Horny couple fucks in the classroom

Horny couple fucks in the classroom
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.my mother's name is Susana she is 36 years old the kind of body you'd call chubby. And yes she was still in high school when she had me&hellip.

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She was around 5ft 2in tall. And according to her bra size she was a 38G she never remarried after my father died…3 years ago.and has been taking care of me ever since.

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My name is Brian .i am 18 years old.i am a freelance web designer .so i mostly work from home.every thing happend so suddenly. One night&hellip.i was watching a movie in my room…when my mom came in and sat on my bed&hellip.

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I could tell by her wet eyes she had being crying……I asked…"what's the matter mom?" She smiled lightly&hellip."it just I miss Steve (my dad)It was our wedding aniversary today……"…I slowly rolled my chair closer to mom&hellip."I'm sorry mom I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better" She wiped her eyes&hellip."What if there is?"… I looked in her eyes&hellip."can you come sleep with me in my bed.i just dont want to be alone today.?", My eyes shot up to my forehead&hellip.I have been sleeping naked ever since I got my own room&hellip.I hated wearing clothes to bed… I mumbled…"umm sure mom"&hellip.

she felt disappointed&hellip."it's okay if you don't want to…"… I put my hand on her shoulder&hellip."no no…it's not that mom&hellip."…I hesitated for a little bit&hellip."It's just that ever since I got my own room I have been sleeping naked&hellip.I hate wearing clothes to bed"…… my mom thought about it&hellip."it's okay hon…you don't have to wear anything&hellip.if it makes you feel any better&hellip.I don't either&hellip."&hellip.


I was taken back&hellip.was my own mother asking me to sleep with her naked? I dint go to say anything else other than&hellip."okay mom&hellip."…… as I went with her to her room&hellip.she closed the door behind us and then got out of her jammies…… So far I never looked at my mother in a sexual way but seeing her naked for the first time&hellip.I was hooked her boobs were huge and she was shaved clean&hellip.…&hellip.she was waiting for me to disrobe… "don't be shy&hellip.it's not anything I have not seen before"&hellip.I felt my cock stir as my boxers fell down&hellip.and looked down in embarrassment&hellip."my mother came close and hugged me&hellip.

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"don't worry honey that is perfectly normal"…feeling her naked body against mine wasn't doing me any favours&hellip.so I slowly said…"thanks mom&hellip.lets go to bed"&hellip. I switched off the lights and got into bed and&hellip.as soon as I got into bed my mother snuggled into me&hellip."and sighed…"thank you for doing this honey."&hellip.


I sheepisly smiled.&hellip.my now very hard cock was sandwiched between my mother's ass cheeks&hellip.which was making me uncomfortable&hellip.then out of nowhere she took my cock in her hands and slid it between her legs……"there much better…"… this was the first time she touched my cock…and now it was resting on my mommy's pussy lips……I wrapped my arms around mommy&hellip.and the tiredness dragged me down to sleep.

I woke up next morning&hellip.and saw my mother has already got up&hellip.then I glanced at the clock&hellip.and it read 11:05&hellip.I headed down to the kitchen to see my mother in a bathrobe making some tea…, I pulled a chair out and sat down on the dining table&hellip.

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"I could use some of that"…my mother turned around&hellip."good morning to you too sleepy head&hellip.". "not going to work today?"&hellip.my other smiles with her blue eyes flashing at me&hellip.as she keeps a cup in front of me and sits down next to me&hellip."no decided to take that day off and spend it with my son.&hellip."&hellip. I smile&hellip."I'm happy to see you found your smile back&hellip."…my mother blushes.

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"it was because of you hon&hellip.you made me feel so safe last night&hellip.you are my rock…"&hellip.I hold her hand and …"I'm glad I am the guy you turn to comfort&hellip.im always here for you"……she smiles and leans in to kiss as I lean in to give a kiss…&hellip.but accidentally our lips meet…… but she doesn't pull away&hellip.she holds me there…with our lips on each other ……slowly she starts to suck on my lips……and with my cock having a mind of its own gets had instantly…and I start kissing her back&hellip.and eventually our tongues start dancing with each other.

We keep going at each other's mouth at this awkward position&hellip.for about 5 minutes as she pulls away…and says "I'm sorry love &hellip.that shouldn't have happened"…as she gets up and goes to the sink and washes her cup&hellip. I do not know why I did so, but I walked behind her and hugged her from behind……"don't worry mom&hellip.I won't tell anyone"&hellip.she drop the cup into the sink…turned around slipped her arm under my neck and…pulled me into a kiss&hellip.I happily complied …kissing my mother …like it was the last kiss I could ever have…… between our kiss I slipped my hand under my mother's ass ad lifted her and made her sit on the counter&hellip.and momentarily&hellip.I broke the kiss and whispers&hellip."are you sure this is what you want mommy?"…she responded by pulling me into a kiss…and wrapping her legs around my waist…I slipped my arms around her ass once again carrying her over to the couch and laying her down&hellip.

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She slowly unties her robe exposing her stunning naked body&hellip.and then hooks her thumbs in my boxers pulls them down……and grins while holding my cock&hellip."wow&hellip.about 8 inches long&hellip.and about 2 inches thick&hellip.you are going to make a girl very happy one day&hellip."&hellip.

she pulled me into her kissing me passionately as she guided my cockhead into her pussy lips&hellip.I just pushed my head in parting her pussy lips&hellip.as she moaned into our kiss……then I slammed my cock in pushing till my hips met with hers……my mother's eyes flew wide open as she instantly wrapped her chubby legs around my hips&hellip.and stated bucking wildly……I held my cock in…till she calmed down…"she opened her eyes panting……"pull out and sit on the couch."…I nodded and did as I was told&hellip.he then got on top of me and straddled my cock and lowered herself on to my cock and started to ride my cock like a horse&hellip."mmm fuck yes baby fuck mommy's cunt with that big cock"……I have never heard my mother talk like this&hellip.she leant forward so her tits were on my face&hellip.I stated alternating between sucking them and playing with them&hellip.as I felt the urge to cum…&hellip.I whimpered &hellip.

My mother must have felt it &hellip.as she moaned …"mmm yes baby fill mommy's pussy with your cum&hellip.knock mommy up with your baby"……that did it&hellip.i held her hips down as I came buckets and buckets in her pussy and she started having her second orgasm………I leaned back on the couch spent and my mom leaned on me crushing her massive tits between us…&hellip.i wrapped my arms around her…while still buried in her pussy and is whispered&hellip."I love you mommy&hellip." Just then the front door opened and in walked my aunt.……"hey is any—"…as she froze in her tracks&hellip.

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