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Asian Teen And White Boyfriend
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Foreword: Once again I was a single man. I missed Marie terribly, but decided I would enjoy being single for a while. I had been unbelievably lucky, having been a part of numerous threesomes with both my first girlfriend Belinda, as well as my most recent girlfriend Marie. However, I was aware that I had not really initiated any of them. Belinda and Marie were responsible for all of my wildest adventures and I was longing to create some fantasies of my own.

Everything I had experienced in my life up to that point was going to prove useful, if I was ever going to learn… HOW TO HAVE A THREESOME PART 1: FIRST I MET RENEE Spring 2005 "Hang on." I said to Alexis as I pulled my cell phone up to my ear. It was Marie calling.

"Hello?" "Hey baby, what are you up to?" Marie asked. She sounded good. "Having lunch with Alexis. And yourself?" I asked. "On a break from class. Will you call me tonight?" "Sure babe. Love you." Alexis rolled her eyes. "Love you too." Marie said as she hung up the phone. Alexis stared at me annoyed as I put my phone back in my pocket.

"What?" "Love you?. Dude, she moved away like six months ago." She said as she poked at her salad. "I'm not talking about this with you." I held up my hands. "Whatever. I just don't get it. When are you gonna move on?" "I am moving on Lexi! I'm not hung up on her, we're just really close.

You just don't get it." "You're right, I don't… And don't call me Lexi. That sounds like a stripper." She batted back. "Well I'm not calling you Alex, because that makes you sound like a dude." I volleyed. "Okay, then just stick to Alexis." Alexis was a lesbian. I met her through my friend and land-lady Karen. We became fast friends and eventually best friends. Sometimes, we bickered like an old married couple though.

This was one of those times. "Why does it matter to you so much anyway?

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Do I ever bug the shit out of you about which chick you have the hots for?" "Have the hots for? What is this, the 50's? Are we gonna go to a drive-in and get a drink from the soda jerk? You're so lame dude." She laughed. As I drove back to work, her words stung in my ears.

Maybe Alexis was right. Maybe I was hanging on to Marie's memory. The thought bothered me. It was true, I hadn't really hooked up with anyone since she had left… Shit. On my way home from work, my friend Robbie called and told me a friend of his was playing guitar that night at some outdoor bar near one of the colleges in town.

I thought about my plans to call Marie that night. I got mad at myself and decided 'fuck it.' "Yeah, let's go." We arrived at the campus bar around 8pm. It was mostly out-door and the majority of the seating was a collection of picnic tables. I surveyed the landscape and realized that the majority of the patrons were college students. I was 25 at the time and decided that this was just as good a place as any to get started with my new life.

The girl to guy ratio was about even, but I came to the painful realization that I hadn't been single in quite a while. I had no idea what I was doing anymore… Shit. Robbie and I sipped our beers and enjoyed the music. The night was winding down and I was about ready to chalk the evening up as a loss. Maybe it was going to take more time to get back into dating than I thought. I was getting ready to pay the tab when a young blonde walked up to our table. She was carrying a clip-board.

"Are you guys democrats?" she asked. "Yeah." I replied for both of us. "I'm not supposed to ask that, but I always do." She smiled. I took a closer look at her. She appeared to be in her early twenties (or maybe even late teens). She had blonde hair and was about 5 foot 9 inches tall. Her build was thin but her breasts were large for her frame. She was wearing navy blue Chuck Taylors and tattered jeans.

Her Tee shirt was pale blue and featured a portrait of John Lennon above the words "Let it be." I liked her right away. "I'm signing people up to vote but I choose not to bother with the republicans because we don't need any more of them voting, right?" I laughed. "Agreed." "So are you guys registered?" she tapped her pen on the clip board. "Not yet." I said. Of course, I was lying. I just wanted to have a reason to talk to her more. "Sign me up." We ended up staying another hour.

Her name was Renee. She was a sophomore. Twenty years old and studying Political Science. She told me that she liked to go to that bar because they would serve her despite her age.

She was very cute and I admired her idealism. I went home that night glowing. One week later, I went back to that same bar, alone that time. I was hoping that I would run into Renee again. It was a lucky night. I saw her as soon as I got out of my car. I had already planned on really going for it that night so I walked straight up to her.

"Hey." I said. "Hi…" she looked at me puzzled. She didn't remember me. "We met last week." I said. "You asked me if I was a democrat." "Right! Right! God, I'm sorry man. I must've met like, a thousand people last week!" she apologized. "No worries." I said. I decided at that moment that I was just going to be direct. It was a new approach, but I figured I would give it a try. "I was actually hoping that I would run into you tonight." I smiled. She looked at me with another strange look.

"Oh… Uh… I have a boyfriend, so…" Shit. "Oh. That's fine. I just had a nice time talking to you last week and I was just hoping to talk to you some more, that's all. No big deal." I smiled putting my hands in my pockets. "Oh." She paused looking me over once more. "That's cool I guess." I was in. We got a table and I ordered us some beers. I asked her about college. I asked her about her political beliefs. I asked her about music and spirituality.

For three hours, I was blown away by how many things I had in common with her. I felt a strong connection with her and I could tell she was feeling it too. I didn't make a move that night or the next time I saw her.

I knew she had a boyfriend and I wasn't going to risk scaring her off. Instead, I asked why he was never with her. She told me that he was a bit of a homebody. They had been dating since High School. Then she told me that he still lived with his parents. I had my angle. All I had to do was let her ask me questions that would reveal positive things about myself.

Then I would ask her questions that would reflect the weaknesses of her boyfriend. I know that I'm evil, but war is war. She was hot and any guy lucky enough to be dating her should try a little harder.

After going up there for four weeks straight, I finally asked her to hang out with me somewhere else. It was the end of the night and we had been flirting pretty hard all evening. I told her that I had a bunch of live recordings of Bob Dylan at my house. I also had more beer and she should come over and listen to some music with me. She accepted. We arrived at my apartment. That night she was wearing a pale yellow tee that fit pretty tight and finely displayed her natural D cup breasts.

I put on one of my old Bob Dylan bootlegs and got us a couple of beers from the fridge. We sat on the couch and sipped our beers as we listened to Bob wail on and on about lost loves and political woes. We were being openly flirtatious to a point but still keeping everything pretty safe.

There was a tension in the air though. We had just gotten through laughing about one thing or another when the song "4th Time Around" came on. She closed her eyes and exhaled. "God, I love this song." I slowly leaned into her and brushed my nose against hers. Her eyes fluttered open but she didn't pull away. We just sat there breathing onto each others lips for what seemed like forever. Her eyes drifted downward and she moved her face closer to mine.

I placed the palm of my hand on her cheek and kissed her softly on the lips. I knew that this could have been the end. She tensed up for a brief moment and then she grabbed my face and pulled me in close. We kissed with deep passion. The kiss grew more intense and soon she was lying on her back and I was on top of her. We made out for hours that night while listening to music and it was amazing.

I wanted to be with her so badly that it was driving me crazy. Nothing else happened that night though. She left for home around 4AM. I hoped that what had happened wasn't just a one-time deal. I didn't sleep at all before going to work that morning. I was so afraid that I might've scared her away for good. I got to work and it was like any other day, except for the fact that I couldn't stop thinking about this wonderful girl I'd met.

I was smitten. It was around 2 in the afternoon when I received a text. It was from Renee. RENEE: Hey. Whatcha doin? ME: Working. You? RENEE: Thinking about last night. I was curious. Without hearing any inflections or her tone, it was hard to know what she meant.

Was she regretting what happened, or was she replaying it in her mind? I decided to play it safe for the moment. ME: Me too. RENEE: Are you alone? I looked over at my boss sitting across the office at her desk.

ME: No. RENEE: Can you be? I slipped my phone into my pocket and excused myself from the office and headed down the hall to the private bathroom. Once I was inside with the door locked, I hurriedly pulled out my phone and typed: ME: Yes. In the bathroom now. What's up? RENEE: I want to kiss you again. Thank God. ME: I want to kiss you again too. RENEE: Then what? This was getting interesting. ME: Use your imagination. RENEE: Too tired to do that. Just tell me! ME: What about your boyfriend?

RENEE: He's not here! ME: Neither am I.  RENEE: Wish you were. I want to kiss some more. ME: Then what? RENEE: USE YOUR IMAGINATION! LOL ME: Oh, I am… RENEE: Really?

ME: Yes. RENEE: What are you imagining? ME: What you look like without any clothes on. I waited a full minute before she texted back. Did I go too far? RENEE: I'm starting to have some regrets about last night. I panicked. I wasn't sure what to say. ME: Regrets? RENEE: Yes. I regret that I didn't get to feel your soft lips on mine. I was relieved, but also confused. ME: I suppose you've forgotten about the three hours we spent making out? RENEE: No silly. I was referring to my other "soft lips." I was stunned.

It took me a moment to regain my composure. She had just taken things way further than I was expecting. ME: Wow! Okay, now I'm definitely imagining you naked. RENEE: Do you want me to get naked? ME: Right now? Where are you? RENEE: Home. Sitting on the couch. You still in the bathroom?

ME: Yes. RENEE: Tell me something dirty! ME: Are you getting naked? RENEE: No. Should I be? ME: Yes! A few moments passed.

RENEE: Okay. Naked! Now tell me something dirty. ME: First, I want to kiss your neck. RENEE: Okay. ME: Then I want to slowly work my tongue down to your chest. RENEE: Then what? ME: Then I want to take your nipple into my mouth and gently bite it. RENEE: Nice. Are you naked? ME: I'm at work. RENEE: But you're in the bathroom. Is there a lock on the door? ME: Yes. It's locked. RENEE: Then get naked! ME: Would take too long. RENEE: Okay. Well, I'm naked… Are you playing with yourself?

ME: Uh… RENEE: Well? ME: Maybe. RENEE: Are you hard? ME: Yes. RENEE: I want to see it. ME: That can be arranged. RENEE: Are you touching it? ME: I'm considering it. RENEE: Touch it!

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ME: Here? RENEE: I want you to jack off! ME: Are you touching yourself? RENEE: Yep. ME: Tell me everything. RENEE: Okay.

I'm lying on my bed, completely naked. ME: Yes? RENEE: My legs are spread and I'm making little circles around my clit with my finger. ME: What are you thinking about? RENEE: You in a little bathroom rubbing your hard cock thinking about me fingering myself.  ME: Wow! You're dirty! RENEE: Sometimes. I want to watch you touching yourself. ME: Likewise. RENEE: So, you were saying you wanted to lick my nipples? ME: Yes. RENEE: Then what? ME: I want to slide my hand between your thighs and feel how wet you are.

RENEE: Keep going. ME: Then I want to slip my finger inside. RENEE: That's hot! ME: Thank you. Your turn. What do you want to do with me? RENEE: I want us to both get naked. ME: Yeah? RENEE: Then I want you to put your big hard dick between my tits. Then I would take the tip of it in my mouth and you could do whatever comes naturally. ME: Holy shit. You're gonna make me cum. RENEE: I already did. ME: …Me too. Can't believe I jerked off at work.

You're a bad influence. RENEE: LOL Where did you cum? ME: In the toilet. Can I see you tonight? RENEE: Yes. On the drive home from work, all I could think about was how crazy I was rapidly becoming about Renee. I couldn't believe all of the dirty things she had texted me. I was grinning from ear to ear. Once I arrived home, I saw my land lady Karen walking to her car.

I immediately thought about my ex-girlfriend, Marie. I went inside and everything in the place reminded me of her. That was when it hit me. I had to move. If I was really going to move on and get a fresh start, I would have to leave this place where her memory still lingered. I grabbed my laptop and sat on the couch. I opened up a local real-estate classified page and began to look for my new place.

After about twenty minutes I had jotted down several places to check out when my phone rang. The caller ID told me it was Renee.

"Hello." I answered. "Hello." She sounded cheerful. "So, do you still want to hang out with me tonight?" "Yeah." I said. "What do you feel like doing?" "My friend Chris invited me over to drink some beer at her apartment. Wanna come?" "Sure." I replied.

"Okay. Meet us at the campus bar at 8." She said. "See you there." I said before hanging up the phone. It seemed funny to me that she didn't mention our little 'sexting' episode. Either way, I was excited about seeing her again. I had not yet met her friend Chris, but was intrigued. I didn't even know if Chris was a male or a female. At 7:50pm I left my house. I arrived at the bar on time and soon met Chris, which was short for Christine. She was a girl, which was good, but she was a very 'big' girl which I'm not really into.

She was nice though and we got along pretty well. After splitting a pitcher, Renee went to the restroom. I asked Chris: "So, how serious are Renee and her boyfriend?" Chris smiled. "You like her, huh? She likes you too I think." I just smiled. "Well, I'm rooting for you. She's been with Henry for four years, but he never comes out or does anything.

I've only met him a couple of times." I lifted an eyebrow. "So why does she stay with him?" "Probably because they've been together for so long." She trailed off. Renee was coming back from the bathroom.

We split another pitcher and then headed to Chris's apartment. We drank a TON of beer that night. We were all laughing and carrying on. I wanted to be alone with Renee, but I didn't want to be rude. Then I remembered all the success that had resulted from a game of Truth or Dare several years earlier and suggested we play.

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They both agreed without any hesitation. At first it was all silly stuff. Chris lived on the seventh floor of an apartment building near downtown, so she had this balcony that was so high up that the odds of someone on the street seeing you were pretty slim. As a result, many of the dares involved flashing out on the balcony. It wasn't until about an hour later than Chris gave me a big hand.

She dared Renee to kiss me. Renee was smiling and red faced when she leaned forward and closed her eyes. Our lips met and I felt the same fireworks I had the night before. The kiss was wet and deep and we both opened our mouths.

It was then that I learned that Chris was a trusted friend to her. She knew Chris wouldn't say anything to her boyfriend. Good to know. When we finished kissing, Renee didn't want Chris to feel like a third wheel, so she dared me to motor-boat her.


Chris may have been fat, but she had a huge pair of breasts. She smiled and pulled her low-cut shirt down just a little further and leaned back in her seat. I pushed my face between her breasts and did the motor-boat and we all had a good laugh. Chris then surprised both of us by immediately daring me to rub my cock on Renee's bare breasts.

I just looked at Renee and smiled, not sure what to do. Finally Renee laughed and said "Okay!" She turned to face Chris so that I could pull out my cock without Chris seeing it.

She then reached down, laughing, and grabbed the hem of her tee shirt. She pulled it up to reveal her flat muscular stomach and her large breasts tucked into a black and white striped bra that clasped in front. Her body was even better than it was in my little bathroom fantasy.

She gripped the clasp between her thumb and middle finger and in a quick snapping motion it came open. Her breasts were perfect. She was a small D-cup with high nipples about the size of a quarter. On her thin frame they looked enormous. She was laughing hysterically. I stood up in front of her and unzipped my pants. I was so excited by her beautiful body that I had gotten a little bit hard. I reached inside my pants and gripped my cock and pulled it thru the hole. I watched her eyes as she examined the length of it.

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She was still smiling. I leaned forward and squatted down a bit and felt the tip of my cock bump into her chest. I gripped it by the base and drug it downward across her erect nipple and then across to the other one. I finally put it away and it was clear that we were both very turned on. It wasn't long before we said goodnight to Chris and headed over to my house.

As soon as we got in the door we started kissing again. I pulled her in close to me and kissed her hard and deep. My cock was beginning to throb in my pants. I reached up to her chest and grabbed her perfect breast and squeezed it.

Much to my surprise, she pushed my hand away. "No. No, we can't." she said between kisses. "Why not?" I asked as I continued to kiss at her. "Because I have a boyfriend." I stopped kissing her and took a step back.

I didn't know what to say. I thought that she was really into me and that it was a matter of time before she broke things off with the other guy and would be with me. I stood in the dark with my hands at my sides.

"I don't get it. What about all the kissing?" She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. "Kissing is one thing.

We can't do anything past that or I would feel like shit." "What about all the texting today?" I asked. I was doing a poor job of hiding my frustration. "That's just talking, that's not cheating." She replied. I didn't understand her reasoning at all, but it wasn't my place to understand. It was her choice and I would have to deal with it. "So what happens now?" I asked.

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"Well…" she trailed off before breaking into a half smile. "We can make out some more." I crossed my arms. "Look Renee, that sounds like a lot of fun, but it won't always be enough for me. If this is all we can ever be, maybe we should end it before it gets out of control." We both stood in the dark in silence for what seemed like an eternity. "Did you really jack off in the bathroom at work today?" she asked.

The question caught me off guard. "Yeah." "Just from the stuff I said?" she asked. "Yeah." She took a step closer to me. "Can I watch you do it?" she asked.

I was caught even more off guard. "What, now?" She took another step closer and pressed her lips against mine again. She pushed her perfect body against mine and kissed me hard. She kissed me long enough to feel my cock rise and push against her hip, then she pulled back and leveled her eyes with mine. "Take off your clothes." It was like I was hypnotized.

I pulled my tee over my head and she went back to kissing me deep and hard as I fumbled in the dark with my belt. I managed to get it unfastened and to unbutton and unzip my pants. I was still kissing her hard and deep when they fell in a bunch around my ankles. Renee pulled me toward the couch and I stepped out of my jeans to follow her.

She sat me down and I was completely naked.

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She kissed me again and grabbed my right wrist. Then she moved my hand across my hip and rested it on my cock. "Grab it." She said. I did as I was told. She smiled as she licked her lips. "Do you want me to talk dirty to you?" she asked. "Yeah." I had already begun to lightly slide my fist up and down. "Do you wanna fuck me?" she asked. "Yes." I moaned. "Good. I want you to fuck me really hard." She moaned.

"Did you like rubbing your dick on my tits?" she asked in a breathy voice as she slid her palms up her chest. "Yes." I uttered.


I had tightened my grip and was beginning to quicken my pace. "Do you wanna fuck my tits Johnny? Do you want me to suck your cock while you fuck my big tits?" she moaned as she leaned in to kiss me again. She broke away and moaned "That first night I met you I wanted you to take me behind the building and jerk my pants down and bend me over a table, then shove that big fat cock in my pussy." I was jerking myself faster by then. She watched me work as she continued.

"I wanted you to spit on my asshole and stick your thumb up my ass." She was massaging her breasts thru her shirt. "Yeah, jerk that big fat cock for me!" she moaned. That was all I could take. The muscles in my neck tightened and my face went red. I felt my asshole tighten up as I shot a burst of cum up onto my belly. "Cum for me Johnny!" Then another followed by a third. "Get yourself off Johnny!" I finally froze and slumped down into the couch, breathing heavily and sweating a little.

Renee leaned over to me and kissed me one last time on the lips and then stood up. "See? That was fun, right?" I just looked up at her, still breathing heavily. Then she walked to the stairs and turned to me one last time. "Talk tomorrow?" Then she was gone.

I leaned back into the couch, still breathing heavily. "What a weird-o." I sighed with a smile. The next morning, I almost threw my alarm against the wall. Two nights earlier I hadn't slept at all, and this time I had only gotten a couple of hours. I had to go to work, but it was Friday and I was thankful for that.

I drove to work like a zombie and immediately headed to the break room for some coffee. After what had happened the night before, work could not hold my attention. I was tired and bored and couldn't wait to get out of there. Around 11:30, my phone chimed… RENEE: Hello! ME: I'm going to kill you. RENEE: Why? ME: In the last two days I've gotten 3 hours of sleep. Your fault. RENEE: Can I make it up to you?

ME: What did you have in mind? RENEE: Is the bathroom available?. We had another incredibly hot 'sexting' session and again, I jacked off in the bathroom.

She was so dirty, but I couldn't have her. It was driving me nuts. I thought, maybe eventually she would cave and I would have her. I hoped that anyway… NEXT: PART 2: THEN I MET AMANDA