her sobbing and pleading, Donny put his stiff young cock up his mother's unwilling pussy and began to fuck.

"Oh Noooo…Oooohhh… Nooooo…" Jolene wept, her overheated pussy clasping wetly around her son's stiff penis "Oh please Donny…Not all the way up…Please don't…Oooohhh…Nooooo…Oooohhh…" On the floor, Jolene squealed, sobbed and wriggled as her thirteen year old son's stiff little cock fucked in and out of her rapidly heating pussy.

To her dismay, she knew that if the fucking continued, she was going to cream again, whether she wanted to or not.

The very thought that she might actually cream all over her own son's young penis was just too horrible but there was nothing she could do to prevent it. "Oooohhh…Nooo…Nooooo…Oooohhh…Nooooo…" she mewled, feeling the shameful orgasm coming "Oh…Oh Don't…Oh Donny…Stop…Please Stop…Oh No…Oh Please No…Noooooo…" Against her will, Jolene wiggled her ass upwards and gave a shriek as she began to cream wildly.

At that moment, young Donny let loose and began to pump his hot cum up his mother's creaming pussy. The instant she felt the cum squirting it's way up her cunt, Jolene shrieked again and, to her abject humiliation, fucked her hotly creaming pussy wantonly upwards.

"Oooweee. Lookie that" Jude chuckled, "Mom's creamin' all over the place. She really likes fuckin' that boy of hers. She really likes fuckin' fer all the kids." "Yeah.

Ain't she somethin'?" Lem grinned "Picks the kids up from camp, brings 'em on up here, let's 'em take off her undies an' fucks 'em all. She's sure gonna be one hot piece of poonie aroun' the schoolyard from now on." "Oh No…Oh God No…" Jolene wept miserably, face in hands in absolute disgrace, "Oh…This is terrible…Oh…What have you made me do…Oh My God…Oh My God…Oooohhh…" "Hey, Lem" Jude said "What y'all think of these two poosies here?

Getting' nakey, eatin' each other off an' fuckin' everybody. Don't ya think they oughta be punished fer all that?" "Yeah. We oughta teach 'em a lesson" Lem grinned "Let's whip their asses really good an' make 'em dance fer us." Screaming and begging, Jolene and little Mary-Ellen were roughly hoisted from the floor and bent over a heavy oak table, side by side, with their naked asses thrust out defenselessly.

Their wrists were tied to table legs on the other side and Jude and Lem took off their belts. Yesiree. It's time these two poosies got a good ass whuppin'" Lem sneered patting Jolene's bottom and giving it a shake "Let's whup 'em good an' really give 'em somethin' ta cry about." "Yeah" Jude grinned "You whup Mom an' ah'll whup the li'l baby-doll. Let's make 'em scream fer us." "Oh Nooo…Nooooo…Please…I beg you…Oh God Nooooo…" Jolene shrieked in terror as Lem's belt swept down and connected with all his might to her wriggling, defenseless ass cheeks "YOWWWWW…YOWEEEEEE… EEEEEEE… EEEEEEE…OH…OH GOD…OH GOD…YOWWWWW…" Little, eleven year old Mary-Ellen gave a piercing shriek as Jude's belt got her on the backs of her thighs, just under her plump young ass cheeks, then another loud scream as the belt came down again and connected fully with it's primary target.

The men laughed as the room filled with the sounds of leather against ass flesh and the shrieks, screams and pathetic pleadings of Jolene and little Mary-Ellen. "C'mon, you two juicy cunts. Let's boogie" Jude leered, bringing his belt viciously downward to Mary-Ellen's poor little ass "Shake those asses an' do a li'l dancie fer us." "Yeah. Let's have a little entertainment Mom" Lem grinned "Get that nice big ass a wigglin' an' a jigglin' or ah'm gonna get out the bullwhip." Terrified at the mere thought of a bullwhip and with stinging pain shooting through their naked bottoms, Jolene and little Mary-Ellen began to wiggle their asses around quite actively for everyone's entertainment.

The brutal punishment continued for five full minutes before Jude and Lem put their belts down, leaving Jolene and the little girl sobbing exhaustedly over the table. "Now fer one last bit a'fun before we stuff yer panties in yer mouths an' send y'all home" Jude said "Hey, Paw. Kin we do the dildo thing like we done ta that schoolteacher's wife?" "Why sure, boys" Paw answered "Y'all kin do anythin' ya want.

Have yer fun." Jude left the room and came back in seconds with two black rubber dildo's upon which he poured a goodly amount Tabasco Sauce.

"O.K. Let's heat up those poosies, Jude" Lem grinned "Shove those hot dildo's up their cunts an' let's fuck 'em up the ass. Let's all fuck 'em up the ass." Both Jolene and the little girl shrieked as a nasty, sauce covered dildo was shoved up each of their cum-filled pussy's, fucked in and out and left in place for the hot sauce to soak in.

As the heat of the Tabasco Sauce soaked in nicely and began to burn, both set up a screeching and shrieking which delighted the hillbillies. "Ooooweee. Lookit 'em go" Lem snickered "They sure do make nice music." "Yeah" Jude leered "Nuthin' like a little hot sauce up the cunt ta get a bitch really goin'. C'mon. Let's plug 'em up the ass." With a searing hot dildo planted well up in each of their soaking cunnies, Jude and Lem stepped forward and began to ass fuck the shrieking pair.

When they were finished, Zeke and Deke took their place, then Chuck and Timmy. Finally, Donny was made to join the fun and to ass fuck his mother until he came. Having had enough of Jolene and the children, they were taken naked to their car, the hot dildos still in place.

Jolene's panties were stuffed in Mary-Ellen's mouth and taped in. The same was done with Mary-Ellen's panties in Jolene's mouth. They were warned that if anyone ever found out about what had happened to them, relatives of theirs would come get them, fuck them and kill them.

With that, their clothing was thrown in the car and they were allowed to leave. Jolene drove frantically off the property but before she got to the road she had to stop for a moment to cream all over the hot dildo with a panty-gagged shriek. Once they were safely away, Jolene pulled to the side of the road. The dildos were pulled out of hers and Mary-Ellen's cunts with much relief, and the panties were removed from their mouths. Both she and Mary-Ellen could not seem to stop sobbing over their terrible ordeal and continued to do so while they dressed.

Jolene had been fucked five times up the pussy and four times up the ass. Eleven year old Mary-Ellen had been fucked only twice up the pussy but four times up her little ass. Jolene could not look at her son Donny, nor he at her, as the humiliation was too great. Chuck and Timmy, however, seemed quite complacent.

The first thought was to call the police but it was little Mary-Ellen that did not want anyone to know what had happened. It was decided to go to the nearest filling station to clean up and to keep it a secret as they would only be a few hours late.

It was only Jolene and the little girl that had to clean up. Finally returning to the car, they found Chuck and Timmy quite impatient and angry. Still feeling in control, especially now with their secret, Chuck said he heard them in the ladies room and he would tell everyone what Jolene did in there, unless Jolene gave him and Timmy a blow-job.

Shocked, Jolene tried to lie her way out of the terrible entrapment, knowing full well the trouble it would cause if anyone were to find out what she had done with the little girl.

In the end, she had to submit, pulling off the road to suck the little boys cocks. Donny, now with a changed attitude, insisted that she suck his cock also and made her promise him a good fuck when they got home. Chuck insisted that he sit next to her and put his fresh hand up under her skirt to feel her panties while she drove.

Jolene had no choice but to comply with the little boys wishes, knowing that things, life was never going to be the same for her and that she would have to adapt. This became obvious when, after driving for an hour, Chuck said, "Pull over. We want to do it some more." Three more times during the two hour drive did they have to stop so Jolene and Mary-Ellen could suck and fuck for the controlling boys.

When finally reaching home, Chuck said that he, Timmy and Mary-Ellen were going to stay over. Reluctantly, Jolene was made to call all three parents to say it was late and the kids were tired and were going to stay the night.

Once this was done, Chuck ordered Jolene and Mary-Ellen to get naked and do it with each other. It was going to be a very long night. One of many.

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