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Turkish aunty banged threesome video
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Alyra awoke to a blinding light overhead. She squinted her eyes against the oppressive lighting as she slowly recovered her vision. She attempted to sit up, only to find that her wrists were cuffed to the metallic floor she laid on, parallel to her head.

She looked down, her ponytail swinging up behind her head, and realized that she wore neither clothes nor armor, her red skin, a trait from her pure blood lineage of Sith, glistened under the overhead lights, her bare breasts, large enough to fill only B cups, sat unrestricted on her chest.

Her legs were also bound to the floor, but spread in a V shape, exposing her virgin parts to the cold open air. Her waist was propped by a small bump or object of some sort, projecting her crotch upwards, almost as if presenting it, but to what? She wasn't going to wait around to find out. Alyra struggled against her bonds, twisting and turning her small, lithe body and straining against her restraints in vain.

She realized it wasn't working, and calmed herself a bit, digging deep into herself and attempted to use the force to break her out. The cuffs groaned and creaked, but they did not budge. She was only an acolyte, and lacked the power or experience to break free. As she calmed and began to think about her situation, questions sprung to mind. Where was she? Why was she trussed up like this?

Where was her master, Lord Renning? She didn't have to wait long for answers. "Are you comfortable, my dear?" Lord Renning's voice boomed out of speakers overhead. Alyra turned her head to see him, her hair whipping around her neck as though to caress it. He was standing on the other side of an observation port, a faint smile graced his lips. Alyra snarled at him. "What the fuck is going on?" She barked at him. "Let me out of here you twisted old man!" "That's no way to speak to your master, young one." Renning calmly replied.

"Besides, you should be elated!


You're about to be an important part of my research that will go down in history and help my ascension to the Dark Council!" That's when it dawned on her. She had been "volunteered" for her master's research: twisted experiments on Tu'kata, large, four legged beasts that were all too common on Korriban. He was convinced that Tu'kata had some sort of special link with the Dark side. Rubbish, but he was blindly obsessed with it.

Alyra began her struggles anew, she would NOT be her master's bantha fodder for whatever he had planned.

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"Alyra, you don't seem to be very excited! I thought you'd be proud to be a part of something so historic!" Renning mocked. "Fuck off!" Alyra yelled at the ceiling as she continued to struggle. "I won't be a part of your idiotic research on those damned abominations! Why not use Malora? She always seemed happy to help!" Alyra glared daggers at the man, thinking a thousand things she could do to her fat, old master once she escaped, and none of them kind.

"I do not believe Malora has a strong enough connection to the force to provide the results that I desire, nor do I believe that she is strong enough to survive an. encounter, with the specimen." He said coldly, and he looked down at his research station to begin.

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Alyra began to hear the familiar sound of machinery whirring and faint clicking sounds, the sound of her master's experiments commencing.

Fear began pooling in her chest, her body filled with adrenaline as her breathing sped up. She desperately looked around for a way to escape, her struggle becoming more feeble even though her panic continued to rise as she remained unable to find a way out.

She didn't want to go out like this! She refused to! Right then a long, sleek, robotic arm descended out of a hole in the ceiling, lowering itself towards her.

As it neared, she could see the small glint of something metallic and sharp at it's end. A needle. Alyra tensed her body for the imminent pain, and wondered what horrific concoction her master would inject her with.

The needle was lowered to her neck and pushed itself into her skin. She could feel liquid being injected into her blood, but even after the needle was withdrawn and the robotic arm had retreated back into the ceiling, she felt no ill effects. She waited almost entirely still, her muscular yet feminine body tense and afraid, anxious for something to happen. Suddenly a metallic groaning began on the other side of the room.

Alyra tilted her head as much she could to look between her splayed legs, now trembling with fear and anticipation. A door had lifted up from the ground, and behind it, from the darkness emerged a large Tu'kata. As it came into full view, she recognized it as one another acolyte had captured at great difficulty a few days earlier. The apprentice that captured it was far stronger and more experienced than she, and Alyra trembled a bit, knowing she stood not a chance against the monster.

It was a prize specimen, large, with the dark purple and deep blue colors on it rich, indicating a healthy beast. The mane of hair on its back waved slightly as it walked forward, two moderately sized tusks protruding from its mouth and a line of spines topped its head. Truly a terrifying sight, especially for one so helpless and vulnerable.

Alyra dared not make a move, her eyes fixated on the creature. Time seemed to crawl to a stop as she held her breath. The beast eyed the room, but turned its red, piercing gaze on her eventually, and began a slow but cautious walk over to the small Sith bound to the floor. Helpless, Alyra closed her eyes and waited for her end, hoping it would be swift.

The Tu'kata now loomed over her side, eyeing every inching of her lithe body, seeming to take in the sight of the small red girl. Alyra, wondering why she hadn't yet become a meal, opened her eyes in time to watch the beast lower it's head, sniff her chest, and extend a large tongue to lick her small breast. Alyra winced and gasped a little in surprise, feeling the rough and slimy appendage travel over her chest, rubbing her nipple and planting a small seed of arousal in her.

Renning noted the cautious approach of the Tu'kata, but now things were getting interesting. He could tell Alyra was trying to lie to herself, telling herself she did not enjoy the Tu'kata's attention. Her eyes closed and head turned away from the beast as it caressed her breasts, as well as a beast can, with its large tongue. The injection he had applied to Alyra seemed to be working.

A mixture of female Tu'kata pheromones to attract the monster, and aphrodisiacs to arouse the subject. It appeared to be having the desired effect. Renning had long waited for an excuse to bend the petite and beautiful virgin over and fuck her senseless, imagining her submitting herself to him as he entered her purity while she moaned,"Master" breathlessly, her red body struggling beneath him as the sleek ridges on her face typical to pureblood Sith accentuated her face as it contorted with pleasure.

Alas, he'd settled for abducting her and allowing his prized Tu'kata to have its way with her. It helped his research and gave him the entertainment he so desired. Renning continued to observe the beast as it seemed to become restless. Alyra desperately held in a moan.

The pleasure she felt skyrocketed as the Tu'kata assaulted her breasts again, her nipples sending sparks of electricity throughout her body as it was treated roughly by the monster's tongue. Her body convulsed slightly, and she braced herself for another caress. It did not come where she expected.

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Bottled up in her own attempts to control her feelings of ecstasy, the creature had moved quickly to her legs without her noticing, sniffing her crotch. Alyra opened one eye and peered down in time to see the beast extend it's tongue and lick her wet snatch, rubbing it with it's coarse and wet tongue. Alyra threw her head back and gasped.

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She had never been touched down there, and the new sensations of pleasure began to mix with her feelings of fear and helplessness. As much as she tried to hide it, she was in heaven, every lick to her pussy sent jolts down every part of her body, causing her to twist and push against her restraints as she began to moan at the beast's assault on her privates.

The Tu'kata seemed to enjoy himself a little, lapping up the quivering girl's juices as she writhed in pleasure against his touch. Eventually, the Tu'kata's tongue began to rub against her clitoris, shocking Alyra as her eyes jolted open and her moans became louder.

She started down at the beast between her legs as she gasped and groaned and the ecstasy within her began to build. The beast remained fixated on his prize, continuing to thrust its tongue along Alyra's snatch and clit. Suddenly, Alyra's pleasure came to a head, and she convulsed and screamed as she experienced her first orgasm. She twisted and shook, gasping and screaming as the Tu'kata licked her the whole time, the stimulation only added to her explosive ecstasy as she shuddered against her restraints, helpless but in heaven.

Alyra slowly came down from her pleasure high, tired, as she relaxed and the tension in her body evaporated. She breathed heavily, reminiscing in the afterglow of her first orgasm. The Tu'kata, seemingly aware her orgasm ended, had stopped his assault on her pussy, now simply standing at her legs, its face covered in her cum, but it didn't seem to mind. A few minutes passed, and Alyra began to regain her strength.

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She had never experienced anything like that before. As she pondered her experience, her eyes drifted to the large Tu'kata standing before her, unmoving. Alyra's red eyes slowly moved down to between the burly animal's massive legs to reveal a cock, extended out of its sheath and standing at full attention.

It was massive, she estimated at least nine inches and so thick she doubted she could fit a hand around it, but it was difficult to tell from her position. It had a flat head like a bantha, and was a deep reddish pink save for some purple veins bulging on its sides, and thick ridges lining the middle of it, shining a deep red. She stared at it for a while, her emotions conflicted.

She didn't know why, but she wanted it inside of her, but she was also afraid it would tear her in half, she was still a virgin after all. But it mattered not, she wasn't going to be the one to decide. The Tu'kata moved slowly but surely to her crotch, its large legs stepped over her and its cock swept over body, its base hovered over her crotch, while its end extended all the way between her breasts. The phallus laid on her for a moment, and Alyra began to panic, afraid of being torn apart by the Tu'kata's massive manhood, and afraid of the shame of having her first time taken by a beast.

It mattered not, however, as time seemed to crawl as her heart beat faster, her chest heaved and the Tu'kata moved to position the tip of its rod against her exposed virginity. A moment that seemed like an eternity passed as Alyra braced herself for the monster's intrusion. The Tu'kata lowered itself so that it's body brushed against hers, her breasts tingled against the hide of the creature.

And then it began to push. The flat head pressed against Alyra's small, wet hole. The pressure slowly increased until finally Alyra's opening widened to give entry to the massive meat pushing against it. Alyra screamed and her entire body shook, her boobs jiggling beneath the beast. The Tu'kata bellowed as its cock slid slowly but surely into Alyra, the small, writhing Sith girl shackled to the floor. Eventually it stopped, meeting resistance. Alyra took the brief moment to collect herself, only to be shattered by pain and pleasure as the Tu'kata thrust itself forward through her hymen.

She half screamed and moaned, cursing to herself in between heavy breaths.

The monster quickly bottomed out inside her, fitting in only six inches. But it was enough for the creature, and the beast began to pull out. Alyra moaned as the cock retreated, rubbing against her vaginal folds, before shrieking as the monster quickly plunged back in. The Tu'kata continued a slow but constant pace, withdrawing itself out slowly before thrusting its hard meat back into the girl, helpless to stop him. Despite the brutal entry and size of the manhood penetrating her over and over again, Alyra began to feel pleasure again.

The pain passed and the void it left was filled by ecstasy as she felt the pulsating member inside her push all the way to her cervix stretching her small, formerly virginal vagina, only to be pulled almost all the way out, only to be thrust quickly back in. Her cries of pain were replaced with moans of ecstasy as the savage beast dominated her, and made her his.

The Tu'kata realized she was no longer in pain and began to increase its pace, thrusting into her with wild abandon. Alyra's moans were quickly overcome by shrieks and screams of pleasure.

She lost almost all control over her body as the monster ravaged her pussy, grunting with every thrust that caused her to scream, pleasure overwhelming her.

The ridges along the cock rubbed her velvety tunnel and sent ecstasy running through every vein of her body. After what seemed like hours of being taken by the Tu'kata's manhood, being ravished helplessly on the floor, the Tu'kata gave one almighty thrust and began to cum fountains inside Alyra, spurting into her womb and filling her with its beastly seed.

The feeling of the thick cock convulsing inside her and the heat of its chum set Alyra off, and she came even harder than before.

Perhaps a little too hard, and the Sith acolyte's orgasm opened previously untapped force power, her shriek of ecstasy shaking the walls and shattered the observation glass Renning stood behind. The entire compound shook and Alyra blacked out. When she awoke, she was laying down in the same position, but the room was dark.

She turned her head, slowly, to see her restraints had been broken during her outburst. She rose up, slowly, as her entire body was sore from her ordeal, as she rose to her feet, thick cum dripped out of her snatch, which felt the most sore of all, and a bit wider.

Alyra took in her surroundings. The Tu'kata had been knocked against the wall and laid unconscious, its massive cock deflated and had begun to recede, still dripping some of its monster semen. She stumbled over to the broken observation window and peered over.

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Only a few emergency lights remained operational, but even through the darkness she could see Lord Renning hunched over, sat against the wall. She crawled over the window sill, careful not to cut herself, and cautiously moved toward her master. Once she was close she could make out pools of blood spread around the man.


It appeared he had been killed by the shattered glass which was propelled by Alyra's explosion, and he had bled out on the observation deck floor. She smiled to herself.

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Renning had always been an ass anyway. Alyra took his lightsaber and his robes, dressing herself. Her master's clothing was too large for her, but they'd have to do. She turned back over to the Tu'kata, still asleep against the wall.

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Alyra smirked a little bit. Maybe her master was on to something after all.