Party slut fucked in orgy

Party slut fucked in orgy
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The Yard Sale I am not a yard sale kind of guy. However as I drove past this farmhouse way out in the country I saw a tiny sign that said "Yard Sale." The sign was being held up by a very pretty young lady.

She was wearing a bikini! How could I resist?

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I stopped as quickly as I could and backed up. As I pulled into the driveway the girl ran to the house.


I sure enjoyed watching her ass gyrate as she ran. She called out and a slightly older girl came out of the house in a bikini too. I parked and got out of my car. The older girl said, "Welcome to our yard sale!

I'm Betty and this is my daughter Samantha! You're our very first customer!" I just had to say it; "You don't look old enough to be her mother!" Betty blushed and said, "Even though I hear that a lot it still make me blush! Samantha is fifteen and I assure you that I am thirty-six!" I said, "You look marvelous! I would have guessed maybe twenty-one at the best!" Betty blushed again and then said, "Thank you! I suppose that we should show you the merchandise now!

Sam grab the other end of this!" I watched the two girls lift a plastic tablecloth up off from the merchandise that it covered. It was full of very personal items. I saw about a dozen dildos, a couple of butt plugs, and several pair of panties and bras. There were Ziploc bags with hair and disposable razors in them too.

My mouth dropped open. Now it was my turn to blush! I just looked at Betty but it was Samantha that spoke, "I saw stuff like this on the Internet for sale!

I figured that someone like you would prefer to see where it came from first!" Betty said, "Each of these dildos have spent at least five nights in our pussies while we slept. The ribbon holds a card to tell you which one of us it was in and the dates!" Samantha said, "The butt plugs were in our assholes for five nights while we slept too!" Betty said, "These panties were worn for a whole day and never washed!

You can see the stains in the crotch from our excitement too! We wore then at least fifteen hours each!" Samantha said, "The same is true for the bras too!" Betty said, "Everything is in plastic bags to preserve the aroma!" Samantha said, "The bags of hair are from when we shave our pussies!

The razor is the one we used to shave it with!" Betty said, "We shave the first of every month!" As I looked around I saw small baseball bats, candles, and clothespins.

Samantha said, "Oh yes! We have fucked ourselves with the tiny bats and candles!


The clothespins have been clamped to our nipples for at least two hours!" Betty said, "It seems to be all we can stand!" Samantha said, "Some of the items have been in both of our pussies too!" Betty said, "Especially the double-ended dildos! We kind of enjoy using them together it's like I have a real cock and can fuck my daughter while she fucks me!" Samantha said, "It's great!" Finally I said, "Wow!

You girls sure surprise me!

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I would have never thought that you two would be selling stuff like this! Why don't you sell it on the Internet?" Betty said, "I'm not sure that I want some strange pervert buying it!" I replied, "You don't know me!" Samantha said, "Maybe not but we got to see you and size you up first!" Betty said, "Yes and besides if we didn't like you we wouldn't sell anything to you!" Samantha said, "Hell I wouldn't have held up the sign in the first place and we wouldn't have uncovered the table either!" I smiled and said, "So you like me!" Of course Betty blushed.

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After all that's what she does best. But this time Samantha blushed too.

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Samantha surprised the hell out of me when she said, "Tell you what! Anything you buy you can put in us or we will wear it for a picture!" Betty said, "If you spend enough money we might even let you fuck us!" My mouth watered as I asked, "How much is enough?" Samantha said, "How about a hundred dollars and you get to fuck me!" Betty said, "Make it one fifty and you can fuck us both!" Luckily I had just cashed my monthly payroll check and I was loaded.

First off I asked, "Where is your husband?" Betty said, "I never married!" Samantha said, "No!


We are just two horny girls living all by ourselves!" I asked, "Do you sell a lot of this stuff?" Betty said, "Not at all! You're our first customer!" Samantha said, "If you move in with us you might be our last customer too!" I looked at them both and said, "What?" Samantha said, "Well mom said that if I really liked a guy that I could invite him to stay! I really like you!" Betty looked at the lump in my pants and said, "I really like you too! My bikini bottom is wet! Want to feel?" Samantha said, "Mine too!" Then she simple took it off and tossed it to me.

"Feel it for yourself!" Betty stepped closer, took my hand, and placed it on her crotch, "Feel this for yourself!" So I stood there with my hand on Betty's crotch and slipped a finger up her leg opening and into her very wet pussy as I stared at Samantha's freshly shaved pussy.

Wow! Betty said, "Tell you what! If you are as good in bed as I think you're going to be you can have this entire collection for free!" Samantha said, "And we can add anything to it that you want us too!" Betty turned and led me into her house. I was speechless. Samantha followed. I was taken to a big bedroom with a king-size bed in it.

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Betty said, "We girls sleep together every night!" Samantha said, "We make love every day too!" Betty said, "Usually more than once a day too!" Samantha said, "We get awfully horny!" Betty took off her bikini and Samantha removed her top.

The two girls got on the bed and watched me undress. Samantha said, "Mommy I want it first! Please! Lick me real well so that it will slide right in!" Betty said, "Oh!

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Don't mind her! She's still a virgin and very excited! She is plenty wet enough for you right now!" Samantha said, "I can take a cock your size in any one of my holes, or all three if you're up to it!" Betty said, "Heavens yes!

I've seen her do it! Hell I've even done it to her!" I said, "Okay! You've convinced me! So you want to be first Samantha!" She said, "Oh yes!" She got on her back, lifted her knees, and welcomed me with outstretched arms.

I told Betty that I wanted to see her eat her daughter out first. She smiled and got right in there.

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It was all I had hoped for. Betty did an excellent job of giving Samantha two orgasms for me before getting out of the way. I crawled over to Samantha, got in position, and slipped my cock into her.

Betty was right she was plenty wet. Since Samantha had her orgasms and they had been teasing my for so long I just took care of my own needs. I thrust, I jerked, and I moaned before cumming deep up inside Samantha's pussy.

Betty said, "Congratulations on becoming a woman Samantha!" Samantha said, "Thanks mom! You were right it did feel good! And he really was too excited to care about me enjoying it! I'm sure that the next time will be better!" Betty said, "I'm sure it will be too!" I said, "Hey girls I'm right here!" Samantha said, "We know and that's right where we want to keep you too!" I reached over to stick my finger back into Betty's pussy when she said, "No sweetie! Today is Samantha's day!

Finger her! Eat her! Hell, fuck all three of her holes! Be the first man to go where no man has gone before!" Samantha said, "Then tomorrow can be mommy's day! She has never had a real cock in her ass! That can be yours for the taking! If you stay!" I looked at Betty, poked a finger into Samantha's dripping pussy, and said, "I think I will stay! If it's alright with you girls!" Samantha hit my chest and said, "I'm a woman now!

Or have you forgotten so soon!" The End The Yard Sale 48