Nude indian babe hot kissing scene

Nude indian babe hot kissing scene
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It started off on a Saturday, the perfect day to lose one's virginity, but I really didn't think I was gonna lose it that day.

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There was a family function and my family got invited to my uncle's house (rukhsar's dad), I wore blue jeans and a red shirt with blue flower patterns.

As I entered there house I greeted the dad, mom, 2 brothers, younger sister and rukhsar. As I brought her to my chest for a hug, her breasts touched my chest, they were small but nicely rounded, it felt like resting on 2 tiny pillows. She smelled fantastic aswell, it was a mix of summer flowers and fresh fruit, it smelt quite divine. As we released our grasp of one another, I took a step back to take a look at her clothing, she was wearing a purple sari, bright blue sandals and the best part NO head scarf, this meant I could look at her beautiful brown hair.

I looked at her face.

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That smile. Those eyes, she was asking to get fucked, and I wanted it sooo bad, I slowly developed a semi-boner. I liked it. We all Sat down and started to eat, I was minding my own business eating, when I felt someone's foot touch mine, that usually happens so I moved my foot back towards me, but the foot got closer and touched mine again. So I moved it back once more.

Yet again. It touched mine, I thought to myself someone's definitely doing this to me on purpose maybe the brothers? I looked at the foot and it was bright blue sandals, rukhsars foot, I looked at her face and she was smiling at me, no ordinary smile, this smile was signalling to me that she definitely wants something.

I was just staring at her foot to see what she's gonna do next. What I saw i will never forget, she slipped her foot out of the sandals and it was her sexy, brown, tiny feet. I immediately got a boner. She lifted her leg up and put it on my crotch, I instantly put my hand over my mouth so I wouldn't let out any moan, she moved that fucking sexy leg up and down my pants, I looked back at her and she was making some pretty orgasmic faces, like she was touching herself, all of this happening right in front of her family, I know right, fucking crazy.

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The mom got up to put the plates back in the kitchen, and she quickly moved her foot down, in the sandal and back towards herself, I couldn't believed what just happened, she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

After eating the adults stayed in the living room and started to talk about stuff I really didn't care about, I went upstairs with the brothers because they wanted to show me some games that we could play.

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They sat close to the screen and I sat close to the door so they really couldn't see me. Half way through playing rukhsar comes in the room and sits down next to me.

I was never this nervous before, my heart was racing, hands sweaty, etc. While playing, she put her hand on my lap, she slowly moved her hand to my crotch and placed her hand on top, she started to rub it, I looked at her in shock, thinking that "she actually wants me! She actually wants me!" After a minute I started to develop a rock-hard, she knew I was, and so slowly started to rub the lining of my jeans. Up and down. Up and down. She then unzipped my pants and slipped her hand inside, and un-buttoned my boxer.

As soon as she layed her cold hands on my dick, she gasped, in disbelief, she whispered in my ear while groping my dick "omg you're sooooo fucking big", I smiled and replied "you're god damn right I am". The sensation of those hands moving up and down was incredible, there's no words to describe it. This went on for about a minute, and the brothers stopped playing, she quickly took her hands off my dick and I zipped my pants back up. They told us that they're bored and going out and told me I could still play on the console if I want, they left and I told rukhsar, "oh I'm definitely gonna keep playing" while smiling, she smiled back.

I shut the door and pushed rukhsar onto the bed and took off her pants, and threw them on the ground and slowly took off her panties that were soaking wet. She started to blush, her face was completely red and mine too. I put my finger next to her flaps and started to circle her vagina, she then started to drip, I told her "you dirty fucking slut, you're already soaking wet, you really want me to fuck you huh? You want my huge, throbbing dick right? To go right into that virgin pussy" she replied "please, I want you so badly, ever since we were little kids I've wanted your dick, I've touched myself at night countless times thinking about you".

I then replied back "well, if you want my dick that badly, you have to wait like a good slut, I want to play with you first". After hearing what she just said, I couldn't believe my ears, because I've done the exact same thing. I've thought about her aswell, I've wanked over countless photos of her. And now, she's all mine. As I put my tongue on her clit, she moaned instantly, I moved my tongue up and down her pussy, tasting all the juices, every single drop she's saved up for me, I wasn't gonna let it go to waste.

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I started to move my tongue up and down slightly faster, she grabbed my head, and pushed my mouth further into her, she then began to moan louder and louder, I then started to move my mouth aswell and completely started to eat out her virgin pussy, she then forcefully started to move my head up and down along her pussy, she started to moan "Haider! .

haider!, oh Haider! Keep going. It feels too good. It feels fantastic. I love you Haider, I love you so much" I then in the moment lifted her ass in the air, stood up, while grabbing her hair, started to go really fast while putting my tongue as deeply in as possible.

Rukhsar then moaned "i'm cumming. I'm cumming. Don't stop I'm almost there". She then came all over my exhausted face.

I put her down and fell on the bed next to her. However suddenly her younger sister Aleena came into the room while saying "what's wrong, I heard screaming".

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The expression on her face was priceless, I'll never forget it, just before she let out a scream, rukhsar jumped off the bed and told her to calm down, and said why don't she join us, she replied that she's doesn't even know what to do. Rukhsar then replied "don't worry your older sister is gonna teach you, about how to please a man" We decided to move rooms as it could get a little messy, we thought of moving to Aleana's room as no one would suspect her.


As soon as I walked in they pushed me on the bed, and started to giggle to one another, I just layed there on my back. Rukhsar told aleena that was 18 years old at this time (rukhsar was 20), "let's kiss to turn him on, I really want to see his huge dick in action" Aleena replied "what's a dick?" She was so innocent at the time it was a huge turn on. However after this she would become a complete and fully trained slut, I'd make sure she does.

Rukhsar leaned in to kiss her blood-related, 18 year old sister.


As she did aleena moved back like she didn't want to, rukhsar said "what's wrong" she replied saying "isn't this kinda weird and bad to do, I mean you're my older sister and his our cousin". rukhsar then said "it's not like we're getting married or anything it's just a little bit of fun and what's better, to test this on a close family member, like him. That way, it's not weird or awkward" aleena agreed and they started to go for it. Rukhsar tilted her head to the side and leaned In for the kiss, aleena opened her mouth as well and they connected lips, the sounds they were making was orgasmic, rukhsar started to undress her younger sister, until she was fully naked with her flat breasts and pussy.

I couldn't wait to fuck them both. They started to go a little more with the kissing by them using their tongues and really opening their mouths with every connection they made. After this aleena told rukhsar "can I undress you now?" Rukhsar replied with an ok and she slowly undressed her older, sexy sister. Rukhsar was making eye contact with me while she was getting undressed and said "you're really enjoying this aren't you? You like seeing blood-related sister's having sexy fun, right?

Is your dick hard enough yet, are you gonna fuck the brains out of my younger sister?" I replied saying "yeah, can't wait to fuck you both". When both sisters were fully naked and stopped having fun with each other, I said "alright, both of you lie down on the bed, on your backs" they agreed and lay next to each other.

I proceed to walk over to rukhsar and opened up her legs, I took off my clothes and took out my giant dick. Rukhsar said "omg it looks bigger than it felt". Aleena said "wow, does that go in me?

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How's that possible, it's definitely not gonna fit into my pussy" I replied saying "dont worry I'll make sure it does". As I held my dick in my hand, I put it towards rukhsar's pussy, and started to tease her by, circling it and hovering it just above her pussy, with her still being able to feel it, just like I did with my finger. She said "oh please *gasp* not again, I've been waiting for this for so many years, put it in all ready".

As I looked over to aleena she was sucking her thumb while touching her pussy and flat breasts, I was so fucking turned on by that sight that I put it in rukhsar. As I put my tip in it wasnt as tight as I thought it would be, I kept pushing my dick into her pussy until it all disappeared into her.

She let out a huge moan like she was trying to gasp for air or as if she just ran a marathon. It was at this moment I lost my virginity. The greatest moment and it was to a perfect girl, rukhsar, the cousin I've always wanted to fuck and she took my virginity as I had took her's.

I started to thrust in and out. In. and. out. It felt indescribable, like I put my dick in a tight warm bag that's filled with water, and that the bag's vibrating. Rukhsars face was sexy looking as well, with her mouth wide open, gasping for air. Aleana was looking at me fucking her older sister, she was making the cutest orgasm sounds ever.

I just kept going in and out until she was saying "i'm cumming! I'm cumming again. Omg please don't stop! Just keep going" I picked up my pace and went faster until she came on my dick, i pulled and she was completely out of breathe. I looked down at Aleana and she said "please, make me feel good as well, I want to feel good, I want to feel how my sister felt, please put your pole in me!" I smiled at her and pulled out her fingers that she was putting inside herself, I lifted them to smell and they smelt very nice, I then put them towards her own face and made her, taste herself.

I prepared my dick and put the tip in, instantly I thought to myself "hold up, I actually don't think I can put my dick in her" however as I thought this she yelled a little and said it hurts and told me to take it out as she said it felt like it was ripping her up. I didn't even put my dick FULLY in her, how's it ripping her up? I told her "shut the fuck up and take it, you said you wanted to feel good, but there's a little pain before the gain" I didn't have a lot to work with here so I just started to thrust with what I had, she just kept yelling and yelling in pain, and kept repeating "please pull it out I'm dieing!" But it didn't stop me.

As I was thrusting it kept going deeper and deeper into her pussy, and her pussy started to open up and it made room for my dick. Her yelling turned into moans and she said "omg this is how you felt sis, its amazing.

Omg it feels too good, my bodies shaking, my legs are shaking, my vagina is quivering, so this is how it feels like to get Fucked by a man". At this point I kept going and going and eventually she came on my dick aswell.

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Both sisters got up and started to give me a blow job. Licking off their pussy juices that's left on my dick. I then layed Aleana down and started to fuck her again, rukhsar sat on top of her face and told her sister to lick her pussy while she got Fucked.

She agreed and the Threesome finally started. At every thrust I did it induced aleana's tongue to move along with the rhythm of my thrusts which in turn made Aleana lick her sister out better. Aleana came again and pretty quickly since its her first time. Rukhsar came aswell onto Aleanas face and she swallowed rukhsars juices. I then layed on my back and Fucked rukhsar and licked out Aleana at the same time.

They started to kiss each other on the lips, and sucked each other's breasts. Yet again they both came on me. The tension in my balls was starting to build up, to a point where I couldn't hold it, but I had to so this moment would last longer, even if it was just for another minute.

We did all sorts of different positions you could think of. However the final position came and I couldn't hold it another second. This position was magical and I'm never gonna forget it. Rukhsar and Aleana were scissoring each other while my dick was in between their pussys, all of us were laying on our backs when we was doing this. At every jolt they did I moved my dick aswell along with them.

Rukhsar and Aleana were both saying that they were gonna come. I quickly pulled my dick out from between them, turned them around so they were straight. While their pussys were facing me, I finger blasted them until they came onto my fingers, their final moan was very satisfying as they released their juices.

I made them suck my fingers dry and told them both to suck me off. The final moment was glorious, and yet again like many times during that day, there was no words to describe it. I finally released my sperm onto both of their faces. Completely drenched their faces. And even came onto their tiny breasts, outside of their pussy and around their body. They licked the sperm completely off of themselves and ended it with a final kiss, with them swapping the sperm between themselves and around inside each other's mouths.

I got called down and so quickly left aleanas room and said goodbye. And as I went outside of their house I saw rukhsar and Aleana in the bedroom window give me a kiss goodbye The end