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A Naughty Tale for DeAnn By Adrian Bauman Chapter 1 DeAnn and Eric had been married for nearly ten years and like every relationship it had it's rollercoaster moments with it's up's and downs. For the most part it was pretty good. Eric was a decent looking, 5' 7" tall, fairly laid back guy in his mid thirties with his brown hair very close cropped to his head, fantastic hazel eyes and in decent shape.

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DeAnn was gorgeous, around 5' 2" with beautiful honey brown hair with matching lovely brown eyes and also in decent shape and had just turned thirty. DeAnn had always enjoyed having making love with her husband, and had to admit she became a total slut in bed with him, doing things she'd never thought she'd do. Eric had been her true first, although she'd had plenty of boyfriends, she'd never let any of them really do anything of a sexual nature with her.

Eric had gotten a vasectomy soon after they had married, so they could enjoy sex without worrying about her getting pregnant.

Somehow Eric managed to light her sexual fires and set her sexual nature ablaze with desire like she'd never dreamed of and that no one else ever had or could.

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Perhaps it was how he gently bit her lips as they kissed, or maybe it was the passionate manner in which he grabbed her and drew her close to him. He sure was great in bed, she knew that much, and just thinking of being with her husband got her very hot and very, very wet. While making love in their cherry wood sleigh bed he would begin by kissing her gently until her breathing became heavy.

Then his wandering hands would find their way to her breasts and ass and gently massage and squeeze them to perfection. She always loved that very first touch of bare skin on skin, and enjoyed watching Eric's hazel eyes turn green with lust when he glimpsed her large 36C chest. Eric would begin by licking her breasts nipples, then sucking gently while his right hand grasped her breast and massaged it. With his other strong hand he would grip her rear end and pull her towards him.

Eric enjoyed taking all of DeAnn's clothes off and it was usually not much longer than four minutes before she got super moist and almost went crazy with desire for him to penetrate her hot wanting mound with his lovely dick. She would then place Eric's cock in her mouth and suck on it gently. She would start by opening her mouth and just taking it all the way in.

She knew that he would love to cum in her mouth but she was afraid of two things; that it wouldn't taste good and that it would be too much for her to take.

She knew from past experiences that when Eric would cum in her pussy, that his hot boiling cum would shoot out like being fired from a cannon, hitting the walls of her cervix and that would send her into ecstasy and make her cum. And because of that she had always hesitated to suck the cum out of him because she was afraid she'd choke and regurgitate. But she still wanted to try sucking him till he came, but always chickened out at the last moment.


She knew Eric loved watching her mouth open up and swallow his dick and she could almost take the whole thing, but not quite, although she wished she could. DeAnn loved it when her husband Eric talked dirty to her while making love. He would tell her she was nothing more than a little cheap, slutty, fucking whore.

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It made her feel like such a nasty dirty, little whore but she absolutely enjoyed it when he called her a naughty slut. They were both professionals in their work life, so she really got off on being the complete opposite of that in bed with her man. She knew that they both had a high sex drive and both enjoyed fucking each other silly. She loved how he would look at her and make her feel kind of naughty with just that look alone.

She had always absolutely loved how he seemed to be able to read her mind and make her cum at just the right moment.

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She would be on top of him moving her hips up and down while Eric thrust his member into her hitting the back wall of her pussy while his hands grabbed her ass and pinched her yearning nipples and feeling his sex member throb which made her cum hard, just as he came inside of her. Eric would often let her climb on top of him and loved to feel his cock penetrate her pussy and slide all the way in. She loved how his thick meat filled her all the way up and how it was both hard yet soft, all at once.

The thing she found so amazing about their sex life was that he could make her cum in just about five minutes of sex and while to most folks that seems like a short while, it seemed like forever to her because of the deep intensity and great pleasure she achieved from the orgasm, while it occurred. She breathed in deeply as she felt the waves of intense pleasure rock her body and send her soaring.

She thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it and found herself greatly satisfied by her man.   Chapter 2   While DeAnn & Eric were going at in bed, he would ask her what she was thinking about or what she fantasized about.

One day while they were having a particularly vigorous workout session in bed, she answered him by saying she wished she could see him with another girl.

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That surprised Eric but turned him on greatly. She didn't think about it often, but lately when they were having sex she found herself wondering what it would be like to watch Eric's big dick going in and out of another woman's mouth.

She got so turned on by the thought that she was about to cum just thinking about it. DeAnn loved turning Eric on by talking naughtily to him about watching him with another woman and had lately been fantasizing about getting him another girl for him to have sex with and how they could go about it to pull something completely crazy like that off.

She wished she could find an attractive woman with a nice big rack, so she could watch her man suck on them and massage them in his hands. She also desperately wanted to watch him as another woman kissed his dick and see the head of his penis as it entered into the other girls mouth.

She could just imagine it happening and how good it would make her man feel. She continued her fantasizing by imagining her husbands dick sliding in and out of another woman's mouth. DeAnn wondered how it must feel for her man's dick to feel while engaging in intercourse, and thought that it must feel pretty good to him.

She then began to wonder what it would be like to watch him thrusting his rock hard cock in and out and in and out of another lady's mouth. She imagined how his dick would glisten in the soft light of candles with the wetness from another woman's mouth. She wanted to see the other woman's cheeks stretch and bulge, and see the shape of the head of her mans dick as it went back and forth. She wished she could feel it for him but knew that she would have to be satisfied with just watching him as another woman gave him head.

She imagined a petite, dumb, big breasted blond with big blue eyes as her hubby's love stick poked her face. She could almost see the whole act in her minds eye; the act of him in another sluts mouth as he had his big dick sucked off and she thought about pushing the other girls head all the way down to his nuts while her lips were wrapped around her mans tree trunk and how it would make this slutty girl gag and choke as DeAnn shoved the back of her head down until his massive dick hit the back of the other girls throat and began to throb, and then she imagined all of her husbands cum squirting in that blond haired sluts throat almost making her choke and felt her pussy going red hot with desire as thought about it.

She wondered if the other girl would be able to swallow it all or would the white sperm dribble out of her mouth and over her red lips and down her face onto her heaving chest running down across the other girls nipples. DeAnn was so turned on that when Eric got home she met him in a sexy bit of clothing and the minute he walked in the through the door she dropped to her knees on the wood floor and pulled his black slacks down, then proceeding to pull his lovely dick out, and she began to suck on it.

Eric's other head got hard very quickly and she continued to suck on his rapidly expanding dick and thought; "today I'll suck him till he cums in my mouth!" As she was sucking him, the fire in between her legs grew and she couldn't take it any more and jumped on top of him, gasping for air as she thrust her body down on top of him and felt his cock enter in and she ground her hips until she came on his dick and as Eric felt her pussy squeezing him.

He came hard and squirted what felt like a gallon of white hot sizzling sperm into her. They both caught their breath and went up the green carpeted stairs to the recently tiled bathroom and showered. Eric wondered what had brought that on (not that he minded) and relaxed under the hot needle spray of water as he washed off.

    Chapter 3 Later on that night as they got ready for bed she saw Eric looking at her with lust as she got in bed and hoped he would snuggle up against her and grab her tits, and that it would lead to him making love with her tonight. She was desperately longing for another round of vigorous love making on their bed so that she could orgasm and cum with her man.

He didn't disappoint her and soon he was kissing her on her lips and massaging her leg. He rolled her on her back and let his hand find her tit and go under her clothing and then grab her nipple. She got so excited that she grabbed at his penis and found to no surprise that it was already hard and ready to stimulate her.

She spread her legs slightly and felt his other hand going between her tan legs and rubbing against her hot pussy. She breathed in heavily as he rolled on top of her and whispered, "Spread your legs baby." She willingly complied and spread her legs, God, it made her feel like such a whore when he said that, but she loved how he did that. She was truly a whore for him and was willing to do anything in her power to pleasure him.

Not satisfied with how wide she had spread her legs, Eric told her, "Spread them WIDER!" She spread her legs as far apart as she could.

She felt like such a slut and was loving every second of it! He teased her by putting the head of his cock against her pussy and pushing in just a little then backing off. Her vagina was SO hot and wet she thought she might catch fire if he didn't shove his hard dick in her right then and there. He drove her crazy by teasing her again and again until she was nearly insane with lust and desire. She was grinding her hips trying to get his cock to slide into her and once Eric had finished teasing her, allowed her to grind against him and he thrust it deep into her and made her feel full and gasp for air, it felt so good.

He pounded away at her pussy for about fifteen minutes and made her come five times because she was not in control and was at his mercy. He asked her about her day, and she said that she couldn't stop thinking about sex all day long.

He asked her why, and she said, "I was just SO horny all day long!" He asked her what got her thinking about sex and she told him about her fantasy. That got him turned on and he came in her pussy and she came for the sixth time as his penis released it's load into her. He was still hard though, and he grabbed her butt cheeks and told her, "Now I'm gonna stick it in your tightest hole!" That turned her on so much she grew a little dizzy.

She felt one of his fingers push against her asshole and before she knew it, he was shoving his finger in and out of her ass making her feel SO unbelievably good.

He had one finger in her butt and another in her pussy and she was about to cum again and he pushed his fingers in farther and she began to shake as another orgasm rocked her body. Then she said, "put it in my ass baby!" Eric put his dick up against her asshole and pushed the head against her back door and she pushed back. She could feel Eric's huge dick splitting her ass apart and thought that she couldn't take it, her face grimaced in pain as the agony of the head of this dick shoved the muscles around her sphincter to the side and his humongous head popped into her, but then it was in, and she heard him breathing hard and it turned her on and she let him thrust his dick deep into her butt.

They ground back and forth for a few minutes and then she felt him start to throb, then his hot cum load came out in her bowels as they shot out of his dick. She loved that throbbing feeling and as Eric released inside of her she was a little relieved that he was done with her ass, because it had started to hurt a little, because his dick was just a tad bit too large for her.

They both arose and got into the shower ,then once out of the refreshing warmth of the shower, they dried off and went back to bed and fell asleep, spooning with Eric behind her holding her tight against him, keeping her nice and warm through the cold night.     Chapter 4 DeAnn decided the next morning to act on her thoughts.

She went to website; to write an ad, and thought about how she would go about fulfilling the fantasy she had told her husband about of getting another girl for him to have sex with.

She went to the Personals section and under the Casual Encounters area found what she was looking for. There was a heading; mw4w which stood for man & woman for woman and that was where she placed her advert.

It read; Mw seeking another woman for some nsa (no strings attached) fun. She had kept it short and truthful saying that she was looking for an attractive woman with large breasts to help her satisfy her husband and that both of them were disease free in decent shape and serious, and that in order to ensure it was a real person and not a spammer or bot, to put what the high temperature was in the city that day and that she would reply back, then she reread her ad to check for errors then posted it up.

She was surprised at the responses and she couldn't believe she was actually going through with this. She read through some of the responses and politely declined a few who were just guys or couples who just seemed weird and asked some other potential candidates to send pics please.

She was able to weed out a few more and finally found one she was looking for. It was a woman that was new to the area due to a recent relocation for her job, but was lonely and willing to try something new. DeAnn had a feeling that she was the one and so DeAnn wrote back to her and sent her a picture of her and her husband to her and then didn't hear anything for a while.

She was a little disappointed when there was no immediate response, but she was busy with work and didn't think too much about it for the time being.   Chapter 5 About a week later she was checking her email and saw that the woman she had contacted earlier had responded by saying that, yes she was willing to try it out.

DeAnn's heart began to race and her pulse quickened as she grew nervous and excited both at once, and replied via email and gave the other girl her number. The girl called her around eight o'clock that evening and the conversation started off a little uncomfortably at first (after all how do you say "yeah, I want you to suck and fuck my husband and oh yeah, I wanna watch him shove his dick up in your ass and one other thing; you have to swallow his cum?) DeAnn had a charming personality and after a few awkward moments they had struck a common ground after exchanging pleasantries and small talk and DeAnn asked the girl to meet her for coffee.

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They met the next day at a Starbucks and DeAnn was relieved to see that she looked like her picture and that she wasn't an ugly troll or a tramp, and that she did have a nice set of big boobs. The attractive woman was dressed up in a cute white DKNY skirt with a matching white hot couture white shirt that clung to her body and she had on the most adorable pair of fuzzy UGG boots.

They both had a iced caramel macchiato drink, the other girl was named Naomi, (I moan backwards) and they made small talk while they drank the delicious beverage. When they were done drinking their coffee DeAnn asked her to come to her car so they could talk in private and once she had been seated, told her what she was looking for in detail and Naomi agreed to at least try this out to see if it would work. DeAnn told Naomi about her plan and that she would set up a hotel room downtown and the approximate time and said she'd call or text her to make sure she was still ok with going through with this.

The woman assured her that she would not back out and they said good bye and went on their separate ways. DeAnn reserved a hotel downtown for the next weekend and sent Eric a text message asking him to meet her downtown at a restaurant for dinner. Eric had gone to work looking good. He had worn blue jeans with a black T-shirt and his favorite brown sports jacket that made the outfit look like a million bucks.

He grinned as he met her outside the restaurant and kissed her and squeezed her booty before they walked in. She loved how he showed her that attention and grinned inside as she thought of her plans for him that evening. They ate a fantastic dish of Italian food and had a wonderful tasting cookie for desert. After they ate, they then walked along the outdoor mall for a while.

As they strolled down the brightly lit sidewalks of the downtown outdoor mall, she began to point out various women and ask him if he thought they were attractive or not. They played this game for a half hour until DeAnn got turned on and pulled on Eric's hand and led him to the hotel.

Eric was quite surprised, because he hadn't expected this. It wasn't Valentines day or an anniversary or birthday but he wasn't about to say no. They went to the hotel room and when they walked in there were beautiful red rose petals scattered around on the floor and bed with wonderfully smelling scented candles that were lit and filled the air.

Some music played softly in the background. They entered the room and the sexual tension in the room jumped up a notch and she told him to take off his clothes and get under the covers and close his eyes and to not open them until she told him to. He quickly nodded in agreement and went to the bed and undressed. He did so and while he climbed under the covers, she put on a sexy form fitting and very revealing lavender colored outfit and brought out a black scarf and tied it around his head so that he couldn't see, then she sent a text to Naomi telling her to come up.

DeAnn listened for the elevator and when she heard the ding she quietly opened the door to the room and peeked out. There was Naomi.


She let her in and went back to Eric. Naomi was in a very sexy Valentina black dress that accentuated her curves and was very low cut revealing her wonderful cleavage, and high heels from Jimmy Choo with a black belt by Armani.

She told Eric not to take off the blindfold or else and began to stroke his dick to get it hard. That took all of about seven seconds for it to get as solid as a rock and she told him not to open his eyes and spoil the surprise and that she'd be right back.

She went back to Naomi and asked her if she was still ok with this and Naomi whispered, "yes!" so DeAnn went back to Eric and began to massage his balls.

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She whispered in his ear, "remember when you asked me about my fantasy, and I told you I wanted to see you with another woman?" Eric said, "yeah&hellip.?!?!" DeAnn said, "well, if you're ok with it, I wanna really do that!" Eric said, "ok!" DeAnn said, "I mean right now!" "Ok!" replied Eric. DeAnn then said that she had put up an ad on craigslist and that she had found someone and that she hoped Eric would be alright with it. With that she gestured for Naomi to come out of the bathroom.

Naomi looked great with her big tits, being held by a Victoria's Secret black lacy bra with a black matching thong. Over this she wore a see through white cami which contrasted nicely with what was underneath. Eric couldn't believe it. He looked at DeAnn puzzled as if this were a joke and slowly realized she was serious.

DeAnn said, "her name is Naomi and I want to watch her suck you till you cum!" With that Noami got on the bed and pulled back the covers and up with an almost audible "boiiiiinnnggg" sprang Eric's dick.

Naomi then began to kiss the head of his cock and DeAnn watched as she was SO turned on. She wanted to pull this slut off her man and jump on him and ride him like a pony until they both came, but instead sat there, just watching as her husband Eric's penis was licked and kissed. Naomi opened her mouth and began to slowly go down on Eric's big dick. She'd given other blowjobs before but this guys dick was very nice and a bit bigger than the other guys she'd been with.

She bobbed her head down then up as Eric's dick went sliding in and out of her mouth. DeAnn was so turned on that she got on the bed as well, and put her hand on the back of Naomi's head and gently pushed it down. Eric groaned with pleasure as his dick was sucked on by the girl with the big tits.

DeAnn could sense that Eric was about to cum because his breathing got slow and heavy. She watched as he thrust his hips and thus his penis, up when she went down and she grabbed the back of Naomi's head and forced it down to the base of Eric's cock until Eric's dick was choking her at the back of her throat.

Naomi struggled to breathe and almost tried to get away but was still kind of shocked that DeAnn had pushed her head all the way down when she felt Eric's dick begin to throb. All of a sudden what seemed like an ounce of cum blasted out of his dick into her throat and it was a salty sweet taste. She almost gagged because of how much was pouring into her throat but she took it all without spilling a drop.

DeAnn watched all this happen and was so aroused that she grabbed Eric's hand and moved it to her pussy. He began to move it around and she came in less than two minutes and came for about a full three minutes. Eric began to massage Naomi's tits when DeAnn said, "I want to see you suck on them", gesturing to Naomi's breasts, "and pinch them!" Eric took off the girls bra and as her tits jumped out he moved his mouth to one and began to massage her breast with his tongue while with his other hand, he grabbed her other breast and began to massage it making Naomi's nipples stiffen and harden then perk up.

The girl began to breathe heavily and Eric moved his hand from her breast and moved it between her legs and began to rub her delicate shaved mound. She gasped when Eric put his finger in her hot kitty cat and knew she would soon cum. Eric did not disappoint. He expertly rubbed her and pushed his fingers inside her and soon both girls were making a soft whimpering cry of pleasure as he fingered the two of them. Eric pleasured the two of them for about fifteen minutes when DeAnn said, "I want to watch you fuck her, baby!" Naomi, couldn't wait for that hard dick to go inside her.

She laid back while Eric aimed his dick at her slit like a laser about to find a target and told her to "Spread your legs!" DeAnn was SO turned on to hear him say that and even more turned on when the girl opened her legs wide.

She knew what Eric was going to say next. "Spread them WIDER!" She somehow managed to spread her legs even wider and Eric put his dick head up against her pussy and teased her by pushing up against her but not going in.

That drove Naomi WILD and DeAnn was SO excited by this! Naomi begged for him not to tease her and to "Please put it in! Put it in!

Put it in!" Eric finally did after about three minutes of teasing and both women gasped for breath as he slowly, slowly, s l o w l y shoved his cock deep inside. Naomi felt so full and so good and DeAnn was turned on so much she thought, "oh my god, Eric is gonna make me cum without even being inside me!" Eric began to thrust forcefully in and out of the soft, warm and wet pussy. He hit the perfect spot with almost every thrust and Naomi came SO unbelievably hard she almost lost her breath.

Her entire body shook with pleasure and DeAnn came too just from seeing it. DeAnn begged Eric to fuck her too and Eric pulled his dick out of Naomi and brought it over to DeAnn and plunged it right in.

He rocked her back and forth while Naomi watched and DeAnn came again. It felt so good! DeAnn could feel Naomi's lustful eyes watching and wanting and she told Naomi to bend over. Naomi got off the bed and bent over, her breasts hanging down heaving and swaying in the air with her ass pushed back and exposed.

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DeAnn pushed Eric off and tugged him toward Naomi and whispered in his ear, "I wanna watch you fuck her tight ass deep and hard!" Eric got aroused again and pulled out of DeAnn and his dick quivered in the air as he headed for Naomi and put his cock up against her ass. Naomi shivered with desire and was slightly concerned because she'd never done anal before but if he was this good… She felt the tip of his dick's head push against her butt hole and she instinctively contracted her sphincter muscle but Eric pushed up and she felt his dick slide up into her asshole.

Oh god, if felt so HUGE! She thought he would surely split her in two! DeAnn eagerly watched as Eric's dick slid in and out of Naomi's ass, going in deeper and deeper with each thrust. Naomi began to moan in pain and pleasure as Eric's dick began to throb.

Once again he shot a huge load of baby batter into her. This time it felt so hot and weird but oh, so fucking good, and she shook as he came in her butt.

DeAnn watched with pleasure as he slowed down and finally pulled out. DeAnn said, "Perhaps we should take a little break and get a little cleaned up." With that they slowly got up off the hotel bed and headed to the shower.


Eric washed and massaged both girls (especially their breasts and pussies) and made them both come again in the shower. Their juices flowed out and down their legs in the shower and down the drain as they came. They dried off when they got out but only put on undergarments and went back to the bed. Once they were out they ordered some room service and sat on the bed and began to watch a movie on the hotel's television screen while they waited.

Chapter Six   While they rested on the bed watching the movie waiting for the room service to arrive, DeAnn was on Eric's left side as Naomi sat on his right, she saw Naomi look at the spot under the covers where Eric's dick should be. She saw a slight movement under the covers and knew that the little slut had grabbed her man's member. She got a little jealous and reached under the cover and began to massage Eric's balls while Naomi stroked her husbands smooth cock. Naomi's head went under the covers and DeAnn went under too.

She watched as Naomi began to suck on his balls and DeAnn moved her mouth to Eric's dick and began to suck. Naomi said, "don't be a cock hog, I want some too!" and pulled DeAnn off and Eric's dick came out of her mouth with a "pop" sound and smacked Naomi in the cheek! Naomi opened her mouth and went down on him and DeAnn sucked on Eric's balls.

They took turns until Eric finally came in Naomi's mouth. Naomi went to the bathroom to clean up and DeAnn jumped on Eric again and began to bounce up and down, riding him like a mechanical bull. She could feel her pussy tightening up again and knew she was about to come when Eric shot into her pussy and made her happy again.

By this time Naomi had come back and Eric's dick was dripping with cum from DeAnn. DeAnn told Naomi to get on all fours like a dog and told Eric to get behind her. She loved watching Eric fuck Naomi like that.

She loved seeing the girls huge tits swing back and forth while Eric pounded away at her hairless pussy. She watched as her husband went in and out and back and forth out of Naomi's dripping wet pussy.

That was when she heard the knock on the door. She went to the door and opened it and there was a young man there with a rolling cart with their order of food on it. He just stood there as he looked in and saw a guy fucking some gorgeous chicks brains out while this other fine girl was answering the door. DeAnn said, "are you just gonna stand there all night or are you gonna bring that food in here?" He gulped and pushed the cart in, unable to take his eyes off what was transpiring right in front of him.

DeAnn shut the door as he pulled the cart into the room watching the young man, as he watched the couple going at it in the bedroom. DeAnn said, "I think that guy needs some help fucking that slut, do you think you are up to it?" The guy nodded and she said, "Well, pull out your dick and stick it in her mouth!" She pushed the guy over to the front of Naomi and said, I found something to stick in your mouth to shut you up with all your moaning and groaning! Open your mouth, bitch!" Naomi opened her mouth and the guy pulled out his dick and she sucked on him as Eric rocked her body back and forth.

"Well this worked out perfectly!" thought DeAnn, as she watched&hellip.   More to CUM if you liked this story!