MILF Dana is angry and horny to teens making out in her couch

MILF Dana is angry and horny to teens making out in her couch
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How it all started It was a warm summer night, and i was laying on the bed next to him, as only the street light outlined us through the blinds, my mind was racing yet again. As i put my hand under the sheets to adjust my boxershorts, i saw his sheets start to move. as i turned my head, he went back to sleep. I tested him. I again moved my hand under the sheets, this time in a certain rythm. Immediately i saw his sheets jerk up as he started to jerk off.

Somehow this turned me on a great deal, this guy, barely 3 feet away, jacking off to the thought of me masturbating. This time my mind raced in a whole different way, would i dare to touch him, maybe help him out for a bit.? I pulled down the sheets to reveal my bare chest, then i made sure he saw how i removed my boxers. His sheet started moving more violently, and as i got more aroused, my inhibitions started to fade.


Slowly i started moving my hand towards his bed, as i could reach him from my current position, and slid my hand under his still jerking sheets. I felt a warmth, nay, smoldering heat the closer i came to his manhood, and when my hand started moving up, he finally noticed me.

He faked his way back to sleep, as he was as nervous as i was, and it wasn't until i finally touched his hot, moist, but most of all huge, erect dick that he started to accept that what he was hoping for was finally happening.

He looked at me and i looked at him as i started to caress his amazing prick, and as precum started to flow between my fingers, i got even more curious. That was the moment it all got real for me.

Moving his sheets out of the way, i could now truly see what kind of magic was happening, and trust me when i say this: i needed a taste of those glistening juices. On hands and knees i crawled from my bed to his, never losing my grasp of his dick.

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When i got in position, i started to slowly and sensually lick the precum off his glans, then off my fingers, then i plunged that enormous prick as far down my throat as humanly possible. He moaned and grabbed his balls as i started to suck and lick my way up and down his shaft. While he fondled his balls i moved myself on my side, positioning my own (now rock-hard) dick near his face, so he could.

y'know. try doing something with me. if he felt like it. which he didn't at first. Until i got even more bold and started massaging his tight little asshole, then he grabbed my balls and started to roughly kneed them.

A muffled moan escaped my cock-filled mouth, and i stopped massaging as he was being very rough on my sensitive sack. He let his grip fade, but gently cradled them as his other hand left his balls and started to jerk me off. i started to lick his balls as he moaned and jerked my cock harshly. I licked downward and got to the hole i'd been massaging earlier, his breathing became labored and he let out a long moan.

The thought of me being responsible for these physical responses made my cock stiffen in his hand, as his strokes became slower the longer i licked. I trailed my tongue back up to his balls, twirled it all over them, and moved further on up along his shaft, until i reached the tip.

As i looked at it closely, i noticed this beautiful round drop of precum, right atop the slit it popped out of. That was it. I knew it. This was the moment of truth.

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I knew what he liked and didn't like and now i wanted his warm steamy cum down my throat. "Get up" "Why?" "You'll see!" "But i don't want you to stop" "I won't, please get on your feet" He reluctantly obliged me, and as he stood up my hands were on his ass.

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I pulled his cock into my throat by his ass and after every stroke i pulled out and word by word i told him. "Give" "me" "your" "warm" "load" When i pulled him back in that last time, he grabbed my shoulder and i felt his prick twitch. Then i felt stream after stream of warm stringy cum shoot into my throat. I kept sucking him until he went limp, and he fell back on the bed while doing so, but i couldn't stop, i was hooked, i wanted more of his salty yet bitter seed.

MORE. His entire body started to twitch as i continued sucking his dick, milking it to the last drop, and when i finally lost my cum craze, his labored breathing proved he was done. After that he quickly and swiftly helped me achieve orgasm, then he wanted to go and finally get some rest.


He didn't want my cum, and we didn't have anything to clean up around, so i took his hand and licked it clean. He moaned as i did so. He loved it as much as i did. I saw his dick become hard again, but he insisted on catching some z's. Twenty minutes. That's what it took for him to start the heavy breathing and cue his, well, cue was ready for the next round, back on all fours i crawled towards him, clamped a nipple and inhaled as much of his overgrown cock as i could fit down my face.

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He told me that if i wanted to taste his cum, i should make him cum, so that's what i did from then on out. This was a first for me.

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It's a try-out and i hope your comments will help give some pointers. Note: i was very fucking tired when i wrote this so yeah.