Big tit blonde sucks a bottle

Big tit blonde sucks a bottle
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Swing Camp Grace and I looked forward to Summer Break as always. 8 years ago was our first camping trip, if you could call it camping. We had rented a cabin on the shores of Arkansas and had thought it would be a fairly secluded spot for us to just chill and enjoy each other's company for a change. We had been married going on 15 years but to look at Grace you would not have thought that was possible. Grace was 5'2, athletic build, blue eyes, and golden blonde very long hair, her breasts were a generous C and her petite body was covered in a golden bronze tan.

We had been there only a few hours when another couple arrived and set up a tent not too far from our cabin. We begrudgingly dragged ourselves over to introduce ourselves. "Hi I'm David and this is Grace, my far better half" "Pleased to meet you, I am Kimberly and this is Josh.

It is our first time here" Said the fairly attractive brunette "I hope we're not cramping your style here.

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We were going to set up a little further down but the ground is damp" Josh added. Josh was a very tall, Liam Neeson kind of handsome man but a much younger version of him. We chatted for quite a while and ended up inviting them up to our cabin for dinner to which they accepted.

We left them for a couple of hours to prepare dinner and chatted as we worked. While we had intended to get some alone time this couple were genuine, friendly people and a breath of fresh air for us both. Besides it was just for tonight, we would get many opportunities to do some activities that involved just the two of us, surely.

When Josh and Kimberly knocked on the cabin door that evening they had another couple with them. "Hi, I hope you don't mind us bringing Cindy and Paul. They have just set up near us and had some of their supplies stolen from the car at a stop on the way up here" Kimberly explained.

"Hell no, the more the merrier" I said with my back to everyone and rolling my eyes at Grace. "Gee thanks, we will give you some cash in the morning when we get it along with some supplies from the general store" Paul said "Don't be silly, we won't accept payment" Grace said "Not money anyway" I added cheekily.

Fortunately these strangers shared my sense of humour and laughed. We had a great night as it turns out and didn't turn in until 3 in the morning. Just as we were rolling out of bed in the morning a truck pulled up. Out hopped a young African American couple around the same age as Grace and me. They were very professional looking. While they were in sports gear it was brand name stuff and they carried themselves as people with a good education did.

They could have been models both of them, the male tall, muscular and handsome. The woman was tall, stunning and curvaceous. Grace pushed my mouth closed as she passed me to greet them and introduce herself. Embarrassed by my ogling I ran my hands over my face, rubbed my eyes and then followed Grace.

"Hello, I'm Grace and this is David" "I'm Denise and this is Mark" the woman said. Just then Josh came up and introduced himself and invited us all to join them for a bbq breakfast by the lake. The new comers accepted as did we all including Cindy and Paul and we had a nice selection of meats and vegies and then joined Denise and Mark in their cabin for coffee and helped them finish setting up. Those couple of days were the beginning of a great tradition and a great friendship with each of the couples.

We all hit it off immediately and forgot all about alone time and did almost everything together for the remainder of our time at the lake.

We said our goodbyes without making plans to see each other again. Not deliberately I guess it slipped all of our minds. We had such a good time that Grace and I decided to go back the next year. I guess the other couples felt the same as they all returned for a second season at the same time the following year only this time Grace and I were the last to arrive.

Over the years it became the break we looked forward to most and I would suggest it meant as much to the other couples as we did not officially plan a return but it was more or less expected. We never planned to see any of the couples during the year either but very much looked forward to meeting down at the river.

When together we would do all kinds of things in and around the camp site such as hiking and rock climbing, fishing and kayaking, and at night we would play games or cards and listen to music either in someone's cabin or around a camp fire.

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I guess being around a bunch of attractive people our own age had a healthy impact on our sex life to. Grace and I would go home and fuck like bunnies for a week after our camping trip. Perhaps it was all the harmless flirting that went on, whatever it was it was about to change. It was the eighth year we had been going up to the river and we couldn't wait to catch up with the gang and find out how their year had gone, what they had been up to and what was new.

When we arrived Paul and Cindy were already there and came over to the car to help us unpack. As Paul leaned in the trunk he put his hand on Graces firm ass and gave it a pat.

It was a little more physical than our flirting was but no cause for alarm in my mind. After getting the gear into the cabin we sat and chatted over coffee.

After we had caught up Grace and I decided to go for a walk but Paul and Cindy decided not to join us. We headed off and got a few minutes down the track when Grace realised she had forgotten to lock the cabin.

As I approached the cabin my heart skipped a beat. I thought I saw movement and as I drew nearer my fears were confirmed as I heard noise coming from inside. Not knowing how many intruders there were or whether they carried weapons I snuck up to the door to get a better look.

No luck they were down the back of the cabin obviously going through our stuff for money. I crept in undetected and saw a knife on the kitchen bench. I picked it up and headed toward the back with my heart pounding in my chest. I had no idea what I was going to do.

I was closing in on our bedroom when the door swung a little making a noise. I ducked in the spare bedroom and closed the door open nearly all the way. I waited a couple of minutes and then peered around the door and was gobsmacked by what I saw. There on her knees was Cindy bobbing back and forth on the end of Josh's cock in our bedroom. I was trapped; I couldn't leave without them knowing I had seen them. I decided to wait until things heated up and then leave when they wouldn't notice.

In the meantime I decided to enjoy the show. I wondered if Cindy's husband or Josh's wife had any idea at all what their partners were up to while they slept. The whole idea of what was happening was making my cock hard. Cindy took in more and more of Josh's long skinny cock with each thrust making gagging noises as she did but not stopping. Her slurping and sucking was making me horny as hell and by the sound of it had Josh ready to explode.

Cindy's beautiful long black Asian hair swayed back and forth as she sucked frantically. She had gorgeous little perky and firm breasts which looked big on her tiny frame. I felt embarrassed and a little ashamed and considered bursting out and giving them righteous earful and would have if it were not for the fact that I was enjoying the show. Josh gave a groan followed by a warning "Oh baby I'm going to cum" Which only made Cindy work harder.

Josh came and Cindy swallowed all she could but the last couple of sprays pumped across her tits as she milked his cock dry. Josh pulled her to her feet as she massaged his cum into her tits.

He pushed her over onto her back on the bed and knelt between her legs. From the angle I was at all I could see now was Cindy's spread legs with her feet raised up on the bed and her beautiful smooth cunt. Josh came in to view as he leaned in and started gobbling up her lips and clit hungrily. Cindy instantly starting puffing, panting and moaning in ecstasy.

Cindy came with a gush of fluid then another and another until she had emptied her juice all over Josh's chest and face. Josh who was now stroking himself back to full mast wasted no time and positioned himself between her spread legs and jammed his rock hard cock straight between her dripping wet lips and thrust into her hard.

He started slamming into her and she began yelling obscenities "Oh fuck, fuck me harder, fuck my tiny cunt, oooh yeah, fuck me fuck me fuuuuuck meeeeee" It took all the courage and self control I had to leave right there and then considering Cindy's wailing would cover any noise I might make.

I escaped successfully and tried running back to where Grace was waiting f or me. My raging boner made it hard to run and when I got back to Grace she noticed it instantly. "Where the hell did you get to and what were you doing?" she said with a laugh pointing at the tent in my pants.

"I'll tell you the whole story later but do you think you could help me with this?" I pleaded "Oh my poor, hard baby, sure I can."Grace said dropping to her knees and unbuckling my pants.

It didn't take long for Grace to relieve my throbbing cock and then we were on our way walking as originally planned. I told her the whole story and her initial response was to laugh. We finally decided after talking it through that it was not our business. Grace even suggested it may not have been the first time in our little group that such an incident occurred.

Of course I couldn't let that go. I was convinced that Grace had seen them or someone in the group at it before as well. "Who?

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When? Where?" I nagged Grace insisted that she had seen nothing more than some ass patting and flirtatious glances.

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I did not want to admit to Grace but the idea of these non traditional sexual encounters appealed to me. The girls were all very attractive and I would be kidding myself if I said I hadn't screwed each of them senseless in my mind. I am sure that Grace had done the same with the men and it did not bother me that much, we had even considered or at least discussed the idea of a threesome if the right person and opportunity came up.

That afternoon we had a bbq by the river and a swim. I tried to put the events of the past 24 hours out of my mind but all that wet naked flesh around me made it hard, made me hard! I spent a lot of time lying face down so no one would see my hard cock and think I was a pervert. When night set in I was grateful for the cover that the darkness offered and was able to sit around the fire after dinner with the others talking and having fun.

There was no obvious tension; in fact everything seemed so normal that I started doubting myself and what I thought I had seen this morning. Though deep down I knew what I had seen, it was just easier to pretend I was wrong. I turned in a little early due to drinking too much wine on a near empty stomach and was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke up a couple of hours later with my head still spinning and rolled over only to find the other side of the bed empty.

I dragged myself out of bed, had a long drink of water and went out to the camp fire to hoping to join Grace. When she wasn't there I decided she must be back in the cabin taking a shower or something so I waited for her to finish and then come out to join me. As I waited I looked at the full moon beaming down on the earth and in particular our little camp site.

As my eyes followed the moon I saw movement in Josh and Kim's tent and headed over to say hi. As I drew nearer I heard noises like someone was in pain and quickened my stride to see if I could help. As I drew even nearer still I realised it was not pain but pleasure and as I looked at the silhouette through the thin tent material the outlines confirmed it. I stopped and began to retreat quietly but then recognised Grace's voice.


I felt my face portray a mixture of emotions. Anger, surprise, confusion, hurt to name a few. I was frozen still not knowing what to do. I decided I owed it to my wife to make sure it was her at least before confronting her.

I snuck around the back of the large tent to where I knew there was a window and peered in. There I found I had a perfect view and it was a view of my tiny wife impaled on Mark's monster black cock, but that was not the worst of it, she also had Paul's cock stabbing in and out of her throat. I stood there numb thinking I should have seen this coming and blaming myself for it. My cock started to respond to the sexual spectacle but I did not want to be turned on by my wife's betrayal.

I turned to leave and was scared out of my wits by a big pair of eyes looking straight at me. "Hello handsome, do you like what you see?" It was Denise. "Holy shit you scared me half to death. An d to answer your question, No" I snapped "Oh come on David, I know you guys have talked about this type of thing.

You are just disappointed that she beat you to it" "Bullshit. What do you know about anything" I blurted out "Well fine, but if you want any of this, you had better calm down and follow me to your cabin" She said opening her gown to reveal she was totally naked underneath before turning toward our cabin.

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I stood confused and then the sounds of my wife's ecstasy from behind me were enough to convince me to follow Denise. When I walked into the cabin Denise handed me a glass of wine. I apologised for snapping and told her it was probably better if she left before we also did something we would regret.

"Is that what you want?

I mean do you want Grace to regret the unforgettable and amazing sex she is getting now?" She asked. "Well yes. I mean no. Shit I don't fucking know. This is so weird" "Let me tell you this. I have come up here this year having vowed to myself that I will not go home until you David have fucked my brains out. Mark knows that I am interested in screwing someone else and he is ok with it. He would actually prefer it to be one of our little group which is fine with me because I have wanted you since I saw you" Denise explained Denise was right; Grace and I had discussed this.

I should be happy for her. I guess I always thought it was just a dream and nothing more. I didn't say anything else I just crossed the room and took Denise's face between my hands and kissed her hard on the lips.

Our tongues wrestled and writhed within each other's mouths. I opened her gown and began fondling her large round breasts. Her shade was so dark you could barely make out where her nipples began on her breasts. I leant down and took a delicious long nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. I could have spent the rest of the night kneading and feasting on her glorious breasts but Denise had other ideas.

As she sank to her knees she said "So you like me big black tits do you? I'm going to make you forget all about that little incident you saw down there baby, I'm going to love you so well" My cock was again rock hard and so much so that when she pulled down my pants my cock sprang up hitting her under the bottom of the chin. She helped me shed the rest of my clothes and immediately began deep throating my swollen cock.

When I was nice and hard and slippery she squeezed her beautiful fat tits closed around my cock and started giving me the best tit fuck I had ever had.

As my cock slid down then up her mouth was ready to receive my bloated purple knob at the top of each stroke. It did not take long until I was ready to blow and when it happened Denise was ready to catch and swallow the lot.

I led Denise through to the main bedroom and set her up at the end of the bed with her legs spread and began my oral assault without hesitation. The skin surrounding her pussy was firm and smooth and the contrast between her black as night pussy lips and the pink inside her cunt was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and it was the sweetest I had ever tasted to.

Denise's hips bucked as I tongue fucked her as deep and fast as I could then started screaming as I rubbed her G spot and continued to eat her and suck her clit. Her quivering pussy drenched my face as she came. I placed my hands underneath her ass and pushed her cunt into my face and ate like a man possessed causing her to cum again and again. I slid up her body and lay between her legs feasting on her tits and stomach.

I slid up further and nibbled and kissed her neck and face and then kissed her deep and hard on the lips as I positioned myself ready to enter her. Feeling my knob against her lips I thrust forward and pounded into her as hard as I could. Our bodies slapped together as I hammered her relentlessly. We came together and I collapsed next to her and when we caught our breath just laughed. Just as I rolled over I heard Kim's voice from behind say "I hope you saved some for us" as her and Josh strolled in.

"Oh baby, you know we did" Denise said rolling over and across the bed with her ass in the air presented for Josh. I watched him kiss and lick her ass and pussy from behind while Kim's warm mouth stroked up and down my dick trying to revive it. I reached out and squeezed Denise's tit as Josh continued to clean her juice and my cum from her ass and pussy. My cock started to awaken just as Cindy entered the room.

She looked at the orgy before her and decided my face was her best position. Kimberly and Cindy stood over me and lowered themselves onto me as Josh stroked his cock and prepared to go doggy on Denise. I fingered and licked Cindy as Kim rocked gently back and forth on my shaft. Josh was thrusting slow and deep into Denise next to us as a chorus of groans rang out through the room. Sweaty bodies rocked back and forth, up and down. Kim rose and spun around and slid down my cock, she was now riding reverse cowboy and was riding like a pro bull rider as Cindy nibbled the back of her neck and shoulders and cupped her tits in her hands from behind.

Denise came first; Josh stood on the bed and repositioned himself for some Greek action. He entered Denise and she howled out loud, the sight of which must have turned both the other girls on as they came immediately.

Kim and Cindy switched positions only Cindy must have liked the Josh's idea as I felt her tight ass hole drop over my cock and slide slowly down. Again I reached over and fondled Denise's gorgeous tit as I sucked on Kim's clit.

Moments later there were orgasms occurring all over. We lay spent of all energy briefly and then headed down to the water to freshen up a bit. When we got there Grace, Paul and Mark were there to greet us.


Everyone looked around the group at the looks of confusion until Paul finally spoke "Why did we live it for eight years people?" Everyone grinned or laughed in approval as I slipped into the water next to my gorgeous wife and put my arm around her and whispered in her ear "So have you had enough or are you up for some Greek before bed Hun?" "Oh my god yes.

Please fuck me in the ass. That would be the perfect ending to this marvellous night" The end