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Denise throwin that ass back on my dick on the truck
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"We're gonna need you two again," the general said. He took a sip from his coffee and leaned back in his chair.

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Sarah and I stared at each other. "Look, we just got back from a somewhat… traumatizing mission," I replied.


"Our relationship was tested in ways that we may never recover from." My name is Mitch, and Sarah is my wife. We are secret agents for the U.S. government, and we had just returned from a rough mission where I had to marry another woman as part of a disguise. The woman I had to marry was an incredibly large, young girl that destroyed me physically and sexually, and Sarah was forced to endure it.

Emotionally, she was terribly scarred, and it was obvious every day. "This is your job, Mitch. You are a secret agent. Sometimes, the mission isn't so easy." He could see I wasn't buying it. "Tell you what, if you do this for me, how about I give you guys a two-month break. Paid. I'll even buy you plane tickets to wherever you want." Sarah spoke up.

"We don't really have a choice, do we?" The general sat forward again, a cringe on his face. "I already have your kits packed…" We opened our laptops on the plane headed for Germany. Our mission briefings were loaded there. "Another crystal has been found. This one is in a quaint mountain town in Germany.

Luckily, it's not locked behind some organization's secret base. This time, we have developed a scanner to help you find it. It follows the head signature and places it on a radar.


You can tweak it to scale, so when you feel you are getting closer, you can zoom in, so to speak. We don't believe the enemy has found it yet, so we have an exciting opportunity to snatch it up before they do.

Good luck. Over and out." We landed in Germany and got our stuff together. We were playing the part of tourists. I would go by Jimmy again.

My wife would use the alias Sandy. We took a train out to the country and ended up in a small village called Green Mountain.

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We got off and immediately pulled out our scanner. It looked like a phone, so as not to be suspicious. We are both fairly small people, which made us ideal candidates for stealthy missions and undercover missions, as we tended not to stand out, and could easily hide in a pinch.

The tracker led us to a bed and breakfast.


The businesses here were all privately owned, and for the most part also doubled as houses. The baker would live in the upstairs part of his shop, same for the candy shop and so forth. The bed and breakfast was no different.

It had a large farm attached to it. It was likely the crystal was somewhere in there. We agreed it would be best to book a room and try to find the crystal in there. This might be our easiest mission yet. I felt a wave of relief come over me. This was almost a vacation in and of itself. We walked into the building and approached the middle aged woman at the front desk. "Hello!" she said.

She probably noticed we were American. "Hey," I said. "Do you guys have room for the two of us?" "But of course!" she replied, her thick German accent solidifying the atmosphere. I paid her the money and we picked up our bags, but she stopped us. "Oh no, we vill get those for you. Grizelda! Brunhild! Grab these bags!" I heard footsteps coming from the staircase. I turned to see two massive girls approaching us.

Each was around seven feet tall with long, curly blonde hair. They had absolutely enormous breasts, and they were wide as a door frame. They were wearing tight corsets, with short frilly skirts covering their huge asses.

Why had fate done this to me again? The girl in pink stood in front of me, and the one in green stood in front of Sarah.

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Sarah looked up in fear at the girl in green. Her head barely reached her colossal tits, which looked like they could swallow her whole. With ease, the two picked up our bags and did a brief bow.

The girl in pink's gaping cleavage spilled out in front of me, and my eyes were understandably glued to them. Quickly, she looked up and caught me in the act.

Smile as wide as her ass, she gave me a wink before turning and walking to our room. Sarah gave me a dirty look, to which I shrugged. Later that day, Sarah and I were checking the radar and we pinpointed the location of our target.

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Unfortunately, it was in one of the girls' rooms. Was she really hiding a valuable crystal in her room? Did she know? There was some good news though. The family took tourists out on hikes in the local mountains. And they had begun to do that right now. And so, we had the less than ideal task of going into a girl's room and looking through her private things.

We didn't want to, but it was for the good of the nation. Lucky for us, her room was ajar, so there would be no need for breaking and entering. We hurried in. "Let's just get in and get out, and we can be out of here in minutes," Sarah said. "This might be the easiest mission we've ever done," I replied.

The radar said we were literally feet away from the target. It led us to her closet. "Sarah, would you mind doing the honors? I already feel bad enough about this." "Of course," she said. I stood in the doorway of the closet while she sorted through the clothes, testing the radar.

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She held up one of the bras. "Do you see this bra? Look how enormous it is!" She held up a bra, and one of the cups was about as wide as she was, if not wider. "I could probably sleep in this thing!" I didn't know how to respond to that, so I just pretended not to hear. "Okay, so the radar is fully zoomed in. It would appear that the crystal is actually inside of this lockbox. The bad news is that it requires some kind of code." "Hmm," I said. "Let's try to decode it." She worked in silence for a bit, but then… "Vat is this?!" someone yelled from behind me.

I turned around to see the girl in green in front of me, standing between me and the doorway. "Look, I can explain!" I said. "You pervert!" She dove for me, but I nimbly slid under her legs and booked it for the door.

She was too quick though. Just as I had reached the doorway, her mitt like hand grabbed my neck and lifted me into the air. She slammed the door shut and raised me so we were looking at each other eye to eye. "How dare you come here with your wife just to be a little pervert in my room! I'm going to punish you." And with that, she tossed me into the wall.

I slid down it and hit the floor. I tried to scramble away, but she bent down and grabbed me by my arms. Her huge tits were dangling in front of my face. "You like big breasts? I'll give you big breasts!" She picked me up as if I weighed nothing. I knew Sarah was watching me in horror, and it killed me to have her see me in such a vulnerable position.

She lifted me into the air and buried my face in her breasts.

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"You want Brunhild's bosom? You get it!" One of her hands was on my head and the other was on my back, which she was forcing into her surprisingly hard belly. I heard something pop, and I screamed in pain.

She let go, and I went limp in her arms. My head rested on her chest, while my arms hung limply at my side. I was in serious trouble. I legitimately felt like she was going to kill me. And then, I heard another voice. "Stop! Let him go!" Brunhild stopped squeezing me so hard. "Grizelda, what are you doing? Zis pervert was playing with my underwear!" "No! He wasn't playing. I asked him to look in there for me while we were away.

I told him I was jealous of your bras, and I wanted one in particular. I'm so sorry, I should have told you." Brunhild let me slide down her body and I wound up resting on her leg. "Well, that's a very weird thing to do. You usually tell me you don't like my clothes." "I secretly like some of them. I'm sorry," she said. Grizelda walked up to me and scooped me off the ground.

She held me like a little baby. "Oh, you poor little thing," she said in a baby voice. She gave me a small kiss on the forehead. "I'll take care of you. I'm the resident nurse in town. We'll go to my office and I'll fix you up." She carried me away, down a few hallways and into a room with a lot of medical equipment. She turned a bit more serious. "Ok, honey, what was that all about?

Why were you perving out on my sister? Do you have a thing for big boobs?" I was going to say no, and try to figure out some reason why I was in her room that didn't involve a crustal and radar.

But then I gave up and lied.

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Sort of. I looked down at my feet. "Yes. I have been trying to hide it, but I couldn't help it and my fetish got the better of me." Grizelda giggled. "You're lucky you're so cute." She lifted my chin with one of her fingers. She looked me in the eyes, which was hard, since her massive breasts were bulging in front of me.

"Tell you what, if you want, you can get out your fetish with me. My sister is the same size as me, so I should work right?" "Ok," I said.

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I think I was safe now. In fact, I felt like I may be able to make something happen out of this. "We just have one rule in our culture. You can't see me naked unless we get married. That means no sex. Just don't tell your wife, obviously, and I think we'll be ok. Now, come give my breasts a kiss." She pushed me close, and I gave her soft kisses on her breast flesh. "Your wife is a lucky woman. I know if I had you as my husband, you would come home to my breasts every day.

I don't know your wife, but I doubt she has the sexual cravings that I do. Are you liking my breasts, honey?" "Mmm I love them," I said. "Aw, I love that you love them," she replied. "Would you mind if I kissed you? Like, on the lips kissed you? I've just never met someone I was so… attracted to." I nodded, and she lifted my chin. She kissed me deeply on my lips, and the two of us made out for longer than I'm willing to admit.

Her tongue explored my mouth like I've never felt before. This was the beginning of something… scary.