SPH treament for lousy guy

SPH treament for lousy guy
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*please note that this is a work of pure fiction. None of these events have actually happened in real life, and this is more of a joke. Enjoy* It was a nice day in June, a nice day to sit out in the sun with your friends and enjoy a cool drink.

For the 2 friends Tony and Sidney, it was Capri Sun for them. They both sat on Tony's porch, sipping their juice pouches. The air was thick with humidity and not to mention the awkward silence between the two attractive teens. They didn't know what to say, they just sat there on his porch.

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They kept on sitting and sitting for about an hour. "Oh gosh, this is really awkward. What is even happening right now?" SIdney thought to herself. Tony was just staring into space and it was a bit creepy. She was taking a sip of her capri sun when Tony suddenly spoke. "Hey, there's something cool in my basement. C-can I show you?" He said meekly. Sidney glanced towards his hands and noticed they were shaking a bit. "Um. sure? Let's go." Sidney replied.

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Tony nodded and they both got up and headed inside of his house. As Sidney walked behind Tony into his house, she got a bad case of the chills. She wasn't sure if it was just the AC or how weird Tony was acting.

He opened up his basement door and started down the steps, motioning for Sidney to follow him. She reluctantly followed him down into the dark basement, where she could hear the whir of the AC and all of the pipes from the house. There was a single bare light bulb lighting up the room.

The walls were bare, and so were the floors. Sidney could smell the distinct smell of mold. and something else. She suddenly looked at Tony and noticed he was doing something in the corner with his back turned to her.

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"Tony. what are you doing?" She asked in a small voice.


He didn't answer, but turned around. She noticed he had a small white cloth in his hand.

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She read enough stories to know that that was chloroform on the cloth. "Tony! What the hell are you planning to do with that?!" Sidney shrieked, backing up towards the stairs.

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He didn't answer, but slowly walked towards her. She had a bad feeling about what was about to happen. Tony would definitely overpower her with his 5'9 frame against her 5'3 one. Oh no. What was Sidney going to do? Sidney's heart was pounding. This was just like one of those bad horrors movies she used to watch with Tony.

Without warning, he lunged at Sidney. She sidestepped his attacked and he flew into the wall behind her. Without a second thought, she raced up the basement steps. What was wrong with her friend? Her nerves made her fumble when she was opening the door, but she finally ripped the door open.

She could hear Tony getting up and groaning. Without waiting around to see what he would do next, she ran through his house trying to escape.


She could hear Tony reach the stop of the steps behind her, and she quickened her pace. She reached his front door and shakily opened it as fast as she could. She could feel that Tony was pretty close. With a tug, the door was open. She ran outside into the humid climate.

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She turned around and say Tony standing in the doorway. "It's over," she thought to herself. "he'll never catch me now." When he actually started running down the porch steps to her, she was definitely in shock. "RUN!" She thought to herself. Her first thought was to run across the road, so she did.

Anything to save herself from the psycho she used to call her friend. Without a second thought (and without looking both ways) Sidney ran across the black tar road and into her house that was conveniently across the street from his. She locked her front door and then looked out the window to see Tony about to cross the street.

She looks into the road and her heart almost stopped. A Capri Sun delivery truck was literally about to hit the (mentally unstable) Tony!! There wasn't anything Sidney could do in the next five seconds as she watched Tony's body get hit by the truck. It was like everything was suddenly in slow motion. Tony's body was launched across the road from the impact of the truck hitting him like a ragdoll, but the truck kept going.

The truck driver must have been used to driving ion bumpy roads, so he probably just thought he ran over a branch or something. The trucks wheels kept going over Tony's body. His legs were crushed and there was blood everywhere. Sidney covered her mouth with horror.

But she couldn't hold back the little feeling of joy in her heart. She knew she was safe, and Tony would soon be gone.


He was writhing in pain in the middle of the road, and Sidney was only watching. She was torn between letting him die and getting him medical help. But on the other hand. who knows what he would've done to her if he had actually caught her. Sidney didn't even want to think about that. So she let him bleed out in the middle of the road. After she saw him stop moving, she was still standing there, staring at his corpse from her living room window.

Sooner or later, someone would drive by their lonely street and see the accident.

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But for now, it was just a secret for Sidney and Tony. A secret for best friends.

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