Are my sexy knee high socks getting you all hot yet JOI

Are my sexy knee high socks getting you all hot yet JOI
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Lisa was tired, her brown hair, which usually hung freely around her shoulders, was a mess, and there were beads of sweat begining to take shape on her back. Her brow was fixed in frustration as she stalked down the street. It was a few minutes after 11 pm and she had just had a feud with her drunken step-father. She could still feel his disgusting grasp on her hips, and his hard on pressing against her hip.

Lisa managed to throw a few punches and fight her way out through the front door. She took a seat on the sidewalk and burried her face in her hands, he breast rose and fell sharply with the short gasps of air she managed to take.

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And the tears began to fall. Her crying muffled the sounds of her brother Tony following and taking a seat beside her.

He put an arm around his sister and shushed her. "What happened?" ,whispered Tony. "He put his hands on me, again.", said Lisa inbetween sobs. "I'll kill him, I swear to God I'll kill him!", Tony screamed. "NO! NO!, there is nothing you can do." with that Lisa burried herself deeper into his arms. Even at this moment when his sister was in need of his support Tony still couldn't ignore the scent of his sister's perfume.

Everytime he closed his eyes he would have images of him doing unspeakable things to her. Ever since Lisa turned 16 and she had grown into her hips and B cup breasts, he had wanted a taste of her round lips and to caress her milky skin.

He tightened his grip on her. Tony sat with Lisa in his arms for about 15 minutes and Lisa's sobs began to subside. Tony lifted her up to her feet, gave her a look full of pity, put an arm around her and began to walk back to the house. Tony opened the front door and found his step-father in a drunken sleep on the sofa.

He went to kick the old man, but Lisa held him back, "It isn't worth it." Tony punched the dial on the television to turn it off and helped his sister up the stairs. Tony was 19, full grown with dark brown hair that fell in a mess around his ears. He was proud of his athletic build, which came from years of highschool football, and his above average manhood, which when fully erect was a little over 8 inches.

He towered over his sister at 6'3". When they had reached Lisa's room at the end of the hallway, he opened the door, and decided to make a bold move by helping her into her pajamas.

Lisa put on a pair of lengthy basketball shorts, which was a disappointment to him, and Tony helped her out of her shirt. His hand accidently brushed against her nipple and his ears turned red. Lisa didn't take any notice to it though. She finished dressing and Tony settled her down into bed. He kissed her on her forehead, turned off the lights and left her room. His dick was like a rock.

He stormed into his room, careful to lock the door, and grab some lotion off the table. He jumped into bed and began vigourously stroking his aching hard on. After about 8 minutes he came into his hand and sleep overtook him. Tony woke with a start at about 3:30 am.

He had heard muffled screams from his sister's room. He pulled on his boxers and cracked open the door to Lisa's room.


Apparently his step-father had awaken. He was laying beside Lisa with his legs wrapped around her, fingers pulling aside her panties, and his other hand over her mouth. Even at this moment of Lisa's distress Tony's dick was rapidly hardening. Lisa's eyes found Tony's peering through the doorway. Their gazes met for a second, her's full of pleading and his full of desire.

Tony stormed into the room and pulled his step-father off the bed. He jumped on top of the man and hit him until he was completely knocked out with a steady stream of blood dripping from his bottom lip. He dragged his step-father out of the room, cursing. After kicking the man a few more times in the gut, he returned to his sister's room.

Lisa was on the bed sobbing again, but Tony couldn't take it much longer.

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She needed him for emotional support, but his dick was begging to be inside of her. Tony locked the door, climbed onto his sister's bed and dropped to his knees.

He crawled over to her and grabbed her calf. Slowly he moved his hand up to her inner thigh lightly moving over her soft skin. "Wha-what are you doing?", Lisa questioned, her voice shaking with fear.

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"Shhh", Tony whispered into her ear. Lisa could feel her brother's hot breath on her neck and she didn't like it.


She began to force her legs closed. Tony slowly climbed ontop of her and pressed his lips to her cheek. Lisa was now pushing on his chest and pleading for him to stop. Tony continued to brush light kisses across her face until his lips met hers. She tasted so sweet. He forced her legs open with his knees and began to grind his still hardening cock into her slit.

"Tony please stop this, it isn't right.", Lisa continued to plead, but all that followed was her brothers shushing noises. Tony kissed her down her neck, and fumbled with the buttons on her nightshirt.

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"Ahh fuck these buttons!", Tony murmured into her neck. He ripped her nightshirt off and stared at her breasts with utter delight. He placed his mouth around one of her soft pink nipples and rolled the other one between his index and middle finger.

He lifted up his head once more to kiss her and she bit his lip, while simultaniously kicking him in the gut.

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Tony doubled over in pain, while Lisa dashed across the room to the door. She was fumbling with the lock. Tony got up off the bed ran towards the door and slammed his body weight against hers.

Lisa lost her breath and her cheek was being forced into the door. Her brother's hands reached around her and found her breasts. He grabbed them vigourously, and pressed his hard on into her ass. "I was going to make this as pleasurable for you as possible, but now you've lost that privilege.", Tony said with authority. He grabbed his sister's hair and forced her neck back until they were looking eye to eye.

Tears were rolling down Lisa's cheeks and he spat on her. Tony dragged Lisa back to the bed by her hair and ripped off her silk panties. He climbed a'top her chest and pulled out his dick from his boxers.

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It sprang free hitting Lisa in the face. "Now open your mouth, my sweet.", Tony said while grinning.


Lisa clamped her jaw shut. Tony reached around, found Lisa's clit and pinched. She squirmed and screamed in agony, and Tony got his oppurtunity to shove his dick down her throat.

Lisa coughed and gagged for a second and then relaxed, breathing through her nose. "Now if you bite me Lisa, I will show you pain you can't even imagine." Following his statement he put two hands behind her head and began fucking her face with full force.

Her mouth felt so good, but her expression was wild. When he was at the edge of cumming he pulled out. Lisa took a gasp of air, but Tony replaced his dick with his mouth. He spread her legs once again with his knees, and Lisa knew what was coming next. "Please, please Tony I'm a virgin." Lisa pleaded. " I am aware.", Tony said smiling and sliding a finger into her moist cunt. He spread her legs wide and directed the head of his dick to her slit.

The heat and moisture of her was enough to make him cum right there. He pressed his dick into her slowly pushing, careful not to hurt her to much. When he was completely inside of her he waited a few seconds to let the pain subside. Tony really didn't want to hurt her regardless of his previous statement.

He then pulled all the way out of her, and then thrusted himself back in. He pulled out once more. "Don-don't stop", Lisa's voice had betrayed her.

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Tony looked her in the eye, and grinned. He forced himself inside of her and began to vigourously fuck her. He pressed his chest to her's which was now glistening with sweat and began to suck on her neck.

He was on the brink of an orgasm, he grabbed her ass with both of his hands and came inside of her. Tony lay on top of Lisa exhausted. After his breathing steadied, he rolled over beside and put an arm around her. He pressed her warm figure against his and let sleep overtake him.

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